(Centralia, WA) The Eli Sports Network will begin our own version of “Re-Live the Maddness” a series of Washington State Basketball highlight shows. Our National Network partner the NFHS has rolled out the National Re-Live the Maddness with highlights and reminders of terrific basketball games that did get played across the country. We were very lucky in Washington State to get our Basketball Championships in considering Oregon got one day in with no fans and then cancelled the rest of the tournament and California didn’t even get close to starting theirs so we are very thankful we got to see 4 days of High School Hoops Maddness.

In our current situation we wake up and look outside and many of us wonder if can we get a baseball or fastpitch game in today? Or how cold are the bleachers going to be tonight at the soccer match and then we realize there are no games. So we decided since we have a lot of content that we always wish we had more time to go back and look at even feature we can do it now and do it from our homes. So we are excited to announce the following original programming we will be putting out throughout this month beginning next Tuesday.

The shows, to be honest, are a learning curve for us and literally we got done with the first few and discovered a better way to edit our highlights and our own edits so the first few shows there is some additional footage we didn’t know how to get out of our highlight and overall just not as smooth as we wouold like it. We also wanted to keep on schedule so there is no time to go back and re-do so much of what was done. So I hope you are patient with us as we get better at doing what we do but it does not take away from the unbelievable tournaments and the play of all the players we got to highlight doing these shows and yes we are still working on them as this is being written .

A reminder that none of these shows are to diminish or skip over any individual, performance or singular play. Here are the numbers of the State Tournament, 12 tournaments, 12 teams each over 4-days with most rosters at 12 but we will say an average of 10. This equals 144 teams and nearly 1,500 players (likely more) so yes we will say right now we missed some players, overall performances and certainly highlight plays but the goal is not to minimize but to celebrate the overall play of everyone.

We hope you enjoy our product and it will be available on the NFHS Network that your subscription will give you access to all 12 shows. Additionally, although it looks very slim that Spring sports will get any play if they do we will begin our coverage once again, if not in May we expect to produce some podcasts that we will put together on a regular basis and cover some of the issues High School sports are facing in Washington State from the new classifications that we will see in the Fall to how the play-offs will work in each sport, there was lots of talk of once again re-structuring the State Basketball tournaments, how would those look, the officiating crisis and the lack of civility at many of the games, playing multiple sports compared to specializing and so on.

We will also likely dig through last Fall and put together highlights of the Fall Sports and Championships. We have a lot that we can feature and talk about and certainly thank all of our subscribers and we are looking forward and planning now in all scenarios to be ready to go back to the fields and stadiums as soon as we get the ok. So please take care of yourselves, do what needs to be done and we hope in the interim we can bring a little joy, a little fun to all of you. Please share this with anyone you think would enjoy what we do. We are continuing to work to fill the massive hole in our State’s diminishing High School sports coverage.

Click here to get to our Broadcast page and there is a link that takes you to our NFHS landing page if you are looking to sign up. The shows are not yet loaded onto the NFHS site and will only show up as they are released on their release date at 6am. Here is the schedule:

Tuesday, April 7 4A Boys
Wednesday April 8 1B Girls
Thursday, April 9 3A Boys
Friday, April 10 2B Girls

Tuesday, April 14, 1A Girls
Wednesday April 15, 2A Boys
Thursday, April 16, 2A Girls
Friday, April 17, 1A Boys

Tuesday, April 21, 2B Boys
Wednesday April 22, 3A Girls
Thursday, April 23, 1B Boys
Friday, April 24, 4A Girls




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