(Centralia, WA) The inaugural Champion of ESN’s Professor DW’s Football Challenge Katie King is about to receive her Grand Prize. The 1st Champion was a Challenge beast knocking not 1 but 2 weekly wins. You needed a single weekly win to qualify for the Professor’s exclusive “winners only” tournament and by winning the weekly contest twice she reduced the number of competitors for the postseason challenge.

Katie’s Prize Package

Her brother and fiercest supporter Matthew King, works for Eli but was banned from working the contest when his sister Katie entered. Plus we put up all postseason picks prior to the games so everyone could see who picked what. Matthew went on to say he is not surprised one bit that Katie won. Matthew stated to an undisclosed source of ESN’s that “Katie is a Fantasy master and regularly wins the leagues I compete in, frankly it’s a little embarrassing that I can’t beat her. It makes Thanksgiving dinner a little uncomfortable.” 

Katie’s father, Captain Keith King, also told our source that he isn’t surprised that Katie won, “afterall the way she sweeps the floor with her brother in all things sportswise she’s a natural winner.” Mom Commander Kim King added how disappointed she is in her son’s inability to best his sister. She was heard saying, “Hell he can’t even bring home some mac and cheese, how’s he going to beat Katie?”

Now there is a slight possibility that our source may not have quoted the family exactly but we feel it’s close enough. 

Katie’s haul includes $100 $1 dollars bills $45 dollars in gift cards an ESN hoodie and the 1st ever Professor DW Championship plaque. Congratualtions Katie!

The Professor DW Football challenge will be back next year, it is a free contest and we hope to make a couple of changes and maybe a non-winner contest for at least the “big game”. See you next year!

The Professor



By paulb

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