The District 4 Sub-Regional Wrestling Tournament was held at the new Hub City Sports Complex in Centralia. The facility that has a larger floor space than the Tacoma Dome had plenty of room to host the 2A, 1A, 2B and North Girls Sub-Regional tournaments all at the same time. The only negative we heard talking with folks in attendance was lack of seating. So if there are to be future tournaments in this facility this may have to be addressed in some way. The tournaments all seemed to go off with little issues and they were able to be finished rather early in the evening.

Below for each tournament we have the final team standings and links to every tournament for individual results and a photo gallery.

2A Boys

Team Results
1st WF West 391

2nd Tumwater 350

3rd Centralia 217

4th Aberdeen 206.5

5th Rochester 161.5

6th Black Hills 154

Individual Results Top 4 advance to Regionals

1st Place – Roehre Cunningham WF West
2nd Place – Caleb Walters WF West
3rd Place – Colton Burke Black Hills
4th Place – Jeremy Brant Rochester
1st Place – Jacob Paris Rochester
2nd Place – Tristen Hicks-avron Centralia
3rd Place – Levi Walters WF West
4th Place – Angel Cisneros Aberdeen

1st Place – Mykka Mcallister Centralia
2nd Place – Edgar Salazar Aberdeen
3rd Place – Eddie Matias  Centralia
4th Place – Austin St Louis  Tumwater

1st Place – Tyler Sophomanichan Aberdeen
2nd Place – Will Alexander WF West
3rd Place – Jayden Lancaster Rochester
4th Place – Kyle Gray WF West

1st Place – Nolan Keesee Black Hills
2nd Place – Joseph Morrissey Tumwater
3rd Place – Mason Morones WF West
4th Place – Andrew Anderson Centralia

1st Place – Damon Thomas WF West
2nd Place – Jacob Nowels WF West
3rd Place – Mason Burbidge Tumwater
4th Place – Carson Greenwell Tumwater

1st Place – Colter Severson Tumwater
2nd Place – Caleb Hylton Centralia
3rd Place – Lucas Johnston Black Hills
4th Place – Carver Brennan WF West

1st Place – Michael Anderson WF West
2nd Place – Patrick Alvarado Black Hills
3rd Place – Adrian Negrete Rochester
4th Place – Julian Kenedy Black Hills

1st Place – Tristan Dickey Centralia
2nd Place – Ej Matagi WF West
3rd Place – Caleb Grondel Tumwater
4th Place – Nate Kilmer Rochester

1st Place – Matthew Lund Tumwater
2nd Place – Zach Jones Tumwater
3rd Place – Jordan Claridge Black Hills
4th Place – Chris Powe WF West

1st Place – Brenden Spahr WF West
2nd Place – Dylan Landeglos Aberdeen
3rd Place – Aaron Adamo Centralia
4th Place – Chase Edminster Rochester

1st Place – Jacob Jamieson Aberdeen
2nd Place – Trace Spath Tumwater
3rd Place – Cooper Smith Tumwater
4th Place – Andres Cisneros Aberdeen

1st Place – Braydon Bostwick WF West
2nd Place – Tyler Pallas WF West
3rd Place – Caden Hicks Tumwater
4th Place – Mario Mungia Centralia

1st Place – Cy Hicks Tumwater
2nd Place – Hunter Arrendondo WF West
3rd Place – Skylar Murray Aberdeen
4th Place – Favian Rojero Aberdeen


1A Boys

Team Results

1st Forks 361.5

2nd Montesano 353.5

3rd Hoquiam 237

4th Elma 163

5th Tenino 136

Individual Results Top 4 advance to Regionals

1st Place – Josue Lucas of Forks
2nd Place – Andy Fry of Montesano
3rd Place – Lutra Felten of Hoquiam
4th Place – Aaron Lano of Montesano

1st Place – Jordan Tibbitt of Montesano
2nd Place – Malaki Eaton of Hoquiam
3rd Place – Alex Houbregs of Hoquiam
4th Place – Ethan Gossard of Forks

1st Place – Jacob Ellefson of Montesano
2nd Place – Colten French of Elma
3rd Place – Joe Marcoe of Tenino

1st Place – Andrew Persell of Elma
2nd Place – Levi Sudderth of Hoquiam
3rd Place – Dalton Chambers of Tenino
4th Place – Nicolai Vikkelsoe of Montesano

1st Place – Tyler Izatt of Montesano
2nd Place – Antonio Garcia of Hoquiam
3rd Place – Keith Kullander of Forks
4th Place – Ryan Mesojednik of Elma

1st Place – Tony Williams of Montesano
2nd Place – Justin Sample of Elma
3rd Place – Keith Thompson of Forks
4th Place – Andre`s Vazquez of Hoquiam

1st Place – Garrison Schumack of Forks
2nd Place – Colby Demorest of Forks
3rd Place – Brady Cummings of Hoquiam
4th Place – Jordan Zapata of Hoquiam

