Here are the ESN selections for All-Tournament teams 4A through 1A. We did not do teams for either B tournament due to technical issues our crew dealt with and could not follow the matches while they attempted to get our streams up and running. We did not think it was fair to simply guess and look at stats to try and come up with a team. The teams we selected were derived from a combination of our crews, all of them unbiased and remember based only on the 2 games we watched.

These honors are not intended to degrade anyone’s performance but rather to celebrate performances that stuck out to us. We also tried to get pictures of everyone but some of our crews were short handed and we scrambled to get a few pictures, we apologize we did not get good ones of everyone. We named 1 MVP and 11 1st team starters and that is it, so with that all being said…here are our selections and congratulations to all!

1A State All-Tourney Team


#2 Katie Stella-Sr King’s

King’s 1st Team Selections

Cascade 1st Team Selections

La Salle 1st Team Selections

#10 Natalie Munguia-Sr MF, #14 Madeline Britt-Jr D, Kamryn Fiscus-Jr MF

Seattle Academy 1st Team Selections

#21 Marla Mitchell-Jr MF, #24 Isabelle Fonseca-So D

2A State All-Tourney Team


#9 Makena Carr-Sr Liberty

Liberty 1st Team Selections

Columbia River 1st Team Selections

White River 1st Team Selections

West Valley 1st Team Selections

3A State All-Tourney Team


#3 Jessie Stenberg-Sr Mercer Island

Mercer Island 1st Team Selections

Stadium 1st Team Selections

#9 Nyah Rivera-Jr D, #11 Mackenzie Burks-Jr For, #15 Ella Nadeau-Fr MF

Kamiakin 1st Team Selections

Bellevue 1st Team Selections

4A State All-Tourney Team


#2 Sr Claudia Longo-Issaquah



Central Valley 1st Team Selections

#1 AJ Crooks-Jr GK, #11 Madylyn Simmelink-Jr MF/D, #24 Kailyn LaBrose-Jr MF


Issaquah 1st Team Selections

#3 Mariah Van Halm-Sr F, #12 Sean Eaton-Sr D,

#13 Logan Swim-Sr D, #17 Katie Sanders-Jr D

Camas 1st Team Selections

#2 Perrin Belzer-Sr D, #16 Callie Rheaume-Jr MF

Kennedy Catholic 1st Team Selections

#4 Kalina Cordero-Sr D/MF, #12 Baily Hall-Sr For

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