We have reached our final post on our “Combined Sports Champions” This has been a fun look at the many schools that have had great successes over the past year. It was also fun to see that just because you may be dominant in 1 or 2 high profile sports, doesn’t mean that school is an automatic athletic juggernaut. When all sports are given equal importance it has been a completely different story in many aspects.

We know this is one arbitrary look at trying to measure the overall success and our focus was to reward the Champions the most with a fair scoring system 2 thru 8. We already see where we are likely to make tweaks for next year and we will be keeping a running total this coming year after the Fall sports and after the Winter and then come up with our overall Champions after next year’s Spring sports season.

In our own scoring system teams earned points by finishing in the top 8 of each sport that featured a team competition. The sports included Football, Volleyball, Baseball, Fastpitch, Slowpitch, Girls Bowling, Gymnastics,  Boys and Girls Basketball, Soccer, Cross Country, Swimming/Diving, Wrestling, Track and Field, Tennis and Golf.

The scoring went from 25 points for a State Championship, 18 for 2nd, 15 for 3rd, 12 for 4th, 10 for a 5th place finish, 8 for 6th, 5 for 7th and 3 for 8th place. Sports that did not award down to 8th place such as football that awards only 1st and 2nd and then the 2 semi-finalists are awarded 3rd place points and all the quarterfinal losers were awarded 5th the average of 5th thru 8th place. In other words we placed a much higher value on winning the Championship and then placing in the top 4 over finishing 5-8. All sports in our measurement were treated the same so winning the football title got you 25 points and so did winning the girls golf title.

All classifications are now posted along with our All-Classification Results. We did 3 separate All-Classification Combined sports lists. This is simply due to fairness as the larger classifications have more sports that they offer to their students than smaller districts can offer. So we did do an all-classification which is dominated by the larger classes but also did a 4A, 3A and 2A list and a 1A, 2B and 2B list. Here are the winners! Congratulations to all!

All Classification Champions

#1 3A Mercer Island Islanders 160 points






#2 4A Curtis Vikings 153 points
#3 2A Columbia River Rapids 139 points
#4 4A Camas Papermakers 137 points
#5 3A Lakeside (Seattle) Lions 133 points
#6 3A Mead Panthers 131 points
#7 2A Pullman Greyhounds 128 points
#8 2A Tumwater T-Birds 120 points
#9 1A Lynden Christian Lyncs 116 points
#10 1A Lakeside (Nine Mile Falls) Eagles 115.5 points

4A-3A-2A Classification Champions

#1 3A Mercer Island Islanders 160 points


#2 4A Curtis Vikings 153 points
#3 2A Columbia River Rapids 139 points
#4 4A Camas Papermakers 137 points
#5 3A Lakeside (Seattle) Lions 133 points
#6 3A Mead Panthers 131 points
#7 2A Pullman Greyhounds 128 points
#8 2A Tumwater T-Birds 120 points
#9 2A Sehome Mariners 117 points
#10 4A Issaquah Eagles 108 points
#10 3A Lake Washington Kangaroos 108 points

1A-2B-1B Classification Champions

#1 1A Lynden Christian Lyncs 116 points






#2 1A Lakeside (Nine Mile Falls) Eagles 115.5 points
#3 1B Mt Vernon Christian Hurricanes 95.5 points
#4 2B Kalama Chinooks 88.5 points
#4 1A King’s Knights 88.5 points
#6 1B Naselle Comets 87 points
#7 1B Pope John Paul II Eagles 83 points
#8 2B St George’s Dragons 78 points
#9 1A Toppenish Wildcats 75 points
#10 2B Okanogan Bulldogs 73 points


1B Combined Boys and Girls

Mt Vernon Christian Hurricanes 95.5 points







The Mt Vernon Christian Hurricanes were almost perfectly balanced with the boys scoring 48 points and the girls 47.5. Each collected a State Championship with the boys taking the Track and Field title and the girls winning the Basketball Championship. All totaled the Hurricanes placed in the top 8 7-times with the 2 Titles and added a 3rd, 5th two-6th place and a 7th place trophy to their trophy case.

2nd Place
Naselle Comets 87 points








The Naselle Comets made a run at the top spot by capturing their only State Championship in the Spring in Baseball. The boys led the scoring for the Comets fueled by that Title with 58 of the 87 but the girls certainly helped Naselle get to #2 with 29 of their own. The girls best finish was also in the Spring taking 4th in Fastpitch. In total the Comets had 6 top 8 finishes for a tremendous year.

