(Tacoma, WA) Here is our All-Championship Football team which was selected by our announcers and reporters covering all 6 games. This is based solely on our eyes and some stats. No doubt some performances will be missed and some others doubt will be named but that is because the judging came from an unbiased view and in most cases this is the first time we are seeing a player or team. We did not take into consideration any honors, stats or performances prior to the Championship Game. This team is solely based on the 1 game and is meant to celebrate great achievements and performances that stood out to us in that particular time and moment. Any player who feels they should have been included we say you are very likely correct but for whatever reason these are the names of who caught our eye.

We will be naming an MVP, an Offensive Player of the Championship and a Defensive Player of the Championship plus Special Teams player. We also will have 11 1st team Offense and 11 1st team defense and a Coach of the Championship.

MVP of the Championships

Maguire “Mac” Isaak Almira-Coulee-Hartline

Yes Mac plays on an 8-man football team but performances are performances and the ACH Warriors set a new single team scoring record putting up 84 on Sunnyside Christian. The 2 teams combined for a new total points record in all WIAA classifications with 144.

Isaak finished the game with these eye popping numbers: 21-41 passing for 368 yards and 8 Touchdowns and no interceptions. He also ran the ball 26 times for 243 yards and 4 touchdowns including one that went 91 yards. So he had a combined total of 611 of the 722 total yards ACH piled up and either threw or ran in all 12 Touchdowns. Plus he played a significant amount of defense where he made 4 tackles and had 1 of the 2 team interceptions. Yes in 8-man football we expect big numbers but what Mac did on this day was truly MVP worthy and we agree.

Offensive Player of the Championships

Canon Racanelli – Hockinson Hawks

Defensive Player of the Championships

Adam Weissenfels-Richland Bombers

Special Teams Player of the Championships

Stephen Powell – O’Dea Irish

Coach of the Championships

Sean McDonald – Kalama

1st Team Offense

Quarterback – Simon Burkett – Meridian

Running Back – Jamyn Patu – O’Dea

Running Back – Alonso Hernandez-Rangel – Royal

Running Back – James Heer – Liberty (Spangle)

Receiver – Sawyer Racanelli – Hockinson

Receiver – Tucker Wetmore – Kalama

Receiver – Parker Zappone – Almira-Coulee-Hartline

Tight End – Jarrell Anderson – Rainier Beach

O-line – Kristian Mijic – Richland

O-line – Griffen Korican – O’Dea

O-line – Nick Hastings – Woodinville

O-line – Cy Hicks – Tumwater

O-line – Logan Gomez-Rios – Royal

1st Team Defense

D-line – Matt Haynes – Kalama

D-line – Beau St. John – Liberty (Spangle)

D-line – Wayne Johnson – O’Dea

D-line – Ramses Gonzales – Royal

D-Line – Jacob Pati – Tumwater

Linebacker – Caleb Chapman – Richland

Linebacker – Chance Marsh – Sunnyside Christian

Linebacker – Colby Hutchinson – Kalama

Linebacker – Tony Richardson – Hockinson

Defensive Back – Matt Henry – Hockinson

Defensive Back – Mason Starling – Rainier Beach

Defensive Back – Josh Mendoza – Richland

Defensive Back – Angel Farias Ramos – Royal










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