Here is Part 3 of our grading of how the new selection committee process worked in it’s first year of being used in all team sports seeding process.

Spring Sports

As we work through the Spring sports it is clear there are difficulties for each committee as by far they had more misses in all sports nearly, if not combining Fall and Winter sports. Our final analysis will be in our re-cap part 4 on Friday.

Boys Soccer

**Soccer awards trophies 1st thru 4th and quarterfinal losing teams are listed as 5th place.

4A Bracket: The committee struggled but not as bad as others. When you begin with a Championship final between the 5 and 7 seeds you know you missed somewhere. The final 8 in the quarterfinals were the 1-3-4-5-7-9-11 and 15. Only 3 of your top 4 made it to the quarters and that was knocked down to 2 in the semi-finals with the 1-3-5-7 advancing but #5 Bellarmine beat #1 Pasco and #7 Skyline got by #3 Wenatchee. Both were 1 goal wins and Bellarmine won in a shoot-out. The Lions would then defeat the 7 Skyline 1-0 for the Championship while Pasco edged Wenatchee for 3rd 2-1. The other quarterfinalists that advanced were #11 Issaquah who defeated #6 Puyallup, #15 Kamiak knocked out #2 Union, #4 Newport lost to Bellarmine Prep and #9 lost to Pasco. Our Grade C-.







3A Bracket: The 3A committee has to see where things went wrong. They missed big. In the final 8 seeds 10-11-12-14 and 16 all advanced with only 2 seed Lakeside and 4 seeded Lincoln (Seattle) in the final 8 from your top 4. #8 Monroe rounded out the final 8. It didn’t get better into the semi’s with #2 Lakeside moving forward with #8 Monroe but also advancing were #12 Mercer Island and #14 O’Dea. Lakeside would beat O’Dea 2-1 in OT and #12 Mercer Island knocked off #8 Monroe. Then in stunning fashion #12 Mercer Island beat #2 Lakeside for the Championship. #8 Monroe did beat #14 O’Dea for 3rd. The other quarterfinalists included #11 Hazen, #10 Peninsula and #16 Seattle Prep. Our Grade D.






2A Bracket: The 2A committee was by far the most successful, although they also missed in the finals. #6 Squalicum rolled through the tournament with a 4-0 win over #11 Fife, 2-0 over #3 East Valley (Yakima), beat #2 Sammamish in the semi’s 3-2 in OT and hammered #4 Burlington-Edison in the Championship 5-0. B-E advanced to the Title match upsetting #1 Columbia River in the semi’s 1-0 in PK’s. But the 2A committee is the only 1 with 3 of their top 4 seeds advancing to the semi-finals but they did have those upside down with the 6 seed meeting the 4 seed for the Title and the 1 vs 2 for 3rd which #1 Columbia River did win beating #2 Sammamish 1-0. The other quarterfinalists did not help the committee with 2 double digit seeds advancing in #10 Franklin Pierce and #12 Tumwater. But #9 Othello also made the final 8. Our Grade B-.





1A Bracket: The 1A committee did have the honor of having the highest seed win the 2 seed The Bush School. But after that not much to note that went right. The quarterfinals weren’t as bad as the 3A bracket with seeds 1-2-4-6-7-9-12 and 14. However, that’s were it fell apart with #14 Seattle Academy beating the 6 seed, #2 The Bush School did beat #7 Lakeside but #12 University Prep knocked out #4 Cascade (Leavenworth) and #9 Highland stunned #1 Toppenish to end their season advancing the 2-9-12 and 14 seeds to the final 4. Bush did beat #14 Seattle Academy 1-0 and blanked #12 University Prep 4-0 for the Title. #9 Highland beat #14 Seattle Academy for 3rd. Our Grade C-.






Overall Spring Boys Soccer Grade: C-

Overall Boys Soccer Grade including the 2B/1B bracket from the Fall season: C


**Fastpitch awards trophies 1st thru 4th but the 2 consolation rounds of loser out games does give us a final 8 and final 6.

