The WIAA State Basketball Tournaments concluded this past weekend and the ESN crews have sifted through the stats, reviewed video and collaborated with each of the ESN crews to put together the Eli Sports Network’s All Tournament State Basketball teams for the 4A and 3A boys and girls tournaments in this post.

Each tournament has 1 MVP, 5 1st team positions and 5 2nd team plus a Coach of the Tournament. We limited the MVP and the all 1st team selections to the 6 teams that played on Saturday and took home a trophy. Fair or not we had to make some tough decisions and one was to reward winning and getting to the final day. Additionally, players had to have played in a minimum of 3 games.

There were a few bonus categories also added for each location such as best fan base, band and cheer squad. Plus a reminder, these teams are based ONLY on the 3 or 4 State Tournament games, not Regionals, Districts or Regular season.

That being said let’s get to our 4A and 3A awards!

4A Boys Tournament

MVP Zoom Dialo-Curtis

Zoom Diallo is the most recruited hoops player in Washington State right now and as a Junior adds his 2nd straight State Championship. He did it with eye-popping numbers over the 3 games he played with 65 total points or 21.3 per game. He had 6 official rebounds in each game, 9 assists, 4 blocked shots and 2 steals. The attention needed to cover Diallo no question puts a huge burden on all those who face him. He was our clear MVP choice.


1st Team

1. Vaughn Weems-Federal Way
Weems was the go-to man all season for the Eagles and it didn’t stop at State where he was the 2nd leading scorer with 19.6 per game. He had 1 double-double and finished with 23 rebounds plus dished the ball 10 times had 5 blocks and 7 steals to fill up the stat line.

2. Andreas Engholm-Olympia
The big guy for the Bears shined in the Semi-Final against #2 seed Mt Si with 23 points and averaged 16 points a game. Engholm also played solid defense with 3 blocks and 3 steals.

3. Jamil Miller-Gonzaga Prep
Jamil Miller and the Bullpups played 4 games including the Wednesday loser out contest and Miller finished with 64 points and 35 rebounds with 2 double-doubles for a 16 point and 8.7 rebound average. Plus he dished the ball all around with 9 assists.

4. Miles Heide-Mt Si
Miles Heide played 3 games and recorded 3 double-doubles averaging 13.6 points a game and 11.6 rebounds. Heide was one of only two players to average more than 10 rebounds each game and led with the 11.6.

5. Cinque Maxwell-Curtis
Cinque Maxwell is the everything man for the 2-time Champions scoring 14, 11 and 10 while adding 21 rebounds. Kick in 8 assists, 4 blocked shots and 4 steals and the 6’2 Maxwell filled out a very complete stat line that cannot be disputed.,

2nd Team

1. Trey Crandall-Skyline

2. Dace Pleasant-Federal Way

3. Theo McMillan-Camas

4. Tyce Paulsen-Curtis

5. Parker Gerrits-Olympia


Coach: John Kiley-Olympia


4A Girls Tournament

MVP Ava Schmidt-Eastlake
Ava Schmidt was in the discussion after scoring 58 points in 3 games, averaging 19.3 a game and adding 25 rebounds, 4 assists, 9 blocks and 2 steals. But add in dropping a half court shot as time expired in overtime to send your team to the semi-finals and there was no debate in who the MVP was in the girls 4A.

1st Team

1. Addison Harris-Camas
Addison Harris led a well rounded team effort by the Papermakers. Harris averaged a double-double with 10 points per game and 12 rebounds a game. She added some defense as well with 6 blocks ad 2 steals.

2. Maddy Rendall-Kamiakin
Maddy Rendall was very steady for Kamiakin and led her team averaging 11.3 points a game, 6 rebounds and 4 assists on the offensive side and played solid defense with 5 blocked shots and 3 steals.

3. Brooke Beresford-Woodinville
Brooke Beresford was the 6th top scorer averaging 13.8 points a game and had a steady hand in the paint grabbing 8.5 boards a game as well. Beresford dished out 5 assists added 6 blocked shots and 3 steals on defense.

4. Hope Hassmann-Tahoma
Hope was the 2nd player to average more than 20 points in the 3A girls. Hassmann also added 17 rebounds, 11 assists, with 2 blocked shots and was a top thief with 8 steals. 

5. Sophia Aluas-Eastlake
Sophia could have easily made a run at the MVP if Ava Schmidt had not filled out her stat line and added a half-court game winning shot. Aluas finished with 53 points a 17.7 per game average, 34 rebounds, 15 assists and 3 steals. No doubt a 1st teamer. 

