(Centralia, WA) We have named our Girls Basketball All-Decade Program. We mentioned in our last all-decade team article that Eli Sports Network will be celebrating the 10 year anniversary this coming fall. Doing these all-decade teams for their respective sports gives us a chance to look back and reflect on the success and consistency of these programs in the games and tournaments they have been a part of over the ten years.

This list focuses on the success of the school’s programs, not individual teams. We have come up with a mathematical formula that measures the success of these programs over the last 10 seasons. State championships do help with recognition, but the formula helps recognize consistent great play.

The All-Decade teams here have been determined using the following point system:
State Championship: 10 Points
2nd Place: 7 Points
3rd Place: 5 Points
4th Place: 4 Points
5th Place: 3 Points
6th Place: 2 Points
7th and 8th Place: 1 Point.

Just like some of the teams in our Fall All-Decade Teams, some teams played in multiple classifications and we did include all their finishes for their point totals. This list is about getting to the top 8 on a regular basis regardless of the classification. The teams classifications on this list are assigned to where they currently reside. At the end of each list, will be our Top 10 combined Programs of the Decade.


1. Central Valley Bears 43 Points

The Bears program is one that came on strong about halfway through the decade and had all sorts of success. The first time they placed came in 2012 when they lost in the state championship to Skyview 46 to 43. Central Valley would make a return to placements with style in 2016 when they would not be denied the state championship with a victory over Snohomish 57 to 48. The placements in 2016 would beginning of a run for the Bears’ program as they have had a top 8 finish every year since and counting. During this span would come two more championships, 2018 and 2020. Central Valley also had a 4th place finish in 2017 and a 6th place finish in 2019.

2. Gonzaga Prep Bullpups 27 Points

The Girls’ Gonzaga Prep program makes their way onto our all-decade teams to join the boys. The girls side had a very good run earlier in the decade, but that seems to be about it. They are currently on a five season slump failing to finish in the top 8. Prior to these struggles however, the Bullpups would take back to back state titles in 2014 and 2015 by defeating Mount Rainier 53 to 51 and Inglemoor 57 to 52. Looking at the prior seasons, the title runs shouldn’t be too surprising as they program finished 2012 in 5th place and in 4th during the 2013 season.

3. Woodinville Falcons 20 Points

On our paper when taking notes and compiling scores, the Falcons’ program had one of the more interesting runs this decade as they really ended up book ending it with success. Woodinville started the decade out on a solid note with top 8 finishes in 2011 and 2012 with 5th and 6th place finishes. After failing to place the next five seasons, the program burst back onto the scene with a championship appearance in 2018 but falling to Central Valley 70 to 39. The following season the Falcons would see a top 8 finish again before a trip to the title again in 2020 to face Central Valley again, but coming up short of their championship bid with a 59 to 55 defeat. Woodinville does enter the next decade with momentum with three top 8 finishes in a row.

4 (TIE). Lewis & Clark Tigers, Kentridge Chargers and Moses Lake Chiefs 19 Points

For the 4th place spot on our 4A Girls All-Decade list we have a three way tie so we decided to give all the programs their due here and not have a 5th place team as we will be talking about six total. First lets look at what Lewis & Clark did (LAC). The program started the decade out like all other schools would like to, with a state title in 2011 as they defeated Federal Way 52 to 49. There would be a lull for the Tigers after that as they failed to finish in the top 8 until the 2016 season when they took 6th. It wouldn’t be until 2019 that LAC was able to place again, but they did so with flair with a state championship appearance but coming up short to Eastlake 53 to 47.

Kentridge. All things considered the Chargers program was having a pretty quiet decade by not placing in the top 8 until 2017. What a placement is was though for Kentridge as it was a state championship by knocking off Glacier Peak 60 to 46. The Chargers would go on to place the next two seasons with a 4th place finish in 2018 and a 3rd place finish in 2019.

Our final tied team, Moses Lake. The Chiefs ended up making our top 5 by being very consistent with six top 8 finishes over the last decade. While Moses Lake didn’t win a title over this span, they had a impressive stretch of five top 8 finishes in a row starting in 2014 before being snapped in the 2019 season. During the span, the Chiefs’ finished, in order; 5th place, 5th place, 4th place, 5th place and 3rd place. As mentioned, after failing to place in the 2019 season, the Chiefs finish the decade on a good note by finishing in the top 8 at the conclusion of the 2020 season.

4A Girls Highlight Reel – Central Valley, Gonzaga Prep, Woodinville and Moses Lake



1. Cleveland Eagles 32 Points

The Eagles’ program gets things going for us in the 3A ranks with a strong start to the decade. After missing the top 8 in the 2011 season, Cleveland would place the next four seasons including back to back championships in 2013 defeating Seattle Prep 45 to 43 in overtime and in 2014 defeating Bishop Blanchet 54 to 45. The program fell short of a threepeat and having to settle for 2nd in the 2015 season after falling to Lynnwood 54 to 42. Prior to the championship runs was a 3rd place finish in 2012. Unfortunately after the 2015 season, Cleveland would wrap up the decade with a five season and counting drought of missing top 8 finishes.

