Bob Kickner has spent the past 5 years as the Athletic Director at Olympia High School. Under Kickner’s watch he has seen a State Championship in Baseball an 2nd and 3rd placing in boys basketball, 2nd place in girls bowling, 6th and 8th place in Volleyball to name a few of the accomplishments. Kickner also oversaw the retirement celebration of longtime Volleyball coach Laurie Creighton where they named the gym floor as Creighton Court.

Kickner has now traded in the navy blue of Olympia for the royal blue of the Kelso Hilanders. Kickner decided to make the move further south to Kelso for several reason including to simply be closer to his extended family. Kickner is a high energy supporter and advocate of high school sports and appreciates the moments and history that sports brings to the education process.

We caught up with Kickner at the WIAA District 4 annual summer meeting and he told us he will miss Olympia especially the coaches and players. He says the greatest honor he had was to put together that retirement ceremony for Coach Creighton. He is excited for his next step and was just getting settled into not only a new school but a new district. Olympia is in district 3 and part of the SPSL 4A league.

Kelso is in the GSHL 3A league and in district 4 where he is meeting many new AD’s and a new leadership. However, since there is only one 3A league in district 4 they compete with the district 3 teams during the district play-offs and did the same at Olympia in the 4A classification so Kickner is experienced with this format which will be helpful.

We had a chance to talk with Kickner about his time at Olympia and now his new adventure with the Hilanders.


By paulb

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