The WIAA State Soccer Tournament 1A got underway Tuesday night and ESN was at the University Prep vs United (Toloedo-Winlock) match-up in Centralia. The 1st round will conclude Wednesday check back for updated stories and pics.

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La Center 1, Colville 0

(Woodland, WA) The wind was blowing hard all night and both teams had their chance to play with and against the wind. Both hasve their nuances and clearly the wind had a big impact on this match as both sides worked to figure out how to play with or agasinst the on-going wind. Colville would get the wind at their back to begin with and quickly the Indians found out normal kicks would easily carry 20-30 yards longer. This creates issues with accuracy and when close in what kind of touch to place on passes or shots. It would be a puzzle they would never solve.

La Center had the wind in their face to begin with and with that comes the issue of much shorter kicks especially if you got any height the ball would get slapped down so low line-drives is what they were trying to kick on a consistent basis. This also meant that they could not lob long downfield kicks and had to work the ball up the field to try and get into scoring position. One mistake and a Colville defender would launch it deep to the other side of the field. La Center would have one great opportunity to score in the 1st half late off a free kick from Andrea Tuia but Indians Keeper Cyrus Butterfield punched it out  denying the Wildcats and we’d go to halftime scoreless.

As the 2nd half began, everything both teams learned from the 1st half was now moot with the change of direction and La Center now with the wind at their back and Colville playing into the strong headwind. The 2 teams would again battle back and forth with the Wildcats now forcing the issue with several shots from distance trying to catch Butterfield away from the goal. But Butterfield and his defenders never gave in.

On the flip side was Sergio Sandoval in the Cats box with his back line led by Jerad Cox. The Indians did have more opportunities in the 1st half but still was able to put pressure on the La Center defense but through 78-minutes it was a push, 0-0 tie. Then it happened, the one mistake that opened the door for the other team and the mistake was a foul from about 30-yards out.

The foul was against Colville and Hunter Leach stepped up to shoot for La Center. Leach fired a line-drive right over the top of the Indian defensive fence and into the right side of the net just our of reach of Butterfield and in stoppage time La Center took the 1st lead of the match and ultimately was the game winner. This was easily the ProActive Physical Therapy Play of the Game.

The Wildcats advance to face Connell in the quarterfinals on Saturday at 2pm at Connell. Colville’s season comes to an end. Our Tommy Lowe of the Greene Realty Group Players of the Game went to La Center’s Jared Cox and for Colville Cyrus Butterfield.

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University Prep 4, United (Toledo-Winlock) 0

(Centralia, WA) The Pumas came out strong from the beginning and United looked to be off their best game from our observations of this team this season. University Prep would punch in a 1st half goal in the 11th minute when Adam Reid knocked one past United Keeper Nolan Patching and it was an early 1-0.

The assault continued on Patching as the United back line struggled to stem the Pumas onslaught but Patching made some outstanding saves. However, United appeared to try and match U-Prep stride for stride playing the Pumas game and played almost in a frenzied state with quick free kicks and short throws and most of the half and match was played on United’s side of the field. Late in the 1st half the Pumas’ were fouled in the box and Jackson Regan got a free kick but he pulled it to his left and missed and despite clearly being in charge the 1st half University Prep only had a 1-0 lead over United.

In the 2nd half it began much like the 1st with the Pumas forcing the issue but this time they would connect in a barrage of goals that stunned United and iced the game before the 53-minute mark. The 1st score of the 2nd half came from Josh Thompson on a corner kick from Reid which was re-directed by Regan to Thompson who knocked it in for a 2-0 lead in the 48th. In less than 2 minutes later in the 50th U-Prep was lining up for a PK when a Puma was taken down in the box from behind and this time Regan did not miss making it 3-0 and then in the 52nd, Reid would score his 2nd goal of the game knocking in a shot that ping-ponged between players right in front of the United goal.

University Prep advances to the Quarter Finals and will play King’s while United had their season come to an end. Also ending were tremendous high school careers for United’s Adair Garibay who scored 99 career goals but could not find #100 in the last match. Garibay was named co-MVP of the Trico League with White Salmon’s Ivan Cortez. Also graduating keeper Nolan Patching, Fernando Munoz, Orlando Hurtado and Miguel DelCampo.

Our Tommy Lowe of the Greene Realty Group Player’s of the Game went to U-Prep’s Adam Reid and United’s Miguel DelCampo while the ProActive Physical Therapy Play of the Game was the corner kick from Reid to Jackson Regan to Josh Thompson who punched it in for the 2nd goal.

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