(Centralia, WA) The Eli All-Decade Hoops Special is now in the books and all 4 of our Video Programs have aired announcing all the winners. There was so much information and video clips that we had to spread it out over 4 parts. Here is a simpler re-cap and includes the crowning of our Grand Champion!

The All-Decade teams were determined on a point system based on placing in the top 8 of the State Tournaments. This was a measurement in consistency and the teams that are always in the mix. Up first we are going to release our top 10 teams combined boys/girls and all classifications. At the bottom of the page are links to each of our 4 part series and to our the 4 episodes of our video programs.

Grand Champion

The Colton Wildcats!

Colton Wildcats our Grand Champion All-Decade Team







This little town between Pullman and Clarkston has dominated 1B Girls Basketball like no one else over the past 10 years. They scored 85 points and had 8 State Championships and 1 3rd place finish out of 10 years. They were 14 points ahead of the next closest team and completely dominated.

2 Lynden-Christian Lyncs 1A Girls 71 points
3 Rainier Beach Vikings Boys 3A Boys 66 points
4 Garfield Bulldogs 3A Boys 64 points
5 Sunnyside Christian Knights 1B Boys 59 points
6 Zillah Leopards 1A Boys 58 points
7 Lynden Lions 2A Boys 57 points
8 King’s Knights 1A Boys 56 points
9 WF West Bearcats 2A Girls 46 points
10 Lynden Lions 2A Girls 45 points

Girls Classifications and combined Top 5

Central Valley





Girls 4A
1 Central Valley Bears 43 points
2 Gonzaga Prep Bullpups 27 points
3 Woodinville Falcons 20 points
4 Lewis and Clark Tigers 19 points
4 Kentridge Chargers 19 points
4 Moses Lake Chiefs 19 points

Cleveland Eagles







Girls 3A
1 Cleveland Eagles 32 points
2 Prairie Falcons 29 points
3 Arlington Eagles 24 points
3 Kamiakin Braves 24 points
5 Lynnwood Royals 22 Points

W F West Bearcats






Girls 2A
1 WF West Bearcats 46 points
2 Lynden Lions 45 points
3 Mark Morris Monarchs 28 points
4 Burlington-Edison Tigers 22 points
5 White River Hornets 19 points

Lynden Christian






Girls 1A
1 Lynden Christian Lyncs 71 points
2 Cashmere Bulldogs 37 points
3 King’s Knights 29 points
4 La Salle Lightning 23 points
5 Freeman Scotties 22 points








Girls 2B
1 Okanogan Bulldogs 35 points
2 Reardon Indians 30 points
3 Wahkiakum Mules 29 points
4 Colfax Bulldogs 25 points
5 Brewster Bears 22 points
5 Toutle Lake Ducks 22 points

Colton Wildcats






Girls 1B
1 Colton Mustangs 85 points
2 Sunnyside Christian Knights 37 points
3 Almira-Coulee-Hartline Warriors 30 points
4 Neah Bay Red Devils 23 points
5 Republic Tigers 22 points

Girls All Classifications Top 10
1 Colton Mustangs (1B) 85 points
2 Lynden Christian Lyncs (1A) 71 points
3 WF West Bearcats (2A) 46 points
4 Lynden Lions (2A) 45 points
5 Central Valley Bears (4A) 43 points
6 Cashmere Bulldogs (1A) 37 points
6 Sunnyside Christian Knights (1B) 37 points
8 Cleveland Eagles (3A) 32 points
9 Reardon Indians (2B) 30 points
9 Almira-Coulee-Hartline Warriors (1B) 30 points

Gonzaga Prep







Boys 4A
1 Gonzaga Prep Bullpups 42 points
2 Federal Way Eagles 35 points
3 Curtis Vikings 28 points
4 Union Titans 27 points
5 Davis Pirates 20 points

Rainier Beach






Boys 3A
1 Rainier Beach Vikings 66 points
2 Garfield Bulldogs 64 points
3 O’Dea Irish 35 points
4 Eastside Catholic Crusaders 25 points
5 Bellevue Wolverines 18 points

Lynden Lions






Boys 2A
1 Lynden Lions 57 points
2 Clarkston Bantams 35 points
3 Pullman Grayhounds 26 points
4 Anacortes Seahawks 24 points
5 Clover Park Warriors 18 points
5 Selah Vikings 18 points

