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(Centralia, WA) You may have noticed a few things beginning to change with the Eli Sports Network website, well we are just beginning. The big news is we are about to launch a new website called the Eli Streaming Network. This will ultimately include more than just sports but we will make those announcements as they come on board. The big impact to Eli Sports Network is we will be dividing the web sites in two and will include Eli Sports Network HS (High School) and the other web site will be Eli Sports Network Pro (Professional, Semi-Pro and College coverage on this page.)

Why? The answer is we want to expand and cover other sports outside of High School such as the Sounders, the Defiance, the Rainiers and so on including the big ones Seahawks, Mariners and now the Kracken. This is where we will have our Emerald Downs coverage, link partners like Mitch Unfiltered and more. This also allows us to seek needed advertising dollars from companies that don’t fit well on a website that covers mostly High School sports.

This change will also allow us to do even more on the High School side of coverage with more features and player profiles and game coverage. We have already begun to add some new pages and changes. Here is what is already available and what will be added soon to our High School coverage.

*The Burner
The Burner page is our celebration of all the other coverage in the State by other outlets including Newspapers and web sites. We look at our mission differently from the old school media that pretends they are the only resource that people read or watch or listen to. Our take is there are many great reporters out there doing really cool stories on kids in all corners of the state and we want to bring that coverage to you.

We simply set up the story with one or two lines and then link their story and that takes you directly to that story. We only link stories you can read without a subscription now most outlets with subscriptions do allow between 2 and 10 free articles per month, if you end up liking the product you are certainly encouraged to subscribe to those particular companies.

We also give the author and source all the credit of their story and again happily  and hopefully send more readers to their web page to read this fantastic coverage happening all-over the state.

This page is dedicated to WIAA news. Whether it is us breaking it with a scoop or the WIAA issuing a press release the WIAA Tea will have it all. We intend to look at all the minutes of the WIAA meetings, post or link you to that information and even link some of the other public business of the WIAA like Executive Director Mick Hoffman’s monthly 2-minute drill.

The original name of this page was going to be the WIAA Beat then we thought Telegraph. But then we thought maybe high schooler’s and younger people aren’t up on the slang and vernacular from 1920 so we went with Tea. Yes, we know that some use this term as gossip but that’s what we are spilling on the WIAA Tea page the latest gossip that happens to be true because it is coming from the WIAA folks.

We are excited to highlight and give the WIAA their own space and hopefully make it easier for you to find the information you are looking for and not listen to rumors, spill the tea for yourself on our WIAA Tea page.

*Trending Up
This is going to be our Player Profile page and will feature up close and personal interviews with athletes from all across the state. The page is not yet up but will be soon. We are also working on a page that will feature profiles of coaches, AD’s and Officials. We are working on a name for that page and it will be launched soon.

*Bruce Williams
If you haven’t caught our new regular columnist Bruce will bring a smile to your face with his interesting observations and personal experiences that many of us can identify with his sly humor is always a day-maker.

*Podcasts and Original Programming
Right now we have one regular podcast that is available on the subscription ESN/NFHS sports networks called Eli’s High School Report. It airs every Tuesday at Noon live and you can catch all the re-plays in the on-demand section of the ESN/NFHS web landing page. The link to that page and where you can get signed up for a subscription is also at elisportsnetwork.com.

We are working now to add additional podcasts with a wide variety of subjects from High School to Pro Sports, College to Outdoor’s. Also we are working on some original programming that will be outside of our regular game broadcasting.

These are a few changes on the way so we hope you enjoy our new expanded coverage and if you do hope you will help spread the word and share our site with others you think would like what we provide. Stay tuned more is on the way!



By paulb

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