The Pacific Sports Spa 2017 2A Volleyball All-Tournament Team


(Lacey, WA)  The 2017 Volleyball season is in the books and it was a spectacular State Tournament at St Martin’s University. ESN broadcast both Radio and TV all 26 matches of this tournament and got to see every team. Our selections are 90% our own observations and the other 10% from input from others we may have asked.

This is not the most scientific approach to an All-Tournament team but getting final stats from all teams and all matches is a bit of a challenge, so most of the judgement is from individual perspective. So we apologize to those who may have felt we got things wrong, this is not intended to be a competition but rather a chance to honor and recognized players and play who stood out to an unbiased group of observers.

We do know that everyone we selected played well and earned this recognition, this does not mean that we did not miss players who also deserved to be on this list. Again, we apologize for those oversights but we are excited to present our 2017 Pacific Sports Spa 2A State Volleyball All-Tournament Team.

All-Tournament MVP

Afton Field-Burlington-Edison

All Tournament Coach

Kristy White-Sehome

1st Team All-Tournament






Katie King-Burlington-Edison







Allyson Ray-Burlington-Edison







Isabelle Jacob-Lynden








Anika Nicoll-Ridgefield






Megan Vandegrift-White River






Cameron Hodges-Sehome

2nd Team All-Tournament







Abi Broussard-Lynden






Savonne Sterk-Lynden







Maddison Licari-Fife








Haley Paul-Ridgefield





Keegan Strobeck-White River





Hannah Wagenblast-Liberty

Honorable Mention





Emma Goodman-Black Hills






Bronte Lacey-Burlington-Edison





Gillian Garcia-East Valley (Spokane)





Tia Andaya-Ellensburg





Cassondrah Polo-Fife







CeCe Mercado-Kingston





Pressley Sweeney-Liberty







Kyla Bonson-Lynden






Julianna Benson-North Kitsap






Berklee Child-Pullman







Delaney Nicoll-Ridgefield






Amaya Roberts-Sehome





Maddy Quigley-Selah






Kennedy Croft-Tumwater






Eliana Luteru-Washington






Hannah Nelson-White River




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