Larry the SportsCat


Day 72 (Sunday, 9/24)

Beginning Balance:  +$55,877

Bets: $53,170

Cashed: $28,790

New Balance: +$31,497

1st Race

4 Luck Out Off the board

1 Rockport Birdie Off the board

3 Justitia 3rd place

Bets: $10 Pick 4 (1-3-4 with All with 1-2-4-6 with 4-6-7-8) $4,800; $100 DD 4 with All $1,000, $1,000 S 3  Total: $6,800 Result: $4,500

2nd Race

1 Shopping Tizzy Winner!

3 Tigers Rush Off the board

10 Rally the Wind Off the board

Bets: $100 Ex Box 1 with All $1,800, $400 WPS 10 Total: $3,000 Result: $1,070

3rd Race

6 Afleet Hope 2nd place

5 Camano Comet Winner!

4 Yakima Gray Off the board

Bets: $250 DD 6 with All $2,000, $250 EX Box 2-5-6 $1,500  Total: $3,500 Result: $1,175

4th Race

7 Double A Prospect 3rd place

4 Brenner 4th place

8 Kota Copy Winner!

Bets: $25 Tri 4-7-8 with All with All Total: $3,150 Result: $2,125

5th Race

1 Cause I’m Bad 3rd place

3 Tribal Waters 2nd place

7 Trelawny Winner!

Bets: $250 DD 1-3 with 1-4-7 $1,500 Total: $1,500 Result:-0-

6th Race

4 Formal Choice 2nd place

7 Miss Wine Topper Off the board

1 Let’s Mambo 3rd place

Bets: $2,000 W 4, $1,000 W 7, $1,000 S 1 Total: $6,000 Result: $6,300

7th Race

11 Crimson Warlock 2nd place

10 Hard Slider Off the Board

9 Dustin’s Passion Off the Board

Bets: $200 Ex Box 9-10-11 $1,800, $5 Pick 5 (All with 3-4 with 2-4-6-7-8 with 1-4-6-8 with 6-7-8-9)    Total: $10,600 Result: $3,600.50

8th Race 

3 Betrbegone Winner!

4 The Press 2nd Place

7 Thorn Legacy 3rd place

Bets: $500 Ex 3 with 4-7, $200 Ex Box 4 with All $1,800, $200 Tri Box 3-4-7 Total: $5,300 Result: $8,500

9th Race

7 Diamonds R 4th place

6 Elliott Bay Winner!

4 My Heart Awakens Off the board

Bets: $200 DD 4-6-7 with All  Total: $4,800 Result: $1,520

1oth Race

6 Capital Expense 4th place

4 Cross Creek 2nd place

1 Barasso Off the board

Bets: $200 All with 6-7 Total: $2,800 Result: -0-

11th Race

7 Executive Decree Off the board

6 Only the High Road Off the board

9 Adir 3rd place

Bets: $10 Super 6-7 with All with All with All Total: $6,720 Result:-0-


Day 71 (Saturday, 9/23)

Beginning Balance:  +$48,227

Bets: $49,200 (+$7,650)

Cashed: $56,850

New Balance: +$55,877

1st Race

3 Mike Man’s Pro Off the board

4 Beach Mode Winner!

6 Victor Victorious 4th place

Bets: $200 DD 3-4-6 with 1-3-4-5-7-9 Total: $3,600 Result: $1,480

2nd Race

3 Huggy Bear Winner!

9 Smoothee Lee 3rd place

7 Zariah’s Lil Rascal 4th place

Bets: $300 Ex Box, $500 WPS 3  Total: $3,300 Result: $3,250

3rd Race

1 Bernette 2nd place

5 Feel the Charge Winner!

2 Cassidy Command 3rd place

Bets: $100 Pick 3 1-5 with All with 3-6-8 Total: $6,000 Result: $16,120

4th Race

11 Check and Raise 3rd place

9 Brown Tiger off the board

2 Mt Pockets off the board

Bets: $300 Ex Box 2-9-11, $200 DD All with 3-6-8 Total: $7,800 Result: $19,900

5th Race

8 Assets Included Winner!

6 Lucky Tiger Off the board

3 Gavinator Off the board

Bets: $400 DD 3-6-8 with 1-4-9 Total: $3,600 Result: $-0-

6th Race

4 Rally Cup Rudy 4th place

9 Seattle Smoke Off the board

1 Alaskan Cruise 2nd place

Bets: $1,000 WPS 9 Total: $3,000 Result: $-0-

7th Race

2 He’s Cagey 3rd place

5 Golden Dynamo 4th place

6 Solemnly Swear Winner!

Bets: $100 Pick 3 2-5-6 with 1-3-8 with 2-5-7 $2,700, $300 DD 2-5-6 with 1-3-5 $2,700 Total: $5,400 Result: $3,090

8th Race

3 Mike Man’s Gold Winner!

1 Botch 2nd place

8 Party Pooper Off the board

Bets: $500 DD 1-3-8 with 1-2-5 $4,500, $500 Ex Box 1-3-8 $3,000  Total: $7,500 Result: $8,450

9th Race

2 Sassafrass 4th place

5 Allaboutdactionboss Off the board

1 Queets Winner!

Bets: $500 Ex Box 1-2-5 $3,000, $50 Super 1-2 with All with All with All $6,000 Total: $9,000 Result: $4,560


Day 70 (Sunday, 9/18)

Beginning Balance:  +$54,077

Bets: $16,500 (-$5,850)

Cashed: $10,650

New Balance: +$48,227

**Going old-school today all are $500 WPS bets on 1 pick.

1st Race

3 Victor Victorious 4th place

2 Mykx Bull Winner!

6 Banque Draught 2nd place

Bets: $500 WPS 3 Total: $1,500 Result: $-0-

2nd Race

2 Time for a Memory 3rd place

4 Cassidy Command 4th place

5 KK’s Wonderwoman Winner!

Bets: $500 WPS 2 Total: $1,500 Result: $650

3rd Race

6 Afleet Hope 2nd place

2 Indian Power 4th place

5 Miss Wine Topper 2nd place

Bets: $500 WPS 6 Total: $1,500 Result: $1,450

4th Race

2 Say Neigh Winner!! 

7 Straight Bourbon 3rd place

2 Meatball Paul Off the board

Bets: $500 WPS 2 Total: $1,500 Result: $4,550

5th Race

3 Goose Prairie Off the board

5 Brilliant Bird Winner!!

6 Faith Flys Again 2nd place

Bets: $500 WPS 3 Total: $1,500 Result: $-0-

6th Race

8 Party for One 3rd place

5 Laney’s Gold Off the board

2 Uncle Ackie Off the board

Bets: $500 WPS 8 Total: $1,500 Result: $700

7th Race

4 Lucky Tiger Off the board

6 Possible Spider 4th place

3 Inawar Winner!

Bets: $500 WPS 4 Total: $1,500 Result: $-0-

8th Race

6 Livinintheleftlane Off the board

8 Pebble Beach Off the board

1 Myladysabitshady 4th place

Bets: $500 WPS 6 Total: $1,500  Result: $-0-

9th Race

8 Rockport Birdie  4th place

6 Madame Clouet Off the Board

5 Cup of Soup Scratched

Bets: $500 WPS 8 Total: $1,500  Result: $

10th Race

4 Candy for Three Winner!

3 Aberdeen Island 3rd place

5 Keller’s Gold 2nd place

Bets: $500 WPS 3 Total: $1,500 Result: $5,150

11th Race

2 Executive Decree Winner!

8 Kid Trickey 3rd place

1 Fitzroy Off the board

Bets: $500 WPS 2 Total: $1,500 Result: $2,700


Day 69 (Saturday, 9/17)

Beginning Balance:  +$40,627

Bets: $26,150 (+$13,450)

Cashed: $39,600

New Balance: +$54,077

1st Race

3 Let’s Mambo 4th place

5 Kenzie Blake 3rd place

6 Kodianne Winner!

Bets: $200 EX Box 3-5-6 $1,200; $200 DD 3 with 1-3-6 Total: $1,800 Result: $-0-

2nd Race

3 Sadie’s Snowflake 4th place

1 Fiesty Town Lady 3rd place

6 Magic Hugs Off the board

Bets: $500 WPS 3 Total: $1,500 Result: $-0-

3rd Race

1 Ryan Walt 4th place

6 Private Boss 2nd place

3 Carr Creek Winner!

Bets: $100 Pick 3 1-3-6 with 6-8 with 2-5-9 $1,800, $100 Ex Box 1-3-6 $600, $500 WP 1 Total: $3,400 Result: $700

4th Race

6 CC N Water 4th place

8 Tribal Waters 3rd place

5 George’s Main Man 2nd place

Bets:$100 EX Box 6 with All $1,400, $100 DD 5-6 with All $1,800  Total: $3,200 Result: $-0-

5th Race

5 Relentless Rain off the board

9 La Tempete Noire off the board

2 Eddie Sue 4th place

Bets: $100 Pick 3 all with 7 with 4-8 $1,800, $250 WPS 5  Total: $2,550 Result: $9,240

6th Race

7 Unbridled Candy Winner!!

6 Rio Hondo 2nd place

4 Solar Heat 3rd place

Bets: $100 Pick 4 4-6-7 with 4-8-9 with 2 with 2-4-5 $2,700, $200 Tri box 4-6-7  Total: $4,500 Result: $10,240

7th Race

4 Wine at Nine Winner!

8 Hot Bobby 4th place

9 Oldtimers Vision off the board

Bets: $200 Pick 3 4-8 with 2-5-6 with All  Total: $4,200 Result: $14,020

8th Race

2 Risque’s Legacy Off the board

5 My Heart Goes On 2nd place

6 Gazing Winner!

Bets: $2,000 WP 2  Total: $4,000 Result: $-0-

9th Race

2 Galeforce Nine Winner!

4 Margarita Man 3rd place

5 Fly High Gary 4th place

Bets:$300 EX Box 2-4-5 $1,800, $500 WP 2  Total: $2,800 Result: $5,400


Day 68 (Sunday, 9/10)

Beginning Balance: +$41,807

Bets: $16,800 (-$1,180)

Cashed: $15,620

New Balance: +$40,627

I just don’t have a lot of time so my bets today are Daily Double bets all the way through at $200 of boxing my top 3 picks in every race. Total Bet is $16,200 plus I will bet a $100 exacta box on my top 3 in the 10th for a total bet of $19,200.

1st Race

3 Aggravate 2nd place

5 Lil Quarter Chute 3rd place

6 Winning Bluff Winner!

Bets:  Total: $ Result: $6,980

2nd Race

4 Maurice Code Winner!

1 Double A. Prospect  4th place

6 Bet the Gold Off the board

Bets:  Total: $ Result: $1,000

3rd Race

6 C I M Sweet Winner!!

8 Our Georgie Girl

2 Shopping Tizzy 2nd place

Bets:  Total: $ Result: $4,320

4th Race

5 Seattle Smoke Winner!!

7 Sierra Romance Off the road

2 Hallowed Harbor 4th place

Bets:  Total: $ Result: $-0-

5th Race

7 Rojo Bou Peep 3rd place

6 E Z Larry 4th place

1 Hart Mountain 2nd place

Bets:  Total: $ Result: -0-

6th Race

3 Stormy Endeavor 4th place

1 Night Walker Winner!

6 Come on Cozzene 3rd place

Bets:  Total: $ Result: $1,500

7th Race

4 Zoombadaboom Off the board

8 Coast is Clear Winner!

2 Island Girl

Bets:  Total: $ Result: $1,200

8th Race

2 First Heritage Winner!!

7 Diamonds Dena Off the board

8 Luck Out 3rd place

Bets:  Total: $ Result: $620

9th Race

1 Emmett Park Winner!

5 Blame it on Royce Off the board

4 The Press 4th place

Bets:  Total: $ Result: $-0-

10th Race

7 Queets Off the board

2 Madamemoo 3rd place

5 Shesatrickyvamp Off the Board

Bets:  Total: $ Result:-0-



Day 67 (Saturday, 9/9)

Beginning Balance: +$38,514

Bets: $27,500 (+$3,293)

Cashed: ($30,793)

New Balance: +$41,807

1st Race

2 Alinate 3rd place

1 Thereis Thatharbor Winner!!

6 Ya Chunka Monka 2nd place

Bets: $100 DD 1-2 with 2-4-6 $600; $200 WP 2 Total: $1,000 Result: $2,260

2nd Race

6 Rosie’s Way Off the board

2 Seattle Sea Gal 4th place

4 Romeo’ssecretangel Off the Board

Bets: $100 DD 2-6 with 2-6-7 $600, $200 WP 2 Total: $1,000 Result:-0-

3rd Race

2 Cappucino Time 2nd place

7 Of Good Cheer 3rd place

6 Fortunate Cookie Winner!!

Bets: $100 Pick 3 2-6-7 with 3-4-5 with 2-7 $1,800, $350 WP 2 Total $2,500 Result: $805

4th Race

5 Punahele 2nd place

3 Arlington Lady 4th place

4 Sassy Debs Firefly Winner!!

Bets: $500 DD 5 with 1-2-7 $1,500, $200 EX Box 3-4-5 $1,200 Total: $2,700 Result: $15,780

5th Race

7 Mr Takahashi 2nd place

2 Dustin’s Passion Off the Board

5 Chu and I (Scrathed) > 1 Image of Truth

Bets: $500 Ex Box 1-5-7 $3,000, $1,000 WP 2 Total: $5,000 Result: $5,450

6th Race

3 Guardian One Off the board

1 Our Silver Lining 4th place

7 Swiss Script Winner!!

Bets: $20 Pick 5 1-3-7 with 1-4-9 with 3-5 with 9 with 5-6-7  $1,080 $460 WP 7 Total $2,000 Result $1,564

7th Race

4 Whole Lotta Zip Off the board

1 Thorninmyside Off the board

9 Secret Mark 4th place

Bets: $200 EX Box 1-4-9 $1,200, $400 PS 9 Total: $2,000 Result: -0-

8th Race

5 The Gold Monkey 2nd place

7 Commander Lute Winner!!

3 Kadesha Off the Board

Bets: $500 Pick 3 5 with 9 with 5-6-7 $1,500; $10 Pick 3 3-7 with 4-8-9 with All $960, $340 W 7 Total: $2,800 Result: $3,614

9th Race

9 Party Pooper Winner!

8 Dr Bruce S 2nd Place

4 Meatball Paul Off the board

Bets: $200 DD 8-9 with All $3,200, $800 DD 9-5 Total: $4,000 Result: $1,320

10th Race

5 Hard Slider

6 Lots of Prayers

7 E F Five

Bets: $25 Super 5-6-7 with 5-6-7 with All with All $4,500 Result: -0-


Day 66 (Sunday, 9/3)

Beginning Balance: +$34,179

Bets: $8,700 (+$4,335)

Cashed: $13,035

New Balance: +$38,514

1st Race

5 Dorango’s Choice 4th place

3 One Last Hit (Scratched)

2 Mobutu Off the Board

Bets: $100 DD 2-5 with 1-4-5 $600; $100 W 5 Total: $700 Result: -0-

2nd Race

5 Private Boss 3rd Place

4 Calex Winner!

1 Carr Creek 4th place

Bets: $100 DD 1-4-5 with 1-4-5, $100 W 5 Total: $1,000 Result: $1,240

3rd Race

4 He’s Not Grey 3rd place

1 My Heart Awakens Winner!

5 Hey Sequoia 2nd place

Bets: $100 DD 1-4-5 with 1-4-6, $50 Ex 1 with 4-5 Total: $1,000 Result: $615

4th Race

1 Ima Happy Cat 2nd place

4 Confed 3rd place

6 Judicial Off the board

Bets: $100 DD 1-4-6 with 1-4-5 , $100 W 1 Total: $1,000 Result:-0-

5th Race

5 Coast is Clear Winner!!

4 Kenzie Blake 4th place

1 Dolly’s Chestnut off the board

Bets: $100 DD 1-4-5 with 5-7-9, $50 Ex 5 with 1-4 Total: $1,000 Result: $960

6th Race

9 Kaiulani

7 Bernette Winner!

5 Lizzy Lass off the board

Bets: $100 DD 1-5-7-9 with 5, $100 Ex Box 5-7-9  Total: $1,000 Result: $1,300

7th Race

5 Luck Out Winner!

1 Jazz Queen Off the board

6 Copy Begone 2nd place

Bets: $100 DD 5-6 with 3-5-6, $200 W 5  Total: $1,000 Result: $7,020

8th Race

5 Our Clementime off the board

3 Formal Choice 2nd place

6 Little Joker Winner!

Bets: $100 DD 3-5-6 with 1-2-4 , $100 W 5 Total: $1,000 Result: -0-

9th Race

4 Ryan Walt

2 Seeking a Mystery

1 It’s Little Richie

Bets: $500 WP 4 Total: $1,000 Result: $1,900


Day 65 (Saturday, 9/2)

Beginning Balance: +$21,770

Bets: $9,380

Cashed: $21,789 (+$12,409)

New Balance: +$34,179

1st Race

8 Kishme 2nd Place

5 Lebron 6 3rd Place

3 Wanna Be Fierce Off the Board

Bets: $300 WPS 8, $50 Ex 5 with 3-8 Total: $1,000 Result: $1,620

2nd Race

6 Executive Decree 4th place

3 Beach Mode 2nd place

1 Mixo 3rd place

Bets: $400 W 6, $50 Ex Box 3 with All $500, $100 W 4  Total: $900 Result: $440

3rd Race

4 Afleet Hope Off the board

5 Camano Comet 2nd place

6 Pre Mo Diamond Winner!

Bets: $200 Ex 4 with 1-5-6; $200 W 5-6 Total: $1,000 Result: $2,260

4th Race

3 Smoothie Lee Off the board

9 Upshift Off the board

1 Great Eagle 4th place

Bets: $10 Tri 3-9 with All with All  Total: $1,120 Result:-0-

5th Race

4 Solar Heat Winner!

1 Party for One 2nd Place

2 Awesome Kid Scratched

Bets: $200 Ex 4 with 1 $200, $800 P 4 Total: $1,000 Result: $2,060

6th Race

8 Gold Will Do Off the board

3 Parker’s Behr Cat Winner!

2 Gavinator 3rd place

Bets: $50 Ex Box 8 with All $700, $300 W 8, $20 Pick 4 (8 with 3-7 with 2-5-7 with 5-7-8) $360  Total: $1,360 Result: -0-

7th Race

3 Rally Cap Rudy 3rd place

5 Only the High Road 2nd place

7 Rojo Bou Peep 4th place

Bets: $300 W 3, $50 Ex Box 5 with All $700 Total: $1,000 Result: $1,445

8th Race

7 Thorn Legacy 2nd place

5 Cross Creek 3rd place

2 There’s No Doubt Winner!

Bets: $100 DD 5-7 with 5-7-8 $600; $60 Tri Box 2-5-7, $20 Tri 2 with 5-7, 5-7 Total: $1,000 Result: $13,064

9th Race

7 Mykx Bull 2nd place

8 Wood N Spoon Off the board

5 Margarita Man Off the board

Bets: $500 WP 7 Total: $1,000 Result: $900


Day 64 (Friday, 9/1)

Beginning Balance: +$26,720

Bets: $7,000

Cashed: $2,005 (-$4,950)

New Balance: +$21,770

Sorry folks with the start of High School sports I don’t have a lot of time so you’re just gonna get my picks with few comments if any. Thanks for understanding!

1st Race

7 Seventeenthirtyate 3rd place

6 Chester Bellweather 4th place

1 Dancing Pistol Winner!

Bets: $100 DD 7 with All $700, $100 WPS 6 Total: $1,000 Result:-0-

2nd Race

5 Jordan’s Quest Off the board

4 Rio Hondo 2nd place

2 Pat’s Inheritance Winner!!

Bets: $100 Ex Box 2-4-5 $600 $200 W 2-4 Total: $1,000 Result: $1,050

3rd Race

8 Heart’s Melody Off the Board

2 San Juan Star 2nd place

5 Pebbles Fury Off the Board

Bets: $100 WP 8, $100W 2-5, $600 S 8 Total: $1,000 Result: -0-

4th Race

3 Diamond Cut 3rd place 

7 Winning in Fashion 4th place

1 Gotta Be Diet C Off the board

Bets: $100 Ex Box 1-3-7; $200 W 1, $100 W 3-7 Total: $1,000 Result:-0-

5th Race

6 Archie Graham Off the Board

7 He’s Cagey Off the Board

5 Wando Cat 2nd place

Bets: $50 Pick 3 6 with 1-2-5-6 with 1-4-7 $600. $100 WP 6, $200 S 6  Total: $1,000 Result:-0-

6th Race

2 Ready Set Jet 3rd place

1 Botch 2nd Place

6 Luz Atticus Winner!!

Bets: $200 WPS 2, $25 EX box 2 with All $100 W 6  Total: $1,000 Result: $670

7th Race

7 Summer Harbor 3rd place

4 Dakota’s New Wheels Off the board

1 Pet Gold Winner!

Bets: $50 Ex Box 4 with All $700, $150 W 1-7 Total: $1,000 Result: $285


Day 63 (Sunday, 8/27)

Beginning Balance: +$23,949

Bets: $9,900 (+$2,771)

Cashed: $12,671

New Balance: +$26,720

1st Race

2 Allaboutdaactionboss Off the board

Looks like a great soft landing for a career debut.

1 Aphrodites Kiss Winner!

Best of the rest.

6 Red Hot Bubblegum 2nd place

Shot in the dark after top 2 picks.

Bets: $500 w 2 $250 Ex Box 1-2  Total: $1,000 Result:-0-

2nd Race

1 Time on the Run Scratched

Threw a clunker in last return to form should be enough to take this bunch.

6 A Smooch for Me Off the board

Speed and dropping might be the winning combination.

7 Secret Mark Off the board

Another dropper that’s been knocking on the door.

Bets: $100 Ex Box 1-6-7 $600 $200 WP 1  Total: $200 Result: -0-

3rd Race

3 Moneydontspenitself Winner!

Coming off a big effort in the Emerald Derby clearly the one to beat.

2 Aberdeen Island 4th place

Concerned with last run as overwhelming fav I will give him a pass ans think he bounces back.

1 Candy for Three 3rd place

Ran big and got the win via DQ will try to do it this time without help from the Stewards.

Bets: $100 Pick 3 3 with 4 with All $900 $100 Pick 3 3-4-9  Total: $1,000 Result: $530

4th Race

4 Bella Mia Winner!!

Overwhelming favorite for good reason will need to come up with terrible effort NOT to win.

8 Frisky Bear 2nd place

2nd highest Beyer of the field likely to be be no better than 2nd best.

5 Faith Flys Again 3rd place

Has chased Bella last 3 in a row likely will chase again.

Bets: $100 Tri 4 with 8 with All $500; $100 Tri Str 4-8-5; $200 W 5-8 Total: $1,000 Result: $2,860

5th Race

6 Elliott Bay 2nd place

3 of these coming out of the Lads with huge Beyer’s a red flag for me, why such dramatic improvement for all 3 not sure those are reliable figs but Elliott was the best of the 3.

9 Trump Itz 3rd place

Couton sticks and is best of them outside the 3 from the Lads, if those figures are off this is most likely.

5 Sippin Fire Winner!!

Rocco on board with a great effort in the Lads makes him one to consider for sure.

Bets: $250 WPS 9 $750; $25 Ex Box 9 with 1-3-4-5-6 $250  Total: $1,000 Result: $450

6th Race

7 Retreat Yourself 3rd place

Is the other one with the other 2 70+ Beyer now has had 1 outing expect big turnaround here.

2 Grace Bay Winner!!

Took awhile to snap maiden but did it in style may have just unleashed a beast.

3 No Talking Back 4th place

Solid connections with veteran rider in a wide open race.

Bets: $100 Ex Box 2-7 with All   Total: $1,000 Result: $6,080

7th Race

7 Buckley Bay Off the board

Picks up Rocco for this one and with a 1st and a 3rd in 2 career starts expect him to be right there in the end.

4 Double A Prospect Off the board

Can lay close and may get first run if top pick falters.

6 Atta Boy Dougie Off the board

Coming off a lay-off running for connections that know how to prepare expect top effort.

Bets: $250 WP 7; $25 Ex Box 4-6-7 $300; $200 W 6 Total: $1,000 Result: -0-

8th Race

3 Citizen Kitty 2nd place

She is 2-5 morning line for a reason will take a dull effort with a big one from someone else to upset.

2 My Heart Goes On 3rd place

Just missed at 44-1 a repeat performance puts her in the money.

6 Exit Sixty Slew Winner!

Will be near the front turning for home others will have to get by her for the win.

Bets: $15 Pick 4 (3 with 4 with All with All) $945; $55 W 6  Total: $1,000  Result: $292

9th Race

4 Mach One Rules Winner!!

Clearly 2nd best in the Longacres Mile has turned in an outstanding season only concern is when  he may need a break, I think he has another win in him first.

5 Dedicated To You 2nd place

at HUGE odds was tight behind top pick if Mach slows down at all this one may sweep to the win.

2 Mike Man’s Gold 3rd place

Will be the one catch.

Bets: $30 Pick 3 4 with All with All $1,080   Total: $1,080 Result: $909

10th Race

4 Hunters Vow Off the board

Been making noise in last 2 like he is ready for another win.

2 Cats Gulch 3rd place

Ran a solid 2nd in last out looks ready to step up.

7 Citizen Sam Scratched

Prior to poor outing in last ran 1st or 2nd 7 straight times, willing to give him a break.

Bets: $25 Tri 2-4 with 2-4-5 with All $450; $200 W 4   Total: $650 Result:-0-

11th Race

1 Feel the Charge

Drops and coming off a freshening lay-off could equal a win.

3 Visatrella

If front speed is hanging on they will have to get by this one.

9 KK’s Wonderwoman

Rocco takes this one over one he just won with so I’ll trust his judgement.

Bets:  $100 Ex Box 1-3-6 $600; $370 w 1 Total: $970 Result: $1,550


Day 62 (Saturday, 8/26)

Beginning Balance: +$26,491

Bets: $8,400 (-$2,542)

Cashed: $5,858

New Balance: +$23,949

1st Race

1 Sadie’s Snowflake SCRATCHED

She may be sitting on a win and Rocco in the irons gives her, her best chance to date.

6 Parker’s Rose

This one could easily take this with similar effort in last.

3 Sorrytobugyou

Coming off a lay-off and dropping may be primed for good effort.

Bets: $50 Ex Bos 3-6 $100; $100 W 3-6 Total: $400 Result: -0-

2nd Race

4 Carat Queen Off the board

Shooting for 3rd win in a row and has the style of sitting of the pace that will be tough to deny.

7 Coast is Clear 2nd place

She’s run 4 races and never been worse than 3rd will be tough facing winners for the first time.

2 Kenzie Blake 4th place

Drops to a level she could wake up with an apprentice known for bringing in prices.

Bets:  $50 Ex Box 7 with All $600; $200 W 4; $100 WP 2 $ Total: $1,000 Result: $535

3rd Race

6 I’m Insatiable Too Winner!!

Threw a clunker in last but drops and if returns to 1st run will be tough to deny.

3 Thereis ThatHarbor 3rd place

A firster with what looks like great potential may fire at first asking.

1 Huggy Bear 4th place

Had his one out should improve on 2nd start.

Bets: $100 EX Box 1-3-6 $600; $400 W 6  Total: $1,000 Result: $800

4th Race

6 Remembertobreathe 4th place

Couton rode 3 of these in this race to a win in their last race and chose to stay on this one so we will follow him.

3 Hoody Off the board

He also won last out and can sit off the pace may get 1st run at the top of the stretch.

1 Blackford 3rd place

Won last out and can also stalk certainly could repeat.

Bets: $25 Tri 1-3-6 with 1-3-6 with All $600; $200 W 6; $100 W 1-3  Total: $1,000 Result: -0-

5th Race

6 Tribal Waters Winner!!

Has run a couple of closing 2nd’s in the past 3 switch to Orozco might get him over the top.

7 The Gold Monkey 2nd place

No doubt the one to beat and Couton could easily chalk up his 3rd win in a row.

3 Hello Brown 3rd place

Brownie has been so consistent and would not surprise anyone with an on the board finish if not a win.

Bets: $100 Ex Box 6 with All  Total: $1,000 Result: $1,340

6th Race

3 Assets Included 4th place

Lightly raced and now dropping into a spot he can score with Rocco up.

4 Three Red Sevens Winner!

Already has 31 career start but likes to finish 2nd too much to take as our top pick.

1 Alaskan Cruise 2nd place

Is stepping up but crushed them in last could take this step if no one challenges him on the front end.

Bets: $75 Ex Box 4 with All $900; $100 W 3  Total: $1,000 Result: $1,283

7th Race

7 Dustin’s Passion Off the board

This one has been knocking on the door the last 2 and might just step up and take this one.

2 Surfliner 3rd place

Matias was on my top pick but chose this one we have to have him in the mix.

3 Meatball Paul 2nd place

I have to pick Meatball I do everytime.

Bets: $75 Ex Box 7 with All $900; $100 W 2  Total: $1,000 Result:-0-

8th Race

1 Oh Marvelous Me Winner!!

5 starts 3 wins 2 3rds now Couton  aboard makes this double tough.

3 Papa Frank

Zunino had been riding my top pick so either sticks with this one or likely miffed he was taken off could make Papa tough here.

5 Togrammashousewego

Plenty of back class we’ll see if he wakes up after 2 dull efforts.

Bets: $50 DD All with 7 $300; $50 DD 1 with All $300; $50 Ex Box 1-3-5 $300; $100 W 1 Total: $1,000 Result: $1,900

9th Race

7 Pebble Beach 3rd place

Very consistent and could easily pop a win in this spot.

3 Personal Image Off the board

Love the apprentice in the getaway and he finally is on one with a legitimate win chance.

5 Oh Baby Oh 2nd place

Will be closing late could run them all down.

Bets: $15 Tri 3-7 with All with All $900; $100 W 3  Total: $1,000 Result:-0-


Day 61 (Friday, 8/25)

Beginning Balance: +$24,845

Bets: $7,000 (+$1,646)

Cashed: $8,646

New Balance: $26,491

1st Race

7 MyT Fine Off the board

Orozco should get this one home finally getting that elusive win.

6 Midnight Lou Winner!

Ran well for this apprentice in last could take it all with some speed to run at.

5 Fly High Gary 2nd place

Might be the speed the top 2 picks are chasing.

Bets: $100 DD 6-7 with 2-3-5-6 $800; $200 W 7 Total: $1,000 Result: $7,900

2nd Race

3 Calculated Chaos Off the board

Should be a battle on the front end this one can sit and run and drops to all time low, now or never.

5 Valid Keiki Off the board

Should have more company on the engine tonight might be the difference but still the one to beat.

2 Cause I’m Bad 4th place

Takes a big drop in class if he doesn’t wake up here I don’t know what level he would.

Bets: $100 Ex Box 2-3-5 $600; $100 DD 5 with 2-4-7-8 Total: $1,000 Result:-0-

3rd Race

2 George’s Main Man 4th place

Is always right there but has been finishing 2nd more than 1st lately should still be part of your exacta.

4 Seeking a Mystery 3rd place

Eswan should have this one in great shape heading for home should have 1st run.

8 Our Power Surge Off the board

Rocco also should be just off the speed and likely take a wider trip but would be no surprise.

Bets: $50 Ex Box 2 with All;$100 W 4-8 Total: $1,000 Result:-0-

4th Race

3 Rallying Market Off the Market

Drops to an all-time low needs to wake up her, like Orozco on board.

6 Mr Takahashi Winner!

Mr T is a win machine will have to be caught.

2 Daytona Beach Off the board

Rarely runs a bad race hard to keep off the board.

Bets: $10 Pick 4 3-6 with 4 with 2-3-4-5-6-7 with 1-2-3 $360; $70 WP 6; $250 WP 3 Total: $1,000 Result: $371

5th Race

4 Wine at Nine Winner!!

Took a shot at Stakes company and did not embarrass in fact ran a highly credible 4th should handle these.

6 Italian Warrior 2nd place

If top pick falters this one is always snooping around the front of the pack at the end of the race could be the one.

3 Atypique 3rd place

Another that could sit off the pace and pick up the pieces late.

Bets: $40 Pick 3 4 with All with 1-2-3 $960; $10 Pick 3 6 with 2-4-6-7 with 1 $40 Total: $1,000 Result:-0-

6th Race

7 Kiss My Lulu Winner!!

Pick in a tough one Couton may be the difference.

6 Justitia Off the Board

This one never gets any respect from the bettors but yet in the last 4 either 1st or 2nd, she is tough and a good price play.

4 Sugarseeker Off the Board

Taking another shot on a price horse that could be flying late.

Bets: $50 Ex Box 7 with 2-3-4-6 $400; $200 WP 6; $100 WP 4 Total: $1,000 Result: $375

7th Race

1 Seattle Sea Gal 2nd place

She has burnt a lot of win money this might finally be the night.

2 Rosie’s Way 4th place

She will be flying late if speed stops she may pass them all.

3 April’s Not Foolin 3rd place

Another who has taken her time in breaking the maiden now drops to an all-time low.