4A Bracket: The 4A committee scored right in the middle of our rating system and the biggest disruption was having their #1 seed Kentwood win their opener but lose in the quarters to #8 Redmond and then drop their loser out game 21-1 to 11 seed Mt Si. But outside of that they advanced the 2-3-4 and 8 seeds to the final 4. The other problem was again Redmond the 8 who went on to beat #4 Puyallup in the semi’s and then won the Championship defeating #3 Skyview. Skyview advanced with a 4-3 win in the semi’s over #2 Jackson. #6 Battle Ground took 3rd beating 5th seeded Skyline while #2 Jackson and #4 Puyallup were eliminated in the 2nd consolation and shared 5th place while #11 Mt Si and #10 Kamiakin were ousted in the 1st consolation but made the top 8. Our Grade B.







3A Bracket: The 3A bracket is an oddity and much like the final decision in seeding these brackets the final decisions come from humans and can take things into account that raw data can not. So in fact the 3A committee in our scoring system did worse than the 4A committee but we are going to give them a higher grade. Let us explain, yes the 3A had more double digit seeds advance through the consolation bracket which drove up their scores but the heart of the matter is getting the Championship correct first and then go from there. The 3A with a 20 team tournament and in a driving rainstorm both days in Lacey had seeds 1-2-3 and 5 in the semi-finals and the 1 faced the 2 in the Championship. 2nd seed Lake Washington did beat #1 Walla Walla for 1st  but then 3 seed Roosevelt and 5 seed Bonney Lake both won a loser out consolation to play-off for 3rd in which 3rd seed Roosevelt won. The chink in the armour was the 13 seed Monroe and the 15 Auburn Riverside both advanced to the final 6. We took all of that into consideration and understand no systems are perfect. Our Grade B+, if #1 had won it, they would have gotten an A.






2A Bracket: The 2A Bracket had an interesting run in their 1st time at it and it was really good in some cases with seeds 1-2-3 all winning trophies but missing mightily in the mid seeds except #6 Tumwater who won the whole thing, so apparently missing a bit on the T-Birds. In the quarters seeds 1-2-3-6-7-8 and 12 and 13 who faced each other as #12 Lakewood beat #5 Fife and #13 Ellensburg beat #4 Shadle Park. Lakewood would be E-Burg and advance to the final 4. #6 Tumwater knocked off #3 Lynden to advance and face #2 WF West who beat #7 Olympic. Tumwater beat WF West to get to the Championship and faced #1 Othello who beat #8 Port Angeles. Tumwater would win the Title handily 13-3. Both WF West and Lynden avoided further upsets as they knocked out #14 Rochester and #12 Lakewood who would both finish in the top 6 as WF West took 3rd and Lynden 4th. Our Grade B.








1A Bracket: The 1A committee had a good 1st effort although a 12 team bracket but really no big misses. Seeds 1 thru 8 all made the quarters which meant they had it right 9-12, the 4 teams who lost their 1st round loser-out play-in game. But after that it was a little off. 1 seed Eatonville did make the semi’s along with 2 seed Nooksack Valley but 5 seed Lakeside (9 Mile Falls) knocked off 4 seed Freeman and 6 seeded Mount Baker over #3 College Place. #5 Lakeside then beat #1 Eatonville and faced #2 Nooksack Valley for the Championship. The Pioneers then beat Lakeside 4-3 for the title. Meantime, the 3 and the 4 lost in their loser out consolation advancing 7 seed Hoquiam and 8 seed Castle Rock but both lost to Mount Baker and Eatonville and the Cruisers ended up 3rd. Our Grade B.






2B Bracket: The committee was definitely hot and cold. They did well to just miss in the Championship game with 1 seed Adna facing 3 seed Pe Ell-Willapa Valley but PWV rolled to an 11-0 Championship win. To start with they missed on 2 play-in seeds as 10 seed Rainier and 11 seeded Toledo both won their loser out games to advance to the quarterfinals. Rainier then hammered #2 Warden to get to the semi-finals while Toledo lost to PWV. #5 Colfax beat 4th seed Lake Roosevelt and Adna advanced with awin over #8 Forks. Toledo then beat 2 seed Warden in the consolation to eliminate them and #8 Forks handed Lake Roosevelt their 2nd loss ending their season. Forks would get to the 3rd place game and the 8 seed beat #5 Colfax for 3rd place. Our Grade B-.








1B Bracket: The 1B was at an advantage with only an 8 team tournament but was perfect after the 1st round with 1 thru 4 in the semi-finals. They were also only 1 of 5 committees in the Spring to get their 1 and 2 seeds into the Championship game and only 1 of 2 committees to have it right as #1 seed Liberty Christian beat #2 Colton 4-1. There was a little hiccup in the consolation as #5 Naselle beat #8 Darrington then knocked off #3 Inchelium to get into the 3rd place game where they lost to the 4 seed DeSales. In the end seeds 1-2-4-5 all took home trophies in that order. Our Grade A-.








