The Spring State Tournaments with a few exceptions all take place this Friday and Saturday all over the state. The exceptions are the state Golf tournaments underway today and finishing tomorrow and some Thursday event at both state Track meets. This makes it difficult for ESN to get top each state event and provide live streaming for those who can’t get to the games and events. 

We’ll go through each sport we will be offering some kind of streaming and want viewers to understand our schedule and why we are doing it this way. You can go to our broadcast schedule page for a complete schedule.


We will stream all the games in each classification. 

4A-3A at Gesa Stadium in Pasco
Friday are Semi-finals the 4A are at 9:30a and 12:45p. The 3A Semi-finals are at 4p and 7:15p.
Saturday the 4A 3rd place game is at 9:30a, the 3rd place 3A game is 12:45p. The 4A State Championship is at 4p and the 3A title is at 7:15p.

2A-1A at County Stadium in Yakima
Friday are Semi-finals the 2A are at 10a and 1p. The 1A Semi-finals are at 4p and 7p.
Saturday the 2A 3rd place game is at 10a, the 3rd place 1A game is 1p. The 2A State Championship is at 4p and the 1A title is at 7p.


2B-1B at the Ridgefield Complex in Ridgefield
Friday are Semi-finals the 2B are at 4p and 7p.
Saturday the 2B 3rd place game is at 10a. The 2B State Championship is at 1p and the 1B title is at 4p.


We will stream all the games in each classification plus the Unified Championship Match

4A-3A at Sparks Stadium in Puyallup
Friday are the Semi-finals and the 4A play at 4p and 6p. The 3A Semi-finals are 12p and 2p.
Saturday the 4A 3rd place game is 12p and the 3A 3rd place game starts at 10a. The 3A State Championship kicks off at 3p, the 4A title match at 5p and the Unified Championship begins at 2p.



2A-1A at Tumwater District Stadium in Tumwater
Friday are the Semi-finals and the 2A play at 4p and 6p. The 1A Semi-finals are 12p and 2p.
Saturday the 2A 3rd place game is 12p and the 1A 3rd place game starts at 10a. The 1A State Championship at 2p and the 4A title match at 4p.


For some perspective the only Fastpitch that has ever been streamed is the 2A tournament at Selah. That is when Selah High School had a very active Video Production class and they did most of the live streaming since it was at their school. The Selah class is no longer quite as active, much due to the Covid issue and kids had to stay home so Selah administrators are working to re-establish the program.

Since Fastpitch plays on 4 fields at the same time for us to be able to stream full tournaments we would need literally 20 sets of gear and 20 crews. We couldn’t do that even if we didn’t stream any of the Spring Championships. So this year we had hoped to live stream the Championship field at all 6 tournaments. We got close but we can only do 4 of the 6. Unfortunately the 4A in Spokane and the 1A in Richland we don’t have a crew to be at either location.

We will be on just the Championship field at the 3A, 2A, 2B and 1B tournaments. We are doing all the games on those fields so we hope that most of the teams will get a chance to play on the Championship fields. We will have the teams and times that have already been determined and will update our broadcast schedule asap after each game result. We urge people who can’t be at the games to check and see if their team will be on the Championship field before purchasing a subscription.

We know this is a bit confusing and if you do buy a subscription and your team never gets on you can request a refund from the NFHS. Despite the way we have to do this it is a step in the right direction with our goal being a camera on each field at every tournnament. We will love stream more fastpitch games than we have ever done in the past and again we know its not perfect but we are working toward that goal.

3A at The RAC in Lacey
Championship field is field #1. Games on Friday will be streamed at 9am, 11am 2p, 4p, 6p and 8p. On Saturday games will be at 10a and then the State Championship at 2:30p.

2A at Carlyon Field in Selah
The Championship field our stream will be on is field #4. On Friday games on field 4 are scheduled for 10a, 12p, 2p, 4p and 6p. On Saturday games on field 4 will be at 10a and then the State Championship at 2p.

2B and 1B at The Gateway Complex in Yakima
The 2B Tournament is a 12 team bracket and the 1B is an 8 team bracket and they will be sharing the Gateway Complex. Both Championship games will be played at the same time on different fields so we will have a camera on 2 of the fields. The 2B Championship field is #1 and the 1B Championship field is #3. So we will stream all games on both those fields both days.

Games on Field 1 Friday for the 2B’s are at 10a and 2p and for 1B’s game times are 12p and 4p.
Games on Field 3 Friday is the same schedule for field 1, 2B’s at 10a and 2p and for 1B 12p and 4p.
Games on Field 1 on Saturday for the 2B’s are 10a and the State Championship at 2pm, for the 1B at 12p.
Games on Field 3 Saturday for the 2B tournament are at 10am and 12p, for the 1B the State Championship is at 2p. 

Track and Field

The Track and Field events are at 2 locations. We will stream all the running events on Friday and Saturday. We will try to get to some field events but we have just the 1 camera high above to get the races making covering field events very difficult. We also don’t know which order competitors may take their turn. We will be announcing all final results. 

There are also a few events on Thursday at both venues but we don’t have crew available for Thursday so both locations will only be streaming on Friday and Saturday.


4A, 3A & 2A at Mt Tahoma High School in Tacoma
Friday broadcast begins at 10:45am and on Saturday at 10:15am.

1A, 2B & 1B at Eastern Washington University in Cheney
Friday broadcast begins at 10:45am and on Saturday at 10:15am.

For those who don’t have a subscription we want to make sure if you are interested you totally understand how the NFHS subscription works. The cost is $10.99 and is NOT a pay per view but rather gives you full access to the NFHS platform for 30 days. All the live streamed games and events in Washington state and in fact all live streamed events in all 50 states. This is great for those with grandkids, nieces, nephews, cousins or friends competing in other states.

It also is good for any of the pixellot automated camera broadcasts that many schools now have n their gyms and stadiums. If they are on the NFHS network you can watch for the one price.

You also have access to literally millions of hours of on-demand events and games. On demand right now goes back to as early as 2011. However, the NFHS will soon be limiting the on-demand to just the past few years as storage of all those video files is becoming an issue. 

The best thing about the NFHS subscription program is there is no contract and can be cancelled at any time. There are 2 subscription options the month-to-month for $10.99 a month or an annual 12-month plan for $69.99


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