The Eli Sports Network is currently looking for the right person to take on our Sales Department. There are many exciting things happening at ESN with a new website set to be launched this summer, the addition of video and beginning in Fall of 2017 regardless of device everyone will be able to tune in or view our live broadcasts. This opens the door for a ton of sponsorship opportunities with a great reach.

Here is the Craigslist ad we put up and if the description fits you and your current situation please get in touch with us.

Director of Sales Position

The Eli Sports Network the leader in Washington State High School sports coverage is looking for an individual interested and in position to take on our Sales Department. The Sales department currently has 1 part timer and you would be the Sales Department to begin with. This position is 100% commission only with a hefty 30% starting point. Candidate must understand media sales and understand there is zero compensation without sales. You will be employed as an independent contractor to begin with, set your own hours, work from home and have 100% decision making capacity. We have written, audio and video coverage on our website. We have a huge social media following and we have been working at this for 6 years with more than 2,000 broadcasts under our belts. It is time for a Media Sales Pro to step in and take us to the next level with wide open sales lists from Kent to Vancouver and TONS of low hanging fruit. ESN is not in debt nor do we want to take on debt so this position is for a very unique candidate that understands media sales and can see the HUGE potential opportunity this new style media company can provide.

Being a sports fan is nice but not necessary more important is understanding media sales both traditional and now digital. We are offering static digital ads on our website, audio, video ads for our broadcasts and social media ads to our customers. The Sales Director can have immediate input on pricing for our new look website that will be launched this summer and next year’s programming beginning in September. The right person will lead our hopeful expanding sales department into the future with handsome compensation bumps as we grow, we will negotiate those bumps and increased percents.

So are you right for this job? Are you up for the challenge? Can you work without guaranteed compensation until you complete your own sales? Are you ready to take complete control of this Department and grow it in your vision? Are you ready to work in a team atmosphere with tons of support and tons of space for your own creativity? Are you ready to work for someone who is more than willing to let you do things YOUR WAY or anyway that makes you and us successful? If this is you then please contact us and let’s get this thing going. The excitement and energy of High School sports is intoxicating and this is meant to be FUN! We can’t wait to find the person who is ready to take this on, we hope its you!

Please reply:
or call or text Paul at 360-269-4457

By paulb

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