1st Place – Matt Hitchiner of Elma
2nd Place – Gavin Palmer of Forks
3rd Place – Josh Salazar of Forks
4th Place – Ben Sowers of Montesano

1st Place – Austin Cain of Montesano
2nd Place – Brett Moody of Forks
3rd Place – Shane Queen of Forks
4th Place – Carson Klinger of Montesano

1st Place – Kai Olson of Montesano
2nd Place – Kenny Gale of Forks
3rd Place – Kyle Olson of Elma
4th Place – Mason Lutz of Montesano

1st Place – Artimus Johnson of Hoquiam
2nd Place – Stuard Barta of Tenino
3rd Place – Jesse Wojcick of Montesano
4th Place – Jordan Sears of Hoquiam

1st Place – Jack Dahlgren of Forks
2nd Place – Tyrick Weyrauch of Tenino
3rd Place – Eden Cisneros of Forks
4th Place – Michael Carner of Hoquiam

1st Place – Luke Dahlgren of Forks
2nd Place – Liam Baxter of Elma
3rd Place – Tristen Pisani of Forks
4th Place – Grant Christian of Tenino

1st Place – Taylor Rupe of Montesano
2nd Place – Nathan Flores of Forks
3rd Place – Ben Lopez of Montesano
4th Place – Riley Rice of Tenino

2B Boys

Team Results:

1st Ilwaco 350.5

2nd Kalama 202

3rd Adna 200

4th Ocosta 183

5th Rainier 162.5

6th Raymond 120

7th Toledo 67

8th North Beach 60

9th South Bend 58

10th Life Christian 53

11th Winlock 48

12th Chief Leschi 30

12th Onalaska 30

14th Wahkiakum 27

15th Napavine  16.5

Individual Results Top 7 advance to Regionals

1st Place – Curtis Lenz of Rainier
2nd Place – Chase Staup of Kalama
3rd Place – Dusty Thayer of Onalaska
4th Place – Tyler Barlas of Rainier
5th Place – Aaron Chetwood of Ilwaco

1st Place – Elias Harvey of Chief Leschi
2nd Place – Ghahnon Whelden of Ilwaco
3rd Place – Ethan Haggatt of Kalama
4th Place – Brock Young of Rainier
5th Place – Trenton Cox of Ilwaco
6th Place – Santos Balbuena of Winlock
7th Place – Ty Wilson of Raymond

1st Place – Kaleb Orton of Ocosta
2nd Place – Tony Merino of Ilwaco
3rd Place – Wilfrido Mendez of Ilwaco
4th Place – Jacob Hammond of Wahkiakum
5th Place – Brad Kelly of Winlock
6th Place – Marcus Hamel of Life Christian
7th Place – Alex Mellis of Wahkiakum

1st Place – Tristan Hamlin of Raymond
2nd Place – Lucas Ashley of Adna
3rd Place – Joe Thompson of Ilwaco
4th Place – Chris Buck of Kalama
5th Place – Preston Lawhead of South Bend
6th Place – Daniel Quinby of Ocosta
7th Place – Joe Gerrish of Rainier

1st Place – Sam Quinby of Ocosta
2nd Place – Joseph Lewis of South Bend
3rd Place – Aaron Slape of Adna
4th Place – Brody Klein of Rainier
5th Place – Allen Chetwood of Ilwaco
6th Place – Mason Rogers of Kalama
7th Place – Austin Olson of Onalaska

1st Place – Jack Odneal of Ilwaco
2nd Place – Jack Jordan of Raymond
3rd Place – Cosmo Sliver of Ocosta
4th Place – Corbin Balzer of Adna
5th Place – Royce Murry of Ilwaco
6th Place – Jace Forbush of Life Christian
7th Place – Jonah Engle of Adna

1st Place – Jacob Posey of Kalama
2nd Place – Braxton Dowell of Adna
3rd Place – Luke Wellander of Adna
4th Place – Brandon Duke of Ilwaco
5th Place – Jace Duckworth of Raymond
6th Place – Ted Lester of Rainier
7th Place – Justin Geray of Rainier

1st Place – Matthew Slape of Adna
2nd Place – Matthew Hart of Ocosta
3rd Place – Luke Borden of Raymond
4th Place – Colby Hutchinson of Kalama
5th Place – Gabe Elder of Ocosta
6th Place – Alex Moe of Rainier
7th Place – Ethan Buck of Toledo

1st Place – Ashton Dowell of Adna
2nd Place – Eli Haynes of Kalama
3rd Place – Ben Byington of South Bend
4th Place – Kalvyn Scott of Ocosta
5th Place – Noah Martin of Ocosta
6th Place – Chris Woods of Ilwaco
7th Place – Seth Angelovich of Raymond

