Mt. View 2 Ft. Vancouver 0

(Vancouver, WA) It was a great way for ESN3 to kick off the boys’ soccer season last night at McKenzie stadium as the Mt. View Thunder shutout the Ft. Vancouver Trappers 2-0.

It definitely was a game of contrast and coaching philosophies. The Mt. View Thunder was very content for the long kick up field and controlling the ball for long periods of time. On the other hand the Trappers from Ft. Vancouver settled of short passes of ten yards or less or stood around much of the time and let Carlos Rodriguez weave in and out of the Thunder defense the entire match. It was a thing of beauty to watch Rodriguez work but, many of the Trappers just stood still on the pitch and watch him go one on one the entire match.

David Warne of the Thunder scored two goals and that was all the Thunder needed last night. Warne’s first goal game at the 21:34 mark of the first half. A kick from 15 yards out landed right in front of the goal crease and in front of three Thunder players. In what seemed like a comedy of errors the first two Thunder players missed shots of about four feet right in front. Warne was johnny on the spot and calmly lightly tapped the ball in for the nights first and only score of the first half.

Second half was basically a repeat of the first except for the fact the Trappers came out ant played with more intensity and seemed more focused. David Warne would pick up his second goal of the night for Mt. View early on. We are not able to give you the time of the goal. Apparently the four young men in the booth next to us didn’t start the clock for the second half.

A tip of the hat to the referee in  charge of the match. Things started out pretty chippy as five yellow cards were issued but the referee never let things get out of hand.

By Rons

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