(Menlo, WA) Due t the Storm concerns from last Friday the PWV Titans had their Homecoming game vs Ilwaco on Monday night. 1st place was also on the line in this contest. As the rain poured down at times and the field quickly turned from a green to brown it was the Titans led that ground game monsoon that the Fishermen had to deal with more than Mother Nature’s.

PWV rolled up more than 350 yards on the ground led by Kaelin Jurek’s 208. The game was not decided as quickly as you might thing as Ilwaco drove deep into Titan territory 3 straight times. They opened with a pooch kick-off and recovered on the ball on the Titan side of the 50. They moved the ball inside the 20 where the drive stalled and they turned it over on downs.

PWV then quickly pushed it downfield on 4 straight carries by Jurek capping it with a 46-yard sprint to paydirt. On the ensuing kick-off the Fishermen would again have great field position and behind a nice mix of offensive play calling with some flat passes to Brandon McMullen from QB Jack Odneal and inside running of Alec Bell they again drove deep into the Titan red zone inside the 10 this time. On 4th and 5 from the 8 Odneal threw a pass into the endzone that was picked off by the Titan’s Cub Bear who then tried to return it and stepped out of the endzone but then retreated back into the endzone and was tackled for a safety. Despite giving up 2 points and having to kick from the their own 20 PWV’s defense did not give up 6 and they led 7-2.

Ilwaco was a bit frustrated with the 2 golden opportunities and unable to cash in but would get a 3rd chance in the 1st quarter. Once again they moved the ball on the Titan’s and had rolled up more more than 75 yards of offense in the 1st quarter but again would be shut down as they approached the PWV redzone and turned the ball over on downs for the 2nd time in 3 possessions.

It took a while for the Titans to get their 2nd offensive possession but it didn’t take long for them to double their score as Jurek ran through a gaping hole blown open by a dominating offensive line and dashed 73-yards for his 2nd touchdown to make it 15-2 after going for 2.

This opened the floodgates as the PWV defense buckled down and forced 3 straight 3 and outs while PWV opened the door to the other running backs to chip in on the carrying load. Ever Guitierrez and Tyler Justice were running just as freely slicing up the filleting the Fishermen defense in huge chunks of yardage. Justice would score on a 35-yard run, Guitierrez would not get in but Jurek finished with 4 scores. It was 29-2 at the half and after Justice’s TD in the 3rd Ryan Shepherd ran back a 45-yard punt return for the final PWV score making it 45-2 and kicking in the running clock. Subs then dominated the final 16-minutes with neither side really threatening to score again.

The win pushed the Titans record to 3-0 in league play and 5-2 overall while Ilwaco drops to 2-1 and 4-3. Our Pacific Sports Spa Players of the Game went to the PWV Offensive Line. as a whole they blew open huge holes all night long resulting in big plays from all 3 running backs. For Ilwaco Brandon McMullen ran the ball hard caught some passes and led their defense to earn the Player of the game honor.

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