The Olympia Artesian’s soccer club also known as FC Olympia is home to both mens and womens soccer clubs as part of the greater minor league in soccer and provides a pathway for players to keep their dreams alive, work on the skills and find a way to the next level. 

If you don’t know much about the Artesians and their clubs or their many youth programs they are involved with then this Saturday under beautiful sunny skies at North Thurston High School’s Soputh Sound Stadium is a great place to take in the Artesian experience.

The Oly Artesians are hosting their Fan Fest which is a free event where you can meet the players, take photos, autographs and they encourage you to bring your ball for open field play. 

They will be hosting other lawn games and their merchandise tents will be up and Artesisian staff will be on hand to answer all your questions about the team, schedule, tickets and all the youth programs they are involved with and how you can get your kids involved.

You do have to pre-register for the event but it’s free and begins at 11am on Saturday, May 11. To register for Fan Fest or to find out more about the whole Artesian operation check out the links below.

Link to Register for Fan Fest

Link to FC Olympia Artesians Web Site



By paulb

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