2. Prairie Falcons 29 Points

On paper, Prairie is a school that had a good amount of success but saw a share of highs and lows. Overall the Falcons saw five top 8 finishes in the decade, but were essentially all or nothing. The decade started out with a 2nd place finish as two undefeated teams met in the championship. Unfortunately for Prairie, it was Holy Names who emerged victorious 57 to 48. The Falcons wouldn’t wait long though for another shot at the title as they returned to the championship the following season this time defeating Franklin 54 to 44. Prairie would end up missing top 8 finishes the following two seasons. It was 2015 before the Falcons would finish in the top 8, and would do so again in 2016. Again in 2017 and 2018, Prairie would miss out on the top 8 before returning to the top in 2019 by defeating Mt. Spokane 37 to 35 for the program’s second championship of the decade.

3 TIE. Arlington Eagles and Kamiakin Braves 24 Points

Another tie on our list. Let’s look at Arlington first. The Eagles program finished in the top 8 three times during the decade and made each time count. The first placement came in 2015 with a 4th place finish. They would improve upon that the following season with a 2nd place finish behind undefeated Bellevue. After a three season slump of missing out on the top 8, the Eagles would finish the decade with some momentum as they wrapped up the past season on a promising note with a 3rd place finish.

Looking at Kamiakin now, the Braves were very consistent on finishing in the top 8 by doing so six times over the past decade. It was a decade of runs for the Braves as things got started out for them with a 5th place finish in 2011. After a top 8 finish in 2012, Kamiakin would finish in 4th during the 2013 season the end this run of success. It wasn’t until 2016 the Braves’ program would see the top 8 again with a 5th place finish. That season would be the first of four straight placement seasons as momentum continued with back to back 4th place finishes in 2017 and 2018. It was the 2019 season the Braves would see the pinnacle of their success for the decade with a 3rd place trophy.

5. Lynnwood Royals 22 Points

Rounding out the 3A Girls is a team that started out the decade as a 4A program before being reclassified. The Royals had one pretty solid looking stretch as the program would place in the top 8 four seasons in a row, but that would be it for the decade. The first season of that promising stretch for the Royals came in 2014 with a 3rd place finish when they were still a 4A school. The following season 2015, was the first year at the 3A level, and it started out with a bang. The Royals would end up winning the state title defeating Cleveland 54 to 42. After another 3rd place finish in 2016, Lynnwood would see their last top 8 finish of the decade come in 2017 with 6th place.

3A Girls Highlight Reel – Central Valley, Gonzaga Prep, Woodinville and Moses Lake



1. WF West Bearcats 46 Points

The Bearcats over the last decade have essentially been the definition of consistency by seeing a top 8 finish in nine of the past ten seasons. The only time the program failed to see a top 8 finish came in 2016. The decade started for the Bearcats with a 5th place finish in 2011 follow by 6th place in 2012. It was in 2013 when WF West started to see the upswing in success as they would take 2nd place falling to Mark Morris 56-44. These are two programs that would get very familiar with each other as in the 2014 season it was the WF West revenge tour seeing the Bearcats’ program finish the season with championship victory over Mark Morris. Unfortunately for WF West, it would be Mark Morris who would get the last laugh over a three year span as the Bearcats would finish the season in 2nd place. In the 2017 season WF West would return to the ranks of the top 8 and start a new run of four top 8 finishes and counting. In that 2017 season, WF West would take 3rd place. The following season the Bearcats would reach the top again this time defeating Archbishop Murphy in the title 64 to 52. That would be the last title for the Bearcats this decade as they would see the team finish the 2019 and 2020 seasons with top 8 finishes.

2. Lynden Lions 45 Points

The Lions’ program has been every bit as consistent as WF West over the last decade but falls just one point short of the top 2A spot. Much like the Bearcats, the Lions would see nine top 8 finishes over the span as well, including two championships. The decade started with a 5th place finish for the lions followed by 6th place in 2012. After failing to reach the top 8 in 2013, the Lions broke back onto the scene with a 3rd place finish in 2014. The 2015 season would be a slight step back seeing the team place 6th again, but in 2016 Lynden would make their first trip to the title game game but fall to Shorecrest 49 to 43. The Lions’ program wouldn’t be denied a championship though as they came roaring back the following season to earn that first title of the decade knocking off Burlington-Edison 44 to 36. After the title run, came a little step back though as Lynden would take 6th again in 2018, but would take a step forward in 2019 finishing in 4th. The couple years of reloading were worth it for the program as Lynden won the second title of the decade in the 2020 season defeating West Valley (Spokane) in fairly convincing fashion 60 to 38. The Lions’ program is riding high with all sorts of momentum heading into the next decade.