Rest of Top 8

3rd Pope John Paul 83 points
4th Odessa 62.5 points

5th Almira-Coulee-Hartline 58 points
6th DeSales 55 points
7th Orcas Island 40 points
8th Oakesdale 35 points

1B Boys

Champions (Tie)
Almira-Coulee-Hartline Warriors 58 points 






There was a tie for 1st as both the Warriors of A-C-H and the Naselle Comets each scored 58 points and they did it the same way with a Championship, a 2nd place and a 3rd place trophy. A-C-H began the year in spectacular fashion with the Football Championship then had a shot at 2 title but settled for 2nd in Basketball and got to the semi-finals in baseball before taking home the 3rd place trophy.

Naselle Comets 58 points

The Naselle Comets needed a Championship in Baseball to pull into a tie with the Warriors for the boys Title. They got the job done in wet conditions but found the right combination. The Comets also scored big at the Track meet also needing every point of their 2nd place finish to pull into a tie. The Comets had scored a 3rd in football but trailed A-C-H going into the Spring 43-15 when they made their run.

Rest of Top 8

3rd Mt Vernon Christian 48 points
4th Crosspoint 33 points
4th Pope John Paul 33 points
6th Odessa 30.5 points
7th Cusick 25 points
7th Orcas Island 25 points


1B Girls

Pope John Paul II Eagles 50 points


The Pope John II Eagles did all their damage with their legs winning the combined 1B/2B State Cross Country Championship and then winning the State Track meet to bookend a huge year for the Eagles. That was enough to win the combined 1B sports Championship.



2nd Place
Mt Vernon Christian Hurricanes 47.5 points







The Hurricanes were powered by their Basketball State Championship to nearly win the girls side of the combined state Championship. The Hurricanes also placed 3rd in Track and Field and placed 5th in Soccer.

Rest of Top 8

3rd Odessa 42 points
4th Oakesdale 35 points

5th DeSales 33 points
6th Naselle 29 points
7th Coltoin 28 points
8th Garfield-Palouse 27 points

1B State Champions

Almira-Coulee-Hartline: Football
Cusick: Boys Basketball
Fastpitch: Liberty Christian
Mt Vernon Christian (2): Girls Basketball, Boys Track and Field
Naselle: Baseball
Oakesdale: Volleyball
Orcas Island: Boys Soccer
Pope John Paul (2): Girls Track and Field, Girls Cross Country



2B Combined Boys and Girls

Kalama Chinooks 83.5 points







The Kalama Chinooks were successful in both girls and boys sports and got off to a great start winning their 2 State Championships in the Fall. The girls won the 2B Soccer Title and the boys were Football State Champions. The girls added a 6th place in Track and Field and finished with 33 points. The boys scored 50.5 with a big chunk coming with a 3rd place finish in Basketball. They also scored in Track and Field and Baseball.

2nd Place
St. George’s Dragons 78 points

The St. George’s Dragons were paced by the girls sports where they got their lone Championship in Track and Field. The lady Dragons scored 48 and the boys racked up 30 so both sides were big contributors. The boys just missed a big trophy taking 2nd in Golf and ran well in Cross Country with a 4th place finish. The girls also ran well in Cross Country taking 3rd. The girls also placed in Tennis.

Rest of Top 8

3rd Colfax 70 points
3rd Jenkins-Chewelah 70 points
5th Okanogan 63 points
6th Warden 54 points
7th Liberty Bell 51.5 points
8th La Conner 49 points

2B Boys

Kalama Chinooks 50.5 points







The Chinooks fast start with a Football Championship set the tone and helped carry them to a narrow win. Kalama also did well in Basketball with a 3rd place finish and picked up the rest of their points with a tied 5th place finish in Baseball and an 8th place finish in Track and Field. 4 top 8 finishes to clinch the Boys Championship.

2nd Place
Brewster Bears 46 Points







The Brewster Bears were knocking on the door of the Championship and also had to hold off 3rd place Jenkins-Chewelah to secure 2nd. The Bears were fueled by their Baseball state Championship but got a big boost taking 2nd in Basketball and added just enough for 3rd with an 8th place finish in Cross Country.