Bets: $20 Tri 1-2-3 with 1-2-3 with All $840; $80 WP 2 Total: $1,000 Result:-0-


Day 60 (Sunday, 8/20)

Beginning Balance: +$20,930

Bets: $11,000 (+$3,915)

Cashed: $14,915

New Balance +$24,845

1st Race

5 Hyho Travio Off the board

2 Rare Ed Winner!!

3 Eyes Movin 3rd place

Bets: $ Total: $ Result:

Bets: $100 Ex Box 2-3-5 $600, $200W 5, $100 W 2-3 Total: $ Result: $140

2nd Race

3 L Bar D Classic Trip Off the board

11 Warhock 3rd place

12 I Deliever 2nd place

Bets: $250 WPS 3, $50 Ex Box 3-11-12  Total: $1,050 Result: -0-

3rd Race

1 Candorosa 2nd place

3 Myladysabitshady Winner!

6 Zoombadaboom 3rd place

Bets: $450 WP 1, $50 Ex 3 with 1-6 Total: $950 Result: $1,230

4th Race

6 Hemi Cat 2nd place

7 Winning Bluff Off the board

4 Zaiah’s Lil Rascal Off the board

Bets: $100 DD All with 3 $600, $200 W 4-6 Total: $1,000 Result: -0-

5th Race

3 Punahele 4th place 

2 Currentsea Allstar

7 Grace Bay Winner

Bets: $50 Ex Box 3 with All $600; $200 W 3-7 Total: $1,000 Result: $760

6th Race

7 Mitch and John E 2nd place

2 Raging Warrior Off the board

5 Uncle Ackie 4th place

Bets: $75 Ex Box 7 with All $900, $100 Ex 7-2  Total: $1,000 Result: $735

7th Race

7 Another Winter Winner!!

6 Kaiulani 2nd place

4 Lizzy Lass 3rd place

Bets: $500 W 6-7 Total: $1,000 Result: $1,600

8th Race

5 Rojo Bou Peep 2nd place

4 Whole Lotta Zip Off the board

2 Chorizo Y Papas 3rd place

Bets: $50 Ex Box 2-4-5, $350 WP 5 Total: $1,000 Result: $980

9th Race

1 Lucky Echo Off the board

2 Swiss Script 4th place

3 First Heritage Winner!!

Bets: $100 Ex Box 1-2-3 $600, $200 WP 1 Total: $1,000 Result:-0-

10th Race

11 Air Force One 2nd place

9 L Bar D Genuine Red Off the board

8 Sorelli 4th place

Bets: $50 Ex Box 11 with All Total: $1,000 Result: $9,365

11th Race

2 Ask Not 4th place

1 Parker’s Behr Cat Winner!!

7 The Boss is Back 3rd place

Bets: $50 Ex Box 2 with All $700, $150 WP 7 Total: $1,000 Result: $105


Day 59 (Saturday, 8/19)

Beginning Balance: +$22,100

Bets: $9,000

Cashed: $7,830 (-$1,170)

New Balance +$20,930

1st Race

4 Divide the Assets 4th place

3 Mps Mamou Jewels Winner!!

1 Rakin in Returns Off the board

Bets: $50 Ex Box 1-3-4 $300, $200 WP 4, $200 W 3, $100 W 1 Total: $ Result: $1,400

2nd Race

1 Victor Victorian Winner!!

5 Six S Street Scratched

3 It’s Little Richie 3rd place

Bets: $75 DD 1-3 with 3-5-7, $100 WPS 3, $250 W 1 Total: $1,000 Result: $515

3rd Race

7 Affluent Asset Off the board

5 Just Gone Off the board

3 Calex 2nd place

Bets: $200 WPS 7, $50 Ex Box 3-5-7, $100 W 5 Total: $1,000 Result: $-0-

4th Race

8 Don’tbeshywillie 4th place

2 Kid Trickey Off the board

1 Beach Mode 2nd place

Bets: $100 WPS 1-2-8, $100 W 8 Total: $1,000 Result: $740

5th Race

3 Gavinator 4th place

2 Solar Heat 2nd place

1 Marquee Marini Winner!!

Bets: $50 Ex Box 1-2-3, $200 W, $150P 2-3 Total: $1,000 Result: $1,305

6th Race

3 Rockport Birdie Winner!!

2 Formal Choice 2nd place

7 Gotta Be Diet C Off the board

Bets: $50 DD 2-3-7 with 3-4-8, $400 W 3, $100 WPS 2 Total: $1,100 Result: $1,710

7th Race

8 Cheers To You Winner!!

4 Ravvizone 2nd place

3 Kodianne Off the board

Bets: $100 Pick 3 3-4-8 with 3-5 with 6 , $200 W 8 $100 W 3-4  Total: $1,000 Result: $800

8th Race

5 Say Neigh Off the board

3 Botch Winner!

4 Perfect Night 3rd place

Bets: $50 DD 3-4-5 with 4-5-6, $50 WPS 4, $200 W 3-5 Total: $1,000 Result: $1,360

9th Race

6 Caliente Gold 2nd place

4 Vaquero Gold Off rthe board

5 Gold Will Do Off the board

Bets: $50 Ex Box 4-5-6, $75 W 4-5, $400 W 6 Total: $1,000 Result: $-0-


Day 58 (Friday, 8/18)

Beginning Balance: +$22,850

Bets: $6,500

Cashed: $5,750 (-$750)

New Balance +$22,100

1st Race

2 A Filly Can Dream Winner!

5 Fortunate Cookie Off the board

6 Atta Misty Girl 2nd place

Bets: $500 WP 2 Total: $1,000 Result: $1,850

2nd Race

5 Rough and Ready

7 Chester Bellwether

3 Touch of Eistein

Bets: $200 WP 5; $600 S 3  Total: $1,000 Result: $1,620

3rd Race

5 Rally Cap Rudy 2nd place

4 Packy’s Out Off the board

8 Hallowed Harbor Off the board

Bets: $1,000 W 5  Total: $1,000 Result: $-0-

4th Race

2 My Endless Love Off the board

9 Melangeofgold Off the board

10 Gotham’s Ballerina Off the board

Bets: $250 WP 2 $500 S 2  Total: $1,000 Result: $-0-

5th Race

8 He’s Cagey Off the board

1 Chu and I Off the board

5 Eddington’s Star Off the board

Bets: $500 w 1-8 Total: $1,000 Result: $-0-

6th Race

1 Cross Creek 3rd place

2 Hot Bobby 2nd place

5 Guardingthemoney WINNER!!

Bets:  $350 W 1-2, $300 W 5 Total: $1,000 Result: $2,280

7th Race

8 Bob is Back Scratched

5 Jordan’s Quest off the board

9 Rio Hondo 2nd place

Bets:  $250 P 5, $250 EX 9-5  Total: $500 Result: $-0-

Day 57 (Sunday, 8/13)

Beginning Balance: +$19,668

Bets: $11,000

Cashed: $14,204

New Balance:+$3,204

*Comments only today on Stakes races.

1st Race

6 Sadie’s Snowflake 4th

1 Danila Off the board

7 UK Trampoliner Winner!!

Bets: $200 WPS 6; $50 DD 1-6 with 2-3-5 $300; $100 P 1 Total: $1,000 Result: $-0-

2nd Race

5 Citizen Sam Off the Board

2 Cat’s Gulch 2nd place

3 Hunters Vow 3rd place

Bets: $50 Ex Box 5 with All $600; $100 Ex 5 with 2-3 $100 WP 5 Total: $1,000 Result: $-0-

3rd Race

5 Cup of Soup 2nd place

7 Kadesha 3rd place

2 Bernette 4th place

Bets: $100WP 2 $400 S 2; $200 W 5-7 Total: $1,000 Result: $-0-

4th Race

2 Aliante 3rd place

4 Gold Revelation Off the board

10 Great Eagle 4th place

Bets: $200WPS 2; $400 S 10 Total: $1,000 Result: $260

5th Race Pete Pedersen Overnight Stake

3 Emmett Park Winner!

Shouldn’t be too far behind looks like he likes to move about the quarter pole should sling shot him home.

7 Wine at Nine 4th place

Steps up with Rocco let’s see how good this one really is.

1 Candy Ruby 2nd place

Ships in from Churchill been given a break should be tough in the comebacker.

Bets: $200 WP 3; $40 DD 3 with All $360; Stakes Pick 4 $10 (1-3 with 8 with 3-4-9 with 3-8-9-11) $240   Total: $1,000 Result: $3,724

6th Race The King County Overnight Stakes

8 Risque’s Legacy 4th place

Ran a dud in the Irish Day has since been given a break. Has been freshened with a bullet in last work looks ready to get back to that winning form.

6 Jerre to Carrie Off the board

Has won 4 in a row climbing the class ladder can she now jump to Stakes? Picks up invading rider from Del Mar for the trip.

3 Profound Moment 2nd place

Did not fire going 2 turns in last cuts back to 1 turn should return to competitive level.

Bets: $100 DD 8 with All Total: $1,000 Result: $-0-

7th Race The Emerald Distaff

9 Plastered 4th place

Comes in from Del Mar and was a beaten favorite in last. Did finish 3rd in a Stakes at Santa Anita and the hot DM jock Roman comes along to ride is the one to beat.

3 Citizen Kitty Winner!

Biggest question is who rides since Couton took off his rides Friday and Saturday unsure if he will be available for this one. If he doesn’t ride whoever gets on should be grateful as she is coming off a dominating win in the Boeing at a mile the extra 1/8th doesn’t look like it will bother her.

4 Victress Off the board

Hastings shipper coming off a Stakes win up north and will let the pace set up in front of her. She will be coming late she has to be concerned with not getting too far behind.

2 Top Quality 3rd place

One of 2 Blaine Wright trained entries and this one ran an even 5th in the Oaks. Stalker will have to find some closing punch to impact this bunch.

Bets: $50 Ex Box 2-3-4-9$600; $200 W 3; $100 WP 4 Total: $1,000 Result: $780

8th Race The Longacres Mile

9 Mach One Rules 2nd place

Mach One can not be coming into this race better and Enriquez may have been the answer after taking over the riding chores 3 races ago he has 2nd by a neck and 2 wins. Should be close to the pace and get first run think someone will have to pass him late to get the win.

3 Gold Rush Dancer Winner!!

Been running limited in So Cal for Vann Belvoir but hasn’t won for more than a year now. Does attract hot rider from Del Mar to come up to ride.

8 Stryker Phd Off the board

The 8-year-old is going to try and make history but concern is he only has 1 race in him this year at EmD after a strange late gate scratch in the Mt Rainier. He will need a pace to launch from far back.

11 Barkley 4th place

Last year everything went right for the horse with the big white blaze on his nose but this year it’s been more difficult. I won’t say he’s struggling because he is certainly competitive in all of his races this year with a 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th but he will really have to fire his best in this one to take it all.

Bets: $5-Tri (3-9 with 3-8-9-10-11 with All) $400; $200 W 3-9; $100WP 8 Total: $1,000 Result: $3,715

9th Race

6 Only the High Road 3rd place

1 Secret Mark 4th place

8 Alaskan Cruise Winner!

Bets: $100 Ex Box 1-6-8 $600; $200 WP 1 Total: $1,000 Result: $-0-

10th Race

2 Barasso 2nd place

1 Kota Copy Winner !!

4 Pulpits Power 3rd

Bets: $50 DD 1-2-4 with 4-8-10 $450; $25 Ex Box 1-2-4 $150; $200 W 1-2 Total: $1,000 Result: $5,725

11th Race

10 Seventeenthirtyate Off the board

8 Good Time Buddy Off the board

4 O Rally Winner!

Bets: $300 WPS 10; $100 W 8 Total: $1,000 Result: $-0-


Day 56 (Saturday, 8/12)

Beginning Balance: +$21,733

Bets: $18,060

Cashed: $15,995 (-$2,065)

New Balance:+$19,668

1st Race

5 Parker’s Bluff 4th place

Can sit just off the pace and make a run with a weight break might be the difference in this well balanced race.

4 Seeking a Mystery 3rd place

Eswan on board for this one and has been close multiple times may be ready to pop.

1 Crimson Warlock Winner!!

Rocco and front speed must always be respected.

Bets: $100 Ex Box 1-4-5 $600; $100 Pic 3 1-4-5 with 4-6-7 with 6-8 $1,800 Total: $2,400 Result: $5,225

2nd Race

7 Another Winter Winner!!

Could be lone speed if so will be tough to catch.

6 Oh Baby Oh Off the board

Closer most likely to mow em all down in the stretch if speed stops.

4 Kaiulani 3rd place

Cuts back in distance and drops 2 moves could put this one right back in the thick of it.

Bets: $50 Tri 4-6-7 with 4-6-7 with All $500 WPS 7 Total: $3,000 Result: $2,550

3rd Race

7 Per La Bella 4th place

Just missed in last and a lively pace is likely setting up this stalker.

8 Goose Prairie 2nd place

Front speed nearly held as a 10-1 outsider in debut might get it done here.

6 Forbidden Maria Winner!!

Finished just behind Goose in debut, with improvement could leapfrog the Goose to the WC.

Bets: $250 WP 6 $500 S 6 Total: $1,000 Result: $4,400

4th Race

3 Stormy Endeavor 4th place

Drops with Rocco aboard and looks primed for a stiff run here my pick.

2 Pebble Beach 3rd place

Also takes a big drop and can sit just off the pace and make a significant run.

4 Summer Harbor Off the board

Won impressively last out similar effort will make it 2 in a row.

Bets: $100 DD 2-3 with All $1,400; $300 W 3; $200 WP 2 $600 S 2 Total: $2,700 Result:$1,020

5th Race

6 Pet Gold 3rd Place

Chased much better in last but was clearly 2nd. That effort may be good enough in this one.

2 In Private Off the board

Cuts back in distance and could be alone on the lead, if so might be able to last.

1 Nightwalker 2nd place

One that is a very even runner so if she starts in the top 3 she just might stay there.

Bets: $10 Pick 4 (1-2-6 with 1-4-8 with 4-5-7 with 1-4-9) $2,160 Total: $2,160  Result:-0-

6th Race

4 Italian Warrior 2nd place

Slight pick in a wide open affair. When in doubt I’ll take Rocco.

8 Meatball Paul Off the board

Back in the top 2 last out at big odds would definitely include in my exotic bets underneath.

1 Rallying Market 4th place

Disappointed big time in last looking for redemption while taking a big drop in class.

Bets: $500 PS 4 Total: $1,000 Result: $1,700

7th Race

5 Madame Clouet Off the board

No front speed signed on here think this one will send and should have a lonely lead, think Orozco can nurse it gate to wire.

7 Mary Lois Off the board

This one is as consistent as any and can sit on Madame’s hip might wear her down late.

4 Winninginfashion 2nd place

Another that would not surprise if she woke up in this spot.

Bets: $200 DD 5-7 with All $3,200; $200 WP 5; $200 WP 4 Total: $3,800 Result: $580

8th Race

1 Parkers Rose

A 3rd then a 2nd in 2 career starts points to graduation time today.

4 Queets

Ran to even 4th’s in 1st 2 races then disappointed in last think a turnaround is coming here.

9 Loved you First

I always pick David Martin in the getaway so I‘ll do it again here.

Bets: $200 Ex Box 1-4-9 $1,200; $400 WP 1 Total: $2,000 Result: $520


Day 55 (Friday, 8/11)

Beginning Balance: +$25,903

Bets: $11,920

Cashed: $7,750 (-$4,170)

New Balance:+$21,733

1st Race

4 Parker’s Behr Cat 4th place

Can lay off the pace and should be closing hard in deep stretch.

6 Command Authority Winner!!

Just missed in last 2 leading rider Rocco gives it a shot tonight, should lay off a good pace and try to get past my top pick at the line.

3 Lucky Tiger 3rd place

Of the front speed going to give this one the edge.

Bets: $50 DD 4-6 with All $700; $200 WPS 4 Total: $1,300 Result: $485

2nd Race

Tough race here with all those that have run they havn’t run well could set up for a 1st timer, look to the tote board for maybe a hint. Here I go, kinda acrap shoot….

1 Wheel Rally Winner!!

1st timer with Couton could be ready at 1st asking.

6 Lil’ Quarter Chute 2nd place

David Martin is now the top apprentice at EmD since Orozco lost his bug last Sunday and he tries hard every time so taking a shot.

8 Private Rhonda 4th place

Solid connections so why not take a flyer.

Bets:$200 W on 1-6; $100 Ex Box 1-6-8 $600 Total: $1,000 Result: $1,760

3rd Race

4 Galeforce Nine 4th place

Finished a distant 3rd in last but at a mile now cuts back to 5.5 with that air in him might not stop this time.

1 Parker’s Prince Off the board

Solid effort after stumbling and dumping the rider. Confidence could be back look for a big effort.

2 MyT Fine 2nd place

This is the first race for “Jockey” Kevin Orozco who lost his apprenticeship last weekend. I don’t think the weight break outweighs his basic superior talent as a jockey and don’t expect a let down.

Bets: $100 Ex Box 1-2-4 $600; $200 WP 2 Total: $1,000 Result: $860

4th Race

8 Let’s Mambo WINNER!!

Ran solid after dropping out of the top levels including Stakes company and now coming off a quick freshener should graduate tonight.

2 Bessant 3rd place

1st time starter with Rocco and for Rocco’s #1 barn always a threat.

4 Belltown Beauty Off the board

Connections have had big hopes but so far nothing but disappointment dropping to this level we’ll see if it’s the wake up call.

Bets: Pick 4 $10 8 with 4-5-6 with 1-6-7 with All $720; $200 DD 8 with All $1,200; $100 pick 3 8 with 4-5-6 with All; $250 WP 8 $2,600  Total: $4,520 Result: $2,445

5th Race

This is a tough race with many back in after that terrible accident on the turn. 2 of the entries were pulled up and did not finish, how this impacts them in a come back race is questionable. Here are my shaky picks:

5 Sweet Tashi 3rd place

Just missed in lasting after that awful accident can’t help but think natural reaction to slow down may have come into play. Pick in the comeback.

6 Will Not 2nd place

Was one that had to stop after looking like she was in great position to make a run, let’s see if she responds.

4 Current Sea Xpress 4th place

Solid 1st out at EmD then involved in that mess, 3rd out could be sitting on a win.

Bets: $200 WP 6; $100 EX Box 4-5-6 Total: $1,000 Result: $1,000

6th Race

6 Viewing the Gold 2nd place

Drops in class after running on for 2nd. Leonel should have pace to run at if they’re closing this one should run past them all.

7 Thorn Legacy 4th place

Another one that should be closing and if top pick doesn’t get a clean trip this one may get the jump.

1 Capital Expense 3rd place

The best front speed in the race if left alone will be tough to run down.

Bets: $50 Trifecta 1-6-7 with 1-6-7 with All $1,500; $100 DD 1-6-7 with 2-5-7 $900; $100 DD 6 with All $800 Total: $3,200 Result: $-0-

7th Race

5 Seattle Sea Gal 2nd Place

OK last chance for me with this one, if not tonight then when.

7 Coast is Clear Winner!!

Closed with a rush in last again if speed is faltering could set this one up from behind.

2 My Runaway Off the board

A 1st timer with a throwback Longacres name and if this new version is half the horse of the old Russell Clary bred My Runaway of the 70’s and 80’s this one will indeed “Runaway”!

Bets: $400 W 5; $300 Ex Box 5-7 Total: $1,100 Result: $1,200


Day 54 (Sunday, 8/6)

Beginning Balance: +$30,463

Bets: $16,300

Cashed: $11,740 (-$4,560)

New Balance:$25,903

1st Race

1 Hemi Cat 2nd place

6 Stay in Power 3rd place

5 Dylan JT 4th place

Bets:$100 DD All with 3; $100 DD 1-6 with 3; $50 Pick 4 1-6 with 3 with 3-4 with All $1,400 Total: $2,200 Result: $-0-

2nd Race

3 Wood N Spoon 4th place

1 Card Player Jack Off the board

5 Tiger Summit Winner!

Bets: $200 EX Box 1-3-5 $1,200; $50 Ex Box 5 with All $600 Total: $1,800 Result: $780

3rd Race

4 Exit Sixty Slew Winner!

3 Kiss My Lulu Off the board

1 Dreamer S. 2nd place

Bets: $100 Tri 3-4 with 1-3-4 with All $600; $200 DD 4 with All $1,400 Total: $2,000 Result: $8,500

4th Race

2 Lots of Prayers off the board

6 Valid Keiki Winner!

1 Kalakala off the board

Bets: $500 WPS 2 Total: $1,500 Result: $-0-

5th Race

2 Pick by the Box 3rd place

1 Luz Atticus Winner

3 Teddy the Bear Off the board

Bets: $300 WPS 2 Total: $900 Result: $420

6th Race

3 Hart Mountain 3rd place

1 Blue Moon Runner Off the board

6 Raging Warrior WINNER!

Bets: $100 Ex Box 3 with All $1,200; $50 Tri 1-3-6 with 1-3-6 with All $1,500; $100 WPS 6 Total: $3,000 Result: $2,040

7th Race

9 Arrom Bear Off the board

6 Straight Bourbon Winner!

2 Majestic Kitten 4th place

Bets: $300 WPS 9; $100 Pick 3 9 with 4-6-7 with 4 $300 Total $1,200 Result: $-0-

8th Race

4 He’s Not Grey (Late Scratch)

6 Bullet Drill Off the board

7 Brown Tiger 3rd place

Bets: $200 DD All with 4 $1,600;  Total: $1,600 Result: $-0-

9th Race

4 Oh Baby Oh 2nd place

2 Lizzy Lass Off the board

6 Cat Camille Off the board

Bets: $100 Tri 4 with 2-6-8-9 with All $2,100; $300 WPS 2 Total: $3,000 Result: $-0-


Day 53 (Saturday, 8/5)

Beginning Balance: +$44,093

Bets: $18,900

Cashed: $5,270 (-$13,630)

New Balance: $30,463

**Sorry folks no time for comments today.

1st Race

2 Little Joker Off the board

3 Miss Wine Topper 4th place

5 Indian Power 3rd place

Bets: $200 WPS 2; $100 DD 2-3-5 with 1-5   Total: $1,200 Result: $-0-

2nd Race 

1 Blackford Winner!

5 Solemnly Swear Off the board

6 He’s Cagey 3rd place

Bets:$200 Ex Box 1-5; $200 DD 1-5 with 3-4-5 $1,600 Total: $ Result: $2,440

3rd Race 

5 The Press 4th place

4 Oh Marvelous Me 2nd place

3 Mike Mann’s Gold Winner!

Bets: $200 Ex Box 3-4-5 $1,200; $200 Ex Box 4-5 $400; $200 Ex 5 with All $800   Total: $2,400 Result: $-0-

4th Race 

1 Seattle Stone Off the board

5 Pat’s Inheritance Winner!

2 Trygve’s Besst Off the Board

Bets: $200 WP 1 $600 S 1  Total: $1,000 Result: $-0-

5th Race 

1 Formal Choice 2nd place

2 Our Clementime 4th place

3 Kenzie Blake Off the board

Bets: $200 WP 3 $1,000 S 3   Total: $1,400 Result: $-0-

6th Race 

1 Heroes for Ghosts Off the board

2 Hello Brown 3rd place

3 Deputy’s Command Off the board

Bets: $100 Tri 1-2-3 with 1-2-3 with $3,600   Total: $3,600 Result: $-0-

7th Race 

8 Semiprecious 2nd place

4 Kodianne Off the board

2 Sorceress Warning 4th place

Bets: $200 WPS 8   Total: $600 Result: $700

8th Race 

4 Bella Mia Winner!

1 Faith Flys Again 4th place

2 Curious Runner 3rd place

Bets: $200 Ex Box 4 with All $1,600; $200 DD All with 1 $1,600; $500 DD 4-1  Total: $3,700 Result: $1,080

9th Race 

1 Time on the Run 3rd place

7 The Boss is Back Off the board

4 Cat N Bird Winner!

Bets: $1,000 WPS 1  Total: $3,000 Result: $1,050


Day 52 (Friday, 8/4)

Beginning Balance: +$26,948

Bets: $12,500 (+$17,145)

Cashed: $29,645

New Balance:+$44,093

1st Race 

4 A Filly Can Dream

Drops from MSW to claiming ranks after 2 useful runs in the upper ranks could be hard to overhaul on the engine.

3 C I M Sweet

Drops as well and should wake up here with Rocco up.

6 Frisky Bear

1ster for Lucarelli and super bug Orozco gives this one a chance in career debut.

Bets: $200 WP 4; $100 DD 3-4 with 3-6-7 $600  Total: $1,000 Result: $460

2nd Race 

7 Searchinforabreeze

Just won but steps up against winners but lightly raced looks like there is more of a ceiling on this one.

3 Fin Du Monde

If closers are closing Leonel may run over the top of all of them.

6 Rio Hondo

This one is M-L fav after finishing 3rd 5 straight races, I see no reason why a win is expected.

Bets: $1,000 S 3   Total: $1,000 Result: $-0-

3rd Race 

2 Carr Creek

A useful 1st out just 2 lengths from the win. Any improvement here and he will be tough.

6 Calex

Good looking 2nd place finish in last should have first run at the top of the stretch but can he hold off later closers?

3 Private Boss

4 straight in the money finishes consistency hard to overlook.

Bets: $100 DD 2 with All; $200 DD 2 with5-7-8; $500 WPS 2  Total: $2,900 Result: $750

4th Race 

8 A Little Bit Parker

After 3 strong runs at the maiden level sprinting got the win 2 back then tried winners at a mile and was a disaster. Drops in price and cuts to 5 furlongs stalks and pounces with Couton.

7 Melangeofgold

Dropped to this level in last out and just missed. Repeat effort could get the job done.

5 Heart’s Melody

Junior knows how to place them and drops this to the bottom now or never.

Bets: $200 WPS 8  Total: $600 Result: $-0-

5th Race 

7 Pakoke

Drops nearly in half coming off a 4th place finish. The drop just might be the key to getting the win.

5 Split Pairs

This one has been knocking on the door for 3 straight maybe it all lines up tonight for a win.

6 Kings Court

Ran a huge one in last and got the win a repeat will put him right back in the WC but concerned about a bounce.

Bets:$50 Pick 3 5-6-7 with 3-4 with All $2,400  Total: $2,400 Result: $8,015

6th Race 

4 Luck Out

Will be relying on stablemate to create a healthy pace up front if that develops Luck Out will be closing hard.

7 Bella Colomba

Stalker has to be drooling at the potential pace race and can sit just behind and get first run on tiring front speed.

2 Top Kitty Cat/ 3 Trinni

Of the front speed I think this is the one most likely with the best chance to win and certainly hang on for an on the board finish. And Trinni is another that would not surprise me in this spot.

Bets:$200 DD 2-3-4-7 with 2-4 $1,600; $100 Ex Box 3-4 with All $1,400  Total: $2,600 Result: $12,570

7th Race 

3 George’s Main Man

Just failed to last in that race on 7/21 might get it done today.

2 Regazze Cat WINNER!!

Last 3 races have resulted in 3 straight 3rd place finishes but last was the closest so he may be close to getting to the top.

4 Six S Street

Can sit just behind any front speed and looks like could sit closer if no pace develops and make a first run.

Bets:$500 WP 2, $1,000 s 2  Total: $2,000 Result: $7,850


Day 51 (Sunday, 7/30)

Beginning Balance: +$21,674

Bets: $11,800

Cashed: $17,074 (+$5,274)

New Balance: +$26,948

1st Race 

4 Coach Royal Off the board

Plenty of back class but has been off a while did fire off the bench in 2016 and certainly loves to win if ready will be tough to top.

6 Mr Takahashi Off the board

Has won 2 in a row certainly could do it again.

2 Affluent Asset Off the board

Closer could be flying late can he get up in time, not sure but would use him under in the exotics for sure.

Bets: $100 WPS 4; $100 DD 2-4 with 4-5-6 $600 Total: $900 Result: $-0-

2nd Race 

4 Triple G

1st out at EmD had one very useful out at PM finishing 2nd and now drops in class for a reasonable spot to win 1st out on the Auburn oval.

6 Oso Brave

Just missed in last out similar run should complete the job.

5 Omache Kid

Jock doesn’t get many mounts so gotta think looking to take advantage  of this chance and the Kid ran well in EmD opener.

Bets: $20 Tri 4-5-6 with 4-5-6 with All $600; $100 WPS 4 Total: $900 Result: $4,504

3rd Race 

7 Vistarella 3rd place

If she runs near what she did in last should be enough altho the front runner will have an extra 1/2 furlong to hold on.

3 Jazz Queen 4th place

The Queen will be coming late and if top pick tires she could sweep past them all at a price.

4 Rockport Birdie Winner!

Stalker may get first run and she has been popular at the claim box changing barns the last 3 races.

Bets: $200 WP 3 $600 S 3 Total: $1,000 Result: $-0-

4th Race 

6 Kadesha 4th place

Race is lacking front speed so that could hurt this one who loves to close but her beyers are so superior not sure if any cheap speed will be able to deny this one late.

8 Wise Off the board

With the bug up on this one and 2nd out of the season may see this one go to the lead. If she does and is allowed to set the pace could be tough to overhaul.

3 Kaiulani Off the board

Stepping up but loves to hit the board a must use in exotics.

Bets: $5 Super 6 with All with All with All $600; $100 WPS 8 Total: $900 Result: $-0-

5th Race 

7 Blame It On Royce Winner!

Royce has been a money machine in his 7 career start with 3 wins a place, 2 shows and a 4th. No reason he won’t be there again.

4 Freedom Hill SCRATCHED

The 2nd Blaine Wright trainee may be there to come over the top if his stablemate falters.

1 Guardingthemoney Off the board

Fired big time last out question is will he bounce or if he will fire again.

Bets: $50Ex 7 with all $300;  Total: $300 Result: $485

6th Race 

6 Irish Lass 4th place

Irish has been running well above her ability and now drops, lets see if this is the spot she should wake up here.

1 Myladysabitshady 3rd place

Another dropper in a race with several stepping up either wake up now or never.

7 Stormy Endeavor 2nd place

Of those stepping up this seems to be the most likely.

Bets: $100 DD 1-6 with 2-3-4 $600; $100 WPS 6; $100 W 1 Total: $1,000 Result: $-0-

7th Race 

2 Archie Graham 3rd place

Last year’s Emerald Racing Club runner is starting for the 3rd time and after a 4th and a 3rd this should be his best effort.

3 Hoody Winner!

Can sit just off the pace and make a run at the top of the stretch. If he can repeat 2 races back will be extremely tough here.

4 Faced Value Off the board

Top 2 picks will likely be chasing this one who just failed to last in last out might get it done today.

Bets: $200 Ex Box 2 with All $1,200; $50 Ex Box 2-3-4 $300; $25 Tri 4 with 2-3 with All $250  Total: $1,750 Result: $-0-

8th Race 

4 Aqua Frio 2nd place

Appears the longer the better for Aqua so getting a mile and 1/8th should be in his wheelhouse. Looks like 2nd Stakes win for Orozco.

2 Riser Winner!

For Aqua to win he will again have to get by his stablemate Riser who has shown he is tough to get past and if no one goes and he can set the pace this one could be exceptionally tough.

1 Moneydontspenitself 4th place

This one is still somewhat unproven and still trying to see where his ceiling is. He can stalk or put pressure on the front end will be interesting to see the strategy.

Bets: $100 Pick 3 2-4 with 3 with All $1,400; $200 Pick 3 2-4 with 3 with 5 $400 $200 EX Box 2-4 Total: $2,200 $ Result: $1,080

9th Race 

3 Aberdeen Island 3rd place

Shipped in from GG and just fell short, Couton looks primed to get it done.

2 Buckley Bay off the board

Won first out but Couton sticks with top pick so Leonel will try to prove he made the wrong choice.

7 Sure Sweet 2nd place

Deeper closer but with tons of speed to run at could be the price play here for your exotics.

Bets: $250 DD 3-5; $200 DD 3 with 3-5-7; $100 DD All with 5 $700 Total: $1,550 Result: $8,270

10th Race 

5 Brenner Winner!!

Takes a big drop after career debut and fire a recent bullet looks ready for redemption in 2nd out.

7 O’Rally 2nd place

Just failed to last in 2nd career start now in 3rd start may be ready to fire his best now.

3 MyT Fine 4th place

Stalker could sit and make a run at O’Rally.

Bets: $250 WP 5 $500 s 5 Total: $1,000 Result: $2,735


Day 50 (Saturday, 7/29)

Beginning Balance: +$29,819

Bets: $17,471

Cashed: $9,326 (-$8,145)

New Balance:+$21,674

1st Race 

8 Seattle Sea Gal

Almost got it done in last, Orozco sticks should be in the mix in the end.

5 Queets

Lightly raced with 2 4th place finishes Orozco chose to stick with our top pick but this one might make him regret that choice.

2 Dollys Chestnut

Rocco up and after 2 good efforts 3rd off the bench may be the one.

Bets: $1 Pick 4 (2-5-8 with 1-2-7 with All with All) $567; $100 DD 2-5-8 with 1-2-7 $900; $100 DD 8 with All $700 Total: $2,167 Result: $1,736

2nd Race

1 Codys Choice

Front speed from the rail will be the one to catch but loses the apprentice weight break he’s had the last 2 will the extra weight come into play or in his 3rd out is he fit enough? I wouldn’t take a crazy low price on this one.

2 Forty Caliber

If front speed stops this one that will be flying late but is 5-f enough for him to get up?

7 Trump Itz

Drops in class but has been near the front and faded a bit in both career outs. Will the class drop be enough to get him home?

Bets: $50 Tri 1-2-7 with 1-2-7 with All $,1500 Total: $1,500 Result: $210

3rd Race

1 I Double Dare You

Also a stalker with Couton could end up with 1st run turning for home.

7 Grace Bay

Looking to bounce back off a dull effort, don’t be surprised with a lack of front speed in this one if Orozco sends her to try and steal this.

6 Arlington Lady

Should be closing late  might see this one closer early on.

Bets: $10 Super 1-7 with 1-6-7-8 with All with All $1,200; $500 PS 7  Total: $2,200 Result: $800

4th Race

9 Dallon’s Gold

This one needs a hot pace to run at win even tho he is a stalker. If he doesn’t get the pace he still has a big chance of hitting the board, just think a speed duel will develop.

7 Cat’s Gulch

Another that can be patient behind front speed and make a move with Enriquez aboard could be the one.

8 Seeking a Mystery

Of the speed Mystery may be the fastest and cutting back to 5-furlongs may not let the stalkers and closers enough distance to get up.

Bets: $100 Ex Box 7-8-9 $600; $100 Ex 8-9 with All $1,400 Total: $2,000 Result: $3,140

5th Race

10 Copy Begone

Takes a big tumble in class which does raise a red flag. If all is well Copy should handle this field but I wouldn’t take an extreme low price nor would I single in my picks.

8 Come On Cozzene

If she can improve off last very even effort could pull an upset if top pick disappoints.

3 Danzig Debutante

Another that has just one out off the lay-off so 2nd start should show improvement will it be enough to pull an upset is the question?

Bets: $2 Pick 5 (All with 4-7 with 1 with 1-4-6 with All) $864;  Total:$ Result: $-0-

6th Race

7 Citizen Sam

All Sam does is finish 1st or 2nd and since shipping up from the desert he has 2 wins and a 2nd, see no reason why Sam isn’t going to be right there again.

4 Hunter’s Vow

Tumbles in class not as concerned in this case as in last race because it appear Hunter was in way over his head and is now back to a reasonable level. Couton makes this one dangerous.

11 Image of Truth

Front speed could be tough to get by in the stretch.

Bets: $10 Pick 4 (4-7-10-11 with 1-5-6 with 1-4-6-7 with 4-7-9) $1,440 Total: $1,440 Result: $-0-

7th Race

1 Rally Cap Rudy

Trainer Kay Cooper’s 2nd multiple entry race and Rudy has been pretty level with a 4th, 3rd and 4th place finish but now drops in half in class and picks up Eswan should be now or never.

5 Only the High Road

Stalker has won this year could find enough pace to run at and the hot bug could be the key.

6 Raging Warrior

Matias should have this one up and rolling in the stretch could run them all down with the slight class drop.

Bets: $500 WPS 1; $100 Pick 3 (1 with 1-4-6 with 4-7-9) $900 Total: $2,400 Result: $800

8th Race

6 Remembertobreathe

Lots of speed signed on here and this one can stalk with Couton could run past in the final furlong.

4 Ready Set Jet

Jet should have 3 wins in a row missing the last 2 by just a head. Is he ready to bounce is my concern as at some point all good things come to an end.

1 Hot Bobby

Emotional pick here Bobby just keeps trying and hitting the board not sure what his ceiling is we’ll see tonight if this is too high.

Bets: $100 DD 1-4-6 with 4-7-9 $900; $200 DD All with 7 $1,200 Total: $2,100 Result: $920

9th Race

7 Parkers Rose

SJC with Bowen getting on Rose who just fell short in her career debut.

4 Island Girl

Is closing in on one those who just may not win. Lots of even to ok efforts but only 1 place finish with lots of 3rs and 4ths.

9 She’smusictomyears

At 5 and half may be the front speed from the outside and might last.

Bets: $200 Ex Box 7 with All $2,800 Total: $ Result: $1,720


Day 49 (Friday, 7/28)

Beginning Balance: +$28,808

Bets: $11,289

Cashed:$12,300 (+1,011)

New Balance: +$29,819

1st Race

8 Nice Guys Finish WINNER!

If he runs like he did 2 back he will be tough and Rocco picks this one to stay on I will follow.

2 Ask Not 3rd place

Takes a giant drop in class and gets the hot bug, either get it done now or never.

5 A Smooch for Me Off the board

3 solid outs but still looking for a win this season could be here.

Bets: $100 DD 2-5-8 with 2-6 Total:$600; Pick 7 40-cent (2-5-8 with 2-6 with 1-4-6 with 1-2 with 1-5-7 with 2-5-7 with 2-3-8) $389 Total: $989 Result: $-0-

2nd Race

6 Wood N Spoon 3rd place

This one I picked last week but he scratched and ends up here. I still have faith and with Couton am confident.

2 Good Time Buddy 2nd place

Just missed in last with Orozco could finish the job tonight.

10 Ima Voodoo Child WINNER!

1st time out this year for solid connections may be ready to fire.

Bets: $200 WPS 2 $600; $50 Ex 2-6 with All $800 Total: $1,400 Result: $540

3rd Race

1 Personal Image Winner!

The other Bug that is having a solid season has been right there in the past 2 races, a tiny bit more improvement and looks like a winner.

6 Relentless Rain Off the board

Will be coming late so if the speed stops Rain with a change to Bowen may sweep them all up.

4 Goose Bumps Off the board

Longshot here, she has been running the distance so fitness should not be an issue might get up for piece.

