(Auburn, WA) 11 riders got into the winner’s circle this past week with 6 of them recording mulitple victories with 5 being the most and for the 2nd week in a row it’s the 4 time defending champ with 5 wins. One rider had 4 wins and 2 tripled and there were the 1st two stakes races of the season. Let’s get to this week’s version of the Power Rankings! 

2024 Power Rankings #7

#1 Alex Cruz (Last week #1)

Alex Cruz won 5 races this past weekend and finished 5-3-4-2 from 23 rides for a 23% win rate and 64% top 4 finish. He also won those races all in a row winning his final 2 rides on Friday night and then tripling to start Saturday. Cruz did get shut out on Sunday but this just shows how explosive he can be at any given time. Cruz told us the pressure was on last year to win his 4th Championship which set a State record. He feels no pressure this year which is giving him the coinfidence to ride freely. Cruz will remain a massive threat in every race he rides.


#2 Kevin Krigger (Last week #5)

One of the 6 former Jockey Champions currently riding at Emerald Downs is starting to settle in and will be a huge opponent especially as of right now being the #1 rider for the powerful Justin Evans barn. Krigger scored 4 wins this past weekend including a triple on Sunday winning the 7th, 8th and 10th races all for Evans. Krigger soars up the PR’s after going 4-1-1-2 from 10 rides for a 40% win rate.


#3 Carlos Montalvo (Last week #3)

Carlos Montalvo holds onto the #3 spot with a pair of wins but one of them the Auburn Stakes with a veteran ride aboard Miner League which was also our #1 Race of the week in our Emerald Downs’ Top 10 Races of the Week feature. Montalvo finished the week 2-2-3-0 from 11 rides for an 18% win rate and 64% top 3 and 4 clip. The Stakes win gave him extra points especially the ride he gave the winner.


#4 Karlo Lopez (Last week #4)

All Karlo Lopez can do is keep having weeks like this where he is beginning to turn more of these 2nd place finishes into wins. Karlo’s exacta percent is an eye-popping 48% but overall win rate is 17%. This week he went 3-4-2-0 from 14 rides for a 21% win rate and 64% top 3 and 4 finish. He is beginning to really get comfortable so watch out!

#5 Juan Gutierrez (Last week #2)

The all-time winningest jockey at the Auburn oval still knows how to get it done and he’s doing it at an exceptionally efficient rate. Guti had just 5 rides and was 2-1-1-1 for a 40% win rate an 80% trifecta percent and 100% in the superfecta. Overall, Juan is tied for 4th in the standings and winning at a 35% clip. He lost ground from #2 to #5 simply because we couldn’t overlook some of the other accomplishments but Guti is BACK!!


#6 Rocco Bowen (Last Week unranked)

We’re going to rank Rocco even though he isn’t here this week but he confirmed to us that he is going to be back regularly like he did last season. His presence just makes this jockey room maybe the toughest in the history of the track, certainly a top 3 Jock’s room. Rocco had a great week finishing 3-5-2-1 from 16 rides for a 19% win rate and 69% top 4.




#7 Javier Matias (Last week #6)

Javier Matias is another old pro who knows this track and is riding maybe better right now than he has over the past several seasons. The Rooster doesn’t mince words and he knows how to win in Auburn. He too is being very efficient with his chances going 1-1-3-1 from 6 starts for a 17% win rate but an 83% trifecta finish and 100% superfecta rate. The Rooster is crowing loudly in 2024!

#8 Silvio Amador (Last week #8)

Silvio Amador is so consistant and has shown he knows how to win the big races. Amador with a perfectly timed ride got his lone win in the very first Stakes race of the year on Appeal Factor in the Seattle Stakes. Amador still has a bit of the 2nd-itis bug but is constantly knocking on the door and holds on to the #8 spot.

#9 Allyssa Morales (Last week unranked)

Allyssa Morales hits the top 10 with her terrific ride on Frisco Frills. Morales is getting more rides and she does well with many outsiders for sure. She had 10 rides this past week and went 1-2-1-2 for the week to crack the top 10.



#10 Tie Kevin Orozco (Last week at #7)

Really hard to take one over the other as both our riders at #10 had similar numbers. Kevin Orozco went 1-1-0-2 from 10 rides and drops a bit but we cannot take him out of the top 10.

#10 Tie Leslie Mawing (Last week at unranked)

Leslie Mawing was 1-0-0-2 but had just 7 rides and did not make the top 10 last week. Mawing is as good as any but opportunities are limited with this crowded and talented jock’s room. But when either of our #10’s get chances they must be considered.



By paulb

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