Rest of Top 8

3rd Jenkins-Chewelah 45 points
4th Liberty Bell 32.5 points
5th St. George’s 30 points
6th Colfax 27 points
7th Cle Elum-Roslyn 25 points
7th Liberty(Spangle) 25 points
7th Rainier 25 points

2B Girls

Warden Cougars 54 points






The Cougars powered their way to the top on the strength of two State Championships. The Cougars won the State Basketball Championship and then clinched the top spot with a Championship in Golf. The 50 points would have been enough for the combined Title but added 4 point with a tied for 7th place finish in Fastpitch. 

2nd Place
St. George’s Dragons 48 points


The Dragons got 1 Championship in Track and Field and added points with a 3rd place finish in Cross Country and a 5th place in Tennis.

Rest of Top 8

3rd Colfax 43 points
4th Okanogan 40.5 points
5th Adna 39 points
6th La Conner 37 points
7th Raymond 35 points
8th Kalama 33 points

2B State Champions

Brewster: Baseball
Cle Elum-Roslyn: Boys Golf
Jenkins-Chewelah: Girls Tennis
Kalama (2): Football, Girls Soccer
La Conner: Volleyball
Liberty Bell: Boys Cross Country
Liberty (Spangle): Boys Basketball
Orcas Island: Boys Soccer
Pe Ell-Willapa Valley: Fastpitch
Rainier: Boys Track and Field
St. George’s: Girls Track and Field
Warden (2): Girls Basketball, Girls Golf


1A Combined Boys and Girls

Lynden Christian Lyncs 116 points







The Lyncs pulled off the Championship by 1/2 point nudging Lakeside (9 Mile) 116-115.5. The difference is a tough pill for the Eagles to swallow. Both the Lyncs and Eagles won 2 State Championships. Lynden Christian swept basketball with both boys and girls winning titles and with that 25 points each or a total of 50. Lakeside (9 Mile) won the Boys Cross Country for 25 points and they won the Boys Tennis Title but they tied with Cascade Christian. So in a tie we take the 25 points for 1st and the 18 points for 2nd add them together which is 43 and then divide them in half so each team got 21.5 points for the boys tennis title instead of 25. That is the difference in the 1A overall.

Lynden Christian finished the season with the 2 State Basketball titles but also were a 3rd place finisher in football, took 2nd in volleyball, 2nd in boys Track and Field and 3rd in boys golf. The Lyncs boys scored 73 of the 116 and the girls collected just enough with 43 for the 1A overall Championship.

2nd Place
Lakeside (Nine Mile Falls) Eagles 115.5 points







We totally understand if the Eagles believe and claim they were the overall Champions, all we can say is the point system was thought through, we created it with all the different scenarios and we did so before looking at one full result. Yes, everything we did was arbitrary but we were good with giving more credence to individual state champions overall and we did have the discussion in a tie should both teams get 25 points? It was agreed no, we should take the number of teams tied, add their points together and split them evenly and unfortunately, it ended with the Eagles being a half point short.

The one thing that is unarguable is the outstanding year in athletics Lakeside (Nine Mile Falls) had with the 2 State Championships but ended up placing in the top 8 Nine times! The boys were the points leaders with 81.5 and also placed in Football, Track and Field, Soccer and Wrestling. The Girls didn’t get a Championship but did place in Volleyball, Cross Country with their best finish taking 2nd in Fastpitch.

Rest of Top 8

3rd Kings 88.5 points
4th Toppenish 75 points
5th Bear Creek 68 points
6th Deer Park 62.5 points
6th Seattle Academy 62.5 points
8th Bush 61 points

1A Boys

Lakeside (Nine Mile Falls) 81.5 points







There is no denying the Eagles in the boys overall 1A Championships with the 2 State Championships they also had 4 5th place finishes Football, Track and Field, Soccer and Wrestling. A total of 6 top 8 finishes for the season.

2nd Place
Lynden Christian Lyncs 73 Points






The Lyncs got just the 1 State Championship in Basketball but did get to the Semi-finals in Football, placed 2nd in Track and Field and took 3rd in boys golf. So although they only placed in the top 8 4 times they were never lower than 3rd place.

Rest of Top 8

3rd Kings 51 points
4th Toppenish 50 points
5th Bush 41.5 points
6th Cascade Christian 39.5 points
7th Eatonville 33 points
7th University Prep 33 points

1A Girls

Bear Creek Grizzlies, Lynden Christian Lyncs & Nooksack Valley Pioneers 43 points

There was a 3-way tie for first and really no way to break that tie as all three won a State Championship and placed 2nd in another as the 1A girls may have had the most number of different teams place in the top 8 creating quite a log jam as no one or two teams were able to distance themselves from the pack.