Zillah Leopards







Boys 1A
1 Zillah Leopards 58 points
2 King’s Knights 56 points
3 Lynden Christian Lyncs 44 points
4 Freeman Scotties 21
5 King’s Way Knights 19 points

Boys 2B
1 St. George’s Dragons 40 points
2 Northwest Christian (Colbert) 35 points
3 Brewster Bears 30 points
3 Kittitas-Thorp Coyotes 30 points
5 Morton-White Pass Timberwolves 24 points

Sunnyside Christian






Boys 1B
1 Sunnyside Christian Knights 59 points
2 Neah Bay Red Devils 42 points
3 Almira-Coulee-Hartline Warriors 39 points
4 Yakama Tribal Eagles 24 points
5 Lummi Nation Blackhawks 22 points

Boys All Classifications Top 10

1. Rainier Beach Vikings (3A) 66 Points
2. Garfield Bulldogs (3A) 64 Points
3. Sunnyside Christian Knights (1B)
4. Zillah Leopards (1A) 58 Points
5. Lynden Lions (2A) 57 Points
6. King’s Knights (1A) 56 Points
7. Lynden Christian Lyncs (1A) 44 Points
8 (Tie). Gonzaga Prep Bullpups (4A) 42 Points
8 (Tie). Neah Bay Red Devils (1B) 42 Points
10. St. George’s Dragons (2B) 40 Points

Fun Facts about the All-Decade teams:

The most popular mascot to place in our top 5’s
Bulldogs! 5 or 4.5 schools include Garfield, Cashmere, Okanogan, Colfax and the questionable one Gonzaga Prep Bullpups. This questionable call edged out the Eagles with 4 including Cleveland, Arlington, Federal Way and Yakama Tribal. There was a 3-way tie for 3rd with the Knights, Tigers and Vikings. There were 2 Bears, 2 Warriors and 2 Falcons to round our the multiple mascot appearances.

Private and Tribal schools
Out of the 62 teams (boys and girls) in our top 5’s (including ties that created a 6 team top-5), there were 47 Public schools, 14 Private schools and 3 Tribal schools. Now county just schools because some sent both a boys and girls team there were a total of 53 schools represented with 40 public, 10 private and 3 tribal.

Grand Champion
As dominating as Colton was in this past decade in the 1B girls, they did not make the State Tournament for the 1 and only time this past tournament in 2020.

Doubling Up
Schools with teams in the top 5 in both boys and girls included Gonzaga Prep, Lynden, Lynden Christian, King’s, Freeman, Brewster, Sunnyside Christian, Neah Bay and Almira-Coulee-Hartline

Top 10 all Classifications 
in the combined boys and girls all-classifications there were 4 girls teams and 6 boys. There was an interesting pattern the girls took spots 1, 2, 9 and 10 while the boys were more bunched 3-8.

Scoring oddity
The combined score of the Colton and Lynden Christian teams is 156. The combined total of the 4 other top teams in the girls is 156! Additionally the Mustangs/Lyncs 156 points is more than the point total for 4A girls combined including a 6th team with 147, more than 3A girls with 131, they beat the top 5 scores in the 2B girls but a tie with a 6th team pushed the 2B girls ahead with 163. And they also defeated the 4A boys who totaled 152.

High Scoring Classifications
Here are the top 5 combined scoring classification leaders and interestingly enough none of those with 6 teams cracked the top 5 even counting the 6th team’s points. The Top scoring classification was the 3A boys with 208 points. Rainier Beach and Garfield led the way combining for 130 points. O’Dea, Eastside Catholic and Bellevue then pushed the total over 200, the only classification to reach the 200+ mark.

1 3A Boys 208 points
2 1A Boys 198 points
3 1B girls 197 points
4 1B boys 186 points
5 1A girls 182 points

4A-3A-2A Boys Story
4A-3A-2A Boys Video Show (on the ESN/NFHS Subscription channel)

4A-3A-2A Girls Story
4A-3A-2A Girls Video Show (on the ESN/NFHS Subscription channel)

1A-2B-1B Boys Story
1A-2B-1B Boys Video Show (on the ESN/NFHS Subscription channel)

1A-2B-1B Girls Story
1A-2B-1B Girls Video Show (on the ESN/NFHS Subscription channel)


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