Bets: $200 WPS 1; $100 EX Box 1-4-6 $600 Total: $1,200  Result: $1,640

4th Race

1 Italian Warrior

Concerned he doesn’t win as often as he places but this guy just doesn’t run a bad race. Rocco gets on might be the difference.

2 Say Neigh

Takes a big drop in class with Orozco’s weight break might be the factor to get this one home.

4 Meatball Paul

Couton gets on and this is one of my fav’s so I’m sticking with Meat looking for a turnaround.

Bets:$10 Pick 4 (1-2 with 1-4-5-7 with 2-5-7 with 2-3-8) $720; $200 WP 1 $600 S 1 Total:$1,720 Result: $-0-

5th Race

7 Justitia

Last 3 have been great and is tough on the front end, now drops should be the one to catch.

1 Mary Lois

Mary is always within 3-4 lengths and could pop up at any time to get her 2nd win of the season.

5 Cup of Soup

3rd start off the bench and should be primed to fire big, look for her late.

Bets: $100 EX 1-7 with All $1,200; $200 W 7 Total: $1,400 Result: $9,270

6th Race

5 Maurice Code

Mo has won 3 of 5 career starts and so far has not found his ceiling. Orozco chooses this one to stay on think he can handle the jump in class a 3rd straight time.

7 Barasso

Drops after 2 outs and Rocco riding for Wenzel should have this one cranked and ready to for his best effort.

2 Assets Included

1st start of the year and did all his damage at Hastings in only 2 career starts. May be ready off the bench.

Bets: $100 DD 7 with All $1,000; $100 DD 2-5-7 with 2-3-8 $900; $500 s 7 Total:$2,400 Result: $850

7th Race

3 Mr Tenacious

Should set just off the pace and make a run, my pick in a wide open affair.

8 Gio Mio

Thought this one would run better in last ended in a dull effort. Look for a bounce back with Eswan up.

2 Gold Will Do

Love Martin in the get-away races, so this is what I call my system pick.

Bets: $5 Super 2-3-8 with 2-3-8 with All with All $1,680; $100 WP 2 $300 S 2 Total:$2,180 Result: $-0-


Day 48 (Sunday, 7/23)

Beginning Balance: +$22,881

Bets: $9,202


New Balance:

1st Race

5 Aprils Not Foolin 3rd place

This solid barn seems to be revving up for the dog days of the season look for this one to finally get the job done.

7 Aphrodities Kiss Off the board

Drops in class and lightly raced this is a wake up moment for this one especially since Couton jumps on.

2 Coast is Clear 2nd place

2 career starts of a 3rd and then a 2nd but then claimed still puts this one right in the mix.

Bets: $100 DD 5 with All $700; $250 WP 5 $500 S 5; $100 Ex 5 with 2-6-7   Total: $2,000 Result: $-0-

2nd Race

5 Happy Pill 4th place

This one has a string of solid works since March preparing for this debut and the ones who have run in this race none of them look unbeatable takin a shot on a 1ster from solid connections and hot bug. Maybe a good price too!

6 Dakota’s Tango Off the board

Vince Gibson has 2 1st time starters in here our top pick and this one banking on at least one is ready to fire.

2 Tenth Tiger  3rd place

Of those who have run I think this is the most likely.

Bets: $200 WS 5  Total: $400 Result: $-0-

3rd Race

4 Sarabi’s Rules

Another maiden race here with little to go on, Sarabi has some bullet works with Rocco gives him the edge.

1 I’m Insatiable Too

A long string of good works but not thrilled with the rail for a 1st time starter.

2 Dark Morning

Got his 1st start under his belt let’s see if there is improvement of those who have started think this is the one that could make an impact.

Bets: PASS  Total: $ Result: $

4th Race

1 Bell of Rainier

The name has ruffled some feathers but I like honoring the past NW history and like Little Joker in 2nd start this one just may find himself in the WC.

5 Justa Blue Hat

Seems cranked for career debut again a lot of guessing in the first 4 today.

8 Atta Misty Girl

The 2nd Lucarelli entry in here and looks ready for a good opening run.

Bets: $200 WPS 1  Total: $600 Result: $

5th Race

2 Chatty Carl

Carl drops back to level he missed by a neck at what appears his best distance with Eswan should also get a price.


5 Time on the Run

Orozco rides again on a shipper from GG that just missed in first try at EmD looks tough.

6 Cat N Bird my pick after a late scratch.

Bets:$10 Tri 2-5with 2-5-6 with All $160; $100 WPS 2   Total: $460 Result: $

6th Race

4 Rallydownthealley

Loved this one in last and although ran 2nd was outrun easily looking for redemption here.

2 That’s Your Story

Bowen won on this McCanna trained from GG 1st out over the EmD surface would not be a shock to see her roll over the top 2 straight.

7 Time for a Memory

Front speed and claimed in last out only question is who will ride as Juan Gutierrez was involved in that horrific spill last night doubt he will be on today.

Bets: $4 Pick 5 (2-4 with All with 2 with 3-4-5 with 8) $168   Total: $168 Result: $

7th Race

3 Memphis Mobster

Leonel has won 2 in a row on the Mobster and looks primed to 3-peat can sit just off an expected pace and will get 1st run.

4 Deputy’s Command

A repeat of last out win with last out highest Beyer should win this but will have to run past several strong contenders and I’m fearful of a bounce here.

8 Ahauserus

3 starts at EmD in 2017 and gets a win, place and show hasn’t done anything wrong and should again be knocking on the door and no doubt will be overlooked on the board expect a good price.

Bets: $5 Pick 4 (3-4 with 2-5 with 3-4-5 with All) $270; $200 WP 3  Total: $670 Result: $

8th Race


2 Teddy the Bear

Teddy loves to win and hit the board 60 lifetime starts 12 -10-12 over 50% in the money. 2 runs this year a 2nd and a 4th, 3rd out should be his best.

1 Doctor Bruce S

Now my 2nd pick with the scratch of my best bet of the day Solemnly Swear.

3 Regalstone

Drops back down and believe will go to the lead, may be left alone if so might last.

Bets: Pick 3 $20 (2 with 3-4-5 with All) $600; $100 Pick 3 2 with 2-3-4-5 with 8) $400; $500 WP 2   Total: $2,000  Result: $

9th Race

3 Blazinbeauty

With likely late jock change on top pick going with the known here and Beauty is due to get back in the WC.

5 Top Quality

Gutierrez involved in that spill Sat nite is highly unlikely to be able to ride today so who gets on will have a lot to do with the outcome. With that unknown drops this one to our 2nd pick but her run in the Irish may show her talent is too great to be denied.

4 Daddyalwayssays

The only front speed in here and short field so if no one goes or others are forced to run sooner than later could play into the hands of this one. Look at yesterday’s San Diego Handicap at Del Mar, scenario could play out here at EmD today.

Bets: $100 DD All with 8 $500; $100 DD 4 with All $900 Total: $1,400 Result: $

10th Race

8 Seattle Smoke

Appears to be a lot of speed in here going 6 and half this should set up some off the pace runners like Smoke. Should be rolling late.


2 Gold N Green

Rocco gets on and should be just behind the pace and get 1st run might be enough.

9 Margarita Man

Front speed may go all the way but capable of hanging on for part.

Bets: $2 Super 2-8-9 with 2-8-9 with All with All $504; $1,000 S 8  Total: $1,504 Result: $


Day 47 (Saturday, 7/22)

Beginning Balance: +$24,621

Bets: $4,570

Cashed: $2,830 (-$1,740)

New Balance: +$22,881

1st Race

6 Bet the Gold Winner!

After a bounce, a return to the race prior should win this one easy. Rocco gets on in good hands.

7 Galeforce Nine 3rd place

These top 2 are clearly the ones with history that should dominate, Nine would not surprise with Couton.

Among the rest, all of them will have to improve huge top make a run at the top 2, with that in mind I will pick #4 Y0ung Sinatra to wake up and fill out the tri.

Off the board

Bets: $5 Pick 5 (6-7 with 3-5-6 with 2-6-7 with All) $720; $100 DD 6 with 3-5-6-7 $400; $200 WP 6  Total: $1,520 Result: $1,680

2nd Race

6 Stay in Power 3rd place

Got career debut out of the way with an even run and in 2nd out expect much more should be there in the end.

5 Blueberry Legacy

Also 2nd career start with solid connections should have a much better run with that air in him.

7 Hemi Cat 2nd place

Although woke up in last this will be 4th career start not ready to fully buy in yet.

Bets:  $25 Ex Box 5 with All $200  Total: $200 Result:-0-

3rd Race

7 Curious Runner Winner!!

Guti won big on a 1st time starter in the Emerald Express so he knows how to get a 1ster to run while Lucarelli can certainly have them ready to fire. Pick in a tough one.

6 Shopping Tizzy 3rd place

Improving and was favored in both starts, backers are ready to get some kind of return.

2 A Filly Can Dream 4th place

Showed early speed in debut then stopped might carry it further in 2nd out.

Bets: $25 Tri 2-6-7 with 2-6-7 with All $750  Total:$750 Result:-0-

4th Race

1 Rio Hondo 3rd place

Liked this one on Friday but scratched out to run here and ends up ML fav with Rocco should be tough.

7 Jordan’s Quest 2nd place

Has been consistent this season with 3 in the money finishes but no wins, can sit off the pace might get there today.

5 Fin Du Monde 4th place

Another that has been running well but still looking for 1st win of the season, would be no surprise.

Bets: Total: Result:

5th Race

2 Lofty Cause Off the board

Looks ready for best effort will have speed to run at and Guti should run them down.

8 Little Joker 3rd place

She has been winning every other race and it’s time for a win while dropping in class back to a level she did win. Matias won’t ride tho but in the capable hands of Orozco.

6 Miss Wine Topper Winner!!

Just missed in last another repeat performance like that might be good enough today, fearing a bounce.

Bets: $25 Tri 2-8 with 1-2-6-8 with All $900; $200 WP 2; $100 W 8 $200 P 8 $500 S 8 Total:$2,100 Result: $1,150

6th Race

1 Listo 3rd place

After breaking maiden and testing the waters of where she might fit class wise returns to a level she can win with Couton.

8 Sweet Tashi 2nd place

Ran a solid 2nd in last out can stalk and make a run will be winging near the line.

3 Iz’a Sweet Ride Off the board

Looks like Bowen could get this one to the board.

Bets:   Total:  Result:






Day 46 (Friday, 7/21)

Beginning Balance: +$31,804

Bets: $9,028

Cashed: $1,845 (-$7,183)

New Balance: +$24,621

1st Race

4 Alaskan Cruise 3rd place

Been knocking on the door at twice the claiming price now at an all time low level, looks tough to deny.

2 Hart Mountain 4th place

Hart will have a different rider for the 1st time in his career but it’s Rocco which could result in the Hart’s 2nd career win.

1 Fashion Prospect Winner!

Couton is coming off a huge weekend and could continue it right out of the gate this week on this one.

Bets: $2 Pick 4 (1-2-4 with 1-7-8 with 1-7 with 2-6-9) $108; $100 Tri 4 with 1-2 with All $600 Total: $708   Result: -0-

2nd Race

8 Command Authority 3rd place

May be the lone speed in a race with not much in it and coming off a solid 2nd place running.

7 Hallowed Harbor 2nd place

After winning his maiden connections pushed it and now drops into a level he should be competitive.

1 Gio Mio Off the board

Last time our fav bug Orozco was on this one they won and now 2 races later he will get a chance to repeat although for different connections as he was claimed in last.

Bets: $10 Superfecta 1 with 6-7-8 with All with All $900  Total: $900   Result: -0-

3rd Race

7 E Z Larry Off the board

Well..hmmm like I wasn’t going to pick Larry right? But on top of it the Emerald Racing Club claimed this one prior to him running his 1st ever race and he turned in a 2nd place performance. I will jump on this with the other 200 ERC owners.

1 Mixo 3rd place

One of these days Mixo is going to live up to his potential, I’m not giving up now.

5 Boo Boo Bear Winner!

If you like Mixo you have to like this one since they were head and head in last.

Bets: $25 Tri 1-7 with 1-5-7 with All $600. $300 WPS 7  Total: $1,500  Result:-0-

4th Race

9 Cat’s Gulch Off the board

Won 2 back at this level, stepped up and ran a credible 4th now back at winning level, looks tough to me.

2 Mark Off the board

Shipped down from Hastings and won easy, steps up but certainly like the EmD track could easily repeat.

6 Private Boss 3rd place

Has run 3 straight great races with a win and 2 2nd’s. Can he get the distance is now the question?

Bets: $5 Pick 5 (2-6-9 with 1-2-5 with 5 with All) $360; $50 Ex Box 9 with All $600 Total: $960   Result:-0-

5th Race

2 Camano Comet Off the board

The fact Rocco is on this one and his number 1 call Tom Wenzel has the 1 in here speaks volumes on what Rocco thinks is his best shot at winning, I will not question his decision but rather jump on the bandwagon.

5 Semiprecious 3rd place

Claimed by top trainer 2 back and ran solid 2nd could be setting on a win with Couton.

1 Afleet Hope Winner!

The Wenzel entry will put Eswan back on and drops in class, could Rocco have misread this one? We shall see.

Bets: $100 Pick 3 2 with 5 with All $800; $500 WP 2  Total: $1,800   Result:-0-

6th Race

5 Wine at Nine WINNER!!

Ran his worst race of the year in last where he finished 3rd but also at his highest class level, now drops down a notch and unless he has turned like a zombie in the walking dead look for a bounce back.

4 Rallying Market Off the board

To complete the Vince Gibson exacta in this one and another consistent sort who just keeps winning and hitting the board.

6 Capital Expense 4th place

Front speed and drops in class with Rocco automatically makes this one dangerous.

Bets:  $50 DD 4-5 with All $800; $350 WP 5 Total: $1,500   Result: $1,845

7th Race

8 George’s Main Man 2nd place

Can sit just off what looks like a good front speed dual and should get first run heading into the stretch.

3 Freedomofthehills Off the board

My get-away jock Martin is on one that made a big improvement in last think he will finally hit the board tonight.

4 It’s Little Richie Off the board

Another that could sit just off the front end battle and may end up in a battle with our top pick to the wire.

Bets: $200 W 3, $400 PS 3; $50 Ex Box 3-4-8 $300; $10 Tri 3-4-8 with 3-4-8 with All $360  Total: $1,660   Result: -0-


Day 45 (Sunday, 7/16)

Beginning Balance: +$35,513.37

Bets: $13,704 (-$3,709.30)

Cashed: $9,994.70

New Balance: $31,804.07

1st Race

1 Whole Lotta Zip Winner!!

Claimed in his last race of 2016 and has been off since. Comes back in a relatively soft spot at half the price he was purchased for, that does raise a red flag but solid connections here may be trying to steal one.

2 There’s No Doubt 2nd place

Been off since 2015 but again connections are solid and would wait until ready, dangerous.

4 Parker’s Prince 3rd place

Lost the rider in last as he stumbled out of the gate, now Rocco is up and should be ready to fire.

Bets: $2 Pick 4 (1-2 with 5-7 with 2-3-4-7-8 with All) $440; $50 DD 1-2 with 3-5-7 $300; $250 WP 1 Total: $1,240  Result: $502.10

2nd Race

5 San Juan Star Off the board

Cuts back to sprinting after going 2 turns, with that extra air she will be tough late.

7 Olivia Snowbound 2nd place

Can sit off the early pace and can make a late run with Guti up.

3 My Way or Elway Off the board

Front speed in this one and may not stop.

Bets: $25 Tri 5-7 with 3-4-5-7 with All $750; $250 W 7   Total: $1,000   Result: $800

3rd Race

4 Cody’s Choice 2nd place

Just failed to last in opener will be tough to overcome if he runs same race.

8 Hey Sequoia Winner!!

More than promising debut with a solid place finish and now gets an extra ½ furlong to finish the job.

7 Private Rhonda Off the board

Kevin Krigger is back and takes this 1st time starter will take a shot.

Bets: $200 WPS 4  Total: $600  Result: $520

4th Race

6 Kaiulani Winner!!

Just missed in last the pick in a race where these foes basically take turns beating each other might be her turn.

5 Delight Me Off the board

Drops to the bottom trying to wake this one up, solid bug is good at bringing in prices that hit the board.

7 Pukaberry Off the board

Should be near or on the lead and is more than 50% in the money over 45 career starts, Eswan won 3 races on Saturday he should have her in the thick of it.

Bets: $50 Ex Box 6 with All $1,000  Total: $1,000  Result: $1,440

5th Race (The Emerald Express)

6 Vicente’s Shadow Off the board

Had some traffic trouble in only start but still engulfed the field for his maiden win at 4.5F since has fired a bullet Eswan aboard looks loaded to me.

5 Sippin Fire 4th place

Javier Matias is up and he won 2 of the 4 Stakes on this day last year he will have a great shot at 3 of 5 on Fire. Won by a head over Brown Tiger in their career debuts and posted a solid 56 beyer tough to overlook.

3 Brown Tiger 3rd place

Only question I have is Couton who is named to ride going too? Couton won both the 1st and 2nd races at EmD Saturday night with a shoulder injury, if he can’t go uneasy about this one without knowing who gets the ride.

7 Bullet Drill 2nd place

This one ran on late in opener at 4.5F so the extra furlong will be welcomed could definitely hit the board and may win it all.

Bets: $2 Pick 4 (2-3-5-6-7 with All with 1-5 with 3-4-5-7-10) $900; $50 Ex Box 6 with 3-5-7 $300; $200 WPS 7 $600  Total: $1,800   Result: $3,140

6th Race (The Angie C)

3 My Aunt Mo 3rd place

The invader from Hastings has posted a huge beyer in her debut and with not much to go on in this race this will be might very hesitant pick. Mind you I will likely include her in my All-Stakes Pick 4 but at a short price will try to beat her with my win ticket. Other concern is the track has not been its usual front speed favoring track after getting dug up last week but all of the true contenders look to be front speed, tough call here.

5 Bella Mia Winner!!

Another Couton question on this one but cruised to her win in her 2nd start so may be more fit than others in this one.

1 Philly Baby 4th place

Zunino is back after a gate to wire win at 4.5F but thinking the 1 hole is going to force Zunino to get the lead even if they’d like to rate.

4 Sea N Redd Off the board

Erick Lopez had 2 choices that he had won on and took this one so we will go with him here.

Bets: $2 Pick 5 (All with 1-5 with 5-10 with 3-4-5 with 2-4-7-8) $864; $200 WP 4 $400S 4  Total: $1,664   Result: -0-

7th Race (The Boeing Stakes)

5 Psycho Sister 4th place

The GG shipper for EmD’s all-time trainer and a former EmD Jockey Champion make this one dangerous and has been 2-turning for quite some time. Should have plenty of fitness and looks like she can lay just off what looks like a hot pace. Should be one of the contenders at the end of this 1-lap around race.

2 Citizen Kitty Winner!!

Could have easily picked this one on top but again not being 100% on who is riding makes it difficult to put on top and will likely be part of that early pace can she get the mile is the other huge question with an 0-1 effort in only try.

1 Princess Katie 2nd place

Hastings shipper has 1 out this year and it wasn’t pretty but in her only race at EmD she won the Irish Day Stakes so she takes to this track. Not sure she is back 100% but if she is could be a nice price.

4 Profound Moment Off the board

Coming off a front running win in the Wa State Leg Stakes but getting 2 turns is again the question.

Bets: $2 Pick 4 (1-2-4-5-6 with 3-5-10 with All with 1-2-4-7-8) $900; $50 DD 1-5 with 3-4-5-7-10 $500; $1,000S 5  Total: $2,400  Result: $3,592.60

8th Race (The Mt Rainier Stakes)

5 Barkley 3rd place

I’m sticking with this one even though there are literally 6 or more who can legitimately win this. Barkley had a ton of trouble in the last and came up short finishing behind Mach One Rules for the 1st time by 2 lengths. Matias and Barkley will thrive with the extra 16th of a mile.

3 Mach One Rules Winner!

Mach does nothing but run solid races and finally got the better of his nemesis Barkley in last. To repeat will be a tall order but should surprise no one if he does.

10 Stryker Phd Late Scratch

Taking the wiley ol’ veteran with the up and coming fresh faced bug aboard to get this 2-time Longacres Mile Champ back in the WC. Should get a great price and he will be flying late, if they’re stopping he may get them all.

7 Bistraya 2nd place

The Hastings shipper has been knocking on the door at the bullring and crying for more distance and a longer stretch. Could take the money back to Canada.

Bets: $100 Ex Box 5 with 3-4-7-10 $600; $100 Ex 5 with All $700; $50 Pick 3 (5 with All with 2) $300; $250 WPS 10 $750  Total: $1,600  Result: -0-

9th Race

3 Dreamer S 4th place

Lots of front speed in this race and Dreamer can sit just behind and sweep past them deep in the stretch.

5 Kiss My Lulu 2nd place

Of the front speed this one is the fastest and with Gutierrez will surely be tough to pass.

4 Iwannabeadivatoo Winner!

Nothing but 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishes on the page for this one and has had a short time off to refresh should be ready to roll with Rocco.

Bets: $200 DD All with 2 $1,200  Total: $1,200   Result: -0-

10th Race

2 Melangeofgold 3rd place

Drops to the bottom for McCanna and Eswan it’s now or never.

8 Blushing Ann Off the Board

Coming off her maiden win picks a very reasonable spot to try winners for the first time.

4 Dakota’s New Wheels Winner!!

Drops to lowest level trying to rekindle earlier success of this season. SJC (Significant Jockey Change) to hot bug and weight break might be the recipe.

Bets: $100 Ex Box 2-4-7-8  Total: $1,200  Result: -0-


Day 44 (Saturday, 7/15)

Beginning Balance: +$35,513.37

Bets: $15,362.40

Cashed: $17,344.50 (+$1,982.10)

New Balance: +$37,495.47

1st Race

5 A Smooch for Me 3rd place

The 1-1 fav is 1-1 for a reason and with Rocco aboard will be on the lead and tough to overhaul.

2 Chatty Carl 4th place

Can sit just behind for a first run if Smooch is close but he may be already gone.

1 Hello Son off the board

Just a hunch on this one and his 3rd off a lay-off should be his best effort could hit the board.

Bets: $25 Pick 4 (5 with 1-6 with 3-5 with All) $700; $100 WPS 1 Total: $1,000  Result: -0-

2nd Race

6 It’s My Knight WINNER!!

Drops in half in class after even season debut could be ready to fire in 2nd start with Couton.

1 Rod’s Song Off the board

Should be on the lead from the break and Eswan picked this one to ride will be tough to top.

7 Pebble Beach 4th place

This one may have turned and is going the wrong way after 3 solid runs, guessing there is a bounceback tonight or maybe time for a break.

Bets: 60-cent Pick 7 (1-6 with 3-4-5-6 with 3-4-5-6 with 6-10-11 with All with 2-5-8 with 5) $1,382.40; $100WPS 6  Total: $1,682.40   Result:  $1,410 

3rd Race

3 Only the High Road 2nd place

Drops to an all time low and the hot bug boy gets on board after several even efforts. I expect him to wake up in this spot.

5 One More Orman 3rd place

6-5 ML fav has missed in last 2 with place finishes (well last out placed 2nd but DQ’d to 5th) and now returns to the same level but looks to have tougher competition to face with a few class droppers. Could be ripe to be way overbet.

6 Caddy Shack Cat Winner!!

This one was just behind Orman in last and might be ready to find his 1st win of the year.

Bets: $100 WP 3 $500 S 3  Total: $700   Result: $1,260

4th Race

4 Tough Runner 3rd place

Even tho she finished behind the ML fav, that was TR’s seasonal debut. With Couton aboard look for this one to sit off what should be a contested pace.

5 Winninginfashion  Off the board

Versatile sort ran best when laying off the pace for lone 2017 win at EmD. Last few has been closer to the pace and fell short. Questionable 2-1 favorite.

6 KK’s Wonderwoman 2nd place

Has been running for quite some time concerned she is ready for a break but there is only 1 really bad race in her current form, always knocking on the door lets see if there is more in the tank

Bets: $100 EX Box 4,5 with All $1,200; $200 DD 4-5 with 6-10-11 $1,200  Total: $2,400   Result: -0-

5th Race

11 Rally Wave Off the board

Scratched out of Friday’s card to run here and gets Couton after several close but no cigar efforts. My pick in a great betting race.

6 Our Power Surge Winner!!

Has had a great year with a pair of wins on the books already could easily get #3 in this one.

10 Gold Will Do Off the board

My longshot hunch play, love this bug on prices and Trainer Lumm is more than capable of pulling a rabbit out of his Blue Diamond stable hat.

Bets: $5 Pick 4 (6-10-11 with All with 5 with 1-2-5-6) $480; $5 Tri 6-10-11 with All with All $1,350; $250 WPS 11   Total: $2,580   Result: $3,654.50

6th Race

6 Luz Atticus 2nd place

Has been popular at the claim box for good reason and will try to find the WC in back-to-back races. Bowen sticks and my pick in a toss-up.

2 Arrom Bear 4th place

Takes a big drop in class and should wake up at this level but it won’t be easy.

1 Meatball Paul Off the board

Drops back down to level this one has hit the board on a regular basis. Also one of my irrational favorites so I have to pick the big Meatball!

Bets: $1,000 S 1  Total: $1,000   Result: -0-

7th Race

5 Guarding the Money Winner!!

Drops after breaking maiden 3 races ago and I think at a level he can again be a huge threat.

2 Face Valued 2nd place

Also a dropper and looks ready to fire a solid race, must use him in the mix.

8 Blue Law Off the board

Rocco up on this one and can sit off the pace and make a run, could be tough late.

Bets: $100 DD All with 5 $800; $100 DD 5 with All $600; $500 WPS 5   Total: $2,900   Result: $10,220

8th Race

5 Island Girl 4th place

Juan Gutierrez gets on board to take his shot with this middle of the road finisher. One of these days she will due justice to the Elton John classic could be tonight.

2 She’smusictomyears Off the board

May be the lone front speed and if let alone could be tough to reel in.

3 Seattle Sea Gal 2nd place

Been sticking with one for some time now, may wake up with the hot bug!

Bets: $200 Ex Box 5 with All $2,000; $300 W 2; $400 W 3, $400 P 3   Total: $3,100  Result: $800


Day 43 (Friday, 7/14)

Beginning Balance: +$29,415.62

Bets: $7,985

Cashed: $14,082.75 (+$6,097.75)

New Balance: +$35,513.37

1st Race

3 Danila 2nd place

She is the only one with multiple starts at 2 turns and all 3 were ok to pretty good. Capable bug on board looks strong in the weekend opener.

6 Fluidity Off the board

Drops a bit in class and Eswan gets on would be no surprise.

7 Madame Moo Off the board

Rocco gets on and Moo got her 1st 2 turn race under her belt in last, should improve off that effort.

Bets: $2 Pick 4 (3-4-6-7 with 1-3-7 with 1-3 with All) $360; $100 WPS 3 $300 S 3  Total: $860  Result: $520

2nd Race

1 Troop Ship 3rd place

Should be a scramble for the lead, Troop is dropping in class and can sit just off with Couton aboard. Only concern is post if he gets trapped on the rail.

3 Seeking a Mystery Off the board

May be the most prominent of front speed and if others decide to rate may not catch this one.

7 Mr Takahashi WINNER!

Just won convincingly but may be the one with 1st run in the stretch.

Bets: $50 DD 1-3-6-7 with 1-3 $400; $25 Ex Box 1-3-6-7 $300  Total: $700  Result: $342.50

3rd Race

3 Ask Not Off the board

Well thought of last year with a start in the Gottstein but then turned out for the winter. 1st start of 2017 a dull effort but now drops in half to lowest level, big wake up call at this level.

1 Blue Moon Runner 3rd place

Rocco on board for the 2nd start of the season after a useful EmD debut. Any improvement and this one may be having his picture taken.

6 Sweet Swindler off the board

Has yet to break through this season for a win but has yet to miss the board in 5 starts, a must for exotics.

Bets: $1 Pick 5 (1-3-4-6 with 4-6-7 with 1-2-9 with 1-4-5 with 2-4-8) $324; $25 Tri 1-3 with 1-3-6 with All $400  Total: $724  Result: $1,743.80

4th Race

7 Pat’s Inheritance Off the board

Lack of front speed and Pat has the versatility to go to the front. If someone else jets out Pat can sit patient and Pat has yet to run a bad race at EmD don’t see it stopping here so “It’s PAT”!

6 Mr Tenacious Off the board

This might be my top pick if there were more speed to run at but Mr T has been knocking on the door not sure in this one he will get in.

4 Searchinforabreeze Winner!

Rocco rode this one once 2 back the last time he went 2 turns and finished 2nd. Gets back on back at a mile and drops in class, dangerous!

Bets: $2 Pick 4 (3-4-6-7 with 1-2-9 with 1-4-5 with All) $576 $20 Tri 4-6-7 with 3-4-6-7 with All $900; $100 WPS 6  Total: $1,776  Result: $2,542.20

5th Race

1 Lord Walton Off the board

Would love to pick against this one but he just got done decimating his last competitors and all 3 wins he was on the lead. Lord looks to be the lone front speed so if no one goes it is LW’s race to lose. The only issue is stretching an extra 1/2 furlong.

9 Six S Street 2nd place

3rd race off a lay-off is supposed to be the best and after 2 3rd place finishes could be set up if top pick falters.

2 My Best Bet Winner!

After 2 dull efforts off the lay-off  drops to the bottom so it’s either wake up now or it could be a long season.

Bets: $10 Super 1 with 2-9 with All with All $840; $100WP 2  Total: $1,040  Result: $2,330

6th Race

5 Trinni Off the board

Eswan gets the ride as Rocco sticks with Guardian One but Trinni is dropping after a useful opener. Call in a tight one.

4 Guardian One off the board

Can hardly blame Rocco took this one, 4 starts with 3 2nds and a win in 4 starts this year.

1 First Heritage Winner!!

2 starts and improvement everything going the right way beyers, placing but this is a knockdown, drag out fight will have to be even better to win this one but I wouldn’t be surprised. In your “Pick” or “DD” bets this race might be an All button.

Bets: $25 DD All with 2-4-8 $525; $50 DD 1-4 with 2-4-8 $300; $100 EX Box 1 with All $1,200  Total: $2,025  Result: $4,502.25

7th Race

2 The Boss is Back Winner!!

The Boss is getting close to one of those who doesn’t like to win, some may already consider if he is there with 5 2nds and 2 3rds in 10 career starts. But you can’t look past the consistency Boss has as being part of the trifecta.

8 Young Sinatra Off the board

3rd career start and 2nd at EmD with Rocco now on board that could be the difference between an even effort and breaking through.

4 O Rally 2nd place

2nd career start an d improvement is expected and Eswan stays many let their 1st time starters to run for the experience and it’s the 2nd start that they get serious, not sure but I think this one will improve dramatically.

Bets: $10 Tri 2-4-8 with 2-4-8 with All $360; $250 WP 4 $500  Total: $860 Result: $2,102


Day 42 (Sunday, 7/9)

Beginning Balance: +$10,769.42

Bets: $8,576 (+$18,646.20)

Cashed: $27, 222.20

New Balance: +$29,415.62

1st Race

1 Spikes High 3rd place

Can sit off the front runner and make a run in the stretch that has been an effective style at EmD this week so far.

2 Kota Copy Off the board

Has similar style as out top pick and could be a danger in the lane.

3 Warspite 2nd place

Blew apart 5k maidens in last now doubles in class but no doubt will have to be caught.

Bets: $4 Pick 4 (1-2-3 with 3-4-5 with 2-4-5 with 2-3-7) $324; $50 DD All with 4 $300  Total: $624 Result: -0-

2nd Race

4 Forty Caliber

Did get his 1st race in but a SJC (significant jockey change) to the hot bug coming off a 2-day suspension for the top trainer, thinking Orozco is ready to get back in the swing of things immediately.

3 Blueberry Legacy

The ones who have run previously showed little so even tho they are dropping not sure it is as dramatic as other class drops so will go with this firster for solid connections and Rocco aboard.

5 Crystal Mtn Stormy

Another 1st timer with solid training and Guti aboard.

Bets: $200 WP $400 s 4 Total: $800 Result: $560

3rd Race

2 Beach Mode 4th place

Takes a steep drop in class after an even effort look for a big step forward.

4 Jovi 3rd place

Isn’t dropping as severely as Beach but did run a good race last 0ut and may not be headed.

5 Oso Brave 2nd place

Can sit just behind and take a run would not be surprised.

Bets: $50 DD 2-4 with All $700 Total: $700 Result: -0-

4th Race

2 Tinsel Angel 4th place

Rocco gets on and just ran an even 3rd now stretches out and drops should be tough down the stretch.

3 Kelbaker off the board

Also dropping and is versatile can go to the front and can sit just off.

7 Ravvizone Winner!!

Will be rolling in the stretch but will she get up in time, must use in the exotics no matter what.

Bets: $50 Ex Box 2 with All $600; $25 Ex Box 7 with all $300; Total: $900 Result: $460

5th Race

5 Horsty Off the board

Just got claimed by a sharp eye and drops in class, a bit of a red flag there or is it strategy? Think Horsty will be tough.

2 Tribal Waters 2nd place

Torn between this one and Horsty for my top pick can’t blame anyone taking this one looks like he’s sitting on a good one.

3 Kahului Bluff Off the board

This one has not run a bad race since November of 2016 but not a lot of wins, a must in your tri’s and supers.

Bets: $1 Pick 5 (2-3-5-7 with 1-2-4-7 with 2-3-5-7 with 1-9-10 with 1-2-7) $576; $50 Ex Box 2-3-5-7 $600  Total: $1,176 Result: $2,901.10

6th Race

7 Golden Glove Eddie Off the board

Was a hot ticket at the claim box then run up the class ladder where he fell flat on his face, now back down to winning level but did the loss start a bad trend?

1 Dallon’s Gold 4th place

Ultra consistent and likes to win and loves Emerald, should be right there in the end.

4 Trelawny Winner!!

The 10-year-old is still putting up strong efforts and wasn’t that far out of it in last. Don’t sleep on this one.

Bets: $3 Super (1-4-7 with 1-2-4-7-8 with 1-2-4-6-7-8 with All) $576;  Total:  $576 Result: $378.60

7th Race

7 Calculated Chaos Winner!!

Just missed in last Guti back up and looks to run them all down late.

3 Cats Gulch 4th place

Coming off an 11-1 win look for Cat to be right there again, this one is getting better and is consistent.

4 Daytona Beach Off the board

After 5 straight 4th place finishes stepped up for a win. Thinking Beach won’t be any worse than 4th.

Bets: $25 Pick 3 7 with 1-9-10 with 2-7 $600; $50 Ex 7 with All $350 Total: $950 Result: $4,057.50

8th Race

10 Moneydontspenitself  Winner!!

After 2 strong outings including a win then tried a pair of Stakes to no avail now back to a level he can win.

9 Aberdeen Island 2nd place

A shipper for top trainer is always eye catching would be no surprise.

1 Shot Gun Gary Off the board

Comes off a solid 2nd after trying Stakes company with no luck any improvement could put him in the WC.

Bets: $50 DD  1-9-10 with 1-2-7 $450; $100 DD 10 with All $700; $200 WP 10 $400 S 10  Total: $1,250 Result: $7,160

9th Race

2 Rockport Birdie Winner!!

Wow you know this one is serious when he’s claimed by a family member. Going for 4 in a row and should get it.

7 Another Winter

Should be rolling late can he get there is the question, should get an ok price must use in exotics.

4 Nightwalker

Ran a solid 2nd in last although over a sloppy track and then was laid off for more than a month but drops now could be right back in the mix.

Bets: $50 Super (2 with 1-7 with 1-4-7 with All) $800 Total: Result: $11,705


Day 41 (Saturday, 7/8)

Beginning Balance: +$10, 210.72

Bets: $6,870 (+$558.70)

Cashed: $7,428.70

New Balance: +$10,769.42

1st Race

2 Valid Keiki Winner!!

This one drops to the bottom and a chance for Coddington to get her 5th win on the year, seems now or never.

