Prof. DW’s Kentucky Derby….Derby!

Professor DW’s Kentucky Derby….Derby!

Welcome to Professor DW’s Kentucky Derby….Derby! Sponsored by Emerald Downs!

Shawn O’Neill wins the 1st Prof DW Kentucky Derby….Derby!

There were 3 contestants that correctly selected Mystik Dan at 18-1 to win the 150th running of the Kentucky Derby nosing out fast closing 2nd place finisher Sierra Leone and 3rd place horse Forever Young. 2 noses separated the 3 finishers in a dramatic photo finish.

Just a quick reminder of the contest, each contestant received a “pretend” $2 win place and show ticket on their 1st pick, then a $2 place only ticket for their 2nd pick and the same $2 show ticket for their 3rd pick. Each contestant also got a $1 straight exacta ticket (picking 1st and 2nd exactly) and a $1 trifecta ticket picking the top 3 exactly.

The 3 who selected Mystik Dan all got credit for the $2 win, place and show pay-offs that equaled $65.54. So it came down to their 2nd and 3rd picks. The winner Shawn O’Neill selected Stronghold to run 2nd but Stronghold was no where close. O’Neill then picked Sierra Leone to place 3rd which means his $2 show ticket was good for $4.64 giving him a grand total of $70.18.

Coming in 2nd and 3rd are the married couple of Lorilynn Mohney and her husband DAN Mohney. I capitalized DAN as that was how the two came up with their win pick, Mystik DAN. Dan had selected Grand Mo the First to run 2nd and Fierceness to run 3rd and both were well out of it so Dan got 3rd.

Meantime, Lorilynn picked Forever Young to run 2nd and Just Steel to be 3rd. The 1st tie-breaker is if neither 2nd place pick took 2nd then whose pick finished best and that went to Forever Young who was a half a head from winning and a nose behind for 2nd. Had Forever Young taken 2nd and Sierra Leone 3rd O’Neill would still have finished with $70.18 but Lorilynn’s place bet on Forever Young would have given her not only the place bet but she was a nose away from hitting the exacta which would have likely paid near $200 and Lorilynn would have won easily.

But since Forever Young finished 3rd Lorilynne didn’t get anything to add to her winnings. So the contest literally came down to a nose finish and Shawn O’Neill much like Mystik Dan held on at the end for the photo finish win.

Had Sierra Leone won, O’Neill still would have likely won with the place and show winnings from Mystik Dan and the show winnings on Sierra Leone and would have given him just enough to beat Kevin Hamrick who picked Sierra Leone to win and Forever Young to show.

The Professor finished tied for 14th with Sierra Leone place bet. O’Neill defeats the Professor and adds the Hoody to  his Prize package.

Congrats to all our winners and thanks to everyone for playing. Stay Tuned more contests are coming from Professor DW!

Prize Winnings

1st Shawn O’Neill     $200, a day for 8 at Emerald Downs during the 2024 season and he beat Professor DW so he gets a bonus prize of an Eli Sports Network Hoodie.

2nd Lorilynn Mohney     $100 and a day for 4 at Emerald Downs this season.

3rd Dan Mohney   $50 and 2 tickets to Emerald Downs this season.

Complete Order of Finish of those who cashed some winnings. I you are not listed means you ended with “0”. There were many in that category so do not feel bad about taking a big swing!

Place Winnings Contestant 1st Place Pick 2nd Place Pick 3rd Place Pick
1st 70.18 Shawn ONeill mystik-dan-20-1 stronghold-20-1 sierra-leone-3-1
2nd 65.54 Lorilynn Mohney mystik-dan-20-1 forever-young-10-1 just-steel-20-1
3rd 65.54 Dan Mohney mystik-dan-20-1 grand-mo-the-first-50-1 fierceness-5-2
4th 31.9 Ed Cornier forever-young-10-1 mystik-dan-20-1 west-saratoga-50-1
5th 30.96 Jody Hulsey fierceness-5-2 mystik-dan-20-1 sierra-leone-3-1
5th 30.96 Craig Fredrickson fierceness-5-2 mystik-dan-20-1 sierra-leone-3-1
7th 16.76 Kevin Hamrick Hamrick sierra-leone-3-1 fierceness-5-2 forever-young-10-1
8th 12.12 Matthew King catching-freedom-8-1 sierra-leone-3-1 forever-young-10-1
8th 12.12 Brian Permann Permann fierceness-5-2 sierra-leone-3-1 forever-young-10-1
8th 12.12 Keith Stottlemyre forever-young-10-1 fierceness-5-2 sierra-leone-3-1
8th 12.12 Erin Walick fierceness-5-2 sierra-leone-3-1 forever-young-10-1
12th 11.18 Bob Cappelletti sierra-leone-3-1 catching-freedom-8-1 fierceness-5-2
12th 11.18 Jeff Johnson sierra-leone-3-1 honor-marie-20-1 just-steel-20-1
14th 6.54 Roy Clark fierceness-5-2 sierra-leone-3-1 catching-freedom-8-1
14th 6.54 Nick Lofquist fierceness-5-2 sierra-leone-3-1 domestic-product-30-1
14th 6.54 Darin Arthur dornoch-20-1 sierra-leone-3-1 t-o-password-30-1
14th 6.54 Tony Davis just-a-touch-10-1 sierra-leone-3-1 track-phantom-20-1
14th 6.54 BOb Kickner sierra-leone-3-1 fierceness-5-2 just-a-touch-10-1
14th 6.54 Lee Stockwell fierceness-5-2 sierra-leone-3-1 just-a-touch-10-1
14th 6.54 Angela Roy fierceness-5-2 sierra-leone-3-1 catching-freedom-8-1
14th 6.54 professor DW domestic-product-30-1 sierra-leone-3-1 honor-marie-20-1
14th 6.54 Skip Smith fierceness-5-2 sierra-leone-3-1 catching-freedom-8-1
14th 6.54 Shannon Brazell fierceness-5-2 sierra-leone-3-1 catching-freedom-8-1
14th 6.54 Carter Fabritius catching-freedom-8-1 sierra-leone-3-1 just-a-touch-10-1
14th 6.54 William Russell fierceness-5-2 sierra-leone-3-1 catching-freedom-8-1
26th 5.58 Clifford Nichols Nichols forever-young-10-1 catching-freedom-8-1 just-a-touch-10-1
26th 5.58 Dori Guyette dornoch-20-1 stronghold-20-1 forever-young-10-1
26th 5.58 Jamie Barnes forever-young-10-1 fierceness-5-2 honor-marie-20-1