3. Mark Morris Monarchs 28 Points

After mentioning the rivalry with WF West in the Bearcats’ summary, it is fitting to see Mark Morris come in 3rd on this list. Oddly enough, the years mentioned trading blows with WF West was the best span the Monarchs saw over the decade making the top 8, four of the ten seasons. After failing to reach the top 8 in the 2011 and 2012 seasons, Mark Morris exploded onto the scene to win the state title over WF West in 2013. Their chance of back to back titles though was interrupted by WF West in the 2014 season as the Monarchs would end up earning 2nd place. It didn’t take long for Mark Morris to reclaim the top spot however, as it would be their turn to break up WF West’s chance at back to back titles by taking the title back in the 2015 year. This seems like a good moment to congratulate both the WF West and Mark Morris programs on a remarkable stretch here as both teams would make it to the championship game three seasons in a row. Now, after that 2015 season, Mark Morris would see their last top 8 finish of the decade come in 2016 as the program is on a bit of drought now failing to finish in the top 8 for four seasons and counting.

4. Burlington-Edison Tigers 22 Points

The Tigers’ program could end up being one of the more unique groups we’ve seen on our papers. Things would get going on a high note for the Tigers with a 2nd place finish in 2011 losing to Prosser. Burlington-Edison would return the following season to finish in 4th and would see the last part of their little run to start the decade come to a end after their top 8 finish in 2013. After failing to place in the top 8 from 2014 to 2016, the Tigers would make their presence known with a trip to the championship in 2017. Unfortunately for the Tigers, they would fall to a team we mentioned earlier on this list, Lynden, 44 to 36. Again missing out on top 8 finishes in 2018 and 2019, Burlington-Edison would see their program gain some momentum heading into the next decade with a 5th place finish in 2020.

5. White River Hornets 19 Points

The Hornets’ program was fairly consistent with their top 8 finishes seeing the program do so six times over the decade. Their highest placement would come in the 2012 season by finishing in 3rd. The next highest came in back to back seasons in 2014 and 2015 where the team would finish in 4th. The Hornets also would see a 5th place finish credited to the program in 2019 as well as 6th in 2017 and a top 8 finish to start the decade in 2011.

2A Girls Highlight Reel – WF West, Lynden and Mark Morris


1. Colton Wildcats (1B) 85 Points: 8 Championships, 8 Finals, 9 Final Four, 9 Top-8
2. Lynden-Christian Lyncs (1A) 71 Points: 4 Championships, 6 Finals, 10 Final Four, 10 Top-8
3. WF West Bearcats (2A) 46 Points: 2 Championships, 4 Finals, 4 Final Four, 8 Top-8
4. Lynden Lions (2A) 45 Points: 2 Championships, 3 Finals, 4 Final Four, 9 Top-8
5. Central Valley Bears (4A) 43 Points: 3 Championships, 4 Finals, 5 Final Four, 6 Top-8
6. Cashmere Bulldogs (1A) 37 Points: 0 Championships, 3 Finals, 6 Final Four, 7 Top-8
6. Sunnyside Christian Knights (1B) 37 Points: 0 Championships, 2 Finals, 5 Final Four, 8 Top-8
8. Cleveland Eagles (3A) 32 Points: 2 Championships, 3 Finals, 4 Final Four, 4 Top-8
9. Reardon Indians (2B) 30 Points: 3 Championships, 3 Finals, 3 Final Four, 3 Top-8
9. Almira/Coulee-Hartline (1B) 30 Points: 0 Championships, 2 Finals, 5 Final Four, 6 Top-8

There you have it for the Girls side of things in basketball. Once again, we touched on it a couple of times in these rankings and at the beginning as well, but just to reiterate, this rankings are based off consistency out of these programs that have made it to state over the last decade. We aren’t trying to make a argument that Colton can beat Central Valley or Lynden for example. Rankings like these are to recognize those programs that have shown consistency and accomplishments over the last decade. The all class rankings are the top 10 scores points wise for the programs.

All Classification Boys/Girls combined Top 10 Basketball Programs of the Decade.

1. Colton Wildcats (1B Girls): 85 Points
2. Lynden-Christian Lyncs (1A Girls): 71 Points
3. Rainier Beach Vikings (3A Boys): 66 Points
4. Garfield Bulldogs (3A Boys): 64 Points
5. Sunnyside Christian Knights (1B Boys): 59 Points
6. Zillah Leopards (1A Boys): 58 Points
7. Lynden Lions (2A Boys): 57 Points
8. King’s Knights (1A Boys): 56 Points
9. WF West Bearcats (2A Girls): 46 Points
10. Lynden Lions (2A Girls): 45 Points



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