(Auburn, Wa) Eli Sports Network is excited to partner with NW Racing’s authority on handicapping Parker’s. The Parker’s Picks tip sheet has been a mainstay at in Western Washington since 1985 when they began at Longacres. Handicapper John Lindley focuses only on racing at Emerald Downs with analysis on each race while looking at the best ways to wager and maximise your betting dollar.

John Lindley

Lindley and Parker’s are teaming up with ESN and we will be leaning on him to help preview the Stakes races, get time with him to talk about betting and money management and horse racing in general. Each week John will release an exclusive wager on the Sunday Emerald card which we will put out on our social media each weekend.

His latest selections plus his weekly bets will be on this page. For newcomer’s look at the bottom of the page on how to place your wagers.


Season Results
Sunday, July 7: -$15.45  Season +$9.87
Sunday, June 30: -$4.15  Season +$25.32
Sunday, June 23:  -$15.30  Season +$29.47
Sunday, June 16: +$26.77  Season +$44.77
Sunday, June 9:  +$42  Season  +$18
Sunday, June 2:  -$6   Season: -$24
Sunday, May 26: -$8  Season: -$18
Sunday, May 19: -$6  Season: -$10
Sunday, May 12: -$4

July 7
6th Race Exoctic Bet $1 Exacta Box
Lindley missed his exoctic last week but still lost minimally with his w-p-s bet taking 2nd. This week Lindley is going with the $1 exacta box in the 6th race. He’s boxing the 3-4-7 for a total cost of $6. The horses are #3 Firewalker to #4 El Bromista to #7 Mr. Captain Jack. 2 of the 3 horses must finsh 1st and 2nd to win this bet.
Just missed had the 13-1 winner but missed the 13-1 2nd place finisher and ran 1st and 3rd -$6

$5 Combo Bet
Race 7 #5 Big Bowie $5 win, place and show total bet $15
Cashed the Show bet returned $5.55 for a loss of $9.45

June 30
2nd Race Exoctic Bet 50-cent Trifecta
Lindley missed last week but is still positive for the season and looks to bounce back today with a triecta bet in the 2nd race. Lindley is making a wager of 2-4 with 2-4-6 with 1-2-3-4-6 for a total bet of $6. By name it’s #2 Deux Meres and #4 English Meadow for the win spot, #2 & #4 for the place spot and #1 Lotsa Steel & #2 & #3 Escapefromparadise & #4 for the show placing. Total bet $2

$5 Combo Bet
Race 8 #2 Clay’s Opal Indy $5 Win, Place and Show total bet $15
There was a late scratch in the 2nd race that dropped on of Lindley 2nd and 3rd place finishers so his top 2 had to win and run 2nd and either of his show picks run 3rd. He did not hit but it was only a $2 bet.

Total Bet: $17 Collected $12.85 Loss $4.15

June 23
2nd Race Exoctic Bet $1 Daily Double
Lindley is on a roll with 2 winners back-to-back and is in a groove. This week he is dipping into the Daily Double wager going from the 2nd to the 3rd race. In the 2nd race he is going with #1, #3 & #7 with these picks in the 3rd race #2, #4 and #5 for a total $9 bet. By name from race 2 #1 Lemon Drop Lady, #3 Lucy L & #7 Dansmetothendoflov to race 3, #2 Handr’sdream, #4 A View from Above & #5 Horse Doctor.
Missed $0
$5 Combo Bet
Race 4 #2 It’s Turbo $5 win, Place and Show total bet $15. Cashed $6.30 loss of $8.70
Total Bet: $24  Collected $8.70 Loss $15.30

June 16
1st Race Exotic Bet $1 Exacta
Lindley hit last week his superfecta and cashed the show portion of his combo bet for a $42 profit that puts him in the positive for the year. Today, Lindley is taking on the $1 exacta this week for his Exotic bet and will be betting #2 and #3 with #2, #3 and #6 for a total bet of $4. This means #2 or #3 must win and #2, #3 or #6 must run 2nd. By name it’s #2 Harbor Lass and #3 Unbridled Violet with #2 Harbor Lass, #3 Unbridled Violet and #6 Lady Mormont. WINNER! $32.32
$5 Combo Bet