Overview: Professor DW is back with another “Pick ’em Challenge!” It’s Derby time in the Bluegrass State and at the same time it’s racing season here in Washington State! Saturday, May 4th is Kentucky Derby day the 150th running and also opening day at Emerald Downs. This contest is looking for the best handicappers to pick your top 3 finishers in the big race.

The winner will be decided by who collects the most winnings (on-paper) after the race is run and its official. You will be able to count win, place and show pay-outs along with exacta and trifecta returns. Each contestant will choose who they think will run 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

If your pick to win does indeed win, you will get the $2 win, place and show pay-offs counted toward your total. If the horse you selected to be 2nd wins or runs 2nd you will get only the $2 place pay-out toward your total and if the horse you picked to be 3rd finishes 1st, 2nd or 3rd you will get the $2 show pay-off only toward your final total.

You can really separate yourself if you hit the exacta or trifecta. The exacta means if the horse you pick to be 1st and the horse you pick to be 2nd finish in that exact order you would get the winning $1 exacta pay-off counted with the other pay-outs above. If you are perfect and pick exactly the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishers in exact order you also would win the trifecta and get the $1 trifecta pay-out added to your total. If you can do that you would cash all possible bets in the contest.

For complete rules see below. All you have to do is pick 1 horse to win (1st place), 1 horse to place (2nd place) and 1 horse to show (3rd place). Pick just 1 seletion below in each column. Be sure to complete your full registration including contact information so we can get in touch if you win.


1st Place: $200 and a day at Emerald Downs for 8, includes programs and admission, plus an Eli Sports T-Shirt. Total value over $300!
**Bonus: Beat the Professor and win an Eli Hoodie!

2nd Place: $100 and a day at Emerald Downs for 4, includes programs and admission. Total value over $150!
3rd Place: $50 and a day at Emerald Downs for 2, includes programs and admission. Total value over $75!

Enter Your Picks

Official Rules for Professor DW’s Bracket Challenge

Eligibility and Deadlines

  1. This contest is 100% free of charge and you must be at least 18 years of age to participate.
  2. Employees and current contractors of Eli Sports Network are not eligible to participate.
  3. Contestants are allowed 1 entry per person.

Winning the Kentucky Derby….Derby! Contest

  1. To win the contest you must “cash” out the highest pay-outs returns based on $2 win, place and show pay-outs and the $1 exacta and trifecta pay-outs from Churchill Downs where the Kentucky Derby is run. This is a fictional wager and NO MONEY is required or exchanged to participate. Only the established 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes will be the only consideration awarded by the contest operators (see below).
  2. Ties: If there is a tie the 1st tie-breaker would be whose top pick finished the best regardless of placing. The 2nd tiebreaker is the best 2nd pick placing and 3rd tiebreaker the best 3rd place placing. For example if the top winners are tied and they both picked the winner then we would go to their 2nd place pick and if one finished 7th and the other finished 10th then the 7th place pick would be the winner.
  3. Late Scratches: If one of your selections is scratched before the race you will not be able to replace that pick. However, if the scratch is early enough to allow one of the two alternate horses to run then your pick will be replaced by that alternate. For example if one of your choices scratches on Wednesday and the 1st alternate replaces your choice in the race you automatically get that horse for your scratched pick. If there is a 2nd scratch the same rule applies except you will getr the 2nd alternate automatically. If there are 3 or more scratches you will not get a replacement horse as there are only 2 alternate horses. You will be included in the contest with 3, 2 or 1 available runner.
  4. Winnings: 1st Place: $200 and a day at Emerald Downs for 8, includes programs and admission, plus an Eli Sports T-Shirt. Total value over $300!
    2nd Place: $100 and a day at Emerald Downs for 4, includes programs and admission. Total value over $150!
    3rd Place: $50 and a day at Emerald Downs for 2, includes programs and admission. Total value over $75!
  5. Winners are responsible for any taxes and fees.

How to Join

  1. Complete your registration and make sure to pick just 1 horse in each column, win, place and show. More than 1 selection in any column will disqualify your choices for that column.
  2. Deadline to enter is 3:00pm Pacific time and be sure to fully complete your entry to be eligible.

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