The WIAA State Basketball Tournaments concluded this past weekend and the ESN crews have sifted through the stats, reviewed video, and collaborated with each of the ESN crews to put together the Eli Sports Network’s All-Tournament State Basketball teams for the 2B and 1B boys and girls tournaments in this post.

Each tournament has 1 MVP, 5 1st team positions, and 5 2nd team plus a Coach of the Tournament. We limited the MVP and the all 1st team selections to the 6 teams that played on Saturday and took home a trophy. Fair or not we had to make some tough decisions and one was to reward winning and getting to the final day. Additionally, players had to have played in a minimum of 3 games.

There were a few bonus categories also added for each location such as best fan base, band, and cheer squad at each location. Plus a reminder, these teams are based ONLY on the 3 or 4 State Tournament games, not Regionals, Districts, or Regular season.

That being said let’s get to our 2B and 1B awards!


2B Boys Tournament


MVP: Tennessee Rainwater, Davenport



1st Team

  1. Kelson Gebbers, Brewster
  2. Brenick Soliday, Davenport
  3. Quincey Scott, Columbia (Burbank)
  4. Jayce Kelly, LRSW
  5. Josh Salgeuro, MWP


2nd Team

  1. Cort Gebbers, Brewster
  2. Chase Galbreath, LRSW
  3. Tristan Frimodt, Columbia (Burbank)
  4. Cash Colbert, Davenport
  5. Asher West, Northwest Christian


Coach: Michael Taylor, Brewster


2B Girls Tournament


MVP: Brynn McGaughy, Colfax



1st Team

  1. Jacey Boesel, Okanogan
  2. Ellie Marble, La Connor
  3. Lauryn Madsen, Warden
  4. Hailey Demler, Colfax
  5. Hayden Kaut, Napavine


2nd Team

  1. Karlee Von Moos, Adna
  2. Jaisha Gibb, Colfax
  3. Quinn Erdmann, Warden
  4. Danielle Tupuola, Napavine
  5. Allena Lafferty, Okanogan

Coach: Jordan Holmes, Colfax


1B Boys Tournament


MVP: Smokey Abrahamson, Wellpinit



1st Team

  1. Diego Lago, Orcas Island
  2. David Wynecoop III, Wellpinit
  3. Zackary Munot, Mossyrock
  4. Cole Wagenaar, Sunnyside Christian
  5. Jack Lesko, DeSales


2nd Team

  1. Buddy Smeenk, Sunnyside Christian
  2. Riley Pearson, Willapa Valley
  3. Joe Stephens, Orcas Island
  4. Keegan Kolb, Mossyrock
  5. Bode Seymour, Cusick

Coach: Billy Flett Sr., Wellpinit


1B Girls Tournament


MVP: Allie Green, Neah Bay



1st Team

  1. Amber Swan, Neah Bay
  2. Payton Torrey, Mossyrock
  3. Zalissa Finley, Inchelium
  4. Allie Heino, Mount Vernon Christian
  5. Jesse Reed, Oaksdale


2nd Team

  1. Mckenna Torrey, Mossyrock
  2. Ryanna Moss, Neah Bay
  3. Lucy Hockett, Oaksdale
  4. Ruthie Rozema, Mount Vernon Christian
  5. Hailey Brooks, Mossyrock

Coach: Cherish Moss, Neah Bay


Best of at the Spokane Arena!

Best Fanbase: Wellpinit

Best Band: LSRW & Davenport

Best Cheer Staff: Brewster



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