This week’s $5 win-place-show combo bet is in the 4th race on #3 Stay Sassy total bet $15. Cashed $13.45 slight loss of $1.55
Total Bet $19, Collected $45.77 Profit $26.77

June 9       
3rd Race Exotic Bet 50-cent Superfecta
This week Lindley will be releasing an exotic bet and a $5 Win, Place and Show bet or the $15 Combo. The 1st bet is in the 3rd race a 50-cent Superfecta with a 1x3x4x4 which means he is taking 1 horse to win, 3 horses to finish 2nd and 4 horses to finish 3rd and 4th.
Bet: Race 3, 50-cent Superfecta 1 with 2-3-4 with 2-3-4-5 with 2-3-4-5 total bet cost $9
5th Race $5 Combo 
Bet: $5 to win, place and show on #6 Reservoir total bet cost $15
Outcome: Lindley put it all together and hit his superfecta and got a return of $59.30 off his $9 bet and got a piece of his combo bet back in the 5th as Reservoir ran 3rd for $6.70 an $8.30 loss. So, total he wagered $24 and got back $66 for a $42 profit.

June 2       3rd Race 50-cent Trifecta
Lindley wanted to do a trifecta last week but late scratches ruined his bet. He’s gonna take another swing today in the 3rd Race he’s going with a 2 x4 x4 bet which means he is taking 2 horses to win and 4 horses to run 2nd and 3rd. Sounds complicated but it’s not and it’s really affordable.
Bet: Race 3, 50-cent trifecta 5-7 with 2-4-5-7 with 2-4-5-7 total bet cost is $6
This means numbers 5 or 7 must win and numbers 2-4-5-7 must finish 2nd and 3rd in any order.
By Names:
#5 o’banion & #7 Summanus to win
#2 Regulation Dazed, #4 Northern Blend, #5 o’banion & #7 Summanus to place
#2 Regulation Dazed, #4 Northern Blend, #5 o’banion & #7 Summanus to show
Outcome: It was a tough day on Sunday with lot’s of chances to make good money but Lindley missed with a longshot winning. To be fair Lindley had the longshot to run 2nd so again he’s been close each week. Look out tho he’s getting ready to make a run.

May 26       1st Race $1 Pick 3
Lindley is going back to the Pick 3 on this one beginning with the 1st race.
Bet: Race 1 bet 1-2 with 1-6 with 2-6 total bet is $8
By Names:
Race 1: #1 Gypsy Gun, #2 Anniversaire d’Or
Race 2: #1 Jazzy Love, #6 Big Mama Thornton
Race 3: #2 Ethan’s Girl, #6 Champ of Pagne
Outcome: Lindley had the 1st 2 winners but came up short with the 2nd place in the 3rd leg to again just miss. Remember y0u can spread your wagers out more than what John suggests. He is knocking on the door and is due to go on a run.

May 19     2nd Race 50-cent Pick 3
There was a late  scratch in the 2nd so Lindley adjusted  his ticket
Bet: Race 2 bet 2-5-6 with 3-6 with 2-6 total bet is $6
By Names:
Race 2 #2 Where You Gonna Go, #5 Mo Mambo, #6 Coy Roy
Race 3: #3 Hot Lava Cake, #6 Yogya
Race 4: #2 Chai, #6 Mocktails Anyone
Outcome: Again close but no cigar picking Where You Gonna Go correctly in the 2nd and Chai in the 4th, Lindley missed on front runner Stay Sassy in the 3rd. His picks finished 3rd and 4th. Had he hit it, it was good for $41.

