**Updated 4/23/2024 Kevin is ahead of schedule!

Kevin Radke is scheduled to be released from the hospital today, Tuesday, April 23. Radke suffered a punctured lung and 4 cracked ribs. He had a tube inserted into his lung to re-inflate it and treat the injury, the tube has been taken out. Radke tells Eli Sports he was told he is ahead of schedule and looks forward to getting out of the hospital. 

The cracked ribs will be a painful recovery but Radke tells us he intends to get back in the saddle this season at Emerald Downs. He will allow the healing process to take its course and take his time to be sure he is 100% before getting back on horses. Radke, who has finished 4th and 2nd in the last 2 seasons at the Auburn oval was ready for the upcoming season with his new agent, Vanessa Evans. 

Radke wanted to again thank everyone who has reached out and wished him well but also wanted to stress that he and his wife Jamie are not looking for any type of fundraiser and if one is going around for him it needs to stop and any donated money should be given back. The Radke’s did not authorize anyone to begin such a campaign and wants any such effort to stop.

There have been some folks who have wanted to send a card or a note and he says he would love to hear from people if they are so inclined they can send a card or note to Emerald Downs and he will collect them all from the track when he gets back in town.

If you’d like to send a card or a note you can mail it to:

Emerald Downs co/Kevin Radke
PO Box 617
Auburn, WA 98071-0617

Opening day of racing at Emerald Downs is Saturday, May 4th, Kentucky Derby day. Races for opening day are set to be drawn on Monday. The Stakes season does not begin until June. Radke is hopeful of a return as quickly as possible. We say if anyone can do it our win bet is on Radke. 

**Updated 4/21/2024 with additional information from Jamie Radke

Tuesday, April 23 I have talked with Kevin and again he wants to thank everyone sending him thoughts and well wishes. He is on the mend and had the tube that was put in to re-inflate his collapsed lung taken out

On Saturday, Jamie Radke, Kevin’s wife added this facebook post to update Kevin’s condition and to clear up any misconceptions about what is being asked for by the Radke’s. Here is Jaime’s post:

“Update- Kevin is still in the hospital. He’s not able to leave at this point. He had a collapsed lung and 4 cracked ribs. The pain is pretty excruciating. They’re treating his lung and that’s why he is still in here. Thank you to everyone for the prayers and well wishes. They’re all so appreciated. I know a lot of people have reached out and please be patient on hearing back if he hasn’t answered messages or calls. Not sure what day he will be released but I will let everyone know when he is. Thanks again for all the love and support 🙏❤️‍🩹

Also it’s been brought to my attention that something has been posted on social media regarding me calling the track when this happened and absolutely no idea why this is being said and is completely untrue. None of this happened. Also we do not want a go fund me so I’m not sure if that was started but it has nothing to do with us. I wanted to make sure that this stops and goes no further. Thank you. Any information will be posted by Kevin or myself!”
We thank Jamie for the update and again stress the Radke’s do not want a fundraiser so if you see someone asking for money for the Radke’s please know this is not from them and they do not want it so be careful. When more information is available we will certainly keep you all informed.
**Original Story below**
***Updated 5:15pm 4/19/2024 to clarify how Kevin fell and what happened to the horse

Kevin Radke has been enjoying a great “un-retirement” getting back in the saddle after stepping away from racing in 2008. Radke was the Champion rider at Emerald Downs in 2002 and 2003. He got the itch back to ride in 2016 then rode again in 2018 before coming back fulltime in 2021 at Emerald Downs.

Radke got injured in 2021 in a landscaping accident at his home and rode just 125 races. He was back in 2022 riding 577 races mostly at Emerald Downs and Golden Gate and then rode 594 mounts last season. He finished 2nd behind Alex Cruz in 2022 and then was 4th last year in the win standings and 2nd in earnings.

Radke had been riding at Golden Gate until Turf Paradise opened and shifted his tack to the desert. Radke had ridden 111 with 9 wins, 14 places and 19 shows. Radke had just confirmed to ESN that he was headed back to Emerald Downs this season which begins on Saturday May 4.  It doesn’t look like that’s going to happen at least to start with.

Radke’s agent from last year, David Singer, posted on his Facebook page a picture of Radke in a Phoenix hospital suffering from cracked ribs and a collapsed lung after an incident Thursday morning.

Radke was working a horse with 2 others and was in the middle when his saddle slipped and he fell. The horse then ran off and was captured by the outriders who were quick to respond to not only help Radke but to get the horse safely. The horse did not appear to suffer any serious injury thanks to the quick work of the outriders.

Radke was set to ride this season with his new agent Vanessa Evans. There is no timeline on how long Radke is going to be out of action, no doubt he has a lot of healing to do before thinking about make a return.

We will update Kevin’s condition and progress as we learn more.

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