(Tacoma, WA) The Eli Sports Network continues to break new ground when it comes to broadcasting live WIAA State events and next week’s State Girls Bowling Tournament is the latest event to be added to the line-up.

The Tournament will be held at the 40-lane Narrows Plaza bowling center in Tacoma. There are 3 tournaments over the 3-day event and include the 4A, 3A and 2A/1A/B classifications. There is individual and team competitions. The individual tournaments will be completed in 1 day and is a combined 6 games total pin-fall.

The teams will consist of 5 players and bowl 6 games on day 1 with each of those team members also competing in the individual tournament at the same time. Their scores are used simultaneously in both tournaments. The teams then bowl a 2nd day in a Baker tournament format.

The Baker format is focused on a team effort and the lead-off bowler will bowl the 1st and 6th frames only, the 2nd bowler 2nd and 7th, 3rd bowler 3rd and 8th, 4th will get the 4th and 9th and the clean-up bowlers will get 5th and 10th frames. Their combined effort will be totaled for the final score. The teams will roll 14 baker games on day 2.

Top 8 individuals will earn medals and the top 4 teams will get trophies. The 3A tournament will begin on Thursday, January 31 and finish Friday morning. The 4a and 2A/1A/B tournaments will start on Friday, February 1 and finish by early afternoon Saturday, February 2nd.

Eli Sports Vice President of Communications Will Gaethle says “our coverage will consist of 1 camera per tournament. Our broadcasters will get to talk with coaches and as many players as possible throughout the competition. We also will be commentating on the live bowling going from lane to lane as best as we can.”

Gaethle says, “This being our first time doing this event, in fact, the first time anyone has covered this event like this we know there will be things we can do better and if we can make adjustments on the fly to make the broadcast better we will do so. In the end our goal is to give as much coverage to as many competitor’s as possible.”

Results from last year saw Brooklyn Boudreau of Mark Morris won the 2A/1A/B Indvidual title while Sierra Berry from Wilson won the 3A and the 4A title went to Kristina Harris from Rogers (Puyallup),

The team titles were Eastmont in the 4A, the 3A went to Evergreen (Vancouver) and the 2A/1A/B title was taken by Mark Morris.

Family and fans who can not attend the State Bowling Tournaments can watch our coverage live on our subscription based TV channel through the NFHS. The cost is $10 for 30 days and there is no commitment which means you can cancel at the end of your 30 days. All events we do is on the NFHS network and they can be viewed free but after 72 hours. You do have to sign up for a free account. It’s easy to sign up and here is a short 2+ minute video that will take you through the steps to get signed up. Click here to view the “how to” video.

By paulb

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