(Federal Way, WA) Covid struck again, this time in a rare positive way. When sports were again being allowed the WIAA had to stretch out the swim event from the traditional 2 days to 3 days to keep contact minimal so last year’s boys event saw the Diving event held separately on Thursday and then the swimmers had Friday and Saturday. That worked so well and gave Divers more attention the WIAA decided to make that format permanent.

So the lady divers got their own day to begin the 2022 Swim and Dive State Championships at the King County Aquatic Center on Thursday. Below is the re-cap of each classification with video highlights and a large photo gallery at the bottom. (Please use or copy any of the photos for your own personal use.)

4A Diving

Olympia’s Aoi Kondo was one of the favorites coming into the diving competition and she did not disappoint cruising to the Championship by more than 60 points topping 400 points at 400.75. The sophomore set the tone early accumulating 281.75 points in the prelims and never looked back.

The sophomores dominated as they swept the top 3 positions with Glacier Peak’s Addison Farman taking the Silver with 339.55 points overtaking Issaquah’s Trudy Inagawa whom she trailed after the prelims by about 8 points. Inagawa totaled 335.95 points for 3rd.

Junior Maya Soto from Wenatchee was 4th followed by the highest finishing freshman of the day Claire Butler who was 5th. Butler was also from Glacier Peak. The Grizzlies placing 2 in the top 5.

Here are the top 16 final results:

1 Kondo, Aoi             10 OLY                400.75     
2 Farman, Addison        10 GP                 339.55    
3 Inagawa, Trudy         10 ISSY               335.95    
4 Soto, Maya             11 WEN                325.40     
5 Butler, Claire          9 GP                 312.40     
6 Wierschke, Lauren      12 JACK               311.65     
7 Huber, Kieumy          12 EASTM              299.70     
8 Wilson, Anna-Lyn       10 JACK               296.35     
9 Nguyen, Kaila          11 NC                 274.45      
10 Hatch, Corinne         11 HAN               268.65      
11 Hudson, Kennady        12 CURT              262.85      
12 McCray, Valerie        12 EASTM             261.90      
13 Munro, Sophia          11 EASTM             248.70     
14 Yi, Abby               11 NEW               239.95      
15 Leavens, Sidney        12 CHIA              239.10      
16 Ballas, Fiona           9 RED               233.20

Video Highlights

Olympia’s Aoi Kondo 1st

Glacier Peaks Addison Farman 2nd

Issaquah’s Trudy Inagawa 3rd and Olympia’s Aoi Kondo 1st

3A Diving

Defending State Champion Mercer Island senior Brooke Andrews came into the meet with the highest seed score of 489.10 with familiar foes in Interlake’s Jane Raffetto(454.20) and Bellevue’s Mei Lan Uyeno (399.45) who finished 2021 in second and third. 

The prelims ended with those three divers in the lead with Andrews 197.75 and Raffetto 194.15 distancing themselves from the rest of the divers. Mei Lan Uyeno 162.30 and Peninsula junior Makenna Post 152.15 where pushing each other for 3rd place. Mercer Island Sr Charlotte Friedman 141.75 and Auburn Riverside Jr Ava Lear 139.50 keeping the top of the podium in their sights.

It was Andrews and Raffetto battling for the top spot again in the semis with the Mercer Island Sr coming out on top with a 305.20 to Raffetto’s 297.30. Uyeno and Post would also distance themselves from the rest of the pack with nearly 20 point leads over 5th and 6th place with the final 3 rounds of diving remaining. The scary moment of the semis was when Charlotte Friedman clipping her heels on the board. The lifeguards and medical staff jumped right in getting her patched up and able to finishing the round in 8th place showing off the Seniors grit.

In the end it would be a repeat of the podium from 2021 with Brooke Andrews winning with a score of 432.35 Jane Raffetto had 411.10 for second and Mei Lan Uyeno third with  347.20. Charlotte Friedman would finish in 7th and Seattle Prep’s Annelise Mullally the highest placing freshman in 10th place.


Here are the top 16 final results:

1 Andrews, Brooke        12 MI                 432.35     
2 Raffetto, Jane         12 INT                411.10     
3 Uyeno, Mei Lan         12 BELL               347.20     
4 Post, Makenna          11 PEN                327.80     
5 Lear, Ava              11 AR                 311.30     
6 Anderson, Saige        12 CASC               299.35     
7 Friedman, Charlotte    12 MI                 286.70     
8 Porter, Jade           12 AR                 275.30     
9 Wilhelm, Sasha         11 JUAN               266.10      
10 Mullally, Annelise    9 SPREP               264.85   
11 Bertlin, Anna         12 MI                 264.60     
12 Magelson, Brynn       9 MON                 261.30      
13 McKune, Sadie         10 NT                 259.90     
14 Mohan, Adya           11 BELL               256.95      
15 Schiltz, Maggie       12 CS                 256.85    
16 Rush, Delaney         10 KENNE              249.85

1A/2A Diving

Enumclaw’s Naomi Prince came in with the highest seed score of 360.60 but would be pushed by teammate Ashley Dickerson and Sammamish junior Seema Borgmann. In fact it was Borgmann that led after the prelims with a score of 159.30 with Prince in 2nd right on her heels with a 151.25 and Dickerson in 3rd with a 128.20. Sammamish sophomore Elsa Nord was 4th with a 123.05.

In the Semis it was the same 3 leading the way. Borgmann ended the 8th round with a score of 258.05, Prince with a 252.70 chipping away at the lead and Dickerson in 3rd with a 203.25. Archbishop Murphy sophomore Sami Mandeville made the biggest jump in score going from 111.00 and 8th place in the prelims to 187.70 and 4th place going into the finals.

Going into the 11th and final round of diving Borgmann led but diving 7th in the order and Prince diving 14th. Naomi Prince knew what she had to do in order to walk away with the diving title and she delivered jumping past Borgmann on her final dive.  Dickerson would take 3rd and Mandeville 4th followed by Nord in 5th and Freshman Trista Turgeon of White River taking 6th.

Naomi Prince’s final score of 346.40 puts her in 4th on the All-Time diving list and Seema Borgmann’s 341.35 is 5th All-Time

Here are the top 16 final results:

  1 Prince, Naomi          12 ENUM                  346.40     
  2 Borgmann, Seema        11 SAMM                  341.35    
  3 Dickerson, Ashley      12 ENUM                  277.65     
  4 Mandeville, Sami       10 AM                    266.90     
  5 Nord, Elsa             10 SAMM                  259.60     
  6 Turgeon, Trista         9 WR                    250.00    
  7 Shahani, Maya           9 SAMM                  234.85     
  8 Andersen, Kenna        11 SQUAL                 229.45     
  9 Hamilton, Lynden       12 TUMW                  225.05     
 10 MacDonald, Shannon     12 SAMM                  224.75      
 11 Adachi, Emili          12 STE                   223.10      
 12 Obbink, Chantel        12 SQUAL                 221.30     
 13 Webb, Laura            10 SEH                   220.60      
 14 Smith, Avery           11 STE                   216.35      
 15 Possinger, Gracie      12 PA                    208.10      
 16 Weeks, Rylee           11 TUMW                  190.55

Video Highlights


Sammamish Junior Seema Borgmann 2nd



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