Overall Fastpitch Grade: B


**Baseball awards trophies 1st thru 4th with losers in the Regional finals finishing 5th.

4A Bracket: The 4A committee was spot on with the Championship game and it couldn’t have been more perfect with #1 Olympia winning it in walk-off fashion over #2 Puyallup 7-6. But the committee did have a glaring miss with #14 Skyline who beat #3 in the 1st round of regionals then knocked off #11 Sumner who had beat 6 seed Kamiakin and Skyline was in the final 4. Other than that 1 regional they had it perfect and #4 Richland did beat Skyline for 3rd. Overall a solid performance with just the single Regional that was missed and was only 1 of 2 committees in the Spring to have their 1 and 2 perfect. Our Grade A-.






3A Bracket: The 3A bracket had the 2nd toughest time and was hot and cold. The Final 4 sums it up perfectly with 1 seed West Seattle and 3 seed Kennewick in the semi-finals but with 10 seed Mt Spokane and 12 seed Mercer Island. Mercer Island must feel severely disrespected as they rolled through the bracket beating 5 seed Bainbridge in the Regionals, then #4 Auburn in the quarters, then beat #1 West Seattle and won it all knocking off 3 seed Kennewick. But in the 3rd place game #10 Mt Spokane handled top seeded West Seattle 5-1 for the 3rd place trophy. Our Grade C-.






2A Bracket: The 2A Bracket in the end didn’t look quite as bad as it could have been with the 2-3-4-9 seeds in the final 4. But it was a case of the haves and have nots with the 5-10-11 and 16 in the quarterfinals. Only the Regional where #4 Tumwater defeated 5 seed Ephrata had it right the other 3 Regionals were blown up starting with #16 White River stunning the committee’s 1 seed North Kitsap 5-1 to end the Vikings season. 10 seed Archbishop Murphy knocked out the 7 seed #11 Enumclaw eliminated the 6. But they recovered well in the regional finals with all the remaining highest seeds winning. #4 Tumwater beat #2 Columbia River for the Championship and #9 WF West took 3rd over 3 seeded Ellensburg. Our Grade B.






1A Bracket: The 1A committee did quite well with the 1-2-3 all in the semi-finals with one big miss with 12 seed University Prep who advanced to the final 4 knocking off the 4 and 5 seeds. 1 seed Cedar Park Christian would then get the hot U-P in the semi’s and they just missed with their 3rd straight upset losing to the 1 seed 7-6. #2 Bellevue Christian had to neat the 10 seed Royal in the Regional Championship and did so then topped #3 Chelan to face #1 CPC. Bellevue Christian got the win and #12 University Prep bounced back with a win of 3 seed Chelan for 3rd. Our Grade B+ (had the 1 beat the 2 they would have gotten an A-)






2B Bracket: The committee was like several of the others with getting it correct 75% in Regionals and having just 1 glaring oversight. The were the 3rd committee to correctly seed 1 and 2 into the championship but they were 1 of 2 committees who had it reversed as the 2 seed Brewster topped 1 seed Toutle Lake 7-6. 3 seed Jenkins (Chewelah) also made the final 4 and finished 3rd so the 2B committee’s 1-2-3 seeds took home the top 3 trophies just not in exact order. It was 13 seed Colfax who was the outlayer as they surprised #4 Napavine in the opening round of Regionals and then beat #5 NW Christian (Colbert) to get into the final 4. A couple of other minor misses as 9 seed Forks beat the 8 and #11 Okanogan over the 6 but neither could get to the top 4. Our Grade B+ (again if #1 wins then A- but a double digit seed in the final 4 is tough to overcome.)






1B Bracket: The 1B tournament was a 12 team tourney and the committee was perfect through 2 rounds with seeds 9 thru 12 all losing in the play-in loser out 1st round. Then in the quarters the 1 thru 4 seeds all made it to the semi-finals and it looked like maybe a perfect bracket was on the way but no. They had the top four completely backwards as 3 seed Nasell defeated #2 Almira-Coulee-Hartline 15-10 and #4 Crosspoint knocked out #1 DeSales 10-7. Naselle won the Championship 5-3. Our Grade B+.






Overall Baseball Grade: B-



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