People trying to contact anyone at Eli Sports Network by e-mail our e-mail addresses have changed.  Please e-mail us at the addresses below, even if you don’t have a message if you send it then we can add the contact to our new e-mail. So sorry for the inconvenience and thank-you for any help you can give us by sending us your contact information.

Paul Beattie paulbelisportsnetwork@gmail.com
Ron Soanka ronselisportsnetwork@gmail.com
Tony Davila tonydelisportsnetwork@gmail.com

Anyone with an e-mail for ESN will be their 1st name, last name initial elisportsnetwork@gmail.com. These are the only 3 up right now. Now here is the tale of how all this happened….

So after 20+ years in radio, you know the olden days of having to wait to hear the weather report or school snow cancellations or lost dog reports and cheesy contests I embarked in the business of the new media where everything is immediate. As a geezer I think I have done pretty well considering my only formal “computer” training in high school was…typing with Mrs. Knight. But some things are simply too much for my pea brain to fully understand which leads to my action to unwittingly destroy the entire Eli Sports Network e-mail system with a 5-minute on-line chat.

Since that fateful Tuesday in less than 3 days I have now learned the difference between domain purchasing, web hosting and e-mail hosting. I had the domain figured out after letting it expire after our 1st year so I acutally have that on an automatic re-newal so the domains elisportsnetwork.com and youresn.com are ours for as long as the credit card remains active.

Now comes the hosting part. In our effort to keep expenses down while maintaining a strong product our former I-T person was always looking for the best deals and service. I gave her full control of making these determinations because I simply didn’t understand it and had many other details to learn and attend too.

Well when our I-T person found new opportunities that has left us without much professional help because you know, I now could step in and handle things. So looking at our bills I saw that ESN was now under the Word Press umbrella including hosting, at least I thought. Looking at our former hosting company and still paying a monthly bill I wondered why we were doing this? The only thing on that account that I could see was a defunct website no longer in use so I thought why not cancel this and save the money, which I think most reasonable people would think.

I assumed our elisportsnetwork.com e-mail was tied to the website of the same name…hahaha of course it’s not! Additionally, Word Press as I found out does not even host e-mail services. So within 2 hours of cancelling our 2nd hosting company which I thought wasn’t hosting anything our entire e-mail system was shut down.

This, even to me, seemed not to be a coincidence so I contacted the old hosting company right away when the e-mail went down and they told me it “could” be them but they weren’t sure. Since my last I-T person left I found a new who is a genius, at least to me he is, and we spent the next day and half re-tracing everything and so now I know where and who I am re-newing the domain name and I know who is hosting ESN and now we have gone to G-Mail to end anymore confusion for our e-mail service. And of course with all that the proper user names and passwords.

Technology, eh whatta you gonna do?


By paulb

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