The 1st Saturday in May is fast approaching and with that comes the 150th running of the historic Kentucky Derby. The Run for the Roses is the oldest traditional sporting event in history of the country. The 1st running was in 1875. To celebrate this historic sports day Professor DW, the Eli Sports Network’s own version of an in-house handicapper or for those old enough to remember, he is our own Jimmy “the Greek”.

The FREE contest sponsored by Emerald Downs is now available for all to enter. You are limited to 1 entry per person. The link to enter is below. The contest is easy, pick who you think will win the race, run 2nd and finish 3rd. You will be awarded the official pay-off of each of your winning picks to your point total. For example, if you pick the winner you will get credit for the official $2 win, place and show pay-outs. So if the official pay-outs are $12.40 for the $2 win, $7.20 for the $2 place and $5 for the $2 show you would have 24.80 points just for picking the winner. If your 2nd pick runs 2nd you would get the points for the $2 place and 3rd you would get the $2 show pay.

Bonus scoring would be if you pick the top 2 exactly you would get credit for the $1 exacta pay and if you selected all 3 perfectly you also would get the $1 trifecta pay awarded to your point total.

If you don’t understand any of this, just pick 1 horse to win, 1 horse to run 2nd and 1 horse to run 3rd. Afterall, IT’S FREE!!

Top Prize is $200 cash and a day for 8 at Emerald Downs this season. Plus if the Champion also beats Prof DW you win an Eli Hoodie. 2nd place is $100 and a day at the track for 4 and $50 for 3rd and 2 tickets to Emerald Downs.

Get signed up now, the deadline is Saturday at 3pm (Pacific time). The link to get signed up is:







By paulb

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