Saturday, November 25 is Semi-Final Saturday in Washington State High School Football with 18 total games still to be played in the 2023 season, 12 will be played tomorrow at various locations around the state. The remaining 6 games are the State Championship games that will be played next Friday and Saturday, 3 on each day at Husky Stadium.

As ALWAYS we encourage people to go to the games as often as they can but we also know life happens and you can’t always get there. This is where being able to watch on-line with a live stream helps those who can’t get to the games and this year with a huge Apple Cup for multiple reasons, being played tomorrow afternoon makes it even more difficult and in fact has impact us here at Eli Sports with some of our folks unavailable. Add in families from out of town and unfortunately a nasty cold bug making its rounds makes us razor thin with broadcast crews. 

All 12 games will be live-streamed including in Wenatchee where there is a message going around the games will not be streamed. This is not just a made up rumor, let us explain. There are 2 types of broadcasts, one the Eli Sports Network send “real” people to the games, we set up our own gear including cameras and real people follow the action with the camera and most times with a play-by-play announcer, color and crews average 3 but can be 1-4. We talk about the players, coaches and programs and do our best at as an unbiased broadcast as possible.

We stream these onto the NFHS Network platform. The other type of NFHS broadcast is the automated cameras called Pixellot. The cameras follow the ball and action automatically but they are automated so sometimes folks have noticed they lose where the ball is but the stream is up and you can follow what’s happening. There are no announcers with these broadcasts but many have a microphone and you can hear the P-A announcer.

The rumor in Wenatchee is out there because the Pixellot cameras at the Apple Bowl in Wenatchee are not working and that is true. But ESN is sending a live crew to cover both games in Wenatchee so they will not only be covered but we will have live announcers for a full broadcast for both games.

The NFHS network is a subscription based platform and costs $11.99 for 30-days, it is NOT a pay-per-view so if you subscribe this week and your team makes it to the finals next week you do not have to pay again. Plus all games are saved in their on-demand section so you can go back and watch it again later if you’d like and there is an option to purchase a download for you to keep. Plus your subscription gives you access to all NFHS broadcasts whether Eli Sports does it or another crew or any of the Pixellot games anywhere in the state of Washington and all other 49 states and Washington DC. There is also an annual subscription of $79.99 and you can cancel at anytime so no contract, no long term commitment. 

Our crews are made up of former broadcasters, college men and women either in broadcast school or just out, people we train because they want to be involved and working with high school video/production students as much as possible. None of these are full time positions and we work within their schedules and do our best to get as many games on as possible. 

So far this Fall Eli Sports has produced 24 state slow-pitch game, 36 hours of state girls swimming, 164 state volleyball matches, 24 state soccer matches. We will produce 9 of the semi-final football games and all 6 state championship games for a total of 227 live events plus 3 days of swimming. We will only miss 3 state semi-final football games some due to the fact there are not more double or even triple headers as in the past. 

However, all 12 games will be streamed, with the 3 games we can’t be at on the Pixellot-automated cameras. 8 of the 9 games will also have live play-by-play announcers and color. Right now the Kamiakin at Lakes Stevens game will be live streamed with score-strip but limited announcing as our Play-by-Play announcer got hit with that nasty bug making its rounds. But the game will be on with more of a P-A style announcer and full graphics.

Below is our full schedule with links to each live broadcast with crew or if it’s on the Pixellot system. Last thing is go to the games! High school sports thrives with crowds in the bleachers, not people on couches. Use us when you have no other choice or if you want to go back and watch the replays but High School sports by far is the best sports entertainment value you can attend with the stars of tomorrow right before your eyes.

And if you’d like to get involved with Eli Sports working on the broadcasts you can earn some extra cash, you won’t get rich for sure and it’s only the games you want to do. Our one hard and fast rule is you only do games you want and can do and if you’re not having fun then it’s not for you. High School sports should be fun and exciting. If you’d like to know more reach out to the ESN Operations Director Matt King at Matt@youresn.com.

Semi-Final Saturday

4A Kamiakin at Lake Stevens 12:45 Pre-Game, 1p Kick-Off  Direct Link to NFHS Broadcast
Crew: Noel Vazquez, Dalia Cordova

4A Eastlake vs Graham-Kapowsin at Art Crate Field 12:45 Pre-Game, 1p Kick-Off  Direct Link to NFHS Broadcast
Crew: Matt King, Keith King, Kim King

3A Bellevue vs O’Dea Memorial Stadium (Seattle) 2p Kick-Off  Direct Link to NFHS Broadcast
**Pixellot Game

3A Eastside Catholic vs Yelm at Art Crate Field 5:45 Pre-Game, 6p Kick-Off  Direct Link to NFHS Broadcast
Crew: Matt King, Keith King, Kim King

2A Enumclaw at Anacortes 2:45 Pre-Game, 3p Kick-Off  Direct Link to NFHS Broadcast
Crew: Vaughn Drewien, Jacob Dickison, Morgan Dickison

2A North Kitsap at Tumwater 4:45 Pre-Game, 5p Kick-Off  Direct Link to NFHS Broadcast
Crew: Keith Clark, Brent Bryant, Kari Clark

1A Nooksack Valley vs Lakeside (9-Mile) 1p Kick-Off  Direct Link to NFHS Broadcast
**Pixellot Game

1A Seton Catholic at Royal 3:45 Pre-Game, 4p Kick-Off  Direct Link to NFHS Broadcast
Crew: Jamie Council, Josh St Martin

2B NW Christian (Colbert) vs Okanogan at Wenatchee Apple Bowl 3:45 Pre-Game, 4p Kick-Off  Direct Link to NFHS Broadcast
Crew: Paul Beattie, Tony Davila

2B Onalaska vs Napavine at Tumwater 11:45 Pre-Game, 12p Kick-Off  Direct Link to NFHS Broadcast
Crew: Keith Clark, Brent Bryant, Kari Clark

1B Mossyrock vs Wilbur-Creston-Keller at Lions Field in Moses Lake 12pm Kick-Off  Direct Link to NFHS Broadcast
**Pixellot Game

1B Neah Bay vs Liberty Bell at Wenatchee Apple Bowl 12:45 Pre-Game, 1p Kick-Off  Direct Link to NFHS Broadcast
Crew: Paul Beattie, Tony Davila



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