3 Topper’s Ghost 3rd place

Shortening up this one can go or sit that versatility makes him dangerous.

6 Brass Pear 4th place

Picks up an improving bug and weight break may help plus has his seasonal debut in where he stopped may be ready to extend.

Bets: $1 Pick 4 (2-3-6 with 2-3-6-7 with All with All) $480; $5 Tri 2-3-6 with 2-3-4-6-7 with All $240 Total: $720 Result: $351.20

2nd Race

2 Seattle Smoke 4th place

One of the few non-Belvoir horses Whitaker rides and ran a solid 2nd in last now drops should be tough.

3 Royal Patriot Off the board

Pat has run 3 straight mile races so endurance is not an issue although lost the rider 2 back but still stamina should not be an issue and could step up with Couton on board.

6 Lucky Chopra Winner!!

After his EmD debut and at the distance expect this one to take a big step forward.

Bets: $1 Super (2-3-6 with 2-3-4-5-6-7 with All with All) $300; $300 S 2  Total: $750  Result: $139.30

3rd Race

5 Jerre to Carrie Winner!!

This has been quite a claim with 3 wins on the year and 2 in a row for the new owners while climbing the class ladder. Carrie should end up with VERY short odds.

4 Exit Sixty Slew 3rd place

Slew has also won 3 in a row and would be no surprise to see #4 here.

2 Listo 4th place

After snapping her maiden was tried at the Stake level and now drops could be a level she wakes back up.

Bets: $10 Pick 3 (5 with All with All) $480 Total: $480  Result: $968

4th Race

1 Racy Rascal Winner!!

Just failed to last 2 back with Rocco, Rocco is back and he will likely hustle from the rail could be tough to get by.

7 No Talking Back Off the board

Season debut for this one and was in very tough competition last year, drops to lowest level let’s see if she’ ready to fire.

2 Grace Bay Off the board

Had 2 decent runs before getting more than a  month off, should be well rested for best effort.

Bets: $100 WP 1 $300 S 1; $50 Ex Box 1-2-7 $300; $25 Ex Box 1 with All $350 Total: $1,150  Result: $1,240

5th Race

7 Myladysabitshady Off the board

Drops down after an even effort should be able to close from just off the pace in the race.

5 Lofty Cause 3rd place

Back to a level she can win at expect more of an effort like the one 2 back.

2 Miss Wine Topper 2nd place

Back to level and distance where she ran a solid 2nd. Should be in the mx with Couton aboard.

Bets: $3 Pick 4 (1-2-5-6-7 with 2-3-4 with 5-7 with All) $630; $25Ex Box 7 with All $300 Total: $930 Result: $1,349.10

6th Race

3 Web of Demons Winner!!

Can sit just off a hot pace and will be tough roarin down the stretch.

4 Personal Image 2nd place

Should be on or pressing the pace, like that she has had several trips at the distance and that conditioning may pay off here.

2 San Juan Star 3rd place

Can also be just off the pace and if the speed falters will be charging late as well.

Bets: $200 WP 3; $20 Pick 3 (3 with 5-7 with All) $280; $50 DD 2-3-4 with 5-7 $300 Total: $980  Result: $1569

7th Race

7 Spirit Bay 3rd place

Shipper from Hastings has been running against a tough bunch up North, saw a Hastings shipper win earlier this season think this one can do the same.

5 Gazing Winner!!

This one is trying to figure out how good he can be might be able to handle the step up.

2 Daddyalwayssays 2nd place

Bets: $5 Super 2-5-7 with 2-5-7 with All with All $360; $200 W 7; $50 DD 5-7 with 2-3-4 $300  Total: $860  Result: $62.10

8th Race

4 Lizzy Lass 2nd place

My system play has Lass right in the thick of it be sure to have this one in all places on your Super.

3 In Private Off the board

Rocco up and one of the few speed horses signed on here looking for a gate to wire finish.

2 Tattypoo Off the board

Couton jumps on and should have 1st run on the speed.

Bets: $100 WP 4 $500 S 4; $50 Ex Box 2-3-4 $300 Total: $1,000  Result: $1,750


Day 40 (Friday, 7/7)

Beginning Balance: +$9,301.72

Bets: $5,740 (+$909)

Cashed: $6,649

New Balance: +$10, 210.72

1st Race

2 Jordan’s Quest 3rd place

There is zero front speed in this and think Matias who is very good on the front will go right there and they will Merry-Go-Round the oval.

3 Fin Du Monde 2nd place

Finished behind Sam Jam but was closing fast think Leonel will get this one going earlier could get up in time.

6 Just Gone Winner!!

Was odds on and pooped the bed now is installed as the 7-5 ML fav? Interesting I would not put 1 cent on this one if he’s at a silly odds on level. Demand at least 9-5.

Bets: $100 DD All with 1 $500; $120 W 2; $3 Pick 4 (All with 1 with All with All) $480  Total: $1,100  Result: $3,319

2nd Race

1 Deputy’s Command WINNER!!

This one is primed and could be my pick of the day, hoping to get 2-1.

5 Rio Hondo 3rd place

This one has had 3 straight show finishes time to either step up or trail off.

7 Tres Twain (original pick was scratched) Off the board

Bets: $50 EX Box 1 with All $600; $100 DD 1 with All $600  Total: $1,200  Result: $1,640

3rd Race

3 Betrbegone Off the board

Can sit off the pace and take a run at what should be a contested pace he’ll get up in the final strides.

2 Solemnly Swear 4th place

Another that will be rooting for a frantic pace to swoop in would not surprise.

5 Pick by the Box 3rd place

Yet another looking to come off the pace and shift to Couton makes this one dangerous.

Bets: $100 WP $300 S 3  Total: $500  Result:-0-

4th Race

5 Hart Mountain 2nd place

This one has run just 1 bad race in 7 lifetime starts just missing in last and now has been off enough to avoid a bounce pick in a tight one.

8 Ketchem Off the board

This one drops to his lowest level ever after a pop and stop. May not stop this time.

4 Nice Guys Finish Off the board

This one is one of only 2 multiple winners in this race, not sure he has reached his ceiling and Rocco is on board.

Bets: $100 WP 5 $300 S 5  Total: $500  Result: $970

5th Race

1 Kenai King Winner!!

Front speed and Guti aboard this one is just inches from 3 straight wins should be right there again.

3 Meatball Paul Off the board

Paul keeps getting ignored at the window and just keeps hitting the board over and over again and again.

7 Coming in Hot 4th place

Plenty of back class would use underneath for sure in exotics, price play.

Bets: $50 Ex Box 1-3-7 $300; $400 S 3; Pick 3 $10 (1-3-7 with-All-with 1-6)  Total: $1,120  Result:-0-

6th Race

4 Hoody Off the board

Should be a front dual and this one should sit just behind and would have first run.

2 Oldtimers Vision 4th place

Loses Couton to the #1 but running style may set this one up who is in capable hands of Eswan Flores.

7 Mike Man’s Gold Winner!!

Will be close to the lead if not on it could be tough to deny.

Bets: $100 DD All with 1 $600; $20 Tri 4 with 1-2-6-7 with All $240  Total: $840 Result: -0-

7th Race

1 Aprils Not Foolin Off the board

Should have graduated in last but just missed a head bob. Look for a gate to wire comfortable win in this with no other front speed signed on.

6 Coast is Clear 2nd place

Impressive debut and drops if top pick falters this one will run em down.

7 Sadie’s Snowflake 3rd place

Can’t be any worse than last out, to good of connections to dismiss.

Bets: $2 Super 1-6 with All with All with All; $400 s 7  Total: $880  Result: $720


Day 39 (Monday, 7/2)

Beginning Balance: +$10,373.72

Bets: $9,580 (-$1,072)

Cashed: $8,508

New Balance: +$9,301.72

1st Race

5 Bell of Rainier 4th place

The re-naming of Longacres greats from this ownership group continues after Little Joker now Bell of Rainier altho this one is spelled without the “e” at the end of Bell. For the record I love they are doing this and honoring not only former great horses but Washington State Thoroughbred history. That being said, I am picking this one solely because of name and if she runs 20% of the original probably can win this one.

1 Per La Bella 3rd place

Only one with a race and at the highest level, drops here let’s see if it makes a difference.

3 Annual Reward Off the board

Only picking this one because of the rider Matt Werner-Hagerty. He has had 11 rides this season on just 2 horses and has finished in the top 3 10 times! His record is 11 starts with a 3-2-5 mark that is 91% in the money !

Bets: $200 S 3; $50 DD All with 4-5 $600; $5 Pick 4 (All with 4-5 with 2-3-5 with 1-2-3) $540  Total: $1,340  Result: $2,468

2nd Race 

5 SurvivedandThrived WINNER!!

This one has had multiple chances really seems she needs to do it today or head for a fair meet somewhere to get the elusive win. Last chance for me but not at all confident.

4 Pretty Miss Vanna Off the Board

She ran an even career debut and any improvement gives her a shot at this wide open affair.

2 Dollys Chestnut 2nd place

Was running at PM over the winter now debuts at EmD with Rocco puts her in contention.

Bets: $200 WPS 4 Total: $600 Result: -0-

3rd Race 

2 Thorninmyside 3rd place

Lightly raced and coming off a more than credible effort in 1st race against winners.

3 Cat N Bird Off the board

Chased in last but ran a solid 2nd, Leonel can have this one right there in the end.

5 CC N’ Water WINNER!!

Been off a month after flattening out and drops in class let’s see if this wakes him up otherwise it’s time to mix something other than CC with that water.

Bets: $200 WS 2; $50 Ex Box 2-3-5 $300 Total:   Result: $280

4th Race 

3 Betdesilvergold WINNER!!

Front speed with a hot bug looking to go gate to wire.

1 Camano Comet 4th place

Bowen flees this one after winning last out, Couton gets on to prove Rocco made the wrong decision.

2 Targa Off the Board

Ran behind the Comet last out will look to turn the tables.

Bets: 20-cent Pick 7 (1-2-3 with 2-3-4 with 3-5-7 with 5-9-10 with 2-3-5 with 2-3-4 with 3-5-7) Total: $437.50  Result: 

5th Race 

4 Dreamer S 2nd place

Drops in class after a couple of even efforts, top bug is on a roll after winning yesterday’s stake should be hard to deny here.

3 Mary Lois Off the board

This one loves to win and she is coming off her 10th career win would not surprise if she goes back to back.

2 Tough Runner Off the board

Ships in from Turf with some consistent beyers if she takes to the track will be tough to stop.

Bets: $500 S 4; $20 Tri 3-4 with 2-3-4-7 with All $600; Total: $1,100  Result: $950

6th Race 

3 Seeking a Mystery 3rd place

Eswan on the engine is always trouble he will be tough to get past in the stretch.

5 Private Boss WINNER!!

Boss has been knock-knock-knocking in the door with 2 straight place finishes can he get it done tonight?

7 It’s Little Richie 2nd place

Change in riders and shortening up a tad may help this one. Longshot pick.

Bets: $250 P 7;  $50 Ex Box 3-5-7 $300$1 Pick 5 (3-4-5 with 5-9-10 with All with 2-3-4 with 3-7) $432   Total: $1,082   Result: $1,380

7th Race 

9 You can Sleep on That Off the board

Shipper from the desert can sit off the pace and make a run. Pick in a tough one.

5 Cat Camille WINNER!!

Has been close but can’t get to the WC but has hit the board 4 of 5 starts so a must use in exotics.

10 Kaiulani 2nd place

Claimed and dropped looking for a quick win it looks like. Will be hard to deny.

Bets: $10 Tri 5-9-10 with 5-9-10 with All $420; $400 S 9 Total: $820   Result: $640

8th Race 

3 Elusive Riches WINNER!!

Front speed from Riches could be tough to overcome, selection in a free for all.

5 I’z a Sweet Ride Off the board

In EmD debut ran solid switch to Rocco makes this one dangerous and will have 1st run at top pick.

2 Sweet Tashi 2nd place

Tumbles in class might be the wake up call this one needs.

Bets: $100 PS 5; $20 Tri 2-3-5 with 2-3-5 with All $600 Total: $800  Result: $1,770

9th Race 

2 Teddy the Bear 4th place

This hard hitting 8-year-old loves to win and loves to run in the top 3.  No reason to think he won’t be right there in the end.

3 Eddington’s Star Off the Board

Certainly has to be respected in this spot.

4 Hot Bobby 2nd place

If a front dual materializes Hot Bobby is getting better and better and will be rolling late.

Bets: $5 Super 2-3-4 with 2-3-4 with All with All $900; $200 PS 4; $100 DD All with 7 $800 Total: $2,100   Result: $1,020

10th Race 

7 Time on the Run 4th place

Shipper dropping in class will be in position to take the nightcap.

3 You Mad Bro  Off the board

Makes his seasonal debut and should be out in front we’ll see if he has enough wind to finish the job in the opener.

5 Betting on Dr Bow Off the board

Just won at 50-1 let’s see if he is for real.

Bets: $5 Super 3-7 with 2-3-5-7 with All $1,200 Total: $600   Result: -0-


Day 38 (Sunday, 7/1)

Beginning Balance: +$12,742.02

Bets: $7,732

Cashed: $5,363.30 (-$2,368.70)

New Balance: +$10,373.72

1st Race

6 Dark Morning Off the board

Belvoir has several 2-year olds ready to hit the track this one has a huge workout resume and you know Whitaker has been on him for every single one.

4 Upshift Off the board

He has run twice and made good improvement in the 2nd start should be right there.

1 Aliante 3rd place

A Blaine Wright runner with his debut under his belt look for improvement.

Bets: $25 DD All with 5 $150; $2 Pick 4 (All with 5-7 with All-1-3) $336 Total: $486  Result: $863

2nd Race

5 Kodianne Winner!

Shipper from GG fits and picks up Rocco big time threat.

7 Amantha 4th place

Drops to all time low should respond with Orozco.

4 Our First Wish 3rd place

Plummets in class needs to wake up here not much further to plummet.

Bets: $250 WP 5;  Total: $500  Result: $1,150

3rd Race

4 Trust in the Stars 3rd place

You can throw a blanket literally over the whole field and it won’t surprise me to see any of these win, I’ll be hitting the “All” button on my Pick 3 and 4’s here. But I took Stars here who has been pounding on the door and now cuts back from a mile. The switch to Couton might get him home.

6 Bet the Gold Off the Board

Great connections and Gold hasn’t really run a bad race any improvement puts him in the mix with Orozco up.

2 Rojo Bou Beep WINNER!!

This long legged behemoth  might be crying out for 2 turns because it will take time for him to get rolling. Think he will be rolling late here will be dangerous if a pace develops.

Bets: $200 WP 4; $25 DD All with 1-3 $350  Total: $750  Result: $970

4th Race

3 Mixo 3rd place

This one has always been touted as having potential and talent and has had many chances to show that elite level but maybe he just isn’t quite there but now drops to all time low in class level. Now is the time.

1 Buckley Bay WINNER!

Looks like the best of the 1st timers and could be a monster ready to strut his stuff.

6 Boo Boo Bear 2nd place

Also takes the big drop out of MSW to a claiming tag, Rocco gets on should wake up here.

Bets: $500 S 3  Total:$500  Result: $550

5th Race

A pair of GG invaders look very tough in this one and won’t surprise to see the red tags come out.

2 Lucky N Rich 3rd place

The powerful Tim McCanna barn is starting to heat up, this one would shock a total of no one.

4 Stormy Endeavor WINNER!!

Comes to the Lucarelli barn from the Moger barn is SF and drops into what appears a soft spot to debut at EmD.

8 Stormin Norma L Off the board

If an upset is going to occur maybe it’s on the front end and with the top bug on she may break out and get loose, if she does she might have enough to deny the closers.

Bets: $100 WP 8; $2 Super (2 with All with All with All) $672; 50-cent Pick 5 (2-4-8 with 3-4-6-8 with 1-2-6-10 with 1-4 with All) $384 Total: $1,056  Result: $410.30

6th Race

3 Mr Tenacious 4th place

Mr T just missed last out at 6F now gets an extra half furlong and may wear them down to the win in this one.

6 Pat’s Inheritance 3rd place

Likely will be in the engine but steps up and will face pressure can he go the whole 6.5F?

4 Inawar Off the board

My longshot pick here, after a great 2016 has struggled in 1st 2 this year, thinking he will wake up at some point and when he does should be at big odds.

Bets: $200 WPS 3; $50 Ex Box 3 with All $700 Total: $1,300 Result: -0-

7th Race

6 Sharkzilla Off the board

This is a TOUGH race I settled here cuz Zilla has hit the board in 7 of 8 career starts and can get the distance and I think may have bounced in the last. A return to 2 races ago and Shark will gobble them all up in the end.

10 More Power to Him 3rd place

Shipping in from Cali and will likely be launching from the back but will Zilla have the 1st jump?

2 Aqua Frio WINNER!!

The stablemate of the ML Fav Riser who I don’t pick because the 2 times he went 2 turns were not good so I will play against the front runner which may set up the closing style of Aqua Frio who chased Riser in last, chance to turn the tables.

1 Distortedatthebar Off the board

Bonus pick here watch out for this one, lightly raced his ceiling has not yet been found and Couton gets on, upset special!

Bets: $500 S 6; $25 Ex Box 1-2-6-10 $300; $10 Pick 3 (1-2-6-10 with 1-4 with All) $640   Total: $1,440  Result: $425

8th Race

4 The Press 4th place

His fav jockey Javiar is back who hasn’t ridden the last 3 races because he had his hands full with his stablemate Barkely. The Press has been screaming for his own race and now gets it, only question is running in those 3 races with Barkley did it take too much out of him?

1 Emmett Park Winner!!

If there’s a “Stop the Presses” then this one will be rolling late and may run over the top of the day old news.

2 Hit the Beach 3rd place

Just broke his maiden but has never been off the board let’s see how good this one can be.

Bets: $500 W 4 $50 DD 1-4 with All $800  Total: $1,300  Result: $275

9th Race

7 Solar Heat WINNER!!

Matias could sweep the late double.

8 MyT Fine 4th place

Just missed in last, if Orozco waits a little longer this time he could time it just right.

3 Cruiser Blue 3rd place

Am just amazed that Matt Werner-Hagerty gets to ride only 2 horses and has 9 rides this season at EmD and out of those 9 rides he has 3 wins, 2 places and 3 shows, a must in all exotics.

Bets: $400 S 3  Total:  Result: $720


Day 37 (Saturday, 7/1)

Beginning Balance: +$13,499.52

Bets: $4,680

Cashed: $3,922.50 (-$757.50)

New Balance: +$12,742.02

1st Race

1 Heart’s Melody Off the board

Comes out of the ultra-consistent Junior Coffey barn and has finished 4th then 3rd then 2nd last out, time for the win.

9 Caliente Gold Winner!

Enriquez jumps off our top pick to get on this one, drops in class but not sold it was the right move.

10 Toddies Hottie 4th

3 even efforts either she wakes up here or it could be a long summer.

Bets: $200 WPS 1; $25 DD 1-9-10 with 2-3-6 $225; Total: $825 Result: $327.50

2nd Race

6 Bella Mia Winner!

Half of these have a race under their belts the other half first time starters. Mia has that crucial 1st race in and looks to move forward here could be hard to deny.

2 Shopping Tizzy 4th place

This one was heavily bet in debut, Rocco gets on for his #1 call expect big improvement in 2nd out.

3 Faith Flys Again 2nd place

Ran solid in career debut a repeat of that with capable bug puts her right in the mix.

Bets: $500 S 6; $50 Ex Box 2-3-6;  Total:$500 Result: $2,845

3rd Race

8 Rosie’s Hurricane

Looks like lots of speed in this one for Rosie to run at, I think he will be storming down the lane late, can he get up in time? If he does it will be at a price!

7 Victor Victorian

Can sit just off the front pace and make first run if timed right he may not be caught by the deeper closers.

1 Mr. Takahashi

Another coming off the pace, if the speed holds up I am screwed in this race.

Bets: $500 S 8 Total: $500 Result: -0-

4th Race

9 Carat Queen Winner!

We’ll go with the 4-5 fav here but think it is a vulnerable odds on choice at least for the win. Rocco may get it done here.

8 Bea Diamonds 3rd place

I think this is the biggest danger to the odds on choice.

5 La Tempete Noire Off the Board

A little improvement and this one should hit the board.

Bets:$200 WP 8 Total: $400 Result: -0-

5th Race

3 Hello Brown 4th place

3 wins in a row, time to jump on this runaway bandwagon until proven not too.

2 Heroes for Ghosts Winner!

Brown will have to get by this one to ring up #4 in a row, Ghosts and Eswan may not give it up.

1 Dr Bruce S 2nd place

If speed stops this one will be rolling late could get up for part.

Bets: $10 Pick 3 (All with 3-6-8 with 8-11-12) $630; $50 Ex Box 1-2-3 $300 Total: $930 Result: $750

6th Race

6 Ace on the River 4th place

Taking a different angle here, no front speed signed on think this one might go and if left alone Orozco could go gate to wire.

8 Wando Cat 3rd place

One of many who could sit off a pace and get first run will give this one the edge with some backclass.

3 Parker’s Behr Cat Off the Board

This one has been freshened after stepping up off the maiden win and now drops into a spot he could be dangerous.

Bets: $200 W 6; $25 Ex Box 3-6-8 $150; $25 DD All with 11 $150 Total: $500 Result:-0-

7th Race

11 Possible Spider

Drops picks up Rocco and will be dangerous late. Should hit the board and be part of at least the Trifecta.

12 Our Power Surge

Front speed and will need to be caught. Even tho in the 12 hole plenty of time to take the lead and get to the rail.

8 Gold Will Do

David Martin in the getaway race, not sure why he does so well in the finale’s but needs to be part of at least your Super’s.

Bets: $10 Tri 11-12 with 8-11-12 with All $400; $100 WP 8; $500 S 11 Total: $1,000 Result:-0-


Day 36 (Friday, 6/30)

Beginning Balance: +$12,753.02

Bets: $5,065

Cashed:$5,811.50 (+$746.50)

New Balance: +$13,499.52

1st Race

2 Some Storm Cat 4th place

Gonna take a swing at a price right out of the gates here, Cat may be the only front speed and since being laid off from May 13 has fired a pair of bullet works, Eswan could steal this.

1 Crimson Warlock 3rd place

The talented bug Orozco can sit just off Cat and if Cat stops he’ll have first run.

3 Mark WINNER!!

Love the name and the Hastings shipper drops trying the EmD oval for the 1st time we’ll see if he prefers the mile track over the Bullring.

Bets: $100 WPS 2 $25 DD 1-2-3 with2-3-6 $225; Total: $525  Return: $662.50

2nd Race

2 Uncle Ackie Off the Board

I picked this one last week when he scratched. I havn’t lost confidence and think this is a great spot for Ackie and Couton.

6 Raging Warrior 4th place

The fav will be lurking down the stretch would be no surprise here.

3 Mitch and John E Winner

Had his 1st out of the year and was clearly short would think improvement is set for 2nd start.

Bets:  $50 Ex Boc 2-3-6 $300; $100 WP 2 Total: $500 Return: -0-

3rd Race

4 Madame Clouet Off the Board

Orozco looks like he had his choice of Lucarelli starters and went with the one who handles the 1-mile distance better, I’ll go with Kevin.

5 Cup of Soup 3rd place

2nd out of the season for Soup and drops look for drastic improvement.

3 Diamonds Dena Winner!

An even effort in debut, should be closing down the lane.

Bets:$250 PS 4 Total: $500 Return:-0-

4th Race

7 Semiprecious 2nd place

Just claimed and top trainer Blaine Wright puts her right back at the same level should be tough.

4 Lovethisbar Off the board

Ran evenly in last for a show and now drops for this one likely fav.

1 Little Joker Off the board

Been on this one from day 1 and not giving up now especially after the impressive performance in last out.

Bets: $20 Tri 1-4-7 with 1-4-7 with All $720; $100 WP 7 Total: $920 Return: $190

5th Race

4 Feel the Charge Off the Board

Has only started 11 times and has 4 wins with Rocco up could add another one here.

3 RallydowntheAlley 2nd place

Drops with Couton and should be rolling late will she get up in time is the question but should hit the board.

6 Vistarella Off the Board

This one loves to win with 10 career victories winning at a 30% clip.

Bets: $50 Ex Box 3-4 with All $700; $10 Pick 3 (3-4-6-8 with 7 with All) $360 Total: $1,060 Return: $3,764

6th Race

7 Oh Marvelous Me Winner!

This one has been outstanding this year for solid connections don’t see him slowing down here for Zunino.

5 Capital Expense

Rocco will have to be caught no doubt he will be on the engine.

1 Wine at Nine 3rd place

Doesn’t seem to matter what level this one runs at he’s in the money and Matthew Werner-Hagerty knows him well.

Bets: $25 DD 5-7 with All $450; $200 WP 7; $25 Ex Box 1-5-7 $150 Total: $1,000 Return: $1,195

7th Race

6 Hipper Hippie Off the Board

Sips up from son to father in the Belvoir barn from So Cal and now lands in a much softer opportunity, really needs to show something here.

7 Young Sinatra 4th place

Ran once top of the maiden ladder last year and then turned out, returns near the bottom today for solid Metz barn.

4 O Rally Off the board

Taking a shot on a 1st timer here with Eswan aboard.

Bets: $5 Tri 6-7 with All with All $560 Total: $560 Return:-0-



Day 35 (Sunday, 6/25)

Beginning Balance: +$15,451.52

Bets: $11,810 (-$2,698.50)

Cashed: $9,111.50

New Balance: +$12,753.02

1st Race

5 Queets 4th place

I like horses than run even in their career debut to step up big time in their 2nd start. I expect this one to be tough at the line.

7 Rodeo Vegas (Scratched) Reolaced with #3 Blushing Ann Winner!

Debuted with a 3rd, ran 2nd last out so 3rd times a charm for the ML fav.

1 She’s Well Informed 3rd place

2 decent efforts in last 2 races at huge odds, price play.

Bets: $25 DD 1-5-3 with 1-2-7 $225 ; $400 S 5 Total: $625  Return: -0-

2nd Race

7 Melangeofgold Off the board

Placed in both races this year at EmD for the tracks all-time leading trainer, could get it done here.

2 Olivia Snowbound Off the board

Broke her maiden 2 back finished a solid 4th and now drops in half with talented bug.

1 Knife River 3rd place

Threw a clunker in last now Couton gets on and should improve.

Bets: $50 Ex Box 2 with All $300; $25 Tri 2-7 with 1-2-7 with All $750 Total: $1,050 Return: -0-

3rd Race

4 Blue Moon Runner 4th place

I’m going with a pair of shippers in this one, Rocco jumps on and this one has 2 career races a win and a place. If he takes to the track will be tough.

3 Gravel (original 2nd pick was scratched) Winner!!

7 Sweet Swindler 3rd place

In 2017 at EmD 4 starts 2 places and 2 shows, have to include in your exotics.

Bets: $25 Pick 3 (3-4 with 1-3-7 with 3-6-9)$375 ; $50 Ex Box 4 with All $700  Total: $1,075 Return: $455

4th Race

3 Kiss My Lulu Winner!!

In 2 starts this year 2 2nds while finishing 2016 with 3 straight wins. Looks ready to get back to the WC.

1 Our Clemantime 4th place

Shipper from GG looks primed to make an impact at first asking at EmD.

7 Guardian One 2nd place

Rocco on board and can sit just off what looks like a hot, even frantic pace, should be tough in the stretch.

Bets: $100 Ex Box 1-3-7 $600; $500 Sh 7 Total: $1,100 Return: $1,155

5th Race

 5 Flicker of Luck (Scratched)

6 Memphis Mobster Winner!!

3 Endangered Off the board

Had 2 great runs, was claimed and ran over his head. Now back to a level he can be successful, should also get a good price.

9 Mr Branching Out 3rd place

Won 1st out here at EmD but was then DQ’d. Lookin for redemption here.

Bets: $50 Ex 6 with All $400; $100 DD 3-6 with 1-7 $400; $400 Sh 3  Total: $1,000 Return: $1,410

6th Race

1 That’s Your Story Winner!

Another McCanna shipper from NoCal and dropping with Rocco up should be difficult to deny.

7 Gracie Gold Off the board

Couton gets on and expect improved run today as she drops down to the bottom level.

6 Simply Naked 2nd place

Best run of the season last out, let’s see if she can take another step forward.

Bets: $200 WPS 7; $25 Tri 1 with 3-4-6-7 with All $800  Total: $1,400 Return: $987.50

7th Race

6 Blazinbeauty

If Blaze copies last year, she ran twice then reeled off 2 straight Stakes including the Gottstein means she’s ready to hit the line 1st after 2 3rd place finishes. My pick in a tough one.

5 Risque’s Legacy

Has never been 2 turns can she last is the question? One thing on her side she appears to be lone front speed if Bowen can control the pace she may not be passed in the lane.

8 Sorceress Warning

Will enjoy the extra distance and was closing in last. Revving up for best run of the year and should be at good odds, upset special!

Bets: $5o DD 5-6-8 with 1-3-9 $450 ; $50 Ex Box 5-6-8 $300; $250 W 6; $250 S 8 Total: $1,250 Return:-0-

8th Race

9 Credit Line (Scratched)

1 Trelawny

After seasonal debut, Couton jumps on and expect big step forward in this race.

4 Cinematic Cat

3 Calculated Chaos

Is a a hard knocker and returns to a level he can win which he does quite often.

Bets: $25 DD 1 with All $200; $400 Sh 1 Total: $600 Return: $600

9th Race

8 Luz Atticus

Shipped in and got claimed but the new connections led by trainer Kay Cooper certainly know what they’re doing, Rocco on this one will be tough.

7 Raspberry Road

2017 opener will be at an all-time low class level and fired a bullet in last workout. Should be ready to go 1st time out.


1 Italian Warrior

He’s been popular at the claim box and climbed in class and no matter what level has been on the board with a win, 3 places and a show a must in your exotics.

Bets: $20 Tri 7-8 with 1-2-3-6-7-8 with All $1,200; $250 WPS 8; $50 DD 7-8 with All $800 Total: $2,750 Return: $3,879

10th Race

2 Mykx Bull (Scratched)

5 The Boss is Back

Starting to get concerned this one can win with 9 career starts and several solid effort but 4 seconds and 2 shows is beginning to be a pattern that does not include a picture.

4 Cruiser Blue

Human angle here, Werner-Hagerty doesn’t get a lot of rides but he is 7 of 8 in the money of the chances he has had so thinking he is going to be tough not to include in your trifectas.

6 Touch of Einstein

Bets: $250 WPS 5; $250 W 4; $10 Tri 4-5 with 1-2-4-5-6 with All $360 Total: $1,360 Return: $625


Day 34 (Saturday, 6/24)

Beginning Balance: +$16,546.52

Bets: $7,010 (-$1,095)

Cashed: $5,915

New Balance: +$15,451.52

1st Race

6 Seattle Sea Gal Off the Board

Had her picked last time and she finished 3rd for the 3rd time in 4 races. Rocco gets on let’s see if he can improve her.

1 Lehigh WINNER!!

Woke up big time last out and with any improvement could find the WC.

3 Island Girl 3rd place

One of my obsession picks because her name is one of my fav Elton tunes.

Bets: $50 DD 6 with All $300; $25 Ex Box 1-3-6 $150; $200 WP 6  Total: $750 Return:-0-

2nd Race

1 Doubledeesonthetee WINNER!!

Tough tough race I think Eswan can be the difference in this one otherwise toss a coin.

3 Legal Victory Off the board

Not sure where UN is where he won in his last out a small stakes race think he can parlay that into a good run here.

4 Just Gone 4th place

Only because the morning line is 7-5 which I don’t understand in this race.

Bets: $300 WP 1  Total: $600 Return: $2,430

3rd Race

1 Jazz Queen 3rd place

Big drop in class and returns to Orozco could prove to be too tough.

5 Delight Me Off the board

Also dropping with an SJC, look for improved effort in 3rd out.

4 Copy Begone Off the board

Shipping in from Arizona should be used to the expected hot weather and Rocco gets up.

Bets: $50 DD 1 with All $400; $500 S 1  Total: $900 Return: $525

4th Race

8 Hemi Cat Off the board

One of only 2 with a race under their belt and was at the top level now drops and expect a solid effort.

7 Hey Sequoia 2nd place

First out with Rocco up and for solid connections we’ll go with them.

5 Dylan JT 4th place

Stablemate who finished behind my top pick also has every reason to improve.

Bets: $500 S 8  Total: $500 Return: -0-

5th Race

3 A Smooch to Me 2nd place

Just claimed but has run only 1 poor race out of 4 and now the front runner shortens up a half furlong.

8 Hello Son off the board

Switch to Orozco think he will be closer and put in a bid in his 2nd out of the year.

7 Kings Court WINNER!!

Interesting ML at 7-5 for a horse who doesn’t like to win but is always close have to include.

Bets: $20 Tri 3-7 with 3-7-8 with All $560  Total: $560 Return: $830

6th Race

6 Drink til you Drop 4th

Cuts back in distance should just sit off the pace and make a run.

10 Dallon’s Gold 2nd place

Last out was a real clunker back in conditions he can make an impact.

4 Commander King Off the board

If he goes to the lead could be tough to collar, if he breaks slow, no shot.

Bets: $250 WPS 6 $750; $50 DD 6-10 with All $600; $25 Pick 3 6-10 with 5 with All $400 Total: $1,750 Return: -0-

7th Race

5 Blame it on Royce WINNER!!

Had an out should be ready roll today.

4 Thorn Legacy Off the board

This one is improving let’s see if he has hit his ceiling, if not could be a nice price.

2 Blue Law 2nd place

Rocco and consistency would be no surprise.

Bets: $50 DD 5 with All $400 : $50 EX Box 2-4-5 $300; $200 Pl4; $50 Tri 5 with 2-4 with All $500  Total: $1,400 Return: $2,130

8th Race

4 Frostingonthecake Off the board

More reasonably placed after breaking maiden 2 back, expect big improvement.

2 Personal Image 3rd place

Woke up for this bug who is looking for his 1st win, if all falls right could be this one.

5 Goose Bumps 4th place

Zunino should have this one in position to make a run in the stretch.

Bets: $250 WPS 4 $750; $50 Ex Box 2-4-5 $300  Total: $1,050 Return:-0-


Day 33 (Friday, 6/23)

Beginning Balance: +$19,984.52

Bets: $6,760 (-$3,438)

Cashed: $3,322

New Balance: +$16,546.52

1st Race


Big drop in class after 4 straight solid efforts, should finally find the Winners Circle.

2 Wood N Spoon 2nd place

Julien Couton is back and gets on for solid connections, this one popped and stopped quickly have to think more is expected than in debut.

3 Card Player Jack 3rd place

Ran evenly in season debut and only 2nd lifetime start would not leave out of the exotics for sure.

Bets: $10 Pick 4 2 with 1-8 with 1-4-6 with 1-2-4 $180 Total: $180 Return:-0-

2nd Race

1 Pat’s Inheritance Winner!

Bug boy Orozco should start the week with a daily double, Pat’s hasn’t had a bad race yet and a big drop in class.

8 Gio Mio off the board

If Orozco doesn’t win the opening double then Trainer Frank Lucarelli should with this class dropper off a good effort.

2 Command Authority  2nd place

SJC to Couton should be tough.

Bets: $10 Tri 1-8 with All with All $ 840 Total: $840  Return: $825

3rd Race

1 He’s Cagey Off the board

Eswan takes this one dropping and off an even effort could be the winning combination.

4 Mister Breeze 3rd place

Last time Guti was up he won, think a repeat is possible.

6 Oldtimers Vision Winner!

Also climbs down the class the ladder and back at a level where he wouldn’t surprise.

Bets: $300 WP 1; $600; $50 EX Box 1-4-6 $300 Total: $900  Return:-0-

4th Race

2 Betrbegone

3rd start coming up with Rocco, Beyers heading in the right direction expect big effort tonight.

4 Trick or Retreat

Can’t get any closer than this one in last a 1/2 percent improvement may be enough for the win.