Bear Creek were Golf Champions and placed 2nd in Track and Field. Lynden Christian were Basketball Champions and placed 2nd in Volleyball and Nooksack Valley won the Fastpitch Title and took 2nd in Basketball. As you can see with the rest of the top 8 it was a tight race top to bottom.

Rest of Top 8

4th Charles Wright 41 points
5th King’s 37.5 points
6th Deer Park 37 points
6th Forest Ridge 37 points
6th Klahowya 37 points

1A State Champions

Bear Creek (2): Boys and Girls Golf
Bellevue Christian: Baseball
Bush: Boys Soccer
Cascade Christian: Boys Tennis (t)
Chelan: Volleyball
Connell: Boys Track and Field
Deer Park: Girls Soccer
Forest Ridge: Girls Tennis
King’s: Girls Track and Field
Lakeside (Nine Mile Falls) (2): Boys Tennis (t), Boys Cross Country
Lynden Christian (2): Boys and Girls Basketball
Nooksack Valley: Fastpitch
Royal: Football
Seton Catholic: Girls Cross Country
Toppenish (2): Boys and Girls Wrestling


2A Combined Boys and Girls

Columbia River Rapids 139 points







The Rapids secured 2 State Titles winning the Volleyball Championship in the Fall and then taking the Girls Tennis Title. The lady Rapids led the scoring to win the combined title scoring 83 of the 139 points. Columbia River girls also placed 2nd in Bowling and 3rd in Soccer. The Rapids boys were successful as well with 3 top 8 finishes taking 2nd in Baseball, 3rd in Soccer and tied for 6th in Tennis. Columbia River finished with 7 top 8 finishes, 2 State Titles and 5 top 3 trophies. Finishing high was the key in holding off a very close Pullman in 2nd place.

2nd Place
Pullman Greyhounds 128 points







The Pullman Greyhounds got just 1 State Championship this year in girls Swimming but placed in the top 8 8 times including 5 2nd place finishes. Had the Hounds turned 2 of the 5 into Titles they would have been the overall winner. Instead they were just short with one of the most balanced boys/girls team of the season. The lady Greyhounds scored 67 and the boys 61. Their 2nd places came in boys and girls Tennis, boys Basketball and Swimming and girls Golf.

Rest of Top 8

3rd Tumwater 120 points
4th Sehome 117 points
5th Sammamish 107 points
6th Burlington-Edison 83.5 points
7th Lynden 80.5 points
7th White River 80.5 points

2A Boys

Squalicum Storm 77 points







The Storm boys grabbed 2 State Championships to push themselves to the 2A boys Champions. Squalicum won the boys Cross Country title in the Fall and then as the 6 seed stunned boys soccer with the Championship. They picked up 2 other placings tied for 3rd place in Football a 4th in Track and Field.

2nd Place
Pullman Greyhounds 67 Points

Pullman Boys 2nd Place Swim









The Greyhounds did not get a big trophy but placed 2nd three times in Swimming/Diving, Tennis and Basketball. Overall, Pullman had 5 top 8 finishes with a 5th in Wrestling and 8th in Cross Country. The consistency of the boys efforts scored them the high ranking.

Rest of Top 8

3rd Tumwater 62.5 points
4th Selah 62 points
5th North Kitsap 60 points
6th Lynden 57 points
7th Columbia River 56 points
8th Sehome 52 points

2A Girls

Columbia River Rapids 83 points

Columbia River Girls Tennis Champs










The Rapids grabbed 2 State Championships in Tennis and Volleyball to pace their Girls Championship and Combined Title. The lady Rapids also placed 2nd in Bowling and 3rd in Soccer.

2nd Place
Sehome 65 points






The lady Mariners won the State Cross Country Championship that paced their high placing. Sehome also took a pair of 3rds in Swimming/Diving and Track and Field and 5th place in Golf to earn the 2nd highest total in 2A girls.

