(Tumwater, WA) Tumwater Valley Golf Club is hosting their 2nd annual OBee Credit Union Junior Open this tum valley gc logoSunday. The tournament is open to all kids 8-18 with 3 divisions in each boys and girls. The 15-18 division should be of great interest to High School golfers who have qualified for their particular State Tournament. This is a tremendous opportunity to play some real tournament competition a month prior to the State Tournament.

High School Golf has 2 seasons with some schools playing golf in the Fall and some in the Spring. Most of the boys are played in the Fall with most of the girls in the Spring but all the State Tournaments are at the end of May. This means if you qualify to play at state in the Fall you have wait nearly 6 months before playing your State Tournament. Can you imagine qualifying for the State Football Championship in late October and then waiting until Memorial Day to play the game?

The OBee Junior Tournament began last year and many High School golfers saw the value of getting some real competitive golf in again prior to the State Tournament. Of course golfers can play and do play many practice rounds to prepare but there is another level playing in a real tournament.

We did an earlier story on the Junior Open and we talked with Operations Manager Dave Nickerson who said the idea was to create an event that would give kids of all ages a taste of competitive golf. They actually offer 3 different formats, the 18-hole, 9-hole and a 3-hole for beginner’s who have never played in a tournament.

We like this tournament format and see the value in trying to give as many kids as possible a chance to play competitively. But at Eli Sports our focus is High School sports and we encourage Golf coaches to urge their players whether or not they have qualified for State to participate in this tournament. We can’t think of a better way to prepare for a State Tournament and we can’t think of a better way of giving those who missed the cut some competitive experience.

Tee off’s begin at 8am and there is still time to get signed up. Early registrations have already exceeded last year’s entries. We would like to see this tournament grow into annual prep for State. We’d like to see a team division open in the future where full golf teams show up and participate. It is a unique chance to create a special event and playing it on a Sunday keeps it open for all golfers to participate even if they are playing another Spring sport.

Going back to the golfers who play in the Fall well many of them play baseball, soccer or run track in the Spring and there isn’t a lot of time get in some golf practice especially competitive golf. The Tumwater Valley Golf Club has created that opportunity with the Junior Open.

Nickerson and his crew including Tyler Trimble have the makings of something pretty cool for High School golfers and we hope the Junior Open continues to grow. The cost is $60 for the 18-home tournament, $40 for 9 and $20 for 3 holes. There will be medals and prizes as well.

Eli Sports will be at this year’s Junior Open with stories, pictures and video interviews. We are hoping to also broadcast a live video production at the 18th hole as golfers finish but weather will play a determining factor if we can do that. So cross your fingers for some sun this weekend and get your Junior Golfers on the course.

More information on how to get signed up call TVGC at 360-943-9500


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