1 Grinder Sparksaglo

Hard to pick this one to win a true grinder and a must play in your trifectas.

Bets: $25 Tri 2 with 1-4 with All $200; $5 Pick 4 1-2-4 with All with 2-4-6 with 3-5-7 $730  Total: $930  Return: $434.50

5th Race

3 Keller’s Gold

Multiple winner tried Stakes company twice with little success now drops back to where he won 3 races back. My concern is 2 races he was overmatched and showed little, will the spark return?

1 Ask Not

Picks a pretty reasonable spot for 2017 debut after 2 strong runs in 2016 and then far short in the Gottstein. Connections are careful and usually place them in spots where they are successful. Wouldn’t surprise me if he wins at 1st asking.

2 Pulpits Power

Is coming off a maiden win but the Beyers are moving up, if he can take another step forward should prove he belongs here.

Bets: $10 Pick 3 All with 2-4-6 with 3-5-7 $630  Total: $630  Return: $147

6th  Race

2 Fly Far Away

Not sure why 8-1 but I’ll take it! This one is one the improve for solid connections. In fact Trainer Blaine Wright scratched his other entry in this race. My pick of the day.

6 Dishtinguishable

The Emerald Racing Club’s entry is the biggest threat to my pick. She will likely get first run on the front speed and could be ready for a large group winners circle photo.

4 Ila View

Eswan stays on and could be lone speed if left alone on the front she may not stop.

Bets: $50 Ex Box 2-6 with All $700; $100 DD 2 with 3-5-7 $300; $250WP 2  Total: $1,500  Return: $1,375

7th Race

7 Gold n Green

This one looked like a winner in last before getting caught. With that wind in him might hold this time.

5 Warspite

Rocco on board with 2 straight show finishes primed for his 1st win.

3 Royal Patriot

Bug boy does well in the getaway race for some reason so this is my “system” pick.

Bets: $5 Tri 3-5-7 with All with All $1,080; $100 WP 3; $500 S 3 $700 Total: $1,780  Return: $540.50


Day 32 (Sunday, 6/18)

Beginning Balance: +$16,995.52

Bets: $8,465

Cashed: $11,454 (+$2,989)

New Balance: $19,984.52

1st Race

2 Rally Wave 4th place

Leonel has ridden this one to a win, place and show this year and gets back on will be tough.

5 Lord Walton Winner!

RED FLAG ALERT! Wow claim this one for 7,500 and immediately drop him to 2,500…why? Looks like someone trying to re-coup as much of a bad buy as possible. If they are trying to steal a race, get us thinking there is something wrong to scare away potential claims then he should romp.

8 Gold Will Do 2nd place

Longshot play, Gold has been running even maybe finally wakes up.

Bets: $50 DD All to 2 Total: $400 Return: -0-

2nd Race

2 Pebble Beach Off the board

New top pick after Caliente Gold was scratched. This one looks ready to fire.

1 Candorosa 4th place

Whitaker rarely rides for anyone but Howard Belvoir, here she is on a Larry Ross horse and has finished 2nd and 3rd, no reason she can’t be right there again today.

7 Kelbaker Off the board

Eswan won by 3 lengths last time he was aboard, a reunion could easily equal another win.

Bets: $10 Tri 1-2-7 with 1-2-7 with All Total: $360 Return: -0-

3rd Race

2 Dakotas New Wheels Off the board

Drops back to a level where she can make an impact, look for this one to roll late and could be up in time.

9 Eddie Sue 3rd place

Just a feeling this one might fire.

3 Girls First Winner!

Another shipper from GG but she did not take to the track in her first but big class drop makes her a contender.

Bets: $500 S 2 Total: $ Return:-0-

4th Race

2 Diamonds R Off the board

A race full of 1st timers this one has 6 bullet works and draws Rocco with solid connections. We will trust Rocco.

6 Elliott Bay 2nd place

Howard Belvoir and 2 year olds are a great combination we’ll chase our price horse here.

5 Trump Itz Off the board

The only one to have run a race and finished 3rd and then got 2nd thru DQ. Any improvement might be enough.

Bets: $300 S 6; $50 Ex Box 2 with All  Total: $1,200 Return: $900

5th Race

9 Mixo 3rd place

This is another truly difficult race due to legit 1st timers, lack of production by those who have run or today’s distance that does not look to favor front runners. I ended up on Mixo only because I have backed this one since last year as a 2-year-old and waiting for him to finally run to the connections expected potential. One last try.

10 Battle Red Point 2nd place

1st timer looks ready to roll, concerned that his 1st start is 6 and a half but looks like a soft spot to make his debut.

8 R Loren Off the board

Another 1st timer for a veteran conditioner taking a shot here.

Bets: $50 Ex Box 8-9-10 $300; $100 WPS 9 Total: $600 Return: $150

6th Race

3 Cross Creek Winner!!

Matias rode both of Harwood’s entries in this race last out and have to think he had his choice and stuck with this one so we will go with him.

5 Ketchem Off the board

Lightly raced 5 year old makes his 2017 debut for a trainer who knows how to have them ready and this one’s work tab looks like he will be ready for today.

9 Gramsson 3rd place

Just in case Matias picked the wrong Harwood entry maybe Enriquez gets the better option.

Bets: $50 Ex Box 3-5-9 $300; $10 Tri 3 with All with All; $420 Total: $720 Return: $6,689

7th Race

4 Barkley 4th place

How can you choose against this one? Not only a spectacular horse but a fan favorite and for good reason he’s got 9 lifetime starts with 7 wins and 2 2nds, I will go with the white blazed Barkley!

6 Mach One Rules Winner!!

The Alydar of this rivalry will have to prove he can beat Barkley at least once before I pick him to win but this one is also tough as nails as proven in last out for yet another close 2nd at big odds.

5 Toogrammashousewego 3rd place

Fired his biggest shot in last only to run behind top 2 picks, but maybe the extra ½ furlong will be a help.

Bets:$500 WP 4; $100 Ex 4 with All $700; $10 Pick 4 (4 with 2-5-7 with 1-5-7 with 2-6-7) $270   Total: $1,970 Return:-0-

8th Race

 7 Rod’s Song 3rd place

Fired big time in 1st out at Emerald last year and Metz knows how to prepare for this track, like his price look for an upset in this race.

2 She Got Away 2nd place

Has been red hot in her 3 starts this year with 2 wins and a close 3rd. Has earned the ML fav status.

5 Mary Lois Winner!

I still think Mary has a big win in her and should be at a decent price, chasin rainbows here.

Bets: $50 Ex Box 2-5-7 $300; $100 W 5; $250 WPS 7 Total: $1,150 Return: $2,705

9th Race

5 Racy Rascal 3rd place

Rascal is a maiden but her 2 races this year have been impressive and her beyer in last is as good as all of these but the ML Fav Pre Mo Diamond but Rascal beat Pre Mo the race before. Expected improvement and Rocco may be wishing he didn’t take off to jump on our 2nd choice.

7 Afleet Hope 4th place

Has run  twice here in April then turned out after 2 mediocre efforts at best. But Rocco takes off more than one in this so I will trust the leading rider’s decision.

1 Gazing 2nd place

Another Rocco gave up on after 2 strong effort bug boy sensation Orozco could be the benefactor of a wrong decision.

Bets: $25 DD 1-5-7 with 2-6-7-8-10 $375; $500 S 5 Total: $875 Return: $750

10th Race

7 Myt Fine 3rd place

Big improvement in 2nd start with a big drop in class takes another drop in class may be enough to get there first.

2 Wunjo 2nd place

Best effort of all in last, now drops and no doubt will be one of the favorites in the getaway race.

8 My Flash Gentry off the board

Has to figure out how to win, one you should certainly use in the unders,

Bets: $50 Ex Box 2-7-8 $300; $200 WPS 7 Total: $900 Return: $260


Day 31 (Saturday, 6/17)

Beginning Balance: +$17, 615.52

Bets: $7,830 (-$620)

Cashed: $7,210

New Balance: +$16,995.52

1st Race

2 Southern Solution

Could be out winging on the front end if the bug gets away could be tough to run down.

5 Hello Brown

Brownie just keeps ona winnin’ how can you find anything wrong with this one.

6 Kahaluii Bluff

Think the added distance will help this one run them down in the lane won’t be surprised to him get at least part.

Bets: $200 S 2; $25 DD 2-5-6 with 2-4-6-7 $300 Total: $500 Return $150

2nd Race

7 Miss Pretty Vanna

UGH! I understand why there is a 3-5 ML fav in this one but I have to try and beat her so why not try with the 1st time starter who is the only one that has not proven herself one way or another yet.

4 Bea Demands

In an ugly race maybe the weight break of an apprentice is the difference.

2 A Little Bit Parker

The very likely Winner.

Bets: $100 WPS 4-7 Total: $600 Return -0-

3rd Race

7 KK’s Wonderwoman

She has run 1 bad race in the past 9 races and drops to where she can win. And Wonderwoman was a surprisingly good movie to boot!

1 Rockport Birdie

Rock is on a big time roll can’t deny this one will be the fav and could easily win.

4 Pet Gold

Gut feeling longshot is all I got here!

Bets: $50 Ex Key 1-7 with 1-2-4-6-7 $400; $200 WP 7 Total: $800 Return $1,245

4th Race

1 Party for One

It’s time to poo or get off the pot for this one, if the Party don’t get fired up in this race then the Party is over.

2 Maurice Code

This Blaine Wright starter threw a huge clunker in last have to be better than that.

6 Hart Mountain

Leonel will have this one on the engine, will he stop or not?

Bets: $200 WPS 1; $50 EX Box 1-2-6 $300;$10 Pick 3 1-2-6 with 2-5-7 with 2-5-7 $270 Total: $1,170 Return $1,300

5th Race

5 Hot Bobby

This one somehow lost last out and cost me a HUGE pick 4! I had the 50-1 shot who won the finale with an all button pick. Bobby must redeem himself top me right here!

7 Affluent Asset

Like the price and in 3rd start should have his best start look for a late run.

2 Calex

Last out was a huge run and if can repeat will be hard to deny.

Bets:$250 WPS 5; Total $750 Return $1,850

6th Race

5 Bob is Back

Bob won the very 1st race of 2017 and has been looking for the WC since, today might be the day.

2 Private Boss

Just missed last out and now shortens up a half furlong might hang on for the win.

7 Rosie’s Hurricane will be flying down the lane late I would use in exotics.

Bets: $50 Ex Box 2-5-7 $300; $400 S 5; $5 Pick 4 2-5-7 with 6 with 4-6-8 with 5-6-8 $135 Total: $835 Return -0-

7th Race

6 Citizen Kitty

Impressive in last out and now an extra half furlong will only help him close even more looks exceptionally tough in this one.

1 Perhaps a Pie

This one will be motoring late and we will see if this one belongs at this level or not.

7 Profound Moment

This one either wins or does not hit the board, your choice.

Bets: $250 WPS 6; $50 Ex Box 1-6-7 $300; Total: $1,050 Return $1,035

8th Race

4 Luck Out

Luck will be rolling late can Lopez get her up in time is the question, I think he can my pick!

8 Sugarseeker

Dropping and another closer, could be a crowded finish line at the end of this race.

6 Live Like Mike

Looks to be the only front speed signed on and if she relaxes and unchallenged she could go a long way and at a price.

Bets: $25 Ex 6 with All $175; $500 S 8; $50 DD 4 with All $400 Total: $1,075 Return $1,150

9th Race

8 Sadie’s Snowflake

Solid connections, solid 1st out as the whole field was far behind the runaway winner, expect a strong effort at the win today.

6 Betdesilvergold

Ships in from GG for conservative trainer Junior Coffey, should be well placed to make an impact.

5 Angel Marie

2 career starts have been fruitful will likely be an overwhelming fav and would not be surprising if she wins.

Bets: $300 PS 8; $100 Ex Box 5-6-8 $600 Total $1,200 Return $480


Day 30 (Friday, 6/16)

Beginning Balance: +$18,678.02

Bets: $5,865 (-$1,062.50)

Cashed: $4,802.50

New Balance: +$17, 615.52

Race 1

1 Cat Camille 3rd

SJC significant jockey change and weight drop with a class drop signs say Cat is ready to pounce!

7 Magic Question 4th

Stretch angle play, Question won her one and only race last year in her 2nd 1 mile race of the season after finishing 7th in her 1st try of 2 turns. This year her 1st try all the way around she finished 7th so why not gamble on history repeating itself, time for a longshot win!

4 La Brisa 1st

Woke up big time going 2 turns for the 1st time, if she doesn’t bounce could find the WC as the fav.

Bets: $200 WP 1; $25 DD 1 with All $175; $25 EX Box 1-4-7 $150 Total: $725  Return -0-

Race 2

2 Rojo Bou Peep Off the Board

Following Rocco here he gets off ML fav to ride a 1st time starter. Thinkin he may know best.

1 Bet the Gold 2nd place

Love the connections but concerned this one overwhelming fav in last 2 and not even close and including today 5 starts with 5th different jockey, Red flag to me  but won’t be surprised to see him win.

4 Atta Boy Dougie Winner!

Dougie takes the big class drop see if he wakes up in hes 2nd start.

Bets: $25 key Ex Box 2 with All $300; $25 EX Box 1-2-4 $150 Total: $450   Return $875

Race 3

6 Mara’s Warlock

Trying to beat the fav’s here, think this one reverts to 2 races ago as Guti gets back on and will go the mile, think he may be alone on the lead, if they leave Mara lonely out there she will be tough to get by.

1 Feel the Charge Winner!!

Comes from the powerful Metz barn with Rocco and drops all are dangerous.

3 Kaiulani 3rd Place

Just won but heads into open company so it may look like a class drop but it really isn’t but her running style fits this race like a glove should be tough late.

Bets: $5 Tri 1-3-6 with 1-2-3-6-7 with ALL $360; $100 W 6; $200 PS 3   Total: $860   Return $210

Race 4

2 My Way or Elway

ok I’ll pick this one but I don’t like it! Why the fire sale is the question, he’s been knocking on the door for much higher now plummets in class, scary class drop and short price, beware.

8 Ravvizone Winner!

Many are dropping in this race not as significant as Elway but this one is 2nd off the claim and has been running even. Hot bug gets on like his chances, this is the one I will be betting.

4 Heart’s Melody 2nd place

Longtime trainer Junior Coffey has always been known to be very conservative with his stock and doesn’t race them unless he truly believes they have a shot. I will include this one in all exotics for sure.

Bets: $500 S 8; $25 EX Box 4-5-8 $150; $10 Tri 2 with 4-8 with All $80  Total: $710  Return $1,307.50

Race 5

1 One More Orman

Was dropped big time and claimed after competing well at a high level in SoCal, let’s see how high the ladder this one can climb.

2 Dustin’s Passion

I’m stubborn and picked this one in last where he ran out of room at 6 now gets 6 and half look out late!

8 Wando Cat

Another one that could be rolling down the lane late could get up.

Bets: $100 Ex Box 1 with 2-3-4-8 $800; $200 PS 2  Total: $1,200  Return $2,410

Race 6

4 Kenzie Blake Off the board

This race is filled with front speed and this 0ne can sit just off the pace and make a run and her Beyers are headed the right direction. She has been sharp as a tack in her 4 starts this will be her biggest challenge.

6 Lofty Cause 4th place

Juan has his choice to join the early speed or lay-off, can’t dispute anyone who likes this one best.

2 Camano Comet Winner!

If she returns to form 2 races back will earn the ML fav status.

Bets: $200 WP 4; $50 DD All with 1-6 $500   Total: $1,000  Return -0-

Race 7

6 Lucky Chopra Off the board

Looks to be the lone speed shipping in from GG for Lucarelli and with Orozco and a weight break will be tough to overhaul.

1 Solar Heat 3rd place

This one has taken to the Emerald oval with a pair of places and a show just missing in last by a nose. Moderate increase in class, crafty veteran pilot Matias will have this one in position if he’s good enough.

7 Packy’s Out Winner!

Has slipped into a concerning pattern as far as getting the win, 14 starts 6 2nd’s and 3 3rd’s seemingly finding ways to fall short. A must in exotics but willing to try and beat him again figuring he will have a short price.

Bets: $300 win 6; $700 S 1 Total: $1,000  Return -0-


Day 29 (Sunday, 6/11)

Beginning Balance: +$15,000.02

Bets: $6,480 (+$3,678)

Cashed: $10,158

New Balance: $18,678.02

Race 1

1 Seattle Sea Gal 3rd place

With a Mile run in her in last now should have the endurance to her take another step forward.

3 April’s Not Foolin Off the board

Solid connections and Rocco aboard makes this one a contender. The question is can she get the distance?

4 Kisses for Tonkaa 4th place

Longshot pick after a pair of mile runs think this one could enhance the exotics.

Bets: $50 DD 1 with All $250; $200WP 1  Total:$650   Return -0-

Race 2

4 Hoody WINNER!!

Just got claimed but can sit off a hot pace and make a run should be tough down the stretch.

3 Eddington’s Star 3rd place

2 races back Orozco won on this one by 7 lengths, repeat gets it done today.

6 Blackford 4th place

Shipper should be plenty fit but will he take to the Emerald surface is the question.

Bets: $50 EX Box 3-4-6 $300; $200 w 4 Total: $500   Return $900

Race 3

7 Midda’s Gold Touch Off the board

Several in this one looks like they could get it done including this one but Midda’s gets a solid bug with a weight break and a price, I’ll gamble might be his turn.

2 Yes It’s Snowing 3rd place

Completes the all-apprentice exacta.

4 Brother Bob 4th place

Shipper and dropper may be the one, should get a price.

Bets: $100 WP 7 $300 S 7; $5 DD  2-4-7 with All $120; $5 Tri 2-4-7 with 2-4-7 with All $150  Total: $800  Return -0-

Race 4

2 Shopping Tizzy off the board

In a race that is a complete guess with 1st time babies I will guess the one with the best works will win but don’t get me wrong the only button I’m pressing is the ALL button.

4 Bellastime 2nd place

Only one to have run and although was DQ’d did finish 2nd in last.

10 Per La Bella off the board

Pure guess 2nd of 2 Blaine Wright runners like the outside post for young ones.

Bets: $25 DD All with 4-5 $400  Total:$400   Return $360

Race 5

5 Wine at Nine WINNER!!

Last 5 races 3 wins and 2 2nds regardless of class all with Werner-Hegerty aboard in a tough race to figure I’ll stick with consistency.

4 Hunter’s Vow 4th place

Been knockin on the door maybe can step up here in this spot after being very popular at the claim box.

7 Dallon’s Gold Off the Board

A grinder looking for a price to help the exotics.

Bets: $10 Tri 4-5 with 3-4-5-7 with All $360; $300 Sh 4  Total: $660   Return $198

Race 6

3 Pick by the Box 3rd place

If this one hits a Beyer anywhere near what he did last year where he finished 7 of 8 in the money capping it with 3 straight wins will put him in the WC. But does he need an out to fire his best effort?

7 Trelawny Off the board

Claimed and ships from GG and Rocco jumps on contender.

6 Daytona Beach Winner!!

This one has literally finished 4th 5 straight times but beyers are strong and improving have to think he will finally at least pay off a show ticket.

Bets: $10 Tri 3-6-7 with 3-6-7 with All; $500 S 6  Total:  $800 Return $850

Race 7

4 Luz Atticus 3rd place

Rocco gets off a regular to ride this shipper, total follow move here and will rely on Rocco’s judgement.

6 Valid Keiki off the board

Solid connections with 2nd all-time EmD trainer, drops in class will be tough here.

7 Ain’t Tellin Off the board

May be lone front speed and shortens up could be a sneaky price play.

Bets: $50 Ex Box 4-6-7 $300; $250 PS 6  Total: $800   Return -0-

Race 8

7 Say Neigh Off the board

Tons of early speed is signed on here and the only one that looks like he can sit just off the pace and make a run is this one that is also climbing the class ladder. Cane he compete at this level? Big question, shaky top pick. TOUGH RACE!

5 Barosso Off the board

3 time starter with 2 straight wins let’s see how good this one can be.

1 Mister Breeze Off the board

Breeze has 9 career wins and has a win and place in 2 starts this year at some point resume matters.

Bets: $250 PS 1 ; $50 DD All with 4-5 $400 Total: $900  Return $1,565

Race 9

5 Thorninmyside WINNER!!

Switches to my fav get-away race jock after even career debut, now drops in class look for this one to run much better.

4 Gold n Green 2nd place

4 even efforts and now drops in class so wake up here or not.

8 Touch of Einstein Off the board

Has been competitive in 1st 3 starts this year but would be careful about going overboard on this one.

Bets: $50 EX Box 4-5-8 $300; $250 WPS 5  Total:$1,050   Return $6,285


Day 28 (Saturday, 6/10)

Beginning Balance: +$17,433.02

Bets: $6,320 (-$2,433)

Cashed: $3,887

New Balance: +$15,000.02

Race 1

4 Switch the Style Up 2nd place

Just missed in Emerald debut and Gonzalez had his pick of several in this one sticks with Switch and so will we.

8 Two Bitz of Corona Off the board

Ran a solid 3rd after shipping in from the desert, minor improvement puts her in the circle.

7 Ailanis Little Bay 3rd place

Fair career debut look for improvement could be in the mix at a price.

Bets: $50 EX Box 4-7-8 ;$200 Place 8  Total: $500;   Return -0-

Race 2

1 Mr. Tenacious 2nd place

Has run twice in Auburn since being turned out and has improved from 6th to 2nd and the Beyer is moving in the right direction. Hot apprentice aboard as well..OROZCO time!

5 Cause I’m Bad Winner!!

Leonel jumps off one he just won on to stick here we’ll go with his choice.

4 Abeja Off the board

Had a huge jump in beyer last out concern here is a bounce.

Bets: $200 WPS 1; $50 DD 1 with All $200  Total: $800  Return $900

Race 3

3 Carat Queen

The Queen is dropping to an all-time low and with Rocco up so now or never.

8 She’smusictomyears

Only 1st time starter with lots that have had many chances, why not?

5 San Juan Star

Star is a grinder and usually gives a good showing one of these days it should be good enough for a win.

Bets: $10 Tri 3-5-8 with 3-5-8 with All $360   Total:$360   Return $252

Race 4

4 Miss Wine Topper

This one has been knocking hard on the door but yet to come in, maybe today is the day.

3 Little Joker

The nostalgia in me can’t get me to ever pick against this one, the Joker is back!

1 Frostingonthecake

Could be the lone front speed and if not challenged may not stop.

Bets: $100 EX Box 1-3-4; $200 P 3  Total: $800 Return $2,260

Race 5

3 Goosebumps

This one likes to finish in the money with 6 2nd’s but only 1 win think maybe today it’s time for win #2.

7 Livinintheleftlane

Drops big time and either she wakes up today or not.

4 Swiss Cause

Rocco on a dropper you have to include.

Bets: $300 PS 3   Total: $600   Return -0-

Race 6

5 Another Winter

Might be sitting on a winning effort in a toss up.

7 Oblivion

Not sure why this isn’t my top pick, 2nd out has the chance to improve the most, should be my Top pick…ok it is.

1 Pukaberry

This one has been popular at the claim box and yet still tries hard, like that in a horse would be no surprise to the Sportscat.

Bets: $10 Tri 1-5-7 with 1-5-7 with ALL $360  Total:   Return -0-

Race 7

1 Shot Gun Gary

After an impressive career debut then took on the heavyweights in the Auburn. Now placed for success look for a bounce back.

2 Double A Prospect

Like the connections and the Beyer is going in the right direction may be able to step up and have an impact.

7 Distortedatthebar

Rocco chooses this one over others have to respect the leading rider’s choice.

Bets: $50 DD 1 with All $500; $50 DD All with 3; $250 WP 1   Total: $1,500   Return $475

Race 8

3 Gotham’s Ballerina

3rd drop in class and has improved the last 2 races, think there is another step up and might be enough to win it.

7 Blushing Ann

Ships in from SoCal after making no impact could wake up for team Belvoir here.

9 Yakima Gray

Concerned this is one that just won’t win after 5 straight races finishing 2nd or 3rd. Not going to be excited over the price you’ll get here but have to consider.

Bets: $250 WP 3; $50 EX Box Key 3 with All $900  Total: $1,400   Return -0-


Day 27 (Friday, 6/9)

Beginning Balance: +$18,520.52

Bets: $4,675 (-$1,087.50)

Cashed: $3,587.50

New Balance: +$17,433.02

Race 1

4 Cat’s Champ WINNER!!

Ran evenly and a solid 2nd in last out, repeat of that should get the job done.

2 Mike Man’s Bro Off the board

I like this one been knocking on the door maybe ready to take the next step.

5 Seattle Smoke 2nd place

This one should be smokin down the lane if the speed stops this one could run over the top of them all.

Bets: $25 DD 4 with All $175; $250 place 4; $5 Pick 4 (2-4-5 with 4-5-7 with 1-8 with 1-9) $180 Total: $605   Return $1,002.50

Race 2

4 Cat n Bird 2nd place

This one had 2 outstanding races and broke his maiden then stepped up over his head this is a more realistic spot look for a bounce back.

7 Nice Guys Finish WINNER!!

Could be front speed with Rocco on board.

5 Vaquero Gold Off the Board

Drops in price either wakes up here or won’t at all.

Bets: $100 WPS 4; $10 Pick 3 (4-5-7 with 1-8 with 1-9) $120 Total: $420   Return $300

Race 3

1  Six S Street 3rd place

Solid effort in one trip around the Auburn oval. Talented bug could find the winners circle.

8 Citizen Sam WINNER!

Hard knocker would be no surprise especially with Rocco aboard.

7 Wannagi Off the board

Will be tough on the front end.

Bets: $25 Ex Box 1 with All $350; $250 Show 1 Total: $600   Return $350

Race 4

1 Victor Victorian Off the Board

Great human connections and they claimed this one here should be tough to top.

9 Rio Hondo 3rd place

3 starts 3 thirds and a 4th a step forward and he will be tough to contend with.

7 Kalakala Off the board

I’m still hung up on his opening night win, think he can bring a price to the party.

Bets: $200 WPS 1 $5 Tri 1-9 with 1-2-4-7-9 with All $280 Total: $880   Return -0-

Race 5

4 Analysis Paralysis 2nd place

Lot’s of speed signed on here and this one could sit right behind and make a run.

5 Vistarella 3rd place

Improving front speed steps up again looking for 3rd straight win let’s see how high this one can climb the claiming ladder.

3 Swiss Script Winner!!

Blaine Wright has an entry you can never look past.

Bets: $10 Pick 3 (3-4-5 with 3-5-6 with 4-6-7) $270; $200 PS 4 Total: $670   Return $980

Race 6

3 Golden Moon 4th place

Versatile type should be close and with some back class should be tough down the stretch.

5 Grinder Sparksaglo 3rd place

Juan Gutierrez and a heck of a consistent runner makes this one a contender.

6 Trick or ReTreat 2nd place

Last out woke up big time a similar effort might be good enough.

Bets:$25 DD All with 7 $150; $50 EX Box 3-5-6 $300 Total: $450   Return $367.50

Race 7

7 King’s Court 2nd place

Good run in Emerald debut to miss by just a 1/2 length, think this one will be right there in the end.

6 Our Lucky Day 3rd place

This bug boy does well in the getaway races including winning on this one at 31-1 to break his maiden victory so can he parlay that against winners? We’ll see!

5 Sam the Lion Off the board

Late pick after a late scratch.

Bets:$250 WPS 7; $10 Tri 5-6-7 with 5-6-7 with All $300 Total: $1,050   Return $587.50


Day 26 (Sunday, 6/4)

Yes I drilled a 50-1 shot yesterday in the 9th race for a HUGE pay-off but how did I get it? I loved the fav at 2-1 in the 8th race and a $50 daily double bet with “ALL” in the 9th gives me the huge hit. Now this bet cost $400 but the minimum cost $1 and returned $225 so a $5 bet would have cost $40 and returned over $1,000. But the downside of course is if your single loses or if the one of the fav’s wins the 9th it may not have paid as much but the All button is my best way of hitting big long shots especially when a race looks like anything could win it. Set to go for a Sunday, here we go!

Beginning Balance: +$19,022.12

Bets: $7,106.60 (-$501.60)

Cashed: $6,605

New Balance: +$18,520.52

Race 1

1 Sorelli 3rd place

Orozco can break a horse which is key in the quarters, he jumps on here we’ll go with him.

4 Tickle Ur Fancy Winner!

Not often you see a horse lose by 56 lengths in any race like this one did 2 races back let alone a quarter horse. But the rest of the resume is sparkling.

3 Silvies 2nd place

Solid contender would be no surprise.

Bets: $50 EX Box 1-3-4 $300; $50 DD 1-4 with 2-3-5 $300 Total: $600   Return $1,010

Race 2

5 Myladysabitshady 4th place

Could only eliminate the 1 from the win pick in this one, slight class edge here so we will take the shady lady.

2 Stormin Norma L off the board

Should have the early lead can she hold it is the question.

3 Guardian One Winner

Is the fav for a reason.

Bets: $5 Pick 4 (2-3-5 with All with 1-5-6 with 9)$225; $250 WP 5   Total: $775  Return -0-

Race 3

4 Rockport Birdie Winner!

This race sets up with tons of front speed signed on, Birdie has shown in the past she can sit off the pace and make a run. Hesitant pick

1 Time for a Memory 2nd place

Juan Gutierrez rode half the field in their last out and chose this one.

3 Gracie Gold 4th place

Another bug trying to make inroads ran a big 2nd with this one in last if speed collapses this one could be the price play you’re hoping for.

Bets: $200 WPS 3  Total: $600   Return -0-

Race 4

5 Only the High Road 4th place

This one has done everything right for 11 races finishing no worse than 4th. BUT only 1 win. This is a race of contestants who are shy of winning maybe consistency wins out taking the High Road.

6 Mitch and John E Off the board

McCanna and Bowen have to be included on my pick 7 ticket.

1 Party for One off the board

Has run 3 solid races of 4 starts, the lone clunker in the slop may have simply not liked mud kicked in his face. Eswan aboard, solid chance.

Bets:20-cent Pick 7 (1-5-6 with 2-5-9 with 3-4-6 with 2-7-8 with 2-3-6 with  1-4-7 with 1-3-5) $291.60; $500 Sh 5   Total:$791.60   Return -0-

Race 5

9 Kitten de Pere

In a big field like this I really try to find a price play but this one has built the best resume as far as beyer and speed figs and gets Rocco. Although the Fav hard to stay away.

2 Tattypoo

Solid run last out let’s see if she can improve.

5 Neat Lady

Needed opener may be ready to get back to business.

Bets: $200 WP 9   Total: $400  Return $1,200

Race 6

4 Dustin’s Passion 4th place

Has been out twice and missed by a neck twice. Should have speed to run at think he get’s it all today.

3 Lord Walton off the board

Just got claimed but was so impressive in last out have to include.

6 Ozark Daredevil Winner!

Ships from Hastings may be the true front speed if left alone will be tough to overhaul.

Bets: $200 WP 4; $10 Tri 3-4 with All with All $840   Total: $1,040   Return -0- 

Race 7

7 Sharkzilla 3rd place

Trying hard to claim this one’s win in the Auburn was a fluke at 17-1 but 7 lifetime starts never worse than 4th, a win at maiden special, a 3rd place finish in last year’s Gottstein and now a convincing win in the Auburn, I don’t see this one as a fluke. He may not win but will be stunned if not in the top 3. Show parlayers this is your pick!

8 Aqua Frio 2nd place

The 2nd of the Blaine Wright entries may benefit from the other’s front speed and sit just off. After a run around the EmD oval I expect improvement.

2 Strate Remark

Shipper from Hastings should provide some competition on the front end and picks up Rocco could be tough to get by.

Bets: $100 EX Box 7-8; $50 Ex 7-8 with ALL   Total: $1,000   Return -0-

Race 8

6 Ready Set Jet Winner!

Solid opener nearly a month to re-coop so no bounce effect and switch to capable bug like the 6-1 ML.

3 Ace on the River off the board

Shipper from GG but rider stays in the Orozco family, certainly didn’t care for the turf in last, toss that one.

2 Meatball Paul 2nd place

Claimed and steps up but usually is in the mix.

Bets:$250 WPS 6  Total: $750   Return $3,900

Race 9

7 Bonus Spin off the board

Although ships in from the Bullring, has run and been successful in Auburn, she’s been off a month love her in this spot.

4 Perhaps a Pie 3rd place

Good showing in last think she can improve and be a minimum part of the exotics.

1 Listo off the board

Could be starting to get better, hunch play here.

Bets:$10 Tri 7 with 1-4-5 with All $150; $50 DD 7 with All$350   Total: $650  Return -0-

Race 10

5 Atta Boy Dexter Winner!

3 straight 3rd’s and now drops should be tough.

1 Dancing Pistol 3rd place

Closed well in last hope he starts his run sooner this time.

10 Dialingfordollars Late Scratch

Rocco loves to win the last race of the week have to include.

Bets: $500 S 1   Total:$500   Return $525


Day 25 (Saturday, 6/3)

Big Saturday card ready for lot’s of action! Here we go!

Beginning Balance: +$8,422.62

Bets: $3,318 (+10,599.50)

Cashed: $13,917.50

New Balance: +$19,022.12

Race 1

2 Watch Me Fly Bye 3rd place

Very consistent maybe ready to graduate.

6 L Bar D Bonnie Lee Winner!

I had this one last time and just missed at big odds.

3 Rakin in Returns off the board

JC was on my 2nd pick takes off to ride this 1st time starter have to think he gave up the fav for a reason.

Bets: $25 EX Box 2-3-6-7   Total: $300  Return $427.50

Race 2

3 Trust in the Stars 3rd place

Eswan in board think he will be closer to the pace than in lst and late run could be too much for the rest.

4 K Swag Off the board

Takes the biggest drop in horse racing after an even debut where he was clearly over his head could wake up here.

5 Bet the Gold 2nd place

This one has finished 4th in all 3 races, Rocco gets up but think he will be overbet, prefer others but can’t rule out.

Bets: $25 Ex Box 3-4-5 $150; $300 Sh 4; $2 Pick 4 (3-4-5 with 4-5-6 with 3 with 1-5-6) $54   Total: $504  Return-0-

Race 3

4 Pat’s Inheritance 3rd place

Chasin bugs, Orozco sticks with this one after riding the the MLF in last.

5 One Macho Gambler 4th place

Ran here twice the price to no avail, shipped to GG to try the turf…no good…now is back and drops big with Rocco.

6 Silver Chrome Winner!

Won 3 back in maiden claiming has raced twice at this level with a pair of 4ths. Might be ready to step up and hit the board.

Bets: $10 Tri 4-5 with 4-5-6 with All $120; $100 P 6   Total: $220  Return $200

Race 4

3 Exit Sixty Slew Winner!

Class is no issue in this race, literally all horses are jumping at least 5k this one is MLF at 9-5 and may be bet down is ultra consistent in winning and speed figs with Rocco, this is a single on Pick-” ” tickets.

4 First Heritage 3rd place

Just claimed after even effort in EmD debut should improve.

5 McDove 2nd place

I have to be rooting for the Emerald Racing Club’s entry.

Bets: $250 W 3  Total: $250  Return $475

Race 5

5 Rosie’s Hurricane Off the board

An SJC to Eswain here after throwing a clunker in last could turn him around.

6 Bob is Back 2nd place

I just think Bob is INDEED back.

1 Parkers Bluff 3rd place

Rocco jumps on this class dropper who hits the board as lot but hates winning. can’t find his last win in the PP’s and has a career lifetime record of 5-10-11 so a must in tri’s and super’s.

Bets: $50 WPS 5 $15 EX Box 1-5-6   Total: $240  Return-0-

Race 6

6 Fin Du Monde off the board

3rd out of the year and has been spaced legit to see improvement could get there 1st.

1 Cozzabi off the board

Leonel has been hot and this one is currently on a 1st, 6th, 1st, 6th pattern meaning he is due for a good one here.

2 Doubledeesonthetee off the board

This race is crying out for a longshot with very questionable fav’s.

