Here is Part 2 of our grading of how the new selection committee process worked in it’s first year of being used in all team sports seeding process.

Winter Sports

Girls Basketball

**Girls Basketball awards trophies to 6th place the two losing teams in the consolation would be considered 7th place finishes. Also the teams play for 3rd or 5th place in one of the consolation games and the other game is for 4th and 6th. So 5th place teams actually lost to the 3rd place team.

4A Bracket: The 4A committee tied for 1st as the highest in our accuracy scoring of all the girls tournaments with #1 Woodinville winning the Championship by beating #2 Sumner. The final 4 was nearly perfect with the 1-2-3 and 5 seeds. They also faired well in the quarters with seeds 1-7 and the 9 seed all in the final 8. The final trophy count was 1 seed 1st, 2 seed 2nd, 3rd seeded Pasco 3rd, 9th ranked Camas 4th, 5 seed Eastlake 5th and 7 seed Richland 6th with the 4 seed Lake Stevens and 6 seeded Emerald Ridge losing in the consolations. Our Grade A.






3A Bracket: This committee was solid in their 1st time at it. They weren’t that far off with having the 1 thru 4 seeds all in the semi-finals perfect. But 4 seeded Lake Washington beat #1 Mead to advance to the Championship where the Kangaroos faced #2 Garfield. The Bulldogs advanced to the title tilt knocking off #3 Arlington. #2 Garfield then pulled out an exciting 1 point win over Lake Washington. #3 Arlington then handled a disappointed Mead squad for 3rd while Mead took 5th. In the quarters is where there were some issues for the 3A committee with #14 Hermiston making it into the top 8, along with #9 Lakeside. #5 Snohomish would finish 4th and #7 Stanwood took 6th with the 9 and 14 seed losing in those consolations. Our Grade B+.






2A Bracket: This was not a good start for the 2A bracket committee as their #1 seed Tumwater lost to 8 seeded Burlington-Edison and got knocked into the 1st day loser out games at the SunDome. There Tumwater again stumbled badly losing to #9 West Valley (Spokane) and the #1 seed was out in a shockingly quick exit. The quarterfinals had seeds 2-3-4-5-7-8-9 and 11. 2 seed Ellensburg beat 4 seed WF West in one semi and #8 Burlington-Edison made it to the Championship game against the Bulldogs by beating the 11 seed Prosser. So the final trophy run was #2 Ellensburg Champs, #8 B-E 2nd, #11 Prosser 3rd, #5 Archbishop Murphy 4th, #4 WF West 5th and #3 Hudson’s Bay 6th with #7 Washougal and #9 West Valley Spokane losing in the consolations. Our Grade C-.







1A Bracket: The 1A committee nearly had a perfect run with the 1 thru 7 and 9 seeds all advancing into the quarterfinals and the 1 thru 4 seeds into the semi-finals and that’s how they finished with 1 seed Lynden Christian the Champions, #2 Nooksack Valley 2nd, 3rd seed Cashmere 3rd and 4 seed Montesano 5th place. 4th place went to #9 Wapato and #6 Freeman settled for 6th with 7 seed Colville and 5 seed Zillah lost in the consolation round. Our Grade A. (very close to the elusive A+)






2B Bracket: An upset in the Regionals threw off the 2B bracket a little bit but they were pretty darn accurate. #2 Warden lost in the Regional and had to play on the loser day 1 but win. In this case it forced Warden to face #1 La Conner in the quarterfinals and Warden pulled the upset over the #1 team. In the quarters the committee did what no other committee did and that was to get 1 thru 8 in the quarterfinals but not in the order as you would expect because the 1 and 2 seeds met each other due to Warden’s loss in the Regionals. Warden then upset #1 La Conner and went on to win the Championship beating #3 Colfax. The 4 seed Okanogan took 3rd knocking off #7 Liberty (Spangle) who took home 5th place. The 1 seed La Conner bounced back with 2 straight wins for 4th place and #5 Raymond was 6th while #6 Lake Roosevelt and #8 Chief Leschi were defeated in the consolation round. Our Grade A-.






1B Bracket: The 1B committee did pretty well with the 1-2-3 and 5 seeds in the final 4 and the 1 seed Mount Vernon Christian beating the 3 seed Neah Bay for the Championship. 5th seed Garfield-Palouse knocked off 2 seeded Colton for 3rd while Colton took the 5th place trophy. #8 Pomeroy beat #6 Mossyrock for 4th and the Vikings took 6th. The slip up for this committee was the final 8 where 10 seed Naselle advanced to the final 8. In the consolation 8 seeded Pomeroy defeated #4 Wilbur-Creston-Keller knocking them out of the tournament on day 3. Our Grade B+.






Overall Girls Basketball Grade: B+


Boys Basketball

**Boys Basketball awards trophies to 6th place the two losing teams in the consolation would be considered 7th place finishes. Also the teams play for 3rd or 5th place in one of the consolation games and the other game is for 4th and 6th. So 5th place teams actually lost to the 3rd place team.