May 12     3rd Race 50-cent Trifecta wager
Bet: 1-6 with 1-5-6 with 1-2-5-6 Total Bet: $4
By Name:
Selections to Win: #1 A Skip in the Park and #6 The Untouchableone
Selections to run 2nd: #1 A Skip in the Park, #5 Fed Grant and #6 The Untouchableone
Selections to run 3rd: #1 A Skip in the Park, #2 Hickory Wind, #5 Fed Grant and #6 The Untouchableone
Outcome: $0 Lindley just missed. The winning numbers were 1-2-5. Had he picked 2 to run 2nd instead of either 5 or 6 he would have had it. A $6 box of all 4 of his numbers would have worked too. The tri paid $23.19 but Lindley is -$4 on the year.

Newcomers Center

If you are confused on what bets are what or how to place a wager here are some helpful hints. The dollar amoujnt is the minimum bet for that particular wager, you may bet as much as you want over the minimum.

Types of wagers:
$2 Win     Your horse must win the race to collect.
$2 Place     Your horse must finish 1st or 2nd to collect.
$2 Show    Your horse must finish 1st, 2nd or 3rd to collect.

Exotic wagers: These are bets that are harder to win but generally you get more return on your winnings than betting straight win, place and show.
$1 Exacta    You must select the winner and 2nd place horse exactly to collect.
50-cent Trifecta     You must pick the top 3 in exact order to win.
10-cent Superfecta    You must select the top 4 finishers in exact order to collect.
50-cent Super High 5     You must pick the top 5 finishers in exact order to win. This bet is only offered on the final race of the day.
$1 Daily Double     You must select the winner of 2 races in a row. For instance you pick a winner in the 1st race and 2nd race and the bet must be made prior to the 1st race. The Daily Double is a rolling bet which means you can bet the 1st to 2nd, 2nd to 3rd, 3rd to 4th all the way to the final 2 races.
50-cent Pick 3    You must pick 3 winners in a row. All of these “Pick” races are just like the Daily Double but you have to pick more winners in a row. The 1st Pick 3 is the 1st to 2nd to 3rd. The next one is 2nd to 3rd to 4th and so on.
50-cent Pick 4     You must pick 4 winners in a row and there can be up to 3 of these wagers available on a race card with a minimum of 2.
50-cent Pick 5    You must select 5 winners in a row and there is always one betting chance on the final 5 races of each card. There can be up to 2 on a card if enough races are available.
50-cent Pick 6     You guessed it you gotta pick 6 straight winners and this is offered once a card on the final 6 races. This wager also carries over if no one hits it and will build over the days there is no winner.

How to make your bets

For those new to racing, let us help you out. If you want to go to a live teller tell them this….

For Win, Place and Show bets
“I’d like $2 win on #2” or “I’d like $3 win and show on #5″ or I’d like $25 to place on #7”

For exacta, trifecta and superfecta
“I’d like a 50-cent trifecta bet. 1 and 6 with 1, 5 and 6 with 1, 2, 5 and 6”  or I’d like a $1 exacta box of 1-7-9″ or “I’d like a $5 exacta 2 with 3-5-7” or “I’d like a 10-cent superfecta 3 with 4-6 with 4-5-6 with all” 

For the Picks bets including the Daily Double
“I’d like a $1 Daily double of 2 with 3” or “I’d like a $1 Daily Double 2-5 with 1-3-7” or “I’d like a 50-cent pick 3 1 with 2 with 5” or multiple horses “I’d like 1-2-4 with 5-6 with 7-8-10”.

If you want to do it yourself though, go to one of the self automated machines (SAM machines) and put in cash or a voucher then select Emerald Downs if it hasn’t popped up automatically. Next select the type of bet and the amount you want to bet. Then enter the numbers or combinations you want to bet. If your bet is less than what you put in by cash or voucher a printed voucher with the difference will be printed and you collect all your tickets and vouchers.

You can cash winning tickets or vouchers with any live teller at any time. If you have any questions you can always go to a live teller or customer service and they can assist you to make sure you got the wager you intended to bet. Good luck everyone!


By paulb

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