Bets: $50 win on 1-2-6; $200 Sh 1; $2 Pick 4 (1-2-6 with 1-2-3 with 3 with 3-5-8)   Total: $404  Return -0-

Race 7

2 Deputy’s Command 3rd place

If he can start like he finished last year will be very t0ugh in his 2017 debut.

1 Sharp Focus off the board

Will likely be on the engine can he last?

3 Drink til you Drop 4th place

Likely fav and is consistent as heck would be no surprise.

Bets: $100 WPS 2   Total: $300  Return $170

Race 8

3 Winninginfashion Winner!

Drops after even 2017 debut and picks up Rocco no doubt will be in the mix.

5 Mary Lois 3rd place

I’ve picked every time I can’t stop now.

6 Annisquam 4th place

Never count out the all-time leading Emerald Downs trainer.

Bets: $100 EX 3 with 4-5-6 $300; $50 DD 3 with All $400 Total: $700  Return $12,645

Race 9

3 Danila

Solid run in last and with solid apprentice and good price in the getaway.

5 Renatitanon

Looking for the all apprentice Exacta, big class drop this one could easily win.

8 Unbreakable Vow

They will have to catch this one, if front speed is especially good today this is the one.

Bets: $400 Sh 3   Total: $  Return -0-


Day 24 (Friday, 6/2)

Jacked for the weekend let’s do this!

Beginning Balance: +10, 087.62

Bets: $3,380 (-$1,665)

Cashed: $1,715

New Balance: +$8,422.62

Race 1

2 Angel Mary 2nd place

Solid 1st out with hot bug boy should improve in this spot.

3 Punahele 4th place

The only 1st time starter in this field of 5 and was made ML fav, respect.

4 Amantha 3rd place

Significant drop in class and switch to the other hot bug, can be right there.

Bets:$100 WPS 2; $25 DD 2-3-4 with 2   Total: $375  Return $235

Race 2

2 Semiprecious 4th place

Following Zunino on this one he just won easily on Kenzie Blake but jumps on this one, have to think he knows best in this case.

1 Taylor’s Rose 3rd place

Shipper from the desert draws Rocco would be no surprise.

4 Lofty Cause WINNER!

If she runs back like she did 2 races ago she may not be caught on the front end.

Bets: $10 Pick 3 (2 with 1-2 with 6-7); $50 EX 2 with 1-4; $200 P 2  Total: $375  Return -0-

Race 3

2 MyT Fine 4th place

Had his debut trailed and never rallied at twice the class takes a tumble expect big improvement in this one, maybe enough to find the Winner’s Circle.

1 Warspite 3rd place

Thought I gave him his last chance last time but Rocco gets on and this is what I call a SJC (Significant Jockey Change). One more chance!

3 Packy’s Out 2nd place

This one likes to hit the board but hasn’t figured out how to win, not sure today is the day either.

Bets:$50 EX Box 1-2-3 $300; $100 WP 1   Total: $400  Return -0-

Race 4

6 Live Like Mike WINNER!

3rd out of the season Eswan sticks could be trouble at the wire.

7 Madame Clouet 2nd place

Coming off a 2nd place finish can easily see this one getting home 1st.

4 Bella Columba 4th place

Longshot pick dropping in class.

Bets: $2 Pick 4 (4-6-7 with 1-4 with 4-5-7 with 2-3-5-6-7) $180; $10 Tri 6-7 with 4-6-7 with All) $240;   Total: $420  Return $680

Race 5

1 Possible Spider

Switch to apprentice saves 5 pounds while cutting back a 1/2 furlong in distance Spider may lead start to finish.

3 Debauch

Thought this one would run big last out looks like a bounce, if so could be right there at the end.

4 Crimson Warlock

Likely fav dropping in class would be no surprise with Orozco up.

Bets: $10 Pick 3 (1-3-4 with 3-4-5 with 2-5-7) $270; $50 Ex 1 with 3-4-9; $200WP 4   Total: $820  Return $800

Race 6

4 Gravel

Drops back to where he won 2 races ago and Bowen gets back on board will be tough.

5 Marquee Marini

Has been sharp since February a winning run Friday night is not out of the question.

3 Maurice Code

Stepping up from a maiden win but might be this good.

Bets: $50 DD 4 with All $350; $10 Tri 4-5 with 4-5-7 with All $240   Total: $590  Return -0-

Race 7

2 Magic Question

Martin has been hot in the get-away race so I’m sticking with the bug boy.

5 Oh Baby Oh

Drops in class and should be tough.

7 My Mom

2nd out should show some improvement.

Bets: $100 WP 2 $200 S 2   Total: $400  Return-0-


Day 23 (Monday, 5/29)

Had a really good day yesterday with the help of a huge exacta and a 32-1 shot in the getaway race. Now we get bonused with an extra day of betting, Happy Memorial Day and good luck!

Beginning Balance: +$5,952.62

Bets: $3,410 (+4,135)

Cashed: $7,545

New Balance: +10, 087.62

Race 1

6 She’s Informed WINNER!!

Leonel has been hot this week this one could extend that streak.

3 Alittle Bit Parker 2nd place

Rocco on the Fav always a danger.

1 San Juan Star 3rd place

Will have to break its pattern of good race then bad race, good race then bad race, next up in the cycle is bad race.

Bets:$100 WP 6; $25 DD 3-6 with All $350   Total: $550  Return $1,349

Race 2

5 Jovi 4th place

Lightly raced gelding has only hit the board 3 straight times in his career maybe can take the next step with talented bug on top.

3 Wood N Spoon Off the board

Top notch connections know how to have em ready to roll.

6 Guardingthemoney Winner!

Has had many chances and keeps falling short, prefer taking odds but would not be a surprise he finally gets it done.

Bets:$200P 5  Total: $200  Return -0-

Race 3

1 Talk That Talk Off the board

Picks up Eswan in 2nd try in Auburn after solid 1st try finishing 3rd.

5 Dreamer S Off the board

Improved from 1st time out this year to 2nd race another step forward could be the Winner’s Circle.

4 Wickedizaswickedduz Off the board

2017 debut today if he runs back to his final 2 races from last season at EmD puts her in the mix.

Bets:$25 Ex Box 1-4-5 $150; $200 P 1  Total: $350  Return -0-

Race 4

5 Upshift 4th place

Trainer Bozell has had his charges ready to roll early this season in a coin flip race why not give him the benefit of the doubt?

7 Trump Itz 2nd place

Blaine Wright is having a strong season no question this one will attract support.

6 Dylan JT Off the board

Taking a flyer on the 2nd Roy Lumm horse with the apprentice that scored on a 32-1 shot last night.

Bets:$50 WPS 5; $25 WP $100 S 6  Total: $300  Return -0-

Race 5

7 Miss Wine Topper 3rd place

She’s been knocking on the door for quite some time maybe gets the job done today.

2 Goose Bumps Off the board

Solid bug, light weight and might find the lead all to her own may be tough to get by if she has something left in the tank.

6 Kaiulani Winner!

Don’t bother with a show bet on this one, she has 2 wins and 9 2nd’s and no 3rds in 18 lifetime starts but you better have her in your Exactas!

Bets:$5 Tri 2-6-7 with 2-6-7 with All $150; $50 win 2; $300 S 7 Total: $500  Return $480

Race 6

3 Raspberry Road Scratched

Debuts today in a very soft spot with this one’s back class if he’s ready he could run them all down with plenty of pace signed on.

7 Solemnly Swear Winner!

Tough human connections and solid efforts puts this one as the likely fav.

1 Archie Graham

Another one coming out for the 1st time this year but think Larry Ross can have him ready to go.


Bets:$100 WP 3 $300 S 3  Total:   Return refund

Race 7

4 Cinematic Cat Off the Board

Tracks all-time leading trainer sending out this one and switches to Eswan should be tough.

6 Italian Warrior 2nd place

This one has been popular at the claim box and for good reason last 6 races 4 2nds, a win and a show should be right there.

3 Kenai King WINNER!

Withstood a steep increase in price and may be all alone on the lead.

Bets:$100WPS 4  Total: $300  Return -0-

Race 8

7 Please Be Me WINNER!!

The Metz barn is rolling Rocco jumps on expect this one to be right there in the end.

3 Marquee Marini

Gutierrez could further dig into Mitchell’s all time leading wins total at EmD with this one.

5 Pakokhe Off the board

Could be up late for part of the purse.

Bets:$10 Pick 3 7 with 4-5 with 2-4-7 $60; $200 WP 7  Total: $260  Return $3,341

Race 9

4 Oh Marvelous Me WINNER!

After a great start to the season has now been off for a month could be ready to pick up where he left off.

5 Blame it on Royce 4th

Simply this one has never run a bad race 2-1-2 in 5 lifetime starts likely fav.

1 Capital Expense Off the Board

This one getting better and now climbs the claiming ladder.

Bets:$50 Ex Box 4-5; $200 P 4; $25 DD 4-5 with All $350   Total: $650  Return $1,655

Race 10

7 Yakima Gray

Can’t get away from the Fav’s in the race, had this one last time will stick.

2 April’s Not Foolin

Rocco in the getaway race no shocker here.

4 Olivia Snowbound

My fav jockey in the finale he brought in a 32-1 shot last night, odds won’t be that high but would be no surprise here.

Bets:$50 EX Box 2-4-7 $300  Total: $300  Return $720


Day 22 (Sunday, 5/28)

What a weekend so busy but yesterday had my best day of betting yet winning nearly $1,500 betting just the basics. I think I will stick with the basics WPS and some EX and DD’s. Good Luck today a really nice card for betting.

Beginning Balance: +$2,551.12

Bets: $2,930

Cashed: $6,331.50 (+3,401.50)

New Balance: +$5,952.62

Race 1

8 Leavin My Lover 4th place

One in debut but then DQ’d in this field this is the only one with a 1 in their race history so I think with the outside post he gets it done 2nd time out.

6 Xiaomi 2nd place

Big class drop could be the difference.

4 Heza Gamer Off the board

Longshot pick

Bets:$25 Ex Box 4-6-8  Total: $150  Return -0-

Race 2

9 Seattle Sea Gal 3rd place

The extra distance with a hot apprentice and 2 solid efforts equals 3rd times the charm.

7 Island Girl 4th place

To complete the Chris Stenslie Exacta.

1 Lehigh Off the board

Interesting claim 2 races ago new connections thought they had a hidden gem, class drop may wake her up.

Bets: $100 WP 9 $200 Sh 9 Total: $400  Return $420

Race 3

2 Blazin BB WINNER!

BB could find herself on a lonely lead and if no one goes with Matias up will be hard to overcome.

7 That’s Not Fair 4th place

She hits the board 50% of the time a must use in the Ex, tri’s and super’s.

10 Call Me Never Off the board

Longshot play.

Bets:$5 Tri 2 with 4-7-8-10 with All; $100 Sh 10  Total: $260  Return $1,980

Race 4

5 Summer Harbor

Chasing Rocco he sticks with this one and so will I.

8 Heart’s Melody

Junior Coffey is clearly on his way to retirement but what do horse trainer’s do when they are retired? They train fewer horses. He knows how to place his runners and when to run them we trust his instincts.

3 Excess RE

Leonel had a great day yesterday, this one might keep his streak going.

Bets:$200 P 5; $20 Ex 5 with 1-3-7-8-10  Total: $300  Return $794

Race 5

3 Dallon’s Gold 4th place

A tough tough race going with consistency here Gold has been 1st or 2nd in the last 6 races with 3 wins and 3 places.

9 Straight Bourbon 2nd place

Had an even effort in 1st time around EmD any improvement should put him in the money.

10 Parker’s Bluff Off the board

Back to a realistic level.

Bets:$150 PS 3  Total: $300  Return -0-

Race 6

4 Grand Palais 2nd place

This Blaine Wright trainee may be on the lead alone if so could go from flag to finish.

1 Oldtimer’s Vision 4th place

Has the right running style to get 1st run at the top of the stretch will it be enough to overcome the class hike?

3 Del Rio Harbor Off the board

Tons of back class could wake up big time here.

Bets: $50 EX B 1-3-4; $100WPS 3 Total: $600  Return -0-

Race 7

3 Alliford Bay Off the board

Will be an overwhelming favorite now what to do with this race?

5 Daddyalwayssays Off the board

The one of the others that could improve the most.

1 Risque’s Lagacy WINNER!

Bets:$50 EBox 3-5; $20 Tri 3 with 5 with All $120; $50 WP 5  Total: $320  Return -0-

Race 8

2 Betrbegone 4th place

Lightly raced 5-year-old will run for a tag only for the 3rd and entices Rocco.

1 Emmett Park WINNER!

Hard trier with a weight break and top bug makes him dangerous.

6 Party Pooper Off the board

This one loves to win!

Bets: $20 DD 2 with All $220 Total: $220  Return-0-

Race 9

7 Allallstorm Off the board

Had his career debut with an even effort now drops gonna take a flyer here.

8 Our Lucky Day WINNER!! at 32-1!!

Why not?


5 Solar Heat 2nd place

The pick since the 10 was scratched.

Bets:$200 sh 7, $25 EX Box 5-7-8; $5 Tri Box 5-7-8 $30   Total: $380  Return $ 3,137.50



Day 21 (Saturday, 5/27)

Sorry folks really tight on time tonight Day 2 of High School Championships and then done for the Summer! Just my picks no comments and bets.

Beginning Balance: +$1,083.62

Bets: $1,730 (+$1,467.50)


New Balance: +$2,551.12

Race 1

3 Citizen Sam Winner!

5 Jet Pack Black Scratched

1 Mr Tenacious 2nd Place

Bets:$100 WP 3 Total: $200  Return $440

Race 2

1 Meatball Paul 2nd place

3 Local One Thirty WINNER!

4 Outdidya Off the Board

Bets: $300 show 1 Total: $300   Return $780

Race 3

4 Kota Copy 3rd place

1 One More Orman WINNER!

5 Parker’s Behr Cat SCRATCHED

Bets:$100 WPS 4 Total: $300  Return $210

Race 4

5 Cat’s Gulch WINNER!

4 Our Power Surge Off the Board

6 A Smooch for Me 4th place

Bets: $200 SH 5 Total: $200   Return $420

Race 5

1 Seau 3rd place

3 Beach Mode Off the board

6 Hit the Beach 2nd place

Bets:$25 Ex 1 with 3-4-6-8; $100 W 1 Total:$200   Return -0-

Race 6

2 Hoody 2nd place

4 Rallying Market Off the board

5 Blue Law Off the board

Bets:$10 DD 2 with All $80; $200 SH 2 Total: $280   Return $380

Race 7

3 Another Winter 2nd place

5 Cassidy Command WINNER!

8 Simply Naked Off the board

Bets: $100 WPS 3 $25 EX Box 3-5-8  Total:$250   Return $967.50


Day 20 (Friday, 5/26)

Had quite a day with just straight wagers so for the next 2 days that’s what I am going to be doing, sorry I am swamped with High School Championship weekend but beginning next week we are going all out with our horse coverage. Here are my Friday night picks!

Beginning Balance: +$1,328.62

Bets: $1,210 (-$245)

Cashed: $965

New Balance: +$1,083.62

Race 1

2 Margarita Man 2nd Place

After a big drop in class he needed last out love the bounce back here.

1 Royal Patriot 4th place

4 Alec’s Butte Off the Board

Bets:$50 WP 2 $100 S 2  Total:$200   Return $225

Race 2

6 Coast is Clear 3rd place

1st’er comes out for the powerful Blaine Wright barn with the 2nd all time leading Jock aboard in Juan Gutierrez, dangerous.

2 Renatitanon Off the Board

1 Remy Royale (Upset special!) 4th place

Bets:$20 WP 6; $60 S 1 Total: $100   Return -0-

Race 3

5 Kalakala Off the Board

Just seems this one runs hard everytime upset in his 1st out at 14-1 and think he will be in the mix at the end.

1 Tres Twain Winner!

2 Rio Hondo 3rd place

Bets:$20 WPS 5 $100 S 1  Total:$160   Return $120

Race 4

5 Secret Harbor Off the board

Has been finishing 3rd in fact last 3 straight Eswan jumps on and a little improvement could find the Winner’s Circle.

9 Private Boss Scratched

10 Freedomofthehills Off the board

Bets:$25WPS 5  Total:$150   Return -0-

Race 5


The shipper for Muddy Waters and Poo this combo has been deadly and Matias makes this one hard to overlook.

2 Jazz Queen 2nd place

7 Nightwalker SCRATCHED

Bets: $100 WPS 2  Total:$300   Return $390

Race 6

3 Dakota’s New Wheels Off the Board

This could be a very clever claim by the 1st Emerald Downs Jockey Champion. She just might be this good.

7 Zoombadaboom 2nd place

4 Little Joker 3rd place

Bets: $25 WPS 3, $100 S 4  Total: $175   Return $230

Race 7

4 Mike Man’s Bro

Liked this one in his last, like Martin in the getaway race could be a good price when he breaks the tape.

2 Rough n Ready

6 Thorninmyside

Bets:$200 show 4  Total: $200  Return -0-


Day 19 (Sunday, 5/21)

Well I’m consistent! I picked the 5th place horse in the Derby and the 5th place horse in the Preakness. I felt a longshot coming just picked the wrong one. Have to cut today’s comments short sorry folks by my picks and bets which also are all simplified only WPS bets today.

Beginning Balance: +$721.12

Bets: $1,135

Cashed: $1,742.50 (+607.50)

New Balance: +$1,328.62

Race 1

1 Live Like Mike 3rd Place

Can sit off the pace and take 1st run and has had an out at Emerald with big class drop.

5 Madame Clouet 2nd place

3 Pet Gold 4th place

Bets: $25 WPS 1 Total: $75   Return $32.50

Race 2

5 Faced Value Winner!

With Rio Norte out this one will be tough to overahaul.

1 Valid Prince 4th place

4 Utza Have Money 3rd place

Bets:$50 WP 5 Total: $100   Return $145

Race 3

7 Czech Chick WINNER!! 7-1

An 8-5 shot in this race? If the fav’s beat me so be it I will go with the ones who have a chance at showing the most improvement and those are the one who have run only a couple of times.

1 Requited 3rd place

5 La Javier Off the board

Bets:$20 WP $50 show 7 Total: $90   Return $287 

Race 4

2 Kahuliu Bluff 4th place

Ships in from TuP and has not been worse than 3rd for the last 8 races but only 1 win with 4 2nd’s. Show parlay players here is your key.

7 Italian Warrior 2nd place

3 Atypique Off the board

Bets:$100 Show 2 Total: $100   Return -0-

Race 5

3 My Way or Elway 4th place

Have picked this one 2 times in a row gonna try a 3rd time.

2 Elusive Riches SCRATCHED

8 Guardian One 2nd place

Bets:$25  WP 3 $50 S 3 Total: $100   Return -0-

Race 6

8 Bullet Express 3rd place

Metz barn is heating up and so is Gutierrez, this one ready to make a run!

4 Slew’s Arch Off the board

3 Wando Cat 4th place

Bets:$200 Sh 8 Total: $200   Return $560

Race 7

5 Solemnly Swear 3rd place

These connections are red hot and with 1 under this one’s belt a step forward could be the Winner’s Circle.

6 Perfect Night Off the board

10 Wine at Nine 2nd place

Bets:$25 WPS 5 Total: $75   Return $37.50

Race 8

4 Barkley WINNER!!!

Tons of speed signed on will it stop? If so The white blazed nose of Barkley could run them down.

1 Prime Engine 4th place

6 Distinctive Passion Off the Board

Bets:$25 w, $50 P $200 S on 4 Total: $275   Return $552.50

Race 9

8 Jamaalaree 2nd place

Rocco in the getaway race on a dropping shipper.

4 Cassidy Command 3rd place

1 Boss Dancer Off the Board

Bets:$40 WPS 8 Total: $120   Return $128

Day 18 (Saturday, 5/20)

It’s Preakness Day! Be sure to check out Larry’s Throwdown as the Sportscat is looking for redemption as Track Announcer Matt Dinerman is off to a great start.

Beginning Balance: +$714.32

Bets: $1,342

Cashed:$1,348.60 (+6.80)

New Balance: +721.12

Larry’s bets for the Preakness

$20 WPS on #6 Gunnevera

$10 Ex Straight 6 with 1-4-5-9

Total: $100

Race 1

1 The Cartel Hawk

Our 1st Quarterhorse race of the year. Hawk looks solid.

3 L Bar D Bonnie Lee

From the old days of Portland Meadows in the 70’s any Bar horse was a must play.

7 Watch Me Fly Bye

Maybe not fly by but instead on the lead could be tough to top.

Bets: $5 Ex Box 1-3-7 $30; $2 Tri Box 1-3-7 $12; $5 DD 1-3-7 with 2-3-6 $45 Total: $87   Return $630.30

Race 2

2 Switch the Style

No one likes to win in this race but this one has been out only twice with a win and a place. Chance to get better

6 Jesses Claim Ta Fame

9 of 12 in the money only 1 win but major contender.

3 EZ Frosty Morn

Should be respected and expect to share in the pot.

Bets: $2 Tri 2-3-6 with 2-3-6 with ALL $60; $5 DD 2-3-6 with 2-3-4 $45 Total: $105   Return $260.10

Race 3

4 UK Trampoliner

In a tough race with some solid early speed that tends to fade and some deep closers so I split the difference with UK and off a pair of 3rd place finishes could take the next step.

2 Lucky KJ

Out of the speed horses I like this one the best to hold on for at least part.

3 Giselle

Rocco aboard and some decent effort could improve.

Bets:$25 WP 4 $50 S 4 Total: $100   Return $75

Race 4

6 Seeking a Mystery

If front speed is holding this one may be gone on the engine.

4 Bob is Back

If speed is not holding Bob could be thundering down the lane.

7 Thermal Wave

This one splits the difference of front speed and a deep closer.

Bets:$10 Ex Box 4-6-7 Total: $60; $2 Tri 4-6-7 with 4-6-7 with All $60 Total: $120   Return $228.20

Race 5

4 Justita

Chasing Eswan who won on 2 others last out in this race but takes this one so will I at 4-1 on top of it.

5 Candorosa

Jennifer doesn’t ride for anyone but Belvoir for the most part so she must fit this one well for Ross. Another step forward finds her in the Winners Circle.

1 Kelbaker

If Eswan made the wrong choice this one might be the one he regrets taking off.

Bets: $50 WPS 4; $10 EX Box 1-4-5 $60;$2 Pick 3 (4-5 with 5-6-12 with 4-5) $24  Total: $234   Return-0-

Race 6

6 Luck Out

Needed first out and with a step forward could sit right off plenty of front speed and get first surge at the top of the stretch.

5 KK’s Wonderwoman

KK continues to get ignored and she just keeps running her heart out, I’ve been with her from the start and staying with her.

12 Mary Lois

I am stubborn picked her the last 2 races and she finished 4th I’m sticking with Mary.

Bets: 20-cent Super (5-6- with 2-3-5-6-12 with All with All) $72; 50-Pick 4 (All with 3 with 1-4-6 with 1-3-7) $54 Total: $126   Return-0-

Race 7 The Hastings Handicap

5 Invested Prospect

He has been a beast no reason to try and beat him here.

4 Princess Kennedy

If the speed for some reason stops I think the Princess will be flying down the lane will there be enough room to catch Prospect is the question?

1 Sweet Tashi

She has only run twice and has a win in debut at Special Weight no doubt needed opener for this year longshot gut feeling play.

Bets: $25 WP 4; $5 Pick 3 (3-4 with 1-4-6 with 1-3-7) $90 Total: $140  Return-0-

Race 8

4 Gazing

Connections maybe tried to sneak this one past in her career debut where she won but got claimed and may be a sneaky great claim.

6 Myladysabitshady

Ran well 1st out and can be right there with similar effort.

1 Targa

Maybe is waking up coming off maiden win could fire again.

Bets: $10 DD (1-4-6 with 1-3-7) $60; $50 WPS 4 Total: $210  Return $155

Race 9

3 Six S Street

Solid year at TuP comes in a soft spot here and could fire. I like this bug boy in the finale as well he seems to have good success in the get-away race.

7 Classic Grand

Always looking for prices in the finale so why not Classic Grand? 3rd time I think will hit the board.

1 Cash N Dash

This one has been in a tug o’war at the claim box and Neil Knapp gets Cash back. Most times when you lose one to a claim you don’t take them back so Neil must like this one and that’s good enough for me.

Bets: $20 EX Box 1-3-7 $120 Total: $120   Return-0-


Day 17 (Friday, 5/19)

Here we go with another great weekend of racing and the numbers of horses ready to go is increasing and each day more and more the races get better to bet with bigger returns. A reminder most nights I am watching in real time and do change my bets when there are scratches especially late scratches when I can but like at the track if too late for a pick4 for example then I get the betting fav like everyone else.

Beginning Balance: +$797.32

Bets: $798.90

Cashed: $716.00 (-82.90)

New Balance: $714.42

Race 1

1 Danila 2nd Place

This is a tough, tough race lots of them dropping in class while not even close to the winner in any of their races. Danila is going up slightly but is the only one to have run the distance and ran a very even race in his first out of the year with a solid bug could be the one to beat.

7 Olivia Snowbound Off the board

This one is the 6-5 ML fav and lost once by nearly 4 lengths when she lost last year in July when she finished her best a 2nd place finish. In all of her other 6 races including last out she has never been closer than 7 lengths back but she dumps class and I guess that’s what makes her such an overwhelming choice, I’m just not sold.

6 Unbridled Moon Off the board

In a race like this sometimes you go with the one who could show the most improvement and since Moon has only run twice maybe her improvement will be more significant than the others and hit the board.

Bets: 20-cent Pick 7 (1-6-7 with 1-6 with 2-4-6 with 2 with 4-5 with 5 with 2-7-10) $21.60; $20 WP 1; 50-cent Pick 4 (1-6-7 with 1-2-6 with 2-4-6 with 1-2-7) $40.50  Total: $102.10   Return $46

Race 2

1 Oso Brave 3rd Place

Another tough maiden run here so we’ll go with Oso who is taking a significant drop in class with Eswan aboard.

6 Pat’s Inheritance Winner!

The Fav already took a big drop in class and just missed holding on for the win. Question is can he deny the new class droppers in this spot or can he finally get the job done.

2 No Talking 4th Place

This one was claimed on April 15 and then they jumped him up in class by more than double. They now are putting him back in a spot he may bounce back, I’m agreeing with the drop.

Bets: $1 Super (1-2-6 with 1-2-6 with All with All) $72   Total:$72    Return-0-

Race 3

6 Gold Will Do 4th Place

Had a race out this year change of riders and drop in class I think he wakes up her for a trainer that traditionally is tough after his charges have a race under their belts.

4 DeBauch Off the Board

Had this one last out and he JUST missed by a nose at a healthy 9-1. Eswan sticks with likely other choices so we like his chance to hit the board and maybe at the top.

2 Copper Creek Winner!

Rocco on a Fav hard not to include/

Bets:$5 EX Box 2-4-6 $30; 50-cent Tri 2-4-6 with All with All $30 Total:$60    Return -0-

Race 4

2 Lord Walton Winner!

I really liked the Lord in his last out but he fired a dud a likely bounce now has been off for 2 weeks with strong connections and Matias sticks I think you see a different tonight.

7 Tony Tequila Off the Board

Tony loves to hit the board 12 of 23 in the money but only 1 win but 7 places so has to be part of your exacta, tri’s and super’s.

1 Silver Chrome 4th place

Won in his opener was claimed and stepped up in class but was right there 4th just 3 lengths back. Another step forward puts Silver with “Kubi” in the mix.

Bets: $50 win 2; $20 EX 2 with 1-4-7-8 $80; $5 Ex Box 1-2-7-8- $60 Total:$190    Return $372.50

Race 5

4 Ravvizone 3rd Place

Goes from the Lucarelli barn to the Howard Belvoir barn for new owner Vann Belvoir. The Belvoir’s have been in this game a long time so they wheel her right back at the same price where she ran a solid 4th. Switch to Bowen could put her in the picture.

5 Pebbles Fury Off the Board

She has only raced 3 times and once this year where she ran even finishing 7 lengths behind now takes a drop in class and gets Zunino my upset.

1 Miss Wine Topper 3rd Place

She’s at 10-1 and still not getting any believers after a solid 4th and 3rd at big odds and coming into her 3rd start of the season this is the one she should be cranked to the max.

Bets: $5 Pick 3 (4-5-All) $45; $10 DD 4 with 2-3-5 $30; $75 Show 1 Total: $155    Return $127.50

Race 6

5 Please Be Me 4th place

The powerful Metz barn starts this one for the 2nd time at the Auburn Oval after shipping from the desert. Eswan sticks should be dangerous 2nd time out.

2 First Thought 2nd place

Another shipper for the Muddy Waters crew with big Mike Puhich handling the training chores. Muddy Waters claimed this one last out at Oaklawn Park and steps up in class.

3 Pokokohe Off the board

From the Munger barn who knows how to get em ready a nice run in last won’t take much improvement to hit the wire 1st.

Bets: $3 DD 2-3-5 with 2-4-10 $27; $5 EX Box 2-3-5 $30   Total: $57   Return

Race 7

2 Command Authority 3rd Place

Last year won on his 2nd start of the season so after a useful debut why not look for a repeat of history and should get a good price.

10 On Fire Albert 2nd Place

This one takes a tumble in class after getting smoked at a higher level will really have to turn it around but lures Rocco which caught my attention.

4 Sam the Lion 4th place

Ships in from Turf Paradise in decent form would not surprise me.

Bets: 10-Super (2-10 with 2-4-6-9-10 with All with All) $44.80; $1 Tri (2-4-10 with 2-4-10 with All) $48; $100 Show 2 Total: $192.80   Return $170.00


Day 16 (Sunday, 5/14)

Beginning Balance: +696.52

Bets: $986.40 (+100.80)

Cashed: $1,087.20

New Balance: +$797.32

Race 1

4 Cruiser Blue 2nd place

I’ve been with this front runner in his 1st 2 runs and he improved from 10th to 3rd, I’m sticking with him in his 3rd out.

3 Gio Mio Winner!

Lucarelli shipper from GG is always tough in a spot like this but has had multiple tries at breaking maiden.

2 Parker’s Adventure

In a race this ugly why not give a 5-year-old 1st time starter a shot?

Bets: 50-cent Pick 4 (2-3-4 with 1 with 5-6-7 with 3-5-6) $27; $10 WP 4    Total: $47   Return $21

Race 2

1 Kitten De Pere 3rd place

I’m not convinced this one is going to start, quite a drop in class from where she was running at Turf but if she does she will be tough to top.

7 My Mom off the board

The Belvoir barn is heating up and we’re seeing many of his turning up the heat on their 2nd or 3rd starts due to limited works with all the water the Spring but this one has been off since December think she could be much tighter than other stablemates in the barn.

4 Emerald City Kitten Off the board

Kitten has run 2 fairly even races thinking 3rd out should be her best and she should hit the board.

Bets: $2 Tri (1 with 3-4-7 with All) $30; $3 Pick 3 (1 with All with 3) $21     Total: $51   Return-0-

Race 3

7 Mr Branching Out Winner! (but DQ’d & off the board 🙁

This one shipping in from Turf for the powerful Metz barn is the ML fav, looks to be tough in this landing spot.

6 Midda’s Gold Touch 2nd place

I hammered this one at 17-1 which began my big dig out of the hole in last out. This one also loves to hit the board and the 9 year old is showing he’s not ready for retirement just yet.

5 Where’s My Voucher Winner!

Jose takes this Sun Downs runner, you may think he’s in way over his head but he’s been hitting the board regularly and this is as soft a field as you can find, could surprise some.

Bets: $5 EX Box (1-5-6-7) $60; $25 P 7 ; $1 Tri Box (1-5-6-7) $24 Total: $109   Return $619.60

Race 4

3 Trust in the Stars 3rd place

Like the fact Eswan sticks where he may have had other options and Stars keeps improving. 1st out a 3rd last out placed 2nd will he finally get to the top? I think so.

6 Bet the Gold 4th place

Loses Eswan but gets the more than capable Julien Couton and runs after a useful 4th place 1st out.

5 MyT Fine off the board

Maybe a 1st time starter is the way to go here and so why not from a solid barn and hot jock?

Bets: 20-cent Pick 7 (3 with 1-3-5-6 with 6-8-9 with 7 with 1-4-5 with 3-5-6 with 1-9-11) $64.80; $5 EX Box (3-5-6) $30 Total: $94.80   Return-0-

Race 5

6 Don’tbeshywillie Off the board

Expectations have been high in each start for Willie opening in a Special Maiden then 3 straight Stakes last year and another Maiden Special back on 4/16 for his 2017 opener. He has never been worse than 4th and his best was this year running 2nd, I think it’s time for Willie to break thru.

5 Mixo 3rd place

Here’s another that is believed to be much better than he has shown so far. Love the human connections and going to give Mixo one more chance.

3 Magnum GT Off the board

A very solid career debut and is ripe for improvement should be a danger in the lane.

Bets: 20-cent Super (3-5-6 with 3-5-6 with All with All) $24; $75 S on 5  Total: $99   Return $135

Race 6

9 Image of Truth Off the board

Zunino can sit right off the early speed and may get 1st run down the stretch this one in a toss-up.

5 Seeking a Mystery off the board

Should be the early speed and if goes unchecked may not stop.

8 Daytona Beach 4th place

Daytona can go to the early lead or sit off the pace it doesn’t seem to matter tho as he has run 4 straight 4th place finishes. Think this is the tipping point either finally at least hit the pay-offs or take a step back, tricky call.

Bets: 50-cent Tri (8-9 with All with All)   Total: $56   Return-0-

Race 7

7 So Lucky 2nd place

He was sooooo good last year have to think he needed that opener look for big time bounce back in the Auburn on Mom’s Day.

5 Monydontspenitself off the board

Mony has only run twice and if anyone can not only spot talent but get that talent ready it’s the Cooper’s. This one might just be getting started.

8 Aqua Frio 4th place

Ships in for the powerful Blaine Wright barn from GG but a little concerned he hasn’t had a trip or workout over the Auburn surface. Wright has done this before tho and no doubt has been out in the morning for an informal jog.

Bets: $75 win 7; $10 EX (5 with 1-4-7-8)$40; $20 EX (7 with 1-4-5-8); $5 Tri (7 with 1-5-8 with All) $90   Total: $285   Return-0-

Race 8

1 Golden Glove Eddie Winner!

Bowen  sticks with Eddie even tho he is running for a new barn, He’s been close in 1st 2 of the year may be ready to get it all.

4 Rally Wave 3rd place

With lots of speed signed on this one looks like he may sit just off and be in position to inherit a lead if the front end falls apart.

5 Manyshadesofgrey 2nd place

will be my 3rd pick since my top pick Inawar was scratched.

Bets: $1 Pick 3 (1-4-5 with 2-3-6 with 1-9-11); $2 Tri box (1-2-4-5) $24   Total: $51   Return $52.60

Race 9

3 Delineator Express 2nd place

I had this one last time and he fell short by a half length. Reason I don’t have him on top is he has only gone the mile distance once and he was well off the board. A little shaky on the 2 turns. Now that Gangnam Guy this is my top pick.

6 Eddington’s Star Winner!

Star could complete a Puhich exacta. Star picks up the hot bug to pilot.

7 Unbridle Candy 3rd place

Will be my 3rd pick with the late scratches.

Bets:$30 WP 3 Total: $60 Return $39

Race 10

11 Yakima Gray

Looks like Mr Parker and Candi Tollett claimed this one at Turf to bring here and now Yakima will get to race for the 1st time in Washington. She has been knocking on the door gets Gutierrez should be a big time danger at the wire.

1 Weaveittobeaver

Guti takes off to ride our top pick but then Rocco jumps on and they drop in half the claim tag makes her one you can’t dismiss.

9 San Juan Star

This is the 2nd entry of Parker/Tollett and won’t surprise me if she ends up winning it all.