2nd Team

1. Kiara Stone-Bellarmine Prep

2. Riley Sanz-Camas

3. Taliah Lee-Gonzaga Prep

4. Maya Bennett-Emerald Ridge

5. Lucy Lynn-Gonzaga Prep


Coach: Sara Goldie-Eastlake


3A Boys Tournament

MVP Legend Smiley-Garfield
When teams win Championships with a team effort separating them makes it difficult for individual awards. In this case Legend Smiley lived up to his name at the right time scoring 30 in the State  Championship game giving him a slight edge over several others. He was 3rd in scoring overall with an 18.7 average. Smiley heated up with the 30 point effort pushing the Bulldogs to capture the big Gold Ball.

1st Team

1. Tyrell Nichols-Auburn
Tyrell was 5th in overall scoring playing 4 games but averaging 15.8 points per game. Nichols also grabbed 6.5 rebounds a game and added 12 assists.

2. Ryan Lafferty-Mt Spokane
The Wildcats of Mt Spokane came in as the #1 seed but fell in the semi-finals. They never gave up and captured the 3rd place trophy and were led by Ryan Lafferty who led the 3A boys in scoring with a 22 point per game average. He also passed out 11 assists and grabbed 11 rebounds.

3. Maverick Sanders-Mt Spokane
A Championship Trophy likely would have made Maverick the MVP. Sanders is so steady with 18 points in each of their 3 games. He grabbed 27 boards along with 4 assists, 4 blocks and 2 steals. Sanders leadership on the floor is also unmistakable. 

4. Brady Kageyama-Bellevue
Brady was the perfect example of this scrappy team who looked like they would play 1 game and then get sent home before tying their Wednesday game with Timberline and then winning in OT. Kageyama averaged 14.3 points over 4 games had 12 boards but came up with the biggest shots when Bellevue most needed them.

5. Jaylin Stewart-Garfield
Some would say the D1 commit Stewart didn’t play his best but we say he played like a D1 “team” player. He was double teamed and focused on by each  team and still scored nearly 12 per game, had 19 rebounds, 7 assists while blocking 3 shots and picking off 6 steals.

2nd Team

1. Luvens Valcin-Auburn

2. Miles Clark-O’Dea

3. Parker Baumann-Shorecrest

4. Zaveon Jones-Mountlake Terrace

5. Emmett Marquardt-Garfield


Coach: Kelly Edwards-Bellevue


3A Girls Tournament

MVP Katie Fiso-Garfield
Katie Fiso was 7th in scoring overall, grabbed 7 rebounds a game, had 10 assists a blocked shot and 12 steals. A nice stat line but MVP? Sometimes it’s the things you can’t keep a stat on that is the difference in winning and losing and there is no doubt who is in charge on the floor and her leadership, tenacity and intensity led the Bulldogs to their 3rd straight State Championship. 

1st Team

1. Teryn Gardner-Mead 
Teryn dropped 71 points in 3 games to lead all scorers in both the 3A and 4A girls and boys tournaments, an average of 23.7 per game. She also nabbed 20 boards, dished 10 assists and contributed on defense with 3 blocked shots and steals. 

2. Jenna Villa-Arlington
Jenna was the 3rd 3A girls player to average more than 20 points a game at 22 per game. She had 1 double-double and had a total of 27 rebounds. She finished with 9 assists, 4 blocks and 2 steals.

3. Vivienne Berrett-Stanwood
Berrett did score 79 but over 4 games and averaged a 4th best 19.8 per game. Berrett also was a monster on the boards hauling down 29 rebounds or 7.3 per game was a brick wall on defense with 11 blocks and picked off 2 steals.

4. Sydney Hani-Lake Washington
Sydney Hani led the runners-up Kangaroos with consistency including 1 double-double. Hani scored 46 points or 15.3 per game, had 27 rebounds and spread around 7 assists. Hani also was tough on defense with 5 blocks and steals.

5. Oliviyah Edwards-Lincoln
Oliviyah Edwards, a 6’4 Freshman, served notice it is gonna be a tough 3 more years of her coming back to the State Tournament. She was a 20-20 performer with 20 points in 1 game and 20 rebounds in another and had 3 out of 4 double-doubles. 55 rebounds averaging 13.8 per game over the 4 games she played. Plus 7 blocks and 4 steals.

2nd Team

1. Gia Powell-Meadowdale

2. Clair O’Connor-Lakeside

3. Jaleigha Robinson-Lincoln

4. Imbie Jones-Garfield

5. Jayda Lewis-Garfield


Coach: Tre Simmons-Garfield


Best of at the Tacoma Dome!

Best Fanbase: Olympia Bears

Best Band: Gonzaga Prep

Best Cheer Staff: Federal Way Eagles



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