(ESN Headquarters) The Eli Sports Network is asking for singers and bands to share their original uncopyrighted or with permission songs that we can play on our broadcasts.

Prior to ESN going on with the pre-game show of whichever event we are covering we play music so when users come on they know the stream is active and soon our broadcast will begin. Since we are starting to use video in various ways including uploading the recorded videos to our You Tube Channel we can not use copyrighted music without paying rights fees or getting permission which is very difficult.

So instead we are offering our stream to local and national artists that would like some additional exposure. We are not offering compensation but will create a page called Eli Music. People who hear a song they may like can then go to that page and we will have listed all of the artists with the songs that we are playing and a link to that artist be it a website or You Tube page or Facebook.

So far we have 3 artists on board including Grammy nominated singer-songwriter John Ford Coley along with Heather Beattie and The Olson Brothers.

If you are interested in submitting music to Eli Sports please contact Paul at www.paulyouresn.com or send the music you want to share or provide a link to where we can download it. Also provide you or your band’s name and link information and a picture if possible.

We also air this music in between double-header or back-to-back games like at tournaments. Last year we did more than 350 live broadcasts and that equalled more than 115 hours of just music being played. We will also promote our Eli music page on our social media where we have more than 12,000 friends and followers on Facebook and more than 23,000 followers on Twitter so this is a good avenue to get some exposure for you, your band and your music.

Here is a great example of some of our local talent, a video from the Olson Brothers in which they won a song-writing contest:

By paulb

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