(Auburn, WA) It was a colorful and active day of fun and celebration of Latin and Hispanic culture at Emerald Downs on Saturday with the Fiesta Primeo Esmeralda celebration. The annual celebration is just one of many Emerald Downs hosts around specific ethnicities, groups, Legislators Day and many more.

Howver, the Latin celebration may be the most colorful and is especially important to the racing community since Latinos and Hispanics are such a big part of horse racing from jockeys to trainers to the back stretch to owners. Emerald Downs President Phil Ziegler says “this is the most attended of all of these different types of celebrations. It just shows how much the Hispanic culture is inter-twined with horse racing.” Ziegler says “to see such a turnout is fantastic and is proud that this is the 12th straight year of celebrating Fiesta Primeo Esmeralda”

The celebration included mariachi music from Mariachi Guadelajara, traditional dancing and the highlight the dancing Charros De Washington dancing horses.

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