(Auburn, Wa) Eli Sports Network is excited to partner with NW Racing’s authority on handicapping Parker’s. The Parker’s Picks tip sheet has been a mainstay at in Western Washington since 1985 when they began at Longacres. Handicapper John Lindley focuses only on racing at Emerald Downs with analysis on each race while looking at the best ways to wager and maximise your betting dollar.

Lindley and Parker’s are teaming up with ESN and we will be leaning on him to help preview the Stakes races, get time with him to talk about betting and money management and horse racing in general. Each week John will release a couple of his exclusive wagering takes on the Emerald card which we will put out on our social media each weekend. His Sunday pick is at the bottom of this story.

More on Lindley

John Lindley

Lindley is a racing fan first and his expertise comes from the simple love of this game and sports. He also puts his money where his passion is as not only a game player but horse owner. John is a published author with his own book “Handicapping for Bettor or Worse” and contributed to “The Blood-Horse Authoritative Guide to Betting Thoroughbreds.”

Lindley writes the weekly Race Notes for EmeraldDowns.com, featuring detailed trip and trouble notes on every runner. He also co-hosts the daily on-track handicapping with Joe Withee each race day.

ESN is excited to add Lindley’s experise, knowledge and most of all passion for horse racing to our coverage. Thanks and Welcome John Lindley and Parker’s!

For those interested in becoming a subscriber or just want to get a single race day selections check out Parker’s on-line picks at this link:
Parker’s Picks



Parkers Mother’s Day Card Free Wager

3rd Race

Lindley is going with the 50-cent trifecta bet. The Trifecta is a wager where you must pick the winner, 2nd place and 3rd place finishers exactley. The low bet allows you to select several combinations and since it’s a difficult wager to hit the pay-offs can be very high for the winners.

Parker’s suggested bet:

Selections to Win: #1 A Skip in the Park and #6 The Untouchableone
Selections to run 2nd: #1 A Skip in the Park, #5 Fed Grant and #6 The Untouchableone
Selections to run 3rd: #1 A Skip in the Park, #2 Hickory Wind, #5 Fed Grant and #6 The Untouchableone

To make this bet it is: 1-6 with 1-5-6 with 1-2-5-6 
Total Bet: $4

For those new to racing, let us help you out. If you want to make this bet you go to a live teller and simply say this….
“I’d like a 50-cent trifecta bet. 1 and 6 with 1, 5 and 6 with 1, 2, 5 and 6” That’s it, You’fre now an exotic wager bettor!

If you want to do it yourself though, go to one of the self automated machines (SAM machines) and put in at least $4 cash or a voucher with at least $4 in value. Then select Emerald Downs if it hasn’t popped up automatically. Next select trifecta, then select 50-cents. Then as you enter your numbers it is the same…1-6 with 1-5-6 with 1-2-5-6 then press finish and your ticket will pop out.

If you are using a voucher with more than $4 value the leftover amount will also be printed and dispersed. In that case you should have your ticket and a voucher for your leftover amount. 

If you have any questions you can always go to a live teller or customer service and they can assist you to make sure you got the wager you intended to bet. Good luck everyone!







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