(Renton, WA) The WIAA Executive Board considered the final round of appeals today and then made their final decisions on each classification level. Earlier this year the board re-adjusted student counts for each classification level and in the end decided not to change them any further. These numbers are final for the next 4-year cycle that begins next Fall.

The WIAA adjusted classification levels for 2024-28
4A 1201+
3A 900-1200
2A 450-899
1A 225-449
2B 105-224
1B 1-104

Here is to the final list of all schools and classifications click on this link

One of the issues the Board was hoping to solve was to reduce the number of schools at the 3A level putting them at the 16-team postseason format and not 20 teams. In the end it was not possible without being exceptionally unfair to some schools. Executive Director Mick Hoffman says it was more important to have schools at their fair level and not try to fit square pegs into round holes for example. 

Here is a re-cap of each classification and the final number of schools in each classification, opt-ups appeals and those that may have been allowed to drop a classification in football only.

Total Number of Schools: 60
Number of Opt ups: 6 Gonzaga Prep, Kennedy Catholic, Eastmont, West Valley (Yakima), Eisenhower and Davis
Number of upheld Appeals: 0
Number of Petition down in Football only: 0

Total Number of Schools: 73
Number of Opt ups: 12  Bellarmine Prep, Bishop Blanchet, Lakeside (Sea), Eastside Catholic, Seattle Prep, Rainier Beach, Silas, Todd Beamer, Franklin, Mount Tahoma, O’Dea, Holy Names Academy
Number of upheld Appeals: 2 Kent-Meridian, Ballard
Number of Petition down in Football only: 1 North Central down to 2A

Total Number of Schools: 63
Number of Opt ups: 2 Foss, Archbishop Murphy
Number of upheld Appeals: 1 Lindbergh
Number of Petition down in Football only: 0

Total Number of Schools: 55
Number of Opt ups: 8 Life Christian, King’s Way Christian, The Bear Creek School, Seton Catholic, Summitt Public School, Stevenson, Seattle Christian, Charles Wright Academy
Number of upheld Appeals: 1 Fort Vancouver
Number of Petition down in Football only: 1 Charles Wright Academy to play 1B

Total Number of Schools: 54
Number of Opt ups: 1 Saint George’s
Number of upheld Appeals: 1 Warden 
Number of Petition down in Football only: 3 North Beach, Bridgeport, Chief Leschi all drop to 1B football

Total Number of Schools: 105
Number of Opt ups: 0
Number of upheld Appeals: 0
Number of Petition down in Football only: 0

Here is to the final list of all schools and classifications click on this link

Hoffman says the Board will also be looking at changing the numbers for 12, 16 and 20 team tournaments in other action. Additionally, they will keep looking at different ideas to help the 20 team tournaments be a little more accomodating for those who qualify.

Now that the numbers are finalized Districts, Leagues and Schools can begin working on how their leagues will look and begin to finalize schedules for next year.

Here is a copy of the official WIAA release:

The WIAA Executive Board finalized classification numbers for the 2024-28 cycle at its January 21 meeting. A detailed breakdown of each of the six WIAA classifications is available here:
Classification   Enrollment Ranges   Number of Schools
4A 1201+ 60
3A 900-1200 73
2A 450-899 63
1A 225-449 55
2B 105-224 54
1B 1-104 105
Direct Cert has replaced free-and-reduced lunch as the socioeconomic factor for the classification process. A school with a direct cert rate greater than the statewide average (34%) had its enrollment number reduced for each percent that they exceeded the statewide average. The maximum a school’s enrollment could be adjusted was capped at 40%.The figures listed for each school are the average enrollment, P223 of students in grades 9-11, as reported to the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) for the months of January, February, March, April, May, October, and November doubled (eight total counts). November is counted twice since the September figure is omitted due to the amount of changes to the student population a school experiences during the first month of the new school year. Private schools report monthly enrollments directly to the WIAA.
While enrollment figures set the baseline for classification alignments, a school can affect its classification in several ways:
  • Opt up in classification
  • Appeal its determined classification
  • Petition down a classification in football only

While any choice to opt-up will last the entirety of the four-year classification cycle, an appeal or petition down stands for two years, which is the next time schools will have the option to appeal their classification.

For questions about enrollment or the classification process, please contact the WIAA office.



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