Prof. DW’s March Madness

Professor DW’s March Madness Pick ’em Challenge


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Welcome to the OBEE Financial Services Professor DW’s March Madness Pick ’em Challenge! Winners can put your money to work for you by giving Dave Littleton a call and start planning for your future today.

Overview: Professor DW is back with another “Pick ’em” Challenge! It’s March Madness and you could win cash for finishing in the top 10. It’s simple to enter we have set up a private group through the ESPN March Madness Bracket. Click on the link below, sign up (you must follow all the ESPN rules and requirements to enter) and there will be an extra button for you click to enter in both the Professor DW Challenge and the ESPN contest.

The top ten finishers will win cash and a chance to win prizes if you can beat the Professor.

1st Place will win $250 in $5 bills an ESN Hoodie and a Championship Plaque.
2nd Place $100
3rd and 4th Place $50
5th-10th Place $25

To enter click on the following link and that is going to take you to the Professor DW “private group” on the ESPN website. You can enter to win the Professor DW contest and also enter in the ESPN contest at the same time. There is no charge for either contest. In fact you can enter up to 25 times in the ESPN contest but make sure you only enter once in the Professor DW private group or you will be disqualified from the Professor’s contest. Once you enter your single entry into the Prof DW private group you can sign in to the ESPN site separately and enter up to 24 more times in their contest.  For full contest rules see below. 

Here is the link to get you to the contest page and the group password is Elisportsnetwork

Professor DW’s March Madness contest link




Official Rules for Professor DW’s Bracket Challenge

Eligibility and Deadlines

  1. This contest is 100% free of charge and you must be at least 18 years of age to participate.
  2. Employees and contractors of Eli Sports Network are not eligible to participate, sponsor OBEE Financial Services employees.
  3. Contestants may enter only one bracket. If multiple entries are determined, then all entries from the contestant will be disqualified.
  4. Contestants must complete the entire contest bracket prior to ESPN’s deadline which is tip-off of the first game at 9:15am PST on Thursday, March 21st to be eligible to win.
  5. Contestants must follow Eli Sports Network on one of our 3 social media sites, X (formerly Twitter), Facebook or Instagram. If winning contestant is not following Eli Sports on one of the platforms, they may choose to follow ESN to collect their winnings within one week of being notified of their win.
  6. Deadline to enter is at tip-off of the first game at 9:15am PST on Thursday, March 21st.

Winning the Contest

  1. To win the contest you simply must get the most points according to ESPN’s scoring system. The system awards more points for correct selections in the later rounds of the tournament. Each game is worth 10 points in the first round, 20 points in the second round, 40 points in the Sweet 16, 80 in the Elite 8, 160 in the Final Four, and if you pick the National Champion correctly, you are awarded 320 points.
  2. Ties: If there is a tie after ESPN’s built in tiebreaker, then the contestant who guesses the National Champion correctly will be declared the winner. If none of those tied selected the correct National Champion, then the contestant with the most correct Final Four teams will be declared the winner. If it is still tied, the contestant with the most correct Elite Eight teams will be declared the winner.
  3. Winnings:1st Place will win $250 in $5 bills an ESN Hoodie and a Championship Plaque.
    2nd Place $100
    3rd and 4th Place $50
    5th-10th Place $25
  4. Contestants are encouraged to share a photo of themselves with ESN with their winnings and T-shirt if they beat Prof DW. Disparaging comments of Prof DW’s selections is encouraged but we ask you keep it PG.

How to Join

  1. Follow the link below. You will have to enter the password. The password is Elisportsnetwork
  2. Professor DW’s March Madness contest link

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