(Auburn, WA) Hey folks this week’s Power Rankings are gonna be a little shorter and t the point. The Eli Sports Network is spread all over the state this weekend with the final weekend of High School sports. I am literally writing this from a press box in Yakima during a state Track meet.

But we do have this week’sP-R’s. Some movement from last week and a new #1. Here we go…!

2024 Power Rankings #3

#1 Karlo Lopez (Last week #2)

Prisoner w/Karlo Lopez







Karlo Lopez got off to a fast start last week with 3 wins and then hit a string of 2nd place finishes. On Sunday he turned many of those into wins as he tripled winning the 1st, 5th and 9th and final to squarly win the bookend races the the exact middle race for the 1st jockey triple of the 2024 season. He closed the gap on Alex Cruz by 1 who got 2 wins and leads Lopez 8-6. This race for the top is gonna be a doozy!

#2 Alex Cruz (2nd week at #1)

Stay Sassy w/Alex Cruz






Alex Cruz was very steady this week and these are the weeks where you have to find ways to grind out a win or two. Cruz did just that and no doubt bigger weeks are on the way as he collected a win on both days to run his 2024 Emerald streak to 5 straight days he has had a winner. Drops a smidge to Lopez but Cruz is still right where he wants to be.


#3 Carlos Montalvo (Last week #10)

Carlos Montalvo






Carlos Montalvo had to sit for 3 days on that strange suspension from Monmouth Park 3 years ago. Montalvo had appealed it and it took 3 years to get a ruling and he had to serve his days and did so. Sunday was his 1st day back off the short break and he hit the board in all of his rides including an 11-1 upset in the feature on Sunday with Young Life Laura. Montalvo has 3 wins on the season and a top 3 finish rate of 91%.


#4 Brayan Pena (Last week was #4)

Move Over w/Brayan Pena






Brayan Pena held firm at the #4 position as he also picked up 2 wins this weekend to double his total to 4 on the year. Pena is still getting thre feel for this track but he is figuring it out and is going to one to keep your eye on as the season progresses.

#5 Isaias Enriquez (Last week was #6)

Chai w/Isaias Enriquez






Isaias Enriquez has had limited opportunities but is firing at a big rate. He’s had 13 rides and is 3-3-2 with a 23% win rate and 62% top 3. Enriquez picked up 2 wins this past weekend including and impressive win on Chai for trainer Kay Cooper. Enriquez is a crafty vet and off to his best start at Emerald over the past couple years.


#6 Silvio Amador (Last week #3)

Silvio Amador






Silvio Amador added another win to his totals and is 63% in the trifecta. Amador still looking to turn a few more 2nds and 3rd into wins but it’s early and he proved in the 2nd half last season he can get exceptionally hot. 

#7 Javier Matias (Last week was #5)

Javier Matias





The Rooster keeps finding wins and did so on Sunday with a great ride on Where You Gonna Go. Matias with a great clock in his head was on the lead and slowed the 2nd quarter down, allowed some competition to come running at the quarter pole but Matias had too much gas left and rolled to an easy win. He’s winning at 27% with 3 victories from 11 rides.

#8 Luis Reyes (Last week #9)

Cool Papa G w/Luis Reyes






Luis Reyes moved up 1 spot with his feature race win on Saturday on Cool Papa G getting up in the final strides. Reyes is winning at 30% with 3 wins from 10 rides and 50% top 3. If Reyes can boost his overall percent and keep picking up wins he’s gonna continue to move up the rankings.


#9 Kevin Orozco (Last week was #7)

Kevin Orozco





Kevin Orozco got his 3rd win of the season getting into the winners circle at leasxt once each week. Orozco’s chances have been limited but he’s riding maybe better than ever early in the season.

#10 Leslie Mawing (Last week was unranked)

Leslie Mawing






Leslie Mawing got his 1st win of the season this past weekend to boost him into the top 10. Mawing has had several rides that clearly are a race or two away but got into the winners circle on Saturday with Miner League.


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