The Garfield Boys team set a new high mark for points scored against Wilson when they rang up 118 points. The 2 teams just missed a collective 200 points when Wilson countered with 80 for a total of 198 points. This story breaks down the hard numbers of this crazy story. So here we go!

The Wilson side:wil garf 4

Imagine this, you have to bet your house on the outcome of a game but you get to know the result of only 1 team’s performance to help you make your decision. So if you were told that the team you picked would score 80 points, hit 13 of 21 3-pointers (62%), total shooting from the floor would be 26 of 50 for 52% and 15-22 from the line (68%). Additionally, the scoring was spread out with 5 in double figures, plus 1 block and 4 steals.

Now with that information how would you place your wager? ok, giving there is at least always 1 who would go against the grain it would have been awfully hard not to put your house on that stat line in a high school basketball game and if you did, well mom’s couch here you come and it wasn’t close, in fact the Rams were within 2 points in the 4th of kicking in the running clock rule. Frankly, hats off to Wilson to avoid that even when the benches emptied in the final few minutes they never fell behind that magic 40-point mark.

The Garfield side:

When you put up 118 points no doubt you’d expect 1 or 2 players went off with at least 1 going 30+. You’d think they’d have hit more 3’s than the team you beat by 38 points and at least one double/double somewhere and 3 or 4 bench players with 2 or 3 points, you know the a few late buckets to get in the scorebook, right? Well again, you’d be wrong.

wil garf 2The Bulldogs had 7 players in double figures with a tie for high scorer with 20 points. An 8th player would score and come just short of double digits finishing with 9. No one had a double/double and they drained only 10 of the 27 3-ball attempts for 37%. From the floor they shot 57% not a whole lot better than Wilson. Free throw percent was close too but Garfield did get several more trips finishing 26-36 (72%).

Fun with numbers:

*198 total points in 32 minutes. wil garf 1

*71 attempted shots by Garfield, 50 by Wilson for a total of 121 attempted shots.

*67 of 121 for a combined 55% from the floor.

*23 for 48 for  combined 48% from behind the arc.

*41 for 58 from the line for a combined 71%.

Now Crazy Numbers:

*With 198 points scored in 32 minutes that’s 6.2 points per minute that’s 1 point scored every 9.67 seconds.

*This pace would equal 240 total points in a regulation college game and 288 total points in a regulation NBA game.

*121 attempted shots means 3.78 attempts per minute or 1 every 16-seconds.

These numbers seemingly would be hard to obtain playing no one let alone another team. This is High School Basketball at its finest and we look forward to more this coming week where no doubt we will see something spectacular.

By paulb

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