1st Place – Steven Roberts of Rainier
2nd Place – Daylin Kemmer of Ilwaco
3rd Place – Brendon Cheney of North Beach
4th Place – Aydan Costin of Napavine
5th Place – David Hoover of Rainier
6th Place – Trevor Hutson of Ilwaco
7th Place – Dalton Spencer of Adna

1st Place – Matthew Haynes of Kalama
2nd Place – Kameron Perry of Adna
3rd Place – Brandon McMullen of Ilwaco
4th Place – Hayden Hoff of Ocosta
5th Place – Josh Beasinger of Life Christian
6th Place – Jorge Galvan of Ilwaco
7th Place – Andrew Critchett of Rainier

1st Place – Ezra Miller of Life Christian
2nd Place – Seth Lindsey of Winlock
3rd Place – Jack Spiess of Kalama
4th Place – Hunter Dianovich of North Beach
5th Place – Marcus Connor of Ilwaco
6th Place – Cahlin McNabb of Ilwaco
7th Place – Jonnie Juarez of South Bend

1st Place – Alec Bell of Ilwaco
2nd Place – Seth Nichols of Toledo
3rd Place – Christian Anderson of Raymond
4th Place – Sutton Moon of Kalama
5th Place – Tucker Deranleau of Ocosta
6th Place – Ben Bridge of North Beach
7th Place – Michael Echtle of Toledo

1st Place – Dalton Yoder of Toledo
2nd Place – Marcello Lazaro of Ilwaco
3rd Place – Calahbe Wheldon of Ilwaco
4th Place – Stephen Cheillini of Rainier
5th Place – Seth Bridge of North Beach
6th Place – Clayton Dunnagan of Adna
7th Place – Chance Machine of Winlock

North Girls

Team Results

1st Aberdeen  326

2nd Centralia 158

3rd Hoquiam 144

4th Castle Rock 137

5th Forks 87

6th Rochester 74

7th Kalama 71

8th WF West 55

9th Wahkiakum 50

10th Napavine 44

11th Elma 41

12th North Beach 30

12th Winlock 30

14th Raymond 25

15th Toledo 24

16th Tenino 20

Individual Results Top 4 advance to Regionals

1st Place – Faith Cardenas Aberdeen
2nd Place – Olivia Delaney Centralia
3rd Place – Taryn Salazar Centralia
4th Place – Rosalia Julio-flores Forks

1st Place – Bianca Lopez Hoquiam
2nd Place – Marissa Bailey Forks
3rd Place – Bailee Green Aberdeen
4th Place – Alexandria Portman Aberdeen

1st Place – Alexis Delahanty Hoquiam
2nd Place – Autumn Waltman Centralia
3rd Place – Jamiah Christin Tenino
4th Place – Kayleen Bailey Forks

1st Place – Cristy Langdon Castle Rock
2nd Place – Andrea Jones Toledo
3rd Place – Maya Kuhl Aberdeen
4th Place – Ali Silva Centralia

1st Place – Mercedes Pinnell Hoquiam
2nd Place – Kenadi Bridges Aberdeen
3rd Place – Winter Kindle Castle Rock
4th Place – Madison Wilson WF West

1st Place – Alexandria Wilson Aberdeen
2nd Place – Samantha Teitzel Centralia
3rd Place – Elyse Goulet Hoquiam
4th Place – Hannah Jacobs Aberdeen

1st Place – Makenna Speed Kalama
2nd Place – Cierra Skelly Aberdeen
3rd Place – Trynity Mendez Wahkiakum
4th Place – Dakota Hunsaker Rochester

1st Place – Kaitlyn Bornstein Napavine
2nd Place – Elizabeth Ware Rochester
3rd Place – Savannah Chandler Aberdeen
4th Place – Lily Herr Aberdeen

1st Place – Hannah Randall Winlock
2nd Place – Jade Palmer WF West
4th Place – Lily Peterson Castle Rock
4th Place – Sadee Huckleberry Castle Rock

1st Place – Sidnee Arcury Centralia
2nd Place – Irelyn Gottschaulk Castle Rock
3rd Place – Brynn Peterson Forks
4th Place – Michaela Medina Castle Rock

1st Place – Jenna Doll Hoquiam
2nd Place – Mackayla Waltee Aberdeen
3rd Place – Syreena Edwards Centralia
4th Place – Shay Hartford Elma

1st Place – Karli Heikkila Aberdeen
2nd Place – Rayanna Carlon Wahkiakum
3rd Place – Alysha Kester Rochester
4th Place – Elizabeth Day Elma

1st Place – Dakota Moon Kalama
2nd Place – Eleanore Machowek Aberdeen
3rd Place – Johanna Crow Raymond
4th Place – Anna Dick Elma

1st Place – Natasha Fruh North Beach
2nd Place – Emily Wharton Aberdeen
3rd Place – Jennyfer Hernandez-sarich Raymond

Photo Gallery


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