(Seattle, WA) The Bellevue Wolverines had some of their sanctions rolled back by the Sea-King District including playing a non-league game against Tumwater. The Seattle Times’ Mike Baker broke the story that led to an independent investigation requested by Bellevue High School to the WIAA.

Following the investigation that found Bellevue guilty of several acts of cheating and paying coaches for years the Kingco Conference came down hard on the Wolverines including no non-league games for 2 years. The Sea-King District will now allow Bellevue to play 1 non-league against Tumwater. You can read Mike Baker’s latest story on Bellevue’s fall from grace here.

It is unknown if the knowledge of the state’s all-time winningest Football Coach Sid Otton’s intention to retire at the end of the 2016 season had any impact on why the Sea-King is allowing only this non-league game for Bellevue.

In stark contrast to the seemingly never ending Bellevue saga of pay-offs to coaches, a phony school passing high caliber athletes so they were eligible to play and recruiting players from outside their area, we released today the story of Tumwater’s coach Sid Otton’s intention to retire after this upcoming season.

The beloved Otton comes in as the winningest coach in state high school history with 384 along with 6 career state titles. Embattled Bellevue coach Butch Goncharoff had quite a legacy going for himself with crazy success including 11 State titles over the past 16 years with 193 career victories or about half of what Otton has accumulated but now all of it hangs under a black cloud of controversy.

Here is a link to our story on Coach Otton and the end of a true era.



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