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(Renton, WA) The WIAA Executive Board met on Monday to determine the process they will use to begin sports seasons set to for as early as December 28. ESN talked with Executive Director Mick Hoffman and he will be part of our weekly Eli’s High School Report podcast at noon today. To watch the interview go to our ESN/NFHS page here.

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WIAA Press Release

WIAA Executive Board Outlines Process For Commencing Sport Seasons

RENTON, Wash. – The WIAA Executive Board approved, during its meeting on Monday, a process for determining the status of upcoming WIAA seasons during the 2020-21 school year. The process outlines a timetable for decision making as well as a minimum participation requirement and is based on feedback from Athletic Directors.

The Executive Board determined that, in order for a season to take place, 50 percent of schools in a WIAA region (by classification) must be eligible to participate in league games as per the COVID metrics in the Department of Health guidelines. If less than 50 percent of schools are able to compete in specific sports due to elevated cases, the Executive Board will make an adjustment to the scheduled season in order to allow the chance for greater participation.

The WIAA will monitor the eligibility of schools based on the number of cases reported in their county, using the data provided on Washington’s Risk Assessment Dashboard, with a final decision being made three weeks prior to the beginning of the season. If a WIAA Region meets the eligibility requirements for the scheduled sport season but chooses not to participate, that Region will have the flexibility to move the sport to a different season.

Each sport will conclude with a WIAA Regional culminating event during the final week of its scheduled season. The minimum requirement to hold a regional event is eight participating schools within a single classification of a Region. If a classification cannot meet that requirement, they will have the option to combine with another classification in the Region for the culminating event.

The full document outlining the decision-making process and timeline can be found HERE.

While the process and benchmarks were outlined by the Executive Board and WIAA staff, the decision was a collaborative effort involving a survey of member school athletic directors to gather input to support the Executive Board in its decision making. The Board and staff also received input from the WIAA Student LEAP Committee.

The Executive Board will continue to examine any adjustments to the current WIAA season alignments at its November 17 meeting based upon the revised government guidelines and the latest COVID-19 metrics across the state.


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