Rest of Top 8

3rd Pullman 61 points
4th Sammamish 58 points
5th Tumwater 57.5 points
6th White River 53 points
7th Ellensburg 51 points
8th WF West 43 points

2A State Champions

Anacortes: Boys Swimming/Diving
Archbishop Murphy: Girls Soccer
Black Hills: Girls Bowling
Burlington-Edison: Boys Golf
Columbia River (2): Girls Tennis, Volleyball
Ellensburg: Girls Basketball
Lynden (2): Football, Boys Basketball
Orting: Wrestling
Pullman: Girls Swimming/Diving
Sammamish: Boys Tennis
Sehome (2): Girls Cross Country, Boys Track and Field
Squalicum (2): Boys Cross Country, Boys Soccer
Tumwater(3): Baseball, Fastpitch, Girls Track and Field
White River: Girls Golf


3A Combined Boys and Girls

Mercer Island Islanders 160 points







The Islanders scored 4 State Championships on the season. They got started slowly with a 3rd place finish in girls swimming in the Fall then picked up their 1st State Title in boys swimming in the winter. Mercer Island then exploded in the spring with 3 State Championships, in  Baseball, Boys Soccer and Boys Golf. They also placed 3rd in Boys Tennis. 

This wasn’t a 1-sided affair, although the lady Islanders did not win a big trophy Mercer Island would not be Champions without big effort in Girls Tennis with a 2nd place finish and 4th in Girls Golf. Combined the Islanders had 4 titles and 2 runner-ups, 2 3rds and a 4th. That’s 9 finishes no worse than 4th and Mercer Island is the 3A Combined Champions!

2nd Place
Mead Panthers 141 points






The Panthers got a solid effort from both boys and girls with the girls scoring 83 and the boys with 58. The lady Panthers got things rolling in the Fall with a State Championship in Volleyball and girls Cross Country. The lady Panthers would add a pair of 5ths in Basketball and Track & Field took 8th in Golf. The Boys won the Wrestling State Championship, took 2nd in Golf and 3rd in Cross Country. Overall Mead had 9 top 8 finishes.

Rest of Top 8

3rd Lakeside (Sea) 133 points
4th Lake Washington 126 points
5th Bellevue 105.5 points
6th Seattle Prep 96.5 points
7th Mount Spokane 88 points
8th Garfield 65 points

3A Boys

Mercer Island Islanders 115 points







The Islander boys were so dominate in the Spring it easily carried them to the Boys title as well leading their closest competitor by 52 points. Mercer Island also accomplished this in the classification with the most schools. The Islanders finished the season with 4 State Championships and a 3rd place. Mercer Island boys led all schools in all classifications with 4 State Titles in Tennis, Baseball, Soccer and Golf.

2nd Place
Mount Spokane Wildcats 63







The Wildcats did not win a State Title but placed in 6 sports. Their best finish was in Baseball taking 3rd then finished 4th in both Wrestling and Track and Field. They also tied for 5th in Football and tied for 6th in Cross Country. Although they did not raise the big trophy the across the board competitiveness carried them to the #2 position.

Rest of Top 8

3rd Lakeside 61 points
4th Mead 58 points
5th Bellevue 57 points
6th Seattle Prep 52.5 points
7th Kennewick 36 points
8th Bishop Blanchet 35 points

3A Girls

Lake Washington Kangaroos 92.5 points







The Kangaroos had a great season with 7 top 8 finishes capped with their lone Championship in Fastpitch. That Title alone was impressive, played in Lacey it was a downpour for 2 days and day 1 ran exceptionally long but the Lake Washington ladies were the ones to persevere the most to win it all. They fell short of a 2nd Championship in Basketball by 1 point and then gymnastics by 3 points. They had 3 5th place finishes in Slowpitch, Golf and a shared 5th in Soccer and took 7th in Swimming. 

2nd Place
Mead Panthers 85 points






The Panthers picked up 2 State Titles both in the Fall and forced everyone else to try and catch them and they nearly weren’t to finish 2nd in the 3A girls and led the Mead combined effort scoring 85 of their 143 points. Mead won the Volleyball and Cross Country Championships, had a pair of 5ths in Basketball and Track and Field. They took 4th in Gymnastics and 8th in Golf.

