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(Renton, WA) The WIAA in a highly anticipated move has decided to increase the number of basketball teams for state tournaments.

We will now see 8 to 12 more teams per classification for each tournament. Tourney sites will stay the same.

The WIAA will use the Rating Percentage Index (RPI) system to seed the 16 teams that qualify for first round action at regional sites. The new move will take effect for the 2016-2017 season.

Perhaps this is a step in the right direction. Will it appease those over the years screaming for a better solution? Only time will tell. As a broadcaster, I want to see a competitive tournament every day. That is what fans pay to see. This new format will give the opportunity to about 500 more players the chance of playing in a state tournament. As I said, I hope larger numbers will not water down a good product.

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By Rons

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