This is just to strange not to point out going in, there will be no A+ grades in boys basketball. All 6 committees were close with their State Champion but all 6 missed by 1. Yes, all 6 boys state champs were the 2 seed.

4A Bracket: The first 2 seed to win it all for the boys was Curtis. The 4A committee was pretty good with one big miss and that was the 11 seed Olympia Bears who ended up 3rd. The top 8 were perfect 1 thru 5 with the 8 seed but then Olympia at 11 and Graham-Kapowsin the 15 seed was in the top 8. In the semi’s were 1 Mount Si, 2 Curtis and the 3 seed Union with Olympia. So the final count was 2 seed Curtis Champions, 1 seed Mt Si 2nd, 11 seed Olympia 3rd, 3 seed Union 5th, #4 Kamiakin 4th and 5th seed Tahoma 6th. #8 Gonzaga Prep and 15 seed G-K both lost in the consolation. Our Grade B.





3A Bracket: #2 seed Auburn threw this whole bracket out of whack by losing in the Regional and then winning the opening day loser out game setting up a quarterfinal match-up with #1 Garfield. Also in the quarterfinals were the 4-5-6-7 seeds along with the 9 and 14. Advancing to the semi-finals the 2 seed Auburn and #4 Rainier Beach made it but the 1 Garfield and 3 seed O’Dea were knocked out on day 2 by #14 Eastside Catholic. In the end 2nd ranked Auburn won it all while the 4 seed Rainier Beach was 2nd, 5th seeded Seattle Prep was 3rd, 7 seed Mt Spokane 5th while Garfield finished strong taking the 4th place trophy and #9 Mountlake Terrace was 6th. Eastside Catholic and #6 Gig Harbor were knocked out on day 3 in the consolation. Our Grade C+.





2A Bracket: The 2A committee struggled a little bit of course missing with #1 seed North Kitsap but the Vikings did take 3rd but it was #14 Prosser that got into the top 8 as their biggest issue. They also missed on their 5 and 6 seeds who did not get into the top 8. But they were pretty good with seeds 1 thru 4 all making the semi-finals. #4 Pullman pulled the shocker knocking off North Kitsap and #2 Lynden beat #3 R A Long and would go on to win it all. R A Long would finish 5th with 5 seed Tumwater getting 4th and 7 seed Port Angeles 6th. Prosser and #8 Sehome both lost in the consolation. Our Grade B+.





1A Bracket: The 1A did very well with 1 thru 8 seeds all in the quarterfinals and the 1-2-3-5 seeds in the semi-finals. It was 2 seed Lynden Christian vs top seed King’s for the Championship and the Lyncs won it. #3 Life Christian beat the 5 seed Toppenish for 3rd and Toppenish was 5th. 4th ranked Freeman defeated Zillah for 4th and Zillah ended up 6th. #7 Annie Wright and #8 Quincy both were eliminated on day 3 in the consolations. The 1A boys committee were the one and only committee with 1 thru 6 all winning trophies. But just one out of order which was for the Championship, so no A+ (For an A+ you don’t have to be absolutely perfect but we do believe the A+ must have the right Champion, that’s how close there were and btw the final score was 61-58.) Our Grade A.






2B Bracket: The 2B committee did well at the top of the rankings but the mid numbers they missed hard. The 1 thru 5 seeds all made it to the quarterfinals but the other 3 were the 9-10-11 seeds. In the semi’s it was 1 seed Kalama vs 4th ranked Brewster and the Bears won knocking off the 1 seed. #2 Liberty (Spangle) beat 5th seed Morton-White Pass and went on to win the Title with Brewster taking 2nd. #1 Kalama finished 3rd while 5th seed M-WP was 5th. #3 Colfax took 4th and the 10th seeded Columbia (Burbank) team trophied with 6th place while the 9 Lake Roosevelt and 11th seeded Toutle Lake lost in the consolation. Our Grade B-.






1B Bracket: The 1B committee much like their counterparts in the 1A classification had it perfect in the quarterfinals with 1 thru 8, but missed in the semi-finals as 3 seed Northwest Yeshiva lost in the Regionals and then ended up facing 4th ranked Willapa Valley in the quarters which made it impossible to have 1 thru 4 in the semi’s. 2nd ranked Cusick defeated #1 Almira-Coulee-Hartline for the Championship and A-C-H was 2nd. 5 seed Sunnyside Christian took 3rd over 3 seed NW Yeshiva and 7 seed Lummi Nation took 4th with a win over 6th ranked Moses Lake Christian. 4th seed Willapa Valley and #8 DeSales were both knocked out on day 3. Our Grade A-.







Overall Boys Basketball Grade: B


Our 3rd piece comes out on Wednesday on the Spring sports, followed by a full re-cap and our analysis on Friday.



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