Bets:20-cent Super (1-9-11 with 1-9-11 with All with All) $33.60; $100 show 11 Total: $133.60 Return: $220


Day 15 (Saturday, 5/13)

Beginning Balance: +765.12

Bets: $589.10 (-$68.60)

Cashed: $520.50

New Balance: $696.52

Race 1

7 La Brisa Off the board

A rough 1st race but this one has been out once and picks up Eswan should improve and could be enough to win.

6 Zippinaroundtown 4th place

Roy Lumm is a crafty trainer and with a race in this one should be right there.

3 No No 3rd place

Showed a little pop and stop in only try this year might not stop so quickly this time.

Bets: 50-cent Pick 4 (3-6-7 with 1-3-5 with 1-2-5 with 1-6-7) $40.50; $5 EX Box (3-6-7) $30  Total: $70.50   Return -0-

Race 2

1 Some Storm Cat Off the board

Just finished 4th to Hello Brown (2nd) and Tres Twain (3rd) and they ran nose to nose 1st-2nd Friday night. Not much in this race if he can improve like those 2 could pull an upset.

3 Fin Du Monde 2nd place

Likes to run around 2 turns and got a 1 turn freshener in could also find the board at a decent price.

5 Sam Jam 4th place

This one just keeps getting better each time out so another step forward could get him to the winners circle.

Bets: $1 Tri (1-3-5 with 1-3-5 with All) $30; $10 WS 1 $50  Total: $80   Return -0-

Race 3

2 Perfect Meeting Off the board

Emerald has a pair of really good bug boys and this one seems to continue to run under the radar. This horse likes a wet track with the bug I like the 8-year old lady’s chances.

1 Brianna Jean Off the board

Eswan jumps off another to get on this Metz trainee shipper so I will follow and trust the solid connections.

5 First Heritage 4th place

From one of my fav barns Puhich and he picks up this interesting charge. Heri has quite a resume including a win at Churchill. Matias up he knows how to bring her home.

Bets: DD (1-2-5 with 1-6-7) $45;  Total: $45   Return-0-

Race 4

7 Racy Rascal 2nd place

The ultimate human connection play, Rocco either did not get asked to ride the morning line fav or liked this one better. I like the fact he will be mad if he did not get the ride back or he thinks this one is better so this is 100% chasing Rocco.

1 Pre Mo Diamond Off the board

Ran well in lifetime debut now gets solid bug and should improve on second asking.

6 Grace Bay 3rd place

I’ll take the other bug in Kevin Orozco here who gets the call over Bowen. Bay simply might be the best in here.

Bets: $1 Pick 3 (7 with All with 4-6-9-10) $36; $5 EX (7 with All) $30 Total: $96   Return-0-

Race 5

6 Vistarella WINNER!

This one was very successful when she ran for Belvoir in the past and he just claimed her back, something you don’t see veteran trainers do very often unless they really want one back.

3 Pukaberry 4th place

I picked this one her 1st time out and just missed, gonna see if she can last this time.

7 Another Winter Off the board

Bets: 50-cent Pick 4 (3-6-7-9 with All with 4 with 3-8) $40; $20 WPS 6 $60     Total: $100   Return $140

Race 6

9 Web of Demons Off the board

This one disappointed at huge odds on odds but think she may have bounced redemption could be today for those that hang with her.

5 Excess RE 2nd place

Looking for a price play and she has a turn over the Auburn dirt, some improvement expected and she could hit the board.

10 Summer Harbor 3rd place

Looks like Bowen had his choice of 2 or 3 in this one and ended up here, we’ll trust his judgement.

Bets: $10 WPS 9 $75; Super 10-cent (9-10 with 4-5-9-10 with All with All) $33.60; $1 Tri Box (4-5-9-10) $24  Total: $87.60   Return $290.50

Race 7

4 Grand Palais 3rd place

Sticking with this one from the Blaine Wright barn. He definitely took to this track shipping in from GG.

5 Swingshift Deputy 2nd place

Should improve after getting a turn on the track last out, plus doesn’t mind a wet track could be a big help.

7 Blue Law 4th place

Just won and stepping up might be this good.

Bets: $10 DD (4 with 1-3-8) $30; EX $10 (4 with All) $40 Total: $70   Return-0-

Race 8

3 She’s Informed

1 time starter from last year has been prepping nicely for her 2nd ever race with 2 bullets on sloppy tracks no less. I’ll bet against an 0-23 7-5 fav and find the hidden jewel, might be this one.

8 Bea Diamonds

Zunino likes to win these getaway races and this one has a big time shot.

1 Prado’s Wealth

I don’t know why, it’s late and I’m tired.

Bets: $1 Tri (3 with All with All) $30; $5 EX Box (2-3-8) $30; $40 Sh 8      Total: $91   Return $90


Day 14 (Friday, 5/12)

The first big weekend is behind us and now it is just pure NW horseracing joy. These are the weekends of racing I love all about the NW and our little corner of the world. Here we go Friday night racing !!

Beginning Balance: +438.52

Bets: $623.80

Cashed: $940.40 (+326.60)

New Balance: +765.12

Race 1

5 Cat’s Gulch 3rd place

Cat has been knocking on the door think he may get the lead as most of these like to stalk and pounce. They may wait too long and Cat could be gone.

4 Heroes for Ghosts Winner!

Likely to be the odds on choice and comes out for one of the hottest barns on the grounds. He will be sitting just off the pace but I think he’s a bit of a grinder and may not get there.

1 Thorn Legacy 2nd Place

Only one coming off a win of course it’s his maiden but well placed for the comebacker and would not be a surprise and could be the early front speed instead of Cat’s.

Bets: 20-cent Pick 7 (4,5 with 1,2 with 1,4 with 1,2,4 with 3,4 with 2,7 with 1,9) $38.40; 50-cent Pick 4 (1-4-5 with 1-2 with 1-4 with 1-2-4) $27 $5 DD 4-5 with 1,2) $20     Total: $85.40   Return $110.80

Race 2

2 Freedomofthehills 4th place

May 7, 2016 Freedomofthehills in his opener ran a 5f race and broke in 5th place fell back to 6th and that is where he finished. On June 10, 2016 about 4 weeks later,  Freedomofthehills ran his 2nd race of the year and broke 3rd stalked and jumped up for a ½ length win at odds of 22-1. On April 8, 2017 Freedomofthehills went 5 and a ½ furlongs where he broke 6th and finished 6th. On May 11, 2017 about 4 weeks later he is listed as the 2nd longest shot on the board at 5-1. Zunino knows his pattern, a win at good odds. There is plenty of pop and stop speed in this race including the 2-1 fav who has stopped badly in the last 4.

1 Osmosis Winner!

Had 1 out this year and I think we will see a ton of speed once again collapse late in this one, the big O may be along to pick up some of the pieces.

3 Defend Liberty off the board

The only speed to hold on with 2 wins in last 3 starts, only question is will other early speed take too much out of Liberty.

Bets:$5 EX Box 1-3 $10; $5 EX 2 with All $25; $1 Pick 3 (1-2 with 1-3-4 with 1-2-4) $18  Total: $53   Return $37.50

Race 3

1 Kenzie Blake Winner!

She could set right behind the speed and if Hinke falters could get the first run.

Two late scratches of 2 of my picks so I settled for:

4 Signorina Ermenia 2nd place

3 La Tempete Moire 4th place

Bets:$1.50 Tri (1-3-4 with 1-3-4 with All) $36; $30 win 1  Total: $84   Return $105.60 

Race 4

2 Tres Twain 2nd place

More than capable bug takes over and has been riding as good as any, hit the board last out may be ready to light up the top spot.

1 Cause I’m Bad 4th place

Takes a big tumble in class for 3rd out at EmD and could find himself in a stalking role. With a good inside trip might sneak thru on the rail for a stretch run.

4 Hello Brown Winner!

Brown just missed last out on the 28th, will he bounce? Rocco aboard helps his chances.

Bets: 50-cent Pick 4 (1-2-4-6 with 4 with 2-3-4-7 with 1-5-9) $24; $5 EX Box 1-2-4 $30; $20 WP 2   Total: $94   Return $171.50

Race 5

4 Rally Cap Rudy 3rd place

Hard to tell who is going to take the early lead all look like they want sit just off. Rudy ran very even with a 4th place finish but just ¾ of a length from a win in a pack finish. 2nd out improvement puts this one in the Winners Circle.

5 Party for One Off the board

Party has shown speed in the past may be on the lead and if no one goes with him he may get a soft lead and tough to top.

3 Capital Expense Winner!

Rocco is on board and may be the other front speed possibility. Just like Party if left alone just may not stop.

Bets: $5 Pick 3 (4 with 2 with All) $45; $50 win 4  Total: $95   Return -0-

Race 6

2 Feel the Charge 3rd place

Rocco jumps off the 3 after winning to get on this one so I will follow him with the shipper from the Desert.

7 Lizzy Lass off the board

Lizzy drops in half in class after a run of the grounds opener. Should see big improvement in 2nd out with Kubinova on board.

4 Nightwalker 2nd place

Comes out of the Howard Belvoir barn and all of his have been improving on the 2nd and 3rd starts think ‘walker will put on her running shoes in this one

Bets: $10 DD (2 with 1-5-9) $30; $2 Tri (2 with 4-7 with All) $20; $15 win on 4-7 $30   Total: $80   Return -0-

Race 7

9 War Spite Off the Board

Last chance for this one where connections felt they had something special has now tumbled drastically in class to the bottom. If he doesn’t wake up here, not sure he ever will.

1 Our Power Surge Winner!

Rocco aboard and this is a hard knocker but don’t like his habit of not winning. 7 of 9 2nd, 3rd or 4th but has fallen short in each.

5 Mike Man’s Bro 3rd Place

Another one falling in class picks up feisty apprentice. I like prices in the getaway race and this one should be a good shot to cash out if he gets there.

Bets: 20-cent Super (1-5-9 with 1-5-9 with All with All) $50.40; $10 EX (1 with 4-5-7-8-9) $50; $5 Ex Box 4-5-9 $30; $20 show 5   Total: $150.40   Return $525!!



Day 13 (Sunday, 5/7)

Still reeling from Practical Joke flattening out in the stretch, thought I had a big payday coming at the 1/8th pole but it was not to be. Had a pretty even day at Emerald only lost $14, but the $100 I dropped on the Derby took a chunk out of my balance. Gotta bounce back and finish strong today and I’m re-energized after a long night of White Russians with Catnip.

Beginning Balance: +592.62

Bets: $647.40 (-$154.10)

Cashed: $493.30

New Balance: +438.52

Race 1

3 She Got Away WINNER!

Lucarelli has 40% of the starters in this race and Bug Boy Sensation Kevin Orozco had his pick and stuck with this one coming off a 2 and half length win. I will stick with Orozco too.

2 Tinsel Angel 3rd place

Has one race under her belt and showed little at big odds, takes a minimal drop in class but think this one might wake up today.

1 Cat Camille 2nd place

Solid 2nd in opener off a long lay-off, concerned about a bounce but any improvement could take it all.

Bets: 50-cent Pick 4 (1-2-3 with 1-2-4 with 2-5-6 with 1-4-5) $40.50; $5 Key EX Box 3 with 1-2 $20 Total: $60.50   Return $26

Race 2

1 Tony Tequila 2nd Place

This one disappointed many when he stumbled out of the gate in his debut at 7-2 and dumped Orozco. Kevin decided to stick with Tony taking off CCn Water. I ripped up a lot of tickets on that stumble, Tony is going to help heel my Derby wounds today.

5 Lucky Tiger Off the Board

This one has been off since last September but runs for one of the best Bob Meeking and he is very careful with his stock. This one comes off a bullet work and picks up the red hot Eswan Flores for his debut, my price horse.

4 CC n’ Water 3rd place

Morning line fav but Orozco takes Tony if he had the choice. Water has 12 lifetime starts and 11 lifetime stops. He likes the early lead but rarely holds on however takes a tumble in class, will that help him not stop? I am not convinced.

Bets: $5 EX Box 1-4-5 $30; $10 Ex 1 with ALL $50 Total $80   Return -0-

Race 3

6 Wando Cat 3rd place

Lucarelli is setting up to have a big day and Wando Cat after a useful 1st out finishing with interest is double dropping in class and picks up veteran rider Isaias Enriquez. Look for Wando to sweep over the top in the final 100 yards.

2 Dustin’s Passion 2nd place

There should be some speed to run at in this race and ol’ Dustin closed strongly to miss by a neck in opener now gets Eswan and an extra 1/2 furlong but will get 2nd run behind Wando, will have to get by both tiring speed and Wando for the money.

5 Commander King WINNER!

King has run 2 very even races placing 4th in both of his Emerald starts. He should be sitting 3rd heading for home if he has more air in his lungs now after 2 starts both Wando and Dustin may have a hard time getting by the King late.

Bets: $5 Tri Box (2-5-6) $30 $1 Super (2-5-6 with 2-5-6 with All with All) $72; $1.50 Pick 3 (6-with 1-3-5 with All) $36.50 Total: $138.50   Return $259.30

Race 4

5 Distinguishable 3rd place

This one won for his large Owner contingent of the Emerald Racing Club in his opener at odds on. There looks to be a lot of early speed in this one but Distinguishable looks to me to be the true speed and may be left alone from those who don’t want to get caught up in a duel. If that happens she will be tough to top.

1 Fly Far Away 4th place

This is the only one without a last out win and in fact has been turned out since August. Comes out for the hot Blaine Wright barn, fired a bullet and then a useful workout in prep hot bug boy just may be ready to fire off the bench.

2 Our Silver Lining Off the Board

This one truly can sit off the pace, the other 2 have both been claimed in their last out and in fact Parker’s Delight has been claimed in her last 2 races back-to-back. Think Silver has the edge with home stability.

Bets: $25 WS on 1 Total $50   Return -0-

Race 5

3 Let’s Mambo

There have been a lot of expectations of Mambo with a 3rd place run in a Mdn Special and then 3 straight starts in Stakes races always backed decently but never close to lighting the board now finds herself dropped down to her lowest level. This race will prove if there is any talent here or not. I will gamble there is.

2 Madamoo

At big odds this one woke up after taking a steep drop in class but was no threat to the winner Listo who drew off to win by 13 lengths. Moo was 2nd tho and I loved Larry Pierce as a rider and he still has his hand in this game always wary when Larry has horse, plus how can I pick against Larry?

8 Indian Power

I think a decent run in her opener and now gets another furlong to close with the more than capable Camacho-Flores aboard.

Bets: 50-cent Pick 4 (2-3-8 with 2-6 with 1-2-3-4 with 4-8-10) $36; $20WP on 3; Total: $76    Return $36

Race 6

2 My Way or Elway

Hmmm….Rocco was the rider last time out on 4 of the 6 in this race and he chose to stay on this one which also it the only one he didn’t win with this is a HUGE sign of who Rocco wants to be on and I won’t argue, I’ll simply follow.

6 Camano Comet

Eswan actually rode Camano in her 1st out and not Rocco. She ran pretty even finishing 4th a length and half behind Elway. Minor improvement and she will give Elway and Rocco all they want at the wire.

1 Zoombadaboom

This one might be the one that Rocco took off that gets him. Can sit just behind a pace and is placed reasonably after snapping her maiden in last.

Bets: $10 EX Box 2-6 $20; $2 Tri (2-6 with 1-2-6 with All) $32; $40 win on 6 Total: $92   Return $152

Race 7 The Seattle 50k Stakes

1 Retreat Yourself

With Always Enuff scratching Retreat from the 1 hole will be the likely early speed although Risque’s Legacy should be right on her hip but this is Risque’s 1st out and thinking she may need one. This is tough to pick from here but if track is playing fair or toward a front speed bias this one I think could slip away and never be headed. If speed is stopping today I would stay away. Tread lightly.

2 Alliford Bay

Hard to say she is a closer off her one race where she was head and head for the lead and then pulled away. But my gut is telling me trainer Blaine Wright may tell Irving Orozco, who came here to ride Bay, to sit right behind Retreat and Risque and let them hammer and tong it and sweep on by at the top of the stretch.

4 Blazin Beauty

This one won’t surprise and Lucarelli could top off a Super Great day with the 1st Stakes win of the year. Blazin blew them away in her last out in the Gottstein at 6-1. Even tho she has thrown a pair of bullets in her prep to return she might need one and might prefer longer but she will be flying in the stretch with no doubt plenty of speed to run at and again if speed is stopping this would be my top pick.

Bets:$5 DD 2-4 with 4-6-8-10 $40; $40 win 4 Total: $80    Return $20

Race 8

4 Cats Champ

Zunino gets the ride on this one and after an even opener may be ready to take a step forward. Anyone who steps up today can easily win this just think this one can do it.

8 Dialing for Dollars

Didn’t show much in debut but Camacho-Flores sticks with this one and it drops in half in class look for a big effort from Dollars.

10 Frisky Britches

Gonna swing for the fence on this one with a complete hunch play. Swith to solid bug boy who just won a finale race on Friday, coming off an even effort just might jump out to an early lead and this field doesn’t look like a lot to beat.

Bets: $20 win on 10; 20-cent Super (4-8-10 with 4-8-10 with All with All) $50.40 Total: $100.40   Return -0-


Day 12 (Saturday, 5/6)

This is a tough card and of course we’re being distracted by that little race in Kentucky. I am going to take a big swing at the Pick-7 today, that is going to be my big bet of the day outside of the Derby.

Beginning Balance: +$706.92

Bets: $472.20 (-114.30)

Cashed: $357.90

New Balance: +592.62

Kentucky Derby Larry’s Bets

19 Practical Joke

The Derby has been all favorites for the past couple of years or so and I think this one sets up for a longshot and will be surprised if the winner is not double digit odds so Practical Joke is my pick. The track was favoring front speed yesterday big time so if it dries out at all might set up a runner that has to be closer. This one from the 19 hole can sit off the pace in 5th or 6th and stay close enough for a big run. Joel Rosario has been on this rather lightly raced 3-year-old 3 times and knows this horse. I will have 30% of my bet go on the show wager with this one.

14 Classic Empire

I for one believe you can eliminate many of these runners by rider and I just don’t see some of these riders in the Winner’s Circle, fair or not this is my gut feeling. Empire is the likely betting fav when they break and Leparoux no doubt can win this one.

5 Always Dreaming

John Velazquez is 3 for 3 and coming out of the Florida Derby on a hot streak. Dreaming will be on the front end and if for some reason they leave him alone he will be tough to top late.

15 McCraken

This one is taking money by the betting public and I made my picks on Friday, I have to say I am losing interest in this one but after a lay-off and a fairly even effort in the Blue Grass he could easily improve and be in the mix.

9 Irap and 18 Gormley

I am including these 2 for what I call my insurance policies. I think the odds will be high enough for a low win bet so that if they do win I can get a large amount of my bets back.

Bets: $30 show on 19; $1 Ex 19 with All; $1 Ex All with 19; $1 Ex Box 5-10-14-15; $4 win in 9 & 18 Total: $100 Return: -0-

Race 1

1 Sweet Swindler 3rd place

Clearly this one should be the overwhelming favorite but why the big drop in class after a solid opener? Makes me nervous.

3 Raging Warrior Winner!

A fair effort off a maiden win at the 12-5 class now also takes a drop could be the one if Swindler falls short.

2 Chorizos Y Papa’s 4th place

Also take a drop and switches to Rocco could wake up at this level.

Bets: 20-cent Pick 7 ( 1-3 with 1-4-5 with  4-5-6 with 6-8 with 1-3 with 2-5 with 1-6-7) $86.40    Return -0-

Race 2

4 Mary Lois 4th place

I picked her last time out and she ran even like the connections and 3rd time out sets up for a big run from Mary.

5 Kiss My Lulu 2nd place

Conditioner Howard Belvoir has been hitting the board regularly with 10 finished in the top 3 but only 1 win. Think his stock is about to picking up wins on their 2nd and 3rd starts.

1 Exit Sixty Slew Winner!

The favorite just got done with a 6 length win but could be set up for a bounce with a step up in class.

Bets:  $5 EX Box 1-4-5 $30; $25 win on 4 Total $55    Return $36

Race 3

4 Hit the Beach 2nd place

I’m not one who likes to pick favorites but sometimes you just can’t get around them. Beach may be the only front speed if not will sit right off could win by 5 or more lengths.

6 Cross Creek Winner!

Look for the Harwood Exacta, Creek should be along for the place money.

5 Oso Brave Off the Board

Switches to Eswan and comes off a solid effort but does step up in class slightly.

Bets: 50-cent Pick 5 (4 with 1-4-6-8 with 1-3 with  1-2-3-7-8 with 1-6) $48; $20 EX Box 4 with 5,6 $80 Total $128      Return $270

Race 4

6 All for Me Off the board

Out of all the of the last out winners this one was most impressive firing a 76 Beyer and now taking enough time off to avoid the bounce but switches from the bug boy to Gutierrez.

8 Dallon’s Gold 2nd place

Solid debut and the Belvoir barn is heating up with 2nd and 3rd starts and this one loves to win.

4 Wanagi Off the board

I picked this one to win on the Friday card and they chose to enter here so despite the 15-1 morning line but with 5 last out winners this is a tough spot.

Bets: $1 Tri 6-8 with 1-4-6-8 with All $36; $5 Ex Box 4-6-8 $30 Total: $66    Return -0-

Race 5

1 Rio Norte Off the Board

Even tho Eswan Flores take off to ride the morning line fav from the Blaine Wright barn a hot barn, no one is hotter than the Puhich/Dedomenico and veteran pilot Matias is not a downgrade by any means.

3 Riser WINNER!

Ran a big one in his lifetime debut back in September but has struggled in 3 straight Stakes races and then was turned out. If he returns to original form will be tough and Flores takes off our top pick to ride this one so he thinks so.


Bets: $1 Super 1-3 with 1-3 with All with All $12     Return -0-

Race 6

5 Trick or Retreat Off the Board

Tough race here with several will really good performances and others with just an even outing. This one is one that ran even but is stepping down a touch and runs for a trainer who is careful about placing and having her charges ready. My pick in a hard race.

2 Togrammashousewego WINNER!

Hard to dismiss this one’s last race that closed well down the stretch to miss by a nose and now get another 1/2 furlong with Rocco aboard.

1 Face Value 4th place

My price play this one ran about 3 lengths behind Gramma and ran even but I think some improvement on the 2nd out will put him in the mix.

Bets: $10 DD 5 with 1-6-7 $30; $40 win 5 Total: $70     Return -0-

Race 7

1 Simply Naked

I had this one last time at 11-1 and she just missed getting nailed on the wire. Has to last another 1/2 furlong today but with little front speed and from the rail he may not be topped and I think you should get a decent price.

7 Successfulpocket

This one comes in from Turf Paradise where he had been facing tougher might be ready to light up the board.

6 Rockport Birdie

Rocco aboard and just missed in debut wheels back in a spot where he can finish the job

Bets: $5 EX Box 1-6 $10; $1 Tri 1-6 with 1-6 with All $8 Total $18  Return $51.90


Day 11 (Friday, 5/5)

It’s Derby week and let’s get started with a big Friday night to get some cash for the Run for the Roses!

Beginning Balance: +$20.47

Bets: $472.80

Cashed: $1,159.25 (+686.45)

New Balance: +706.92

Race 1

5 Pebble Beach Winner!

All of these look set to improve after having a race under their belt the question is who is most likely to step up the most? I’m taking Pebble Beach simply due to the drop in class might be the advantage she needs in this one.

3 Ravvizone 4th place

I like this one who ran a solid and even 2nd in her opener back on the 9th and lean toward her because of the time off and unlikeliness to bounce.

1 Blazin BB Off the board

It took to the final race last week for the leading rider Rocco Bowen to find the Winner’s Circle almost getting shut out for a weekend. I think he wants to get back to his winning ways would not be surprised in this one.

Bets: 20-cent Pick 7 (1-5 with 2-6 with 3-7 with 1-5 with 6-8 with 4-7 with 3) $12.80; $5 DD 1-5 with 2-4-6 $30;  50-cent Pick 4 (1-5 with 2-4-6 with 3-6-7 with 1-5) $18; Total $60.80     Return $74.95

Race 2

2 Formal Joker WINNER!

Certainly needed 1st out and was well backed in the opener expect a big effort in this one.

6 Rosie’s Hurricane 2nd place

Good effort in 1st out and held well in the stretch. Maintains Coddington for the 2nd trip around the Auburn oval may last this time.

4 Cash N Dash 4th place

Despite Parker’s Bluff record of in the money Parker’s is one of those who doesn’t like to win with 5 lifetime wins to 21 2nd and 3rds. So Cash N Dash also ran 2nd last time out and both were claimed this one with a better win percent lands us here.

Bets: $2 Tri 2-6 with 2-4-6 with All $24; $10 Ex 2 with All $40 Total: $64   Return $241

Race 3

7 One More Orman WINNER!

Orman has been off since running a pair even 3rd place finishers from Santa Anita back in January of 16. Been off since then and drops to Mdn 5k at Emd from Mdn Special at SA. Human connections are very careful with their stock look for this one to blow away the competition or finish up the track. I think he wins easy.

3 Pat’s Inheritance 2nd Place

Shipper from SA tumbles in class here and picks up hot bug boy could be tough.

6 The Boss is Back Off the board

Solid opening effort I think best of the locals if the shippers falter.

Bets: Pick 3 $1 ( 7 with 1-5-7 with All) $24; $40 win 7 Total: $64  Return $62.30

Race 4

5 Top Kitty Cat WINNER!

Kitty has run all 17 of her lifetime races right here at EmD and sports a 4-5-3 record and loves to hit the board. She hasn’t run worse than 3rd in her last 5 starts look for Kitty to be close in her 2017 debut.

1 KK’s Wonderwoman 2nd place

KK and Ronald Richard have teamed up pretty successfully over the past 7 races with 2 wins, 2 seconds, 2 thirds and a fourth. She keeps climbing the class ladder but keeps responding.

7 Justitia Off the board

Has one race under her belt just have a hunch with Eswan aboard she is going to fire tonight.

Bets: 50-cent Pick 4 (1-5-7 with 6-7-8 with 1-4-7 with 3-5-8) $40.50; $3 Ex Box 1-5-7 $18; $20 win on 5 Total: $78.50     Return $75

Race 5

6 Endangered 2nd place

With how he ran on opening day certainly earned the favorite role, will be tough to top and Matias sticks.

8 Searchinforabreeze off the board

Got his opener under his belt now takes a step down in class I think he wakes up and is a must on Tri’s and Super’s.

7 Split Pairs off the board

Eswan and Robbie Baze strong duo like their chances to hit the board.

Bets: $1 Pick 3 (6-7-8 with 4-7 with 3-5-8) $18; $1 Tri 6 with 7-8 with All $12; $5 Ex Box 6-7-8 $30 Total: $60    Return-0-

Race 6

4 Delineator Express 2nd place

Looks like a lot of speed in this race and should set up someone from off the pace, like the switch to Rocco, and his run in the stretch think he’s sitting on a good one.

7 Perfect Night 3rd place

This one can sit just off what I think is going to be a hotly contested pace and should get 1st run and may be too tough to overcome late.

1 Roman Boos off the board

Ran a very good off the pace race to come up short but fired a big Beyer in his last virtually the same as Dr Bruce S, think I have to use both on the underneath.

Bets: $10 DD 4-3 $10; $5 DD 4 with 3-5-8 $15; $5 DD All with 3 $40 Total: $65   Return $190.50

Race 7

3 Dakotas Last Wheels WINNER!

Many of these have already run against each other and ran well so why am I picking the one that finished 6th behind 3 of these? Well it was Dakota’s 1st lifetime start and closed 10 lengths trailing by 12 at the top of the stretch to coming within 2 lengths of the win and gets an extra half furlong with a capable bug, Wheels will be rolling late and gobble them all up!

8 Island Girl 3rd place

I picked her last time and she missed by a nose and one of my favorite Elton John songs.

5 April’s Not Foolin 2nd place

Has a race under her belt and now drops in class for a solid barn look for improvement and could be enough to get home.

Bets: $50 win 3; $5 Ex Box 3-5-8 $30; Total $80   Return $515.50


Day 10 (Sunday, 4/30)

A good day today and I can get out of the red! Hit the late pick 4 to propel my but a lot of scratches wiped out a lot of my bets. Here we go again I’m taking another swing at it today. Just a note if horses scratch and I have time to change my bets I will. I don’t change bets after races have run, if I did I would never have been negative to begin with.

Beginning Balance: -$130.88

Bets: $433.10

Cashed: $584.45 (+151.35)

New Balance: +$20.47

Race 1

4 Our Power Surge 2nd Place

Rocco aboard and has now gone 2 days without a win, this one had a solid effort off the bench any improvement should find the Winner’s Circle.

1 Touch of Einstein 3rd place

Some early foot and the rail could find this one on the lead and may be tough to top. Kubinova also due for a win.

6 Cat N Bird Winner

1 of 2 “Cat” horses in this race, this one the more likely winner.

Bets: 50-cent Pick 4 (1-4-6 with 2-6 with 1-5 with 1-3-6) $18; $10 Ex 4 with 1-6 $20; Total $38    Return -0-

Race 2 

2 Little Joker WINNER!

Liked this one in her opener, still think I’m drawn to the original Little Joker who ran at Longacres for the Queen Kathy Walsh but this one will be ready to fire today especially with the tumble in class.

6 SurvivedandThrived 4th place

Front speed just failed to last in her 2nd outing now jock switch to Rocco makes this one double tough in her 3rd start of the season.

3 San Juan Star 2nd place

This one was scratched yesterday to run today, going with connections that they know where their best chance is to win.

Bets: $5 DD 2-6 with 1-5 $20; $20 win 2 Total: $40 Return $74

Race 3

5 Trust in the Stars 2nd Place

Love the connections, solid trainer and a hot jock plus an even effort I like this one to improve enough to get the win.

4 Last Call Lobo 3rd place

Is the overwhelming morning line favorite makes us nervous to take a short price in a race with not a lot of experience but trainer Jeff Metz is as solid as they come and good chance here.

1 Hallowed Harbor 4th place

Takes the big class drop from Maiden Special Weight to Maiden Claiming, lets see if they are dropping him enough.

Bets: 20-cent Pick 7 (1-5 with 1-3 with 1-2 with 6-7 with 6-7 with 2-7 with 2-3) $25.60; 50-cent Pick 3 (1-5 with 1-3-6 with 1-2-5) $9; $10 win 5; Total $44.60   Return -0-

Race 4

3 Rally Wave

This one just failed to last in opener and could be on the engine all alone may not stop this time with the opener in him.

1 Y0u Mad Bro

Should get first run on top pick if he starts to falter again. Bro also the only one taking a class drop and from the Powerful McCanna barn one to watch.

6 Seattle Stone

Throwing out ML fav even he finished a 1/2 length better than this one in their debut, I’ll take the odds here.

Bets: $2 Tri (3 with 1-6 with All) $16; $3 Ex Box 1-3-6 $18; Total $34  Return $219.80

Race 5

2 Geldautomat Off the Board

I liked this one on Friday and after disappointing backers in debut at odds on I think a bounce back is coming today.

1 Classic Grand Off the Board

This one won twice off the bench last year at Emerald, now under the care of an up and coming trainer and a solid bug aboard may go to the front and not stop.

5 Lots of Prayers 4th place

If front speed stops this may be the one rolling down the stretch.

Bets: 50-cent Pick 5 (2 with 3-6-7 with 6-7 with 7 with All) $21; $30 win 2 Total: $51  Return-0-

Race 6

7 Pukaberry 3rd place

It would be “Cruel to be Kind” not to pick this one and if you get the reference then kudos to you and your knowledge of bad 70’s music. But in all seriousness this could be the lone speed and off the bench may be fit enough to hold sway.

6 Cassidy Command Off the board

If Puk, pukes then Cassidy may get first run and could be tough to deny.

3 National Wonder Winner!

This one will be coming from further back the only question really is 5 and half furlongs long enough for her to run them all down.

Bets: $5 Ex 7 with All $30; $3 Ex Box 3-5-6 $18; 50-cent Pick 4 (3-6-7 with 3-6-7 with 2-4-7 with 2-3-6) $40.50 Total $88.50  Return $268.95

Race 7

7 Outdidya Off the board

Should be enough speed to set up this one’s kick. Coming out of a useful race, winner Italian Warrior just missed yesterday by  neck at the 8k level.

6 Daytona Beach 4th place

This one actually took the lead in that useful race at the top of the stretch. With that effort in him he may go on this time.

3 Southern Solution WINNER!

Southern actually finished 2nd in that same race and not sure why I’m not picking him higher but just a feeling he may have topped out, but I’ve been wrong before.

Bets: $20 win 7; 50-cent Tri 6-7 with All with All $30; Total $50  Return-0-

Race 8

7 Lord Walton Off the Board

Just failed to last in debut comes out for a trainer batting 560, Puhich has his stock ready think veteran pilot Matias will get this one home today.

3 Only the High Road Off the Board

Can sit off a contested pace and make a run in the stretch could be tough in the final 16th.

2 Blue Law WINNER!

Just fell short in opener Bowen stays aboard should attract a lot of attention.

Bets: $5 DD 7 with 2-3-6 $15; $25 win 7; Total $40  Return-0-

Race 9

3 Tattypoo Off the Board

C’mon…Poo is in the name too good to pass up and in her 1st run of the year had the lead into the stretch, may not stop this time with Eswan aboard.

6 Vistarella 2nd Place

Going with Kubinova on this one she follows this jumping off another contender, I will believe she knows best in this case.

2 Jazz Queen WINNER!

If Rocco still hasn’t found the Winner’s Circle this one will be his last chance for this week and hard to believe he would get shut out all weekend.

Bets: $20 win 3; 10-cent Super (3 with All with All with All) $12; $50-cent Tri 2-3-6 with 2-3-6 with All) $15 Total: $47 Return $21.70


Day 9 (Saturday, 4/29)

Picked up some ground yesterday and took a chunk out of that deficit, like my chances today!

Beginning Balance: -$373.28

Bets: $241.60

Cashed: $484.00

New Balance: -130.88

Race 1

4 DeBauch 2nd Place (by a nose!! ugh!)

This one seems to be coming out of 2 rather productive races over the favorites. Switches to a pretty hot jock right now Eswan Flores, like his chances.

3 Possible Spider 3rd place

The even money favorite closed well in last but not crazy about such low odds, far from a lock.

1 Timber Titan 5th place

Ran in the 1st race of the season should improve in 2nd outing with little used but crafty rider could surprise.

Bets: 20-cent Pick 7 (3,4-3-1,8-4-2,5-3,4-1,2,7) $9.60; 50-cent Pick 4 (1,3,4 with 4 with 1,7,8 with 1,4) $9  $10 Ex 4-1,3 $20; $5 DD 3,4-4 $10 Total: $48.60  Return-0-

Race 2


Just got done beating similar at the same distance and did it from the front end which was holding Friday night this one should repeat.

4 Perfect Meeting 2nd place

This one has reeled off 4 wins in a row at Portland but just 3 races back you could have owned this one for 2,500 and now she’s in for $12,500, bettors likely will scared off of low back class but no one is hotter than this one right now, might be a nice price play.

1 Parker’s Delight WINNER!

Interesting the 2 favorite’s this one at 2-1 and the 2 Iwannabeadiva have been beaten by our top pick a combined 3 times.  This one has a lot more back class and now runs for a new barn after finishing 2nd to Aparri, she now goes for Blaine Wright could be tough.

Bets:  Best bet #3 scratched took out all my bets   Return-0-

Race 3

8 Coastal Road off the board

There should be a speed duel up front and neither one lasted last time, Road will sit just off and if they drill each other into the ground she should be in great position to make a big run.

1 Olivia Snowbound 3rd place

She ran 4th to the stopping odds on choice Targa who finished 3rd and now add another 1/2 furlong think she can pass many in the stretch.

7 Gotham’s Ballerina off the board

One of the early speedsters but stopped badly in debut, however is taking one of the steepest class drops in the game from Maiden Special Weight to Maiden claiming. We will see if the connections truly were realistic with their expectations or completely missed on their evaluation.

