Beau Carlson from Wahkiakum is battling a severe head injury he suffered last week in the game at Adna. He was airlifted to Harborview and is expected to be there for some time. Beau’s mother Leihanna has not left her son’s side since arriving in Seattle. Beau’s twin brother Brody and with siblings Courtney, Cooper and father Brad drive 3-4 hours each day back and forth to be with Beau. There has been a Go-Fund-Me page created to raise up to $25,000 to help the family cope with the financial side of this tragedy. We have linked the Go-Fund-Me page below under what the page creator, Amber Wassell Mace, wrote on the fundraising page. So far a little more than $14,000 has been raised as of this writing. We hope those who can will reach in their pockets and give, every little bit helps and our thoughts are with the Carlson family and with Beau. #Carlson Strong!

From the Go-Fund-Me page:

This has been such a devastating time for the Carlson Family.  Beau, a sophomore at Wahkiakum HS took a serious hit in his football game Friday night, September 7th against Adna HS in Adna.  Beau was rushed to Providence Hospital in Centralia, and then airlifted to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle, where he underwent emergency surgery.  The doctor at Providence acted very quickly when the CT scan came back that Beau had a bleed on the outside of his brain.  When Beau and Leihanna landed in Seattle, Beau was given an immediate CT scan where they found he was swelling, they took Beau into immediate surgery to stop the bleed and also had to remove part of the skull on his right side to relieve pressure and give the brain room to swell and run its course.

Beau will be in Seattle for some time.  His mom Leihanna hasn’t left his side.  Brad and their three kids, Brody (Beau’s twin), Courtney, and Cooper have been making the 3 ½ hour commute back and forth to Seattle from Cathlamet, which is taking a toll on them, mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Brad and Leihanna do so much for family, friends, as well as the community and now it’s time for us to all come together and give back to them.  This will help them with travel expenses, motels, food, medical bills, physical therapy as well as the accommodations Beau will need when he comes home.  Beau has a long road ahead of him, please continue to pray for him.

Any little bit will be helpful.  They are very thankful for everyone’s love and support during this difficult time.  ## CARLSON STRONG ##

By paulb

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