Rest of Top 8

3rd Lakeside 72 points
4th Garfield 53 points
5th Bellevue 48.5 points
6th Holy Names 46 points
7th Mercer Island 45 points
8th Seattle Prep 44 points

3A State Champions

Auburn: Boys Basketball
Bainbridge Island: Girls Swimming/Diving
Bellevue: Football
Bishop Blanchet: Boys Cross Country
Capital: Girls Track & Field
Garfield: Girls Basketball
Interlake: Girls Golf
Lake Washington: Fastpitch
Lakeside (Sea) (3): Girls Soccer, Girls Tennis, Boys Tennis
Mead (3): Girls Cross Country, Volleyball, Boys Wrestling
Mercer Island (4): Baseball, Boys Golf, Boys Soccer, Boys Swimming/Diving
Spanaway Lake: Bowling
University: Slow Pitch
Walla Walla: Boys Track & Field


4A Combined Boys and Girls

Curtis Vikings 153 points

Curtis Boys Basketball Champs







The lady Vikings scored 100 of the 153 points and finished with 1 State Championship in Girls Track and 2 2nd place finishes in Volleyball and Swimming and they took 3rd in Wrestling. The boys had 2 state titles both in the winter winning the Basketball and Swimming Titles. Overall the Vikings finished with 3 State Championships, 2 runner-ups and a total of 10 top 8 finishes.

2nd Place
Camas Papermakers 137 points







The Papermakers relied on the girls to place this high as they scored 108 of the 137 points. The lady Papermakers won 2 State Championships in Soccer and Tennis and they placed 2nd in Golf and Swimming. The girls had 6 places in the top 5 and overall with the boys Camas finished in the top 8 10 times.

Rest of Top 8

3rd Skyline 90.5 points
4th (T) Issaquah 90 points
4th (T) Tahoma 90 points
6th Bellarmine Prep 89 points
7th Olympia 82.5 points
8th Eastlake 81 points

4A Boys

Bellarmine Prep Lions 65 points

Bellarmine Prep Lions








The Lions surged to the top of the 4A with just 3 top 8 finishes but 2 State Championships and 1 3rd place finish. Bellarmine Prep also did it all in the Spring scoring 0 points through the Fall and Winter. In the final season, which by the way hadn’t been played since 2019, the Lions roared by winning the Boys State Soccer Championship, the boys Golf Title and placing 3rd in boys Tennis.

2nd Place
Kamiakin Braves

Kamiakin Cross Country







The Kamiakin boys scored 63 of the total 67 points they scored overall. The Braves got 1 State Championship winning the boys Cross Country big trophy. They made it to the Football Semi-Finals but lost and shared 3rd place, they finished 4th in basketball and tied for 4th in track and field.

Rest of Top 8

3rd Olympia 55 points
4th Curtis 53 points
5th Lake Stevens 51 points
6th Skyline 45 points
7th Graham-Kapowsin 41 points
8th Jackson 40 points

4A Girls

Camas Papermakers 108 points

Camas Tennis State Champions








The Papermakers edged the Curtis Vikings in a nip and tuck race to the top. The Vikings of course pushed their school to the top of the combined girls/boys Championship by placing in the top 8 in 7 different sports. Camas placed in the top 8 only 6 times but they had 2 Championships to the Vikings 1, placed 2nd twice and added a 4th and a 5th place finish. Camas won the Soccer Championship and Tennis Title. They placed 2nd in Gymnastics and Tennis and took 4th in Basketball and were 5th in Volleyball.

2nd Place
Curtis Vikings 100 points








The Vikings just missed winning the Girls as the Vikings and Camas were way out in front of everyone else by nearly 50 points. 7 top 8 finishes with their lone Championship in Track and Field. They placed 2nd in Swimming and Volleyball while finishing 3rd in Wrestling, 4th in Bowling tied for 5th in Tennis and 8th in Golf.

Rest of Top 8

3rd Redmond 56 points
4th Tahoma 55 points
5th Woodinville 54 points
6th Issaquah 53 points
7th Eastlake 48.5 points
8th Richland 47.5points

4A State Champions

Bellarmine Prep (2): Boys Soccer, Boys Golf
Bothell: Volleyball
Camas (2): Girls Soccer, Girls Tennis
Chiawana (2): Boys Wrestling, Slow Pitch
Curtis (3): Boys Basketball, Boys Swimming, Girls Track & Field
Eastlake: Girls Cross Country
Graham-Kapowsin: Football
Jackson: Boys Tennis
Kamiakin: Boys Cross Country
Lake Stevens: Boys Track & Field
Olympia: Baseball
Newport (Bellevue): Girls Golf
Redmond: Fastpitch
Skyview: Girls Bowling
Tahoma: Girls Swim/Dive
Woodinville (2): Girls Basketball, Gymnastics


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