Bets: $3 EX Box 1-7-8 $18; 10-cent Super (1-8 with All with All with All) $21; $10WP 8 Total: $59 Return-0-

Race 4

4 Cause I’m Bad Off the Board

I liked this one in the race he was entered in on Friday and not going to stop liking him now. Ran a solid debut and now drops nearly in half in class.

2 Italian Warrior 3rd place

The Warrior is coming off an impressive opening season win but got claimed and now runs for a new barn while stepping up in class. Rocco sticks thats a great sign could be back-to-back winner.

1 Caddy Shack Cat Off the Board

Two Cat entries in her, you know I have to pick one. Caddy finished 5th in debut but was only a length and a half from the win in a blanket finish. Any improvement could put him right there.

Bets: 50-cent Pick 4 (All with 4,5 with 3,4 with 1,2,7) $36; $20 win 4 Total $54  Return $294.50

Race 5

2 Bullett Express SCRATCHED

Eswan has ridden this one for the last 4 races and the 1st time over the Auburn oval had his best finish with a 3rd. Think he’s sitting on a big one.

5 Hart Mountain 2nd Place

I liked this one 1st time out and was not disappointed as he ran a solid 3rd. With that one in him could be tough to top.

6 Kota Copy 3rd Place

No one ever believes in this guy at least in Portland, 1st race went off at 9-1 finished 6th, 2nd race 17-1 saw him win and break his maiden. 3rd race starts in a Stakes race at 39-1 and runs 2nd, in another Stakes race runs 2nd again at 28-1 and last time out runs in the Columbia River at 11-1 but takes 5th. If this one 17-1 or higher bet him!

Bets: 2 Scratched my bets Return 0

Race 6

4 Getting Jollenned WINNER!

I liked her in her first out a very even 3rd place run has every reason to improve and Veteran Trainer Tom Wenzel is very careful with placing his charges.

3 Afleet Hope Off the Board

The 2nd Tom Wenzel entry in this race and ran 4th behind Jollenned but looking at this one the connections always had high expectations for this one and would not be a shocker.

6 Myladysabitshady 2nd place

Comes out for her debut from the powerful Harwood barn. Plenty of back class just a matter if totally cranked and ready to go.

Bets: $5 DD 3-4 with 1-2-7 $30; $5 Ex 3-4 with All $50 Total $80 Return $189.50

Race 7

7 Alittle Bit Parker 3rd place

In a race where most have only had a few races and nothing jumps off the page why not go with the only 1st time starter. No real reason other than this one hasn’t proven she’s just ok, could roll.

1 Stormin Norma L WINNER!

She has the best resume and deserves the morning line fav status, I was just looking for a price in the get-away race.

2 Twilightnation Off the Board

Twilight has one start to her credit and she finished in front of at least one so improvement could get her to jump up a few notches especially in this race where it shouldn’t take much to make an impact.

Bets: None Tied up in Doubles and pick 4 Return


Day 8

Going very basic today mostly wins and place bets, lets see if I can be more successful this way.

Beginning Balance: -$519.68

Bets: $277.60

Cashed: $424.00

New Balance: -373.28

Race 1

5 Arviat Bay Winner!

4 out of 5 entries are dropping in class I will follow the rider on this one, Eswan Flores chooses this one over the morning line favorite.

2 Call Me Never 5th place

Lightly raced best chance for significant improvement and coming off a 3rd and 1st.

3 Swiss Cause 3rd place

Would not be a surprise with powerful human connections of Rocco and the Metz Barn.

Bets: 20-cent Pick 7 (5- 3,5-1-1,6,8-4,6-3,4-2,7) $9.60; DD $3 2,5 with 3,5 $12; $10WP 5 Total: $31.60 Return $56

Race 2

5 Tres Twain 3rd place

Betting favorite in his opener 12 days ago finished 3rd just 2 and a half back, Kubinova is off to a great start should be tough today.

3 Hello Brown 2nd place

Has one under his belt and improvement should be expected think he will be in the top 3.

6 Some Storm Cat 4th place

Looking for a price and always stick with my Cat horses, nothing more than a hunch play.

Bets: $5 Ex 5 with 3,4,6 $15; $20 win 5 Total: $35 Return -0-

Race 3

1 Knife River 3rd place

River tumbles in class and Rocco sticks with him not thrilled with the 1 hole but other than that sets up for a big effort tonight.

6 No No Off the Board

Comes out for her 2017 debut for the veteran 90-year-old conditioner with a history of having his charges ready off the bench. Upset special sitting right here.

7 Swiss Script Winner!

Could be lone front speed with bug boy aboard but has history of stopping. Shaky favorite.

Bets: 50-cent Pick 5 (1,6,7-1-4,6-4,5-2,8) $12; $20 win 1 Total: $32  Return -0-

Race 4

1 Meatball Paul Winner!

Paul is a trier and a hard knocker would be no surprise to him on the board again.

6 Kalakala 4th place

Did nothing wrong winning impressively at 14-1 on opening night. Zunino could win back to back.

Bets: $10 Ex 1-6 with 1-5-6 $40  Return $141.00

Race 5

6 Secret Harbor 3rd place

Could be sitting just off what looks like a healthy pace. 3rd time out might be sitting on a good one.

7 Bob is Back 4th place

Bob won the 1st race of 2017 at Emerald with Eliska Kubinova, she does not get the re-ride and not sure why since she is not on another entry in this race. I’m not thrilled with the inconsistency but can’t fault anyone who wheels Bob right back.

4 Midda’s Gold Touch Winner!

Longshot play here not sure why I am drawn to this one but looking at this race this one keeps tickling my interest.

Bets: $3 Ex Box 4-6-7 $18; 50-cent Tri 4-6-7 with 4-6-7 with All $18; $10 WP 4 Total:$56  Return $227

Race 6

4 Party for One 2nd Place

Going with the David Martinez Exacta. This one also with a solid effort in 1st out in fact with 2nd all time jockey aboard at Emerald won’t be surprised to see him win.

5 Hoody 3rd Place

Solid barn this one likes to hit the board not a win machine but I wouldn’t leave off any Tri’s or Super’s.

Bets: $5 DD 4 with 2-7-8 $15; $2 Ex 4-5 with All $24 Total $39  Return -0-

Race 7

2 Thorn Legacy Winner!

Thorn comes out for one of the hottest trainers on the grounds Mike Puhich batting 500 at getting to the winners circle. Gets an extra furlong in this one looks like he’s set up to make a run at the win.

8 Miccrow Off the Board

Longshot play only been out twice showed improvement from 1st race to 2nd. Now a drop in class could make an impact at a big price.

Bets: 10-cent Super (2,4,8 with 2,4,8 with All with All) $15, $1 Tri 2 with 4,8 with All $9; $10WP 8 Total:$44  Return -0-


Day 7

Going very basic today mostly wins and place bets, lets see if I can be more successful this way.

Beginning Balance: -$557.58

Bets: $359


New Balance: -$519.68

Race 1

None of these seem like they want to win all long time maidens so my pick is based on 2nd place finishes…

4 Wicked Laugh 2nd place

8 career 2nd place finishes, one of those would likely win this race.

3 Relentless Rain Winner!

2 place finishes and 4 3rds

5 Lucky KJ 4th place

2 places and 2 shows

Bets:None play at your own risk. Return -0-

Race 2

4 Sadie’s Snowflake 3rd place

Connections had a solid win on Saturday and looks primed to make a serious run in this one.

5 Listo Winner!

Ran some impressive races last year and picks a pretty soft spot for 2017 opener.

6 Madammoo 2nd place

Ran evenly in only 2 starts and debuts this year well below the level he was at last year.

Bets: $20 WP on 4 Total $40 Return -0-

Race 3

2 Last Call Lobo 3rd place

Front speed held well on Saturday this race doesn’t appear to have a lot and Lobo could slip away and never be headed.

7 Bet the Gold 4th place

Got his 1st race in last season at a higher price could be a good spot after an off-season of maturing and growth.

5 Warspite 5th place

Had this one picked for a price on Saturday but scratched and decided to go here, I’ll follow.

Bets: $10 win on 5; $5 Ex  2 with 5,7 Total $20 Return -0-

Race 4

4 Elusive Riches 5th place

Riches ran a solid 2nd on Day 2 of the current season and appears to have out-waited a potential bounce. Like her chances!

1 My Way or Elway 2nd place

Comes out of the powerful Tim McCanna barn, the all time leading Emerald trainer must be respected.

2 Allaboutthatbass 3rd place

Front speed was holding on Saturday, if it holds today this one could be a nice price and should be out on the engine, just a matter of can she stay there.

Bets: $20 win 4; $3 ex box 1-2-4 $18 Total: $38 Return -0-

Race 5

3 Oh Baby Oh 3rd place

Baby ships in from GG for the Lucarelli crew and drops to an all time low. With a good bug boy up will be tough to top in this one.

7 Paddy O Paddy Scratched

Here is a longshot play and although showed little in most she has never run for this low of a tag. Coddington gets on board and quietly is hitting 50% in the money so this one I think is a must for Tri’s and Super’s.

6 Cat Camille 2nd place

Another one dropping to an all time low and is debuting in a soft spot.

Bets: $3 ex box 3-6-7 $18 Return 

Race 6

9 Commander King 4th place

CK ran on opening night and at 11-1 finished a credible 4th just 5 lengths behind a clear winner. Now drops price in half and 2nd all time leading Emerald jock Juan Gutierrez remains in the saddle.

7 Atypique Winner!

Front speed with good bug can be dangerous up front if left alone.

1 Ryan Walt 6th place

Ryan got his feet wet and a race under his belt opening weekend and now drops in price could wake up in this spot.

Bets: $40 Place on 9 Return -0-

Race 7

4 Princess Kennedy 2nd place

The Princess is doing something she did not do all last year and that is run in a non-stakes race. The 2016 Oaks winner will have her work cut out tho this is a tough race.

6 Invested Prospect Winner!

A win machine hitting the wire 1st in 6 of 7 lifetime starts. All 6 wins she led every step of the way so riding instructions for Juan Gutierrez is let her go and hang on!

3 Sweet Tashi 6th place

Longshot play, great connections and chooses a tough spot for 2nd career start after romping in a maiden special weight last year.

Bets: $5 ex box 4-6; $10 ex 6 with All; $10 Ex 6 with 1-4; $5 DD 6 with 1,7,8 $15; $1 tri 6 with 3,4 with All $10; $1 Super 6 with 1,3,4 with All with All $60 Total: $165 Return $311.60

Race 8

8 Pulpits Power

Trainer Bozell had a winner on Friday night with a 1st out so he knows how to get them ready to roll. Pulpits Power only race a very solid effort indicating he was ready to roll think Rocco will put him in position to win.

1 Song on My Mind

Out of the tough Metz barn and has a race in him already and picks up the bug boy so the reduced weight could help him.

7 Clean Sweep Down

Looking for a price play in the finale for my trifecta so why not go with Don Munger the 90-year-old has been known to pull an upset or two!

Bets: $1 Tri 1,8 with 1,7,8 with all Total $24 Return $85.30


Day 6

Finally a positive night last night and now I’m ready to get on a roll!

Beginning Balance: -$415.53

Bets: $275

Cashed: $132.95

New Balance: -$557.58

Race 1

1 Rosenbush Cat 6th place

Yep it’s a Cat name but this one has only run once and he won plus this trainer won the feature race last night with a first out of the year telling me he can get them ready off the bench. Plus front speed held more last night than the 1st 2 weeks. They will have to catch the Cat!

4 Cat’s Gulch 4th place

An all Cat Exacta! Gulch ran a solid 2nd in the 2nd race of the year, a step forward would not surprise especially since he’s been off sing April 8th maybe avoiding a bounce.

3 Get Goin Matty 5th place

2nd time out for this one who ran evenly at 15-1 this is our price play that the bug boy could bring home.

Bets: $5 DD 1,3,4 with 4 $15; $1 Pick 3 (1,4 with 1,4,5 with 5,6,7) $18 Total $33     Return -0-

Race 2

4 Swingshift Deputy 5th place

This one shows great early speed and with the apprentice weight allowance just may not stop. Will likely depend to Oh Marvelous Me on his outside and how hard he is pressured.

5 Oh Marvelous Me 3rd place

Marv’ is on a roll with a win on opening night following 2 place finishes at SA in March. Looks like he can handle the step up in class would be no surprise.

1 Big Hat Charlie 2nd place

In 7 starts at EmD last year ol’ Big Hat had 3 wins, a place and 3 shows. But think he may need one and the 1 post could be problematic.

Bets: $3 EX Box 1,4,5 $18; $5 Ex 4 with 1,2,3,5 $20 Total $38   Return -0-

Race 3

5 Hit the Beach 2nd place

Ran once last just July spit up a 3 length lead to finish 3rd in a 6 furlong race and then was turned out for the year. Beach shortens up to 5 and half and will be leading them start to finish.

7 Rio Norte WINNER!

A 1st time starter from a crew that knows how to get younguns’ ready. Dedomenico/Puhich with veteran rider Eswan Flores plus an outside post position are all big time positives for Rio’s debut.

6 Margarita Man 5th place

Looking for a price this one seems like he might have a chance.

Bets:$1 Pick 3 (5,7 with 4,6,7 with 3,6,7)$18 Total $18   Return $40.20

Race 4

7 Cassidy Command 4th place

This is a wide open affair but has a race under her belt and although finished 6th was just 2 lengths back in a packed finish. Think she can sit just off the pace with this post position and make the same run might be enough.

4 Two Pt Conversion WINNER!

This one looks like the favorite since she did finish in front of 2 of these including my top pick and would be no surprise.

6 Rockport Birdie 3rd place

In a race with little front speed this one with Rocco aboard could steal it if no one else goes.

Bets: 50-cent Pick 4 (4,6,7 with 3,6,7 with 5,6 with 1,4,7) $27; $2 ex Box 4-6-7 $12 Total: $25.50    Return $31.85

Race 5

3 Mary Lois 4th place

I know there are others in here with more class including a stablemate but Mary just keeps hitting the board. 32 lifetime starts with 23 in the money finishes including her opening run this season. Additionally, there is a lot of speed in this race, Mary Lois can sit right behind and then make her move to pull the upset.

6 McDove 3rd place

This one has a 7-2 morning line but is one of the horses owned by the Emerald Racing Club so expect a HUGE turnout of support and watch the odds get driven down. McDove could also sit off the pace and make a run, is sure to give her owners a good run.

7 Jerre to Carrie WINNER!

The back class of this one puts her in the mix, top notch connections should be the favorite but with the ERC entry you might get a bit of a price.

Bets: $2 Pick 3 (3-7 with 1-5 -6 with 1,7) $24; $1 Pick 3 (All with 5 with All) $42 Total: $66    Return $59.20

Race 6

5 Barkley 2nd place

This is a tough spot for the return of Barkley. His arch nemesis Mach One Rules is back, Stakes winner Prime Engine makes his debut, Trick or Retreat has over 100k in the bank and Barkley’s stablemate The Press should not be overlooked. But Barkley is simply special and for no other reason you just want to root for this guy.

6 Prime Engine WINNER!

This one had a rough 2016 season but these connections are super vigilant about their horses and believe the issues must be in the past. Might need one but if he wakes up won’t surprise us.

1 The Press 4th place

Barkely’s stablemate could be the one to pick up the pieces if a front end duel ensues, will certainly include on my tri’s and supers.

Bets: $5 Ex 5 with 1-2-3 $15; $15 wp 1 Total: $45    Return -0-

Race 7

7 Silver Chrome WINNER!

How about a Belvoir Pick 3, that’s where I’m headed here, Howard Belvoir one of the all time leading trainers at Emerald and going back to Longacres has yet to get in the Winner’s Circle this season, think he does today and in a big way. Chrome will be tough to top.

4 Johnny’s Caper 3rd place

Johnny ran 3 lengths behind Chrome opening weekend and is also tabbed for improvement which puts him in the conversation.

1 The Boss is Back 2nd place

Good reason this one is the morning line favorite has been facing much tougher and picks a soft landing to try and break the maiden.

Bets: 10-cent Super (All with All with All with All) $36    Return $1.70


Day 5

The 1st Friday night of racing and the Sportscat is feeling great and ready to roll. Here are my picks!

Beginning Balance: -$457.28

Bets: $320.60

Cashed: $362.35

New Balance: -$415. 53     

Race 1

5 A Smooch for Me 6th place

This lightly raced gelding has done nothing wrong in his 2 races placing 2nd in hes debut then winning in his 2nd career start before being turned out for the year. Belvoir/Whitaker know how to get to the Winner’s Circle my choice here, this front speed horse may be tough to pass.

2 Sweet Swindler 2nd place

A GG shipper may lay behind a quick pace and wake up down the stretch.

4 Chorizo Y Papas 5th place

Always looking for a price and this one has only started 3 times with a win and an even effort in opener any improvement and this one will be part of the trifecta.

Bets: 20-cent Pick 7 (2,5 with 2,6 with 4,5 with 3,4,5,6 with 5 with 1 with (2,5,6,8,10,11)  $38.40 $3 DD 2,5 with 2,6,7 $$18 Total: $56.40   Return -0-

Race 2

6 Regazze Cat Winner!

This was my 1st pick of the season and the Cat ran a solid 2nd. Going to stick with him and think he can take the next step.

2 Illumination Road 3rd place

This one was the odds on choice in the 1st race of the season and sprinted clear early. With that one in him he may not stop this time.

7 Debauch 5th place

Also apart of the opening race Superfecta finishing 4th behind my top 2 picks. Could be a matter which of these improves the most from opening day would be no surprise.

Bets: 50-cent Trifecta 2-6-7 with 2-6-7 with All $15; $20 win 6 Total: $35 Return $120

Race 3

4 Dynamo Dixie Winner!

Dixie showed some run late in his debut and came within a length and half settling for 4th place. Looks ready to roll with Rocco aboard.

5 Hello Brown 6th place

Browney has run in the money 38 times from 51 starts how can you not have him in the money. He has 10 trips to the Winner’s Circle should be part of it when its over.

7 Rio Hondo 4th place

I picked him last week to get part of his debut but then he was scratched. I must have had a reason last week so I’ll stick with it.

Bets: $20 place on 4; $2 Ex Box 4-5-7 $12; $1 Pick 3 ( 4,5 with 3,6 with 7) $4; 50-cent Pick 5 (4,5 with 3,6 with 1,7 with 1,5 with 8,10) $18 Total: $54    Return $34

Race 4

6 Thermal Wave 3rd place

The Wave has been tremendously consistent over the past 5 races including a solid 3rd place finish in his first outing this year at Emerald. Think he will take a step forward tonight.

3 Formal Joker 5th place

More likely to run  a good race than not especially in his last 12 races with half of those ending in the Winner’s Circle, would not be a shocker to see him cross the line 1st.

5 Top Estate Scratched

Already the 3r race of the EmD stand for this one and after a decent 3rd place showing on opening day, may have bounced last week.

Bets: 50-cent Pick 4 (6 with 7 with 1,5,6,7 with All) $20 Total: $20   Return -0-

Race 5

7 Analysis Paralysis 2nd place

This one has 8 lifetime starts on the Auburn oval and has 4 wins and 3 2nds, I’d say she loves this track. One of her 4 wins was also her 1st start ever at Emerald and after a lay-off. No reason to think she won’t be there at the end.

3 K K’s Wonderwoman 3rd place

Opened the season with a win, last 4 races have been  2nd, win, 2nd, win so if the pattern holds look for a place finish tonight.

1 Tinsel Angel 5th place

10-1 on a horse coming off 2 straight wins? Looking for a price play this might be the one.

Bets: $5 DD 1,3,7 with 1 $15; $5 Ex 7 with 1,3,4,5 $20; $10 WP on 7 Total: $55   Return $21

Race 6

1 Solemnly Swear 2nd place

Picks a soft spot for return, this one with decent back class for this level, only concern are connections trying to dump him? Hasn’t been out since last May so maybe they just want to steal a soft opener. If Swear is 75% of his old self should be enough to take this one.

5 He’s Cagey 7th place

Can’t beat what this one did last year at Emerald starting 9 times with 6 wins, a place and a show finishing the year winning 6 of 7 including 3 in a row. Did take 3rd in his debut so may need this one tonight.

7 Tribal Waters 8th place

This GG shipper is dangerous and with crafty conditioner Larry Ross would not be a surprise in this one.

Bets: $2 DD (1 with All) $20; $3 DD (5 with 8,10) $9; 50-cent Trifecta 1 with 5,6,7 with All $9 Total: $35   Return -0-

Race 7

1 Kenzie Blake Scratched

Post position I am not crazy about but like how this one ran on opening day, sitting off the pace and making good progress down the stretch to grab 2nd place money. Think the style of race this one ran points more toward improvement than  a bounce.

8 Island Girl 2nd place

Filly ran evenly twice last year before getting turned out for the winter. Maturity and growth could put this one right there with veteran trainer Stenslie more than capable of having her ready to fire.

10 Dakotas New Wheels 6th place

Gonna take a flyer on a first time starter with one of the bug boys. Let’s see if the weight break just might be enough of an advantage to hit the board.

Bets: 10-cent Superfecta (2,8 with 2,5, 8,10 with All with All) $43.20; $10 win on 8; $2 Ex Box 2,8,10 $12 Total: $65.20    Return $187.35

Updated Stats after 4 Days

Top pick win %: 17%   Top pick place %: 20%   Top pick show %: 17%   ITM: 55%   OOM: 45%

2nd pick win %: 29%   2nd pick place %: 19%   2nd pick show%: 19%   ITM: 68%   OOM: 32%

3rd pick win %: 20%   3rd pick place %: 17%   3rd pick show %: 13%   ITN: 50%   OOM: 50%

***ITM=in the money(top 3 finish); OOM=out of money(4th place finsh or worse)

Top 3 Picks in the money %: 58%


Total amount wagered: $920.10     Daily Average: $230     Per Race Average: $28.75

Total amount Cashed: $462.42     Daily Cashed Average: $115.60 Daily loss average: $114.32

Current Balance: -457.28

Day 4

Ok, I am off to a slow start so I am going to roll back and not be so aggressive. Just remember these picks are not for you to take straight off the sheet but rather give you idea’s of how you can bet and the different ways you can wager. But I need to cut into this deficit and with 10 races I will be more constrained and focused on the races I think I have the best chance.

Beginning Balance: -$315.05

Bets: $346

Cashed: $203.82

New Balance: -457.28

Race 1

1   Kelbaker 6th place

1 of 2 entries by hot trainer Jeff Metz and I like the human move here with rider Eswan Flores taking off the other Metz entry Swiss Cause which he won on to take Kelbaker who he has hot ridden. We will follow Flores for the win.

6   Blazin BB 3rd place

1st time out this year for a trainer who can have them ready, looking for a price underneath.

3   She Got Away Winner

Shipper from GG in a spot where she can do damage.

Bets: 50-cent Pick 4 (1,3,6-5-2,5-All) $21; $10 DD 1-5; $5 DD 6-5 Total: $36  Return -0-

Race 2

5   Dallon’s Gold 2nd Place

This one is 0n a roll with 2 straight wins from Portland but wins at a 33% clip with 11 wins from 33 starts and hits the board at a 55% rate with 3 places and 4 shows. Trainer-jockey combo highly successful this is my best bet of the day.

2   Top Estate 5th place

Estate ran last weekend with an even effort. If there is an upset this one could jump up and catch Dallon’s Gold off guard.

4   Secret Harbor 3rd place

Harbor also ran last week improvement could get a piece of the action.

Bets: $5 DD (2,4-2,5) $20; $10 DD (5-2,5) $20; Total $40  Return -0-

Race 3

5   Moneydontspenitself 2nd place

I know, I know So Lucky was a monster last year and it will not be a shock to anyone if he rolls to an easy win but the morning line odds of 4-5 are more than optimistic, 1-5 or maybe even 1-9 is what this bad boy will go off at so I am trying to find the one that just might be a diamond in the rough. Money ran for the money last year, won it and was promptly turned out for the rest of the year. So how good is this one? I think worth taking a shot at figuring at least 5-1, anything lower I probably won’t be as excited.

2   So Lucky 3rd place

This beast won 4 of 5 and racked up 103k in earnings and will be the deserved odds on, overwhelming choice.

3   Atta Boy Bear 4th place

GG shipper has an impressive resume and solid speed figs should hit the board.

Bets: $20 win 5; $20 Ex 2-5 Total: $40  Return -0-

Race 4

5   Double A Prospect 2nd place

Dbl A showed late run in his debut and then ran into big time trouble in 2nd outing then turned out for the year. A clean trip just might find this one in the Winners Circle.

6   Rifle Gernade Winner!

In only outing raced wide and evenly to take 3rd. Maturing and off time should see improvement under the care of 90+ year old trainer, Don Munger knows how to get em ready!

3   Ninetynine North  4th place

Let’s see if the bug boy can use the weight advantage to hit the board at likely a good price.

Bets: 50-cent Trifecta (5,6 with 3,4,5,6 with All) $15 Total: $15  Return $80.65

Race 5

4   Magnum GT 3rd place

In a toss up race I’m going with this 1st time starter with Rocco aboard for trainer Frank Lucarelli who hits 1st time starters at a 19% rate.

1   Shot Gun Gary Winner!

Last year the rider of Gary, Javier Matias, loved Mixo and was aboard all 4 races. He takes the firster here but don’t love the 1 hole for the debut.

5   Mixo 4th place

Mixo’s best efforts were in his first 2 starts and so off the bench here he may be cranked.

Bets: $1 Pick 3 (1,4-2,7,-2,4,5) $10 WP on 4 Total: $32 Return -0-

Race 6

2   Tony Tequila Lost Rider at start placed last

Ol Tony loves to finish in the money but has only won once in 21 starts but has 6 2nd’s and 4 3rd’s, maybe, just maybe Orozco can time it perfectly to get his nose on the wire first.

7   Rallying Market Winner!

Could be the lone speed, if he shakes loose might be hard to catch.

8   Chatty Carl 4th place

A longshot hunch play here as Carl won last week during opening weekend now trying to become the 1st 2-time winner of the 2017 season.

Bets: $2 Ex Box 2-7-8 $12; $25 Show on 2 Total: $37  Return -0-

Race 7

2   Image of Truth 6th place

This hard knocker has been off since last July and may need one but is as consistent as can be and expect more than an average performance in the 2017 debut.

4   Barrel Knot Scratched

This one has earned more than double than any of the others in lifetime earnings with 350k in the bank. Has never been to Auburn and I think has a great chance to light up the board and maybe at a price.

5   Italian Warrior Winner

Warrior has run 2nd in his last 3 races and sometimes that signals a horse who doesn’t like to win but he has 7 career wins and Rocco climbs aboard, no doubt has a chance.

Bets: 50-cent Pick 4 (2-5,7,8with 2,4 with 3,4-2-5,8) Total: $60  Return -0-

Race 8

2   CC n Water 5th place

This is the beginning of our all Lady Superfecta. Trainer Kay Cooper has taken charge of the Jim Penney powerful stable and as Jim’s daughter and longtime assistant no one more capable after the passing of the Hall of Fame conditioner. Cooper got her 1st win of the season yesterday, we think CC is ready to return her back to the circle.

4   Blue Law 2nd place

This SoCal shipper likely will entice the betting public to favorite status but Blue Law really didn’t show a lot in Arcadia, CA but maybe trainer Candi Tollett can get this one on track.

1   Only the High Road 3rd place

This is a horse for the course and all 9 lifetime starts are on the Emerald oval with 5 of 9 in the money with a win and 3 2nds and a show. Trainer Chris Stenslie is as solid as they come on the EmD backstretch and it’s just a matter of time before she is firing on all cylinders.

*I’m going to fill out the Superfecta with Kay Cooper’s 2nd entry in this race #5 Rally Cap Rudy. In fact, Rudy is more than capable of finishing anywhere including on top.

Bets: 50-cent Tri Box (1-2-4-5) $12; 50-cent Super Box (10-cent 5 times) (1-2-4-5) $12 Total: $24  Return -0-

Race 9

3   Grinder Sparksaglo 4th place

Grinder loves Emerald and is 3 of 4 in the money with a win at the distance. Grinder is a grinder with 18 of 29 in the money the one concern he ends up 2nd more than winning with 5 career wins and 9 places including 4 of the last 5 races. However, most of the entries in this race have the same pattern.

4   Grand Palais Winner!

Grand also has more 2nd than wins 3-2 but has only run  10 times and in 2 starts at EmD has a win and a place. Hot Trainer Blaine Wright combines with the 2nd leading Emerald Jockey of all time Juan Gutierrez and is dangerous.

5   Redsolocup 8th place

Looking for a price that might step up and why not the old Redsolocup?! Red likes EmD with a 3-1-2 record from 11 starts. Red’s been struggling at Turf Paradise maybe just needs to come home to wake up.

Bets:$2 Ex Box 3-4-5 $12; $1 DD 3,4 with All $16 Total: $28 Return $17

Race 10

3   Bart the Barrister 8th place

Bart loves this distance with 6 wins from 21 tries along with 8 more in the money finishes. Also I always look for a get-out of town price in the finale so I’m going with Bart.

8   Possible Spider 5th place

Veteran trainer Bill Tollett will have this one ready to rumble in a wide open affair. Condition is the key to this race which horse is best ready to go the trip around the track. I think Spider will come out firing.

2   Seeking a Mystery Winner!

This has had an outing on the track last week broke slow and rushed to the lead only to tire. With that one under his belt and a change to Eswan Flores this one might be able to settle on or near the lead and last.

Bets: 10-cent Super (2,3,8-2,3,5,7,8-All-All) $36  Return $106.14


Day 3

Beginning Balance: -$259.35

Bets: $192.20

Cashed: 136.50 (lost $55.70 on the day)

New Balance: -315.05

Race 1

4   Little Joker 6th Place

The name of this horse was immediately familiar and indeed the 1st “Little Joker” was a Stakes winning horse for Hall of Fame Trainer Kathy Walsh back in the Longacres days. If memory serves correct the original was a hard hitting sort and this one has done everything but win with 2 2nds and a 3rd from 4 lifetime starts. Look for front speed and Javier Matias knows how to nurse them along put front.

7   Dulceys Excuse 7th Place

Longshot pick coming from what appears to be a useful start at Golden Gate, could be sitting on a good one.

5   WeaveitoBeaver 3rd Place

Trainer Metz looks like he has his barn rarin’ to go and is off to a hot start, this one is the likely favorite and would not be a surprise.

Bets: Pick 7 (4 with 1,4 with 2, 7 with 8,9 with 3,5 with 4 with ‘All’) $35.20; $5 Exacta 4 with 5,7 $10; Pick 4 (4,7 with 1,4,6 with 1,2,7 with 8,9) $18.00; Total Bet $63.20 Return -0-

Race 2

4   Gazing Winner!

In a wide open affair and nothing jumping off the page gonna take a chance on a 1st time starter with Rocco aboard.

1   Targa 3rd place

Coming off 2 winter GG starts and now drops into a claiming event could wake up big in this one.

6   San Juan Star 5th place

Targa and San Juan are both from Atta Boy Roy could be a “Roy” exacta.

Bets: $10 W/P on 4 $20 Return: $84

Race 3

7   Always Enuff Winner!

This is an “ALL” button for your pick 3’s, 4’s, 5’s and 7’s so I’ll take a first timer with a trainer, Tim McCanna with a 15% win hit with 1st time starters.

2   Racy Rascal 3rd place

Frankly, the neighbors across the street just got a dog named “Rascal”, could be a sign.

1   Let’s Mambo 5th place

Ran 3 times last year with little impact but veteran rider Juan Gutierrez sticks with her.

Bets:$15 place/show on 7 $30; 50-cent Tri (2,7 with 1,2,7 with All) $10; Total $40; Return: $52.50

Race 4

9   Wicked Laugh 7th place

Wow this card just gets tougher so with a wicked cackle I’m going with this one. Wicked Laugh drops back down to the claiming ranks after a rough season opener at Portland. At the claiming level this one had 2 places and a show from 4 races.

8   Twilightnation 5th place

Another 1st timer in a wide open affair.

10  Chugabug Winner!

‘Bug was a pretty even sort when last in action with a 2nd, 2 3rds, a 4th and 5th place finish. Any improvement and this one at a price could be on the board.

Bets: 50-cent Pick 4 (4,5,8,9, 10 with 5,7 with 4 with 4,5,8,9,10,11) $30; $20 Show on 9; $50; Return: -0-

Race 5

3   Sophie Dopey SCRATCHED

Should be a little bit of a price and likes this track with 3 wins and 4 shows from 11 starts at EmD. Juan Gutierrez jumps aboard for the 2017 debut.

5   Another Winter 5th place

This is the 1st horse of the 2017 season to run a 2nd race. Winter finished 4th on opening day last Saturday after setting the pace and tiring. This one was claimed out of that race by veteran conditioner Brad Taylor who wheels her right back in this one, dangerous.

7   Jazz Queen 2nd place

I think the likely favorite in this one and very well could hit the board but I’m taking a stand against although she loves this track with 14 top three finishes and 3 wins on the Auburn oval but no wins in 2016.

Bets: $10 WPS on 3 Refund -0-

Race 6

4   Abeja 4th place

All of these are 1 time winners but Abejar is the most consistent with the 1 win with 3 places and 2 shows and 6 of 10 in the money.

9   Rally Wave 2nd place

In a race crying out for a longshot why not go with a trainer who has been known to pull off an upset, just a gut feel this one may take a step forward.

2   Hunters Vow Winner!

This one is coming in from Golden Gate and runs for the powerful Lucarelli barn, tough not to have included.

Bets: $3 Daily Double: 4 with 4,5,8,9,10 $15; Return: -0-

Race 7

4   Good Time Buddy-SCRATCHED

After 4 starts last year looking for growth and maturity during the off season to help this one who ran very even to step up.

8   Cruiser Blue 10th place

Has front speed and also banking on this one lasting longer after being turned out from 2 lifetime starts last summer. Expect improvement.

10  No Talking 6th place

No doubt you have to have this one on your trifecta and superfecta tickets but 13 career starts with 5 2nd place finishes and 4 shows with no wins from 13 starts does not make me want to take low odds on a win bet.

Bets: $2 Ex Box 8,10 $4; 10-cent Super (4 with 5,6,8,9,10 with All with All) REFUND; Total $4; Return: -0-


Day 2

Beginning Balance: -$68.00

Bets: $251.90

New Balance: -$259.35

Race 1

1 Lovethisbar Winner

5 Call Me Never 3rd place

3 Ravizzone 2nd place

Bet: $5 Daily Double 1 with 3-4-5 $15; $15 Place on 1 Total $30

Race 2

4 Crimson Warlock 5th place

5 Caddy Shack Cat 3rd place

3 Mysterious Man 4th place

Bet: $10 WP on 4; 20-cent Pick 7 3-4-5 with 3-5 with 2-7 with 4-6 with 3-4 with 2-6 with 2-7 Total $58.40

Race 3

5 Hart Mountain 3rd place

4 Valid Prince 2nd place

3 Gravel Winner!

Bet: $10 P&S on 5 Total $20

Race 4

7 Last Call Lobo 2nd place

4 Raging Warrior Winner!

1 Gold n Green 5th place

Bet: 50-cent Pick 5 7 with 2-4-6 with 3 with 2-6 with 2-7 Total $24.00

Race 5

6 Distinguishable Winner!

4 Elusive Riches 2nd place

2 Knife River 6th place

Bet: $20 win on 6; $2 Ex Box 2-4-6  Total $32

Race 6

3 Getting Joellenned 3rd place

4 Semiprecious 5th place

1 Paddy’s Secret 2nd place

Bet: 50-cent Pick 3 1-3-4 with 2-4-6 with 2-5-7 Total: $13.50

Race 7

2 Mary Lois 3rd place

6 Aparri Winner!

4 Justitia Scratched

Bet: $5 Daily Double 2-6 with 2-5-7  Total $30

Race 8

2 Dynamo Dixie 4th place

7 Midda’s Gold Touch 5th place

5 Direct Cost 7th place

Bet: 10-cent Super 2-7 with All with All with All $24; $10 WP on 2 $20 Total $44

Total Bets: $251.90

By paulb

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