Tumwater 1, Shelton 0

(Tumwater, WA) Both teams came into the match looking for their 1st win of the season but Tumwater was also looking for their 1st goal. They would not find it in the 1st half as both teams battled to a 0-0 1st half score. Both teams would have chances with the best coming from Austin Mikesh who had a 1-on-1 with Highclimbers keeper Cody Bragg. The ball bounced and Mikesh tried to flip it over Bragg and if he could have had an easy tap in goal but Bragg put up his big left hand and grabbed it denying the score.

Shelton’s best chance came on a laser shot from Manny Nicasio that T-Bird keeper Britton Fine punched out and T-bird defender Adam Warren was able to screen off the Highclimbers from the ball as it spun back to Fine saving the opportunity.

In the 2nd half Tumwater would break the ice and put in a goal in the 44th minute off a corner kick. Mikesh had kicked 2 earlier and gone long, this time he hit short to Diego Levy who knocked it past Bragg for the score and the 1-0 lead. Mikesh was just warming up as he would get several more chances at goals but Bragg came up big with spectacular saves and Mikesh would bounce one off the left post to be denied.

Shelton’s best opportunity to tie it came on an in pass to Juan Apaez who missed tapping it in by less than 2 inches off the tip of his toe and Fine was able to gather in the ball. The Highclimbers attacked aggressively late but Tumwater’s smothering including a late free kick dead on just outside the box protected the win.

T-Birds improve to 1-2 while the Highclimbers drop to 0-2. Our Tommy Lowe of Greene Realty Players of the Game were Austin Mikesh of Tumwater and Cody Bragg for Shelton.  Our ProActive Physical Therapy Play of the Game went to Tumwater’s Diego Levy for the lone score.


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