(Chehalis, WA) Matt Noren has spent much of his professional life running a business that supplies health professionals like nurses to institutions like prisons, county jails and tribes. He spent years in the industry and eventually set out on his own building a thriving business. As much as he credits his business for the stability in his life he has always wanted to tie his profession and heartfelt need to help people with his true passion, high school sports.

How best to have an impact on High School sports was Noren’s question? His answer how about we figure out how to make athletes feel better, heal better and simply be better. This is when he decided to really figure out what new advancements have been made in treating athletic injuries and maybe how to avoid them. Was this situation any better than the old ice pack and heat paste with a little white tape and you’re good to go. The answer an overwhelming yes!

Noren invested heavily into state of the art equipment that in some cases can only be found at major Universities or Professional Sports Teams like the Seahawks. Noren says the equipment and methods help athletes recover faster from sprains, pulls and sore muscles. For instance, instead of being submerged in an ice bath after a hard night on the football field a quick session in Pacific Sports Spa’s Whole Body Cryotherapy gets the job done in minutes.

You step into the booth with your head sticking out the top (very Austin Powersish) and in less than 3 minutes the temperature is dropped to -250-degrees. Noren says yes you will feel a bit chilled but not overwhelmingly because it happens so fast and you’re out so quick. The cryotherapy helps with inflammation, body soreness and you actually will burn 800 calories in that short amount of time.

Rylee White relaxing with the Normatec Treatment
Rylee White relaxing with the Normatec Treatment

They also have the Game Ready treatment that combines active pneumatic compression and rapidly circulating cold therapy to do more than passively treat symptoms of pain and swelling. The Normatec Pulse Recovery system takes 20-30 minutes and is great for athletes that have to compete on back-to-back days. The therapy helps increase blood circulation and reduces muscle soreness.

Noren says his business is not just for minor injuries but serious injuries as well. Not only can all of these treatments assist in faster healing of most injuries but the feature piece of equipment is his underwater treadmill. Noren says he has 1 of only 2 Hydroworx 300 underwater treadmills in the entire Pacific Northwest. The Hydroworx treadmill is great for training with the natural resistance of walking or running underwater but the big advantage is for those who have suffered injuries or undergone numerous surgeries.

Underwater Treadmill
Underwater Treadmill

Noren explains for instance a common sports injury is an ACL in the knee. Noren says with the underwater treadmill people can begin a more demanding physical therapy sooner because when you move underwater there is a natural support due to the density of the water. That means your body, especially joints like your ankles, knees and hips are not subjected to the jarring and pounding they take when you are on a traditional treadmill or from an everyday walk around your block.


Pacific Sports Spa does cater to athletes but that does not mean there isn’t plenty here for former or non-athletes…ok let’s be serious…us “older folks”. All of the treatments can help reduce pain and inflammation from issues like arthritis, nerve issues and just overall health and feeling better. PSS also has an egg shaped pod for people to sit in and get a full body composition test, in other words how much of you is fat. This test can help you design a health plan just for you to include diet and exercise.

All of this happens in a very comfortable Spa setting with big comfortable chairs, televisions and more. The Spa is located in the Chehalis Thorebeckes building at 91 Southwest Chehalis Ave. #105, Chehalis, Washington 98532. You can call them at 360.557.3961 or e-mail at info@pacificsportsspa.com and check out their website at www.pacificsportsspa.com Their hours are 6a-8p weekdays and 8a-2p on weekends.

Noren says he is excited for this weekend’s B Basketball Tournaments in Spokane. He will be setting up a mobile treatment unit at the Red Lion Hotel right across the parking lot from the Spokane Arena. Noren says he wants to have his services available for any athlete or team during the 4 tournaments. The 2 services he will provide are the Game Ready and Normatec to help athletes with soreness and recovery. Some teams will be playing 4 straight days and likely will be feeling it heading into the 4th day if not sooner. There is a fee for both services and Noren says they have a special team rate. Interested parties should call 360-580-7719.

PSS has one other service in the preventative field and that is concussion baseline testing. Noren and his staff have been certified to implement the testing which assists medical personnel in evaluating student athletes when they have suffered concussion types of impacts or show symptoms of a concussion. Noren says most football teams are now required to have such data on hand and more sports like soccer are adding this type of testing to their protocols. Teams interested in the program should contact Noren at PSS to schedule a time for the team to come in or Noren will go to their location to conduct the testing.

The staff at Pacific Sports Spa makes this unique experience easy and comfortable. Stop by just to look around and they will go into further detail on how these treatments can help you in your everyday life.

Pacific Sports Spa in Chehalis


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