Link to Professor DW’s Football Challenge Contest

The Pro Football season officially began last night but we here at ESN dismiss those lowly Thursday night games and focus on the Sunday and Monday games with our new FREE weekly contest Professor DW’s Football Challenge!” 

Each week you can enter by simply selecting who you think is going to win each of the games played on Sunday and Monday, with exceptions for Thanksgiving and late season Saturday games. The top “picker” will win $24 in hard cash with 12 crisp $2 bills. If the top “picker” also defeats Professor DW’s selections you will also win an Eli Sports Network polo shirt or T-Shirt. No point spreads flat out who wins. Ties do not count as a win or loss. All tied games will be disregarded.

There will be 18 weeks of this contest and each weekly winner will also qualify for “Professor DW’s Play-Off Tournament” for a chance at $100 plus a minimum of $50 in prizes. ESN is reserving the right to significantly add to both prizes so that will be the minimum. This contest is FREE and you must be 18 or older to enter.

The full contest rules are below but a couple you should know about, first only 1 entry per person. If we find you entering multiple times you will be banned from the contest. You must also follow Eli Sports Network on one of our 3 social media platforms on X (formerly Twitter), Facebook or Instagram. You can win multiple weekly prizes but you are limited to one entry into the Post Season Tournament. 

The biggest thing to be on the lookout for is the tie-breaker between contestants. Our tie-breaker is a guess at the total number of points scored by all teams in each week’s contest. For example, this week we have 15 games or 30 teams. You need to guess how many points all the teams score combined. If you think the teams will average 20 points then your guess would be 600. But you can’t go over, this is our “Price is Right” rule the closest guess without going over so in the example if you guessed 600 points and the total was 599 a person who was closest but not over would win so maybe someone guessed 1, another Price is Right trick the 1 would win. Now if all guesses are over then the closest to the total would then win.

Entering is easy, you just click the team you think will win fill out the top of the contest form and hit submit. We get it automatically. If you win we will contact you to find out how to get you your 12 $2 bills and if you beat Professor DW what kind of shirt, size and color you’d like to have and we get it to you. Now once you receive your prize especially if you also beat Professor DW we’d love a picture or 2 of you celebrating your massive win and rub it in the Prof’s face.

Deadline to get your picks in is midnight prior to the 1st day of games so for most weeks it will be midnight on Saturday nights. For the weekend of Thanksgiving, midnight Wednesday night and on those weeks with Saturday games midnight Friday night. Anything time stamped afterward will not be counted.

Any questions, please e-mail to paulbelisportsnetwork@gmail.com with PDW Question in the title line.

Link to Professor DW’s Football Challenge Contest

Official Rules for Professor DW’s Football Challenge

Eligibility and Deadlines

  1. This contest is 100% free of charge and you must be at least 18 years of age to participate.
  2. Employees and contractors of Eli Sports Network are not eligible to participate. If a sponsor is secured for the contest the sponsors employees and contractors are also ineligible to participate.
  3. Contestants may enter only once per week. If multiple entries are determined, then the contestant will be disqualified for that week. If a 2nd offense occurs the contestant will then be banned for the rest of the year and if qualified for the post season tournament prior to the offense, then will also be disqualified from the tournament.
  4. Contestants must complete the entire contest form each week and enter it prior to the deadline to be eligible to win that week. Including first and last name, phone number, e-mail and which social media platform the contestant follows Eli Sports.
  5. Contestants must follow Eli Sports Network on one of our 3 social media sites, X (formerly Twitter), Facebook or Instagram. If winning contestant is not following Eli Sports on one of the platforms, they may choose to follow ESN to collect their winnings. If they win a 2nd time and have unfollowed ESN, they will not be given another opportunity to follow Eli Sports and will be disqualified and out of the Post Season Tournament.
  6. Thursday night games are not included in the contest except on Thanksgiving Day.
  7. Deadline to enter is midnight Saturday night prior to the week of games. All entries with a time stamp on Sunday Pacific Time will not be included in the contest. Except week #12 of the Professional Football season, Thanksgiving week, entries will be due Wednesday, November 22, 2023, at midnight Pacific Time. All entries with a November 23, 2023, time stamp will not be included.

Winning the Contest

  1. To win the contest you simply must select more winning teams than anyone else in the contest that week. If there is a tie as an official score such as the Jets and Bills tie with 17 each then that game is disregarded and does not count as a win or loss and is simply out of consideration.
  2. Ties: If there is a tie, then the contestant who guesses the closet total number of points scored by all the teams that week, yes, all games all teams, without going over wins. If all tied contestants go over the total number of points scored by all the teams, then the closest one to the point total wins. If there is still a tie, then those still tied will each be declared the winner.
  3. Winnings: Each winner, even those who end in a Tie after the tie-breaker, will receive 12 U-S $2-dollar bills for a total of $24. The winner will be contacted by ESN representatives to make arrangements for the winner to pick-up their prize or provide a mailing address that ESN will mail their prize too.
  4. Bonus Prize: Professor DW will be making his own selections and they will be posted on ESN’s webpage prior to the midnight deadline of all weeks of the contest. If weekly winners also defeat Professor DW they will win an Eli Sports Network polo shirt or T-Shirt the winner’s choice. Available sizes are Med to 4XL in various colors. 
  5. Winners will have their name and winning selections posted each week on the Eli Sports Network. 
  6. Contestants are eligible to win multiple weeks. 
  7. Contestants are encouraged to share a photo of themselves with ESN with their winnings and T-shirt if they beat Prof DW. Disparaging comments of Prof DW’s selections is encouraged but we ask you keep it PG.

Play-Off Bonus Tournament

  1. Only Weekly Winners are eligible to advance to Professor DW’s Pro Football Post Season Tournament. Weekly Winners are limited to one entry into the post season tournament regardless of how many times they may have won the weekly contest. The post season tournament will host up to 18 plus any ties and less.
  2. The contestants will be notified that they have qualified for the Post Season Tournament and will be sent an entry form. Contestants must complete the entire entry form prior to the 1st Pro Football Wild Card game by midnight on Friday, January 12, 2024 Pacific time. If any entry has a time stamp of Saturday, January 13, 2024 they will be disqualified from the entirety of the tournament and not eligible for any post season tournament prizes.
  3. Contestants will select winner of each play-off game and complete it all the way through the Super Bowl. Contestants must predict teams winning and moving on in the bracket.
  4. Scoring: Contestants will receive 5 points for each winner they select in the Wild-Card round of the play-offs. They will get 10-points for each winner in the Divisional round of the play-offs, 20-points for each Conference Championship winner and 40 points for picking the Super Bowl winner. The contestant with the most points wins.
  1. Ties: If there is a tie, then the contestant selecting the Super Bowl winner correctly wins. If still tied the contestant guessing the total number of points scored in the Super Bowl or closest to the final total will be the winner. If still tied the contestant that picked both Championship winners will be declared the winner. If still tied the contestant that selected the most winners in the Divisional round will be the winner, if still tied the contestant who selected the most winners in the wild-card round will be the winner. If still tied the contestant who had the most wins on their qualifying entry of the regular season will be declared the winner. The qualifying entry will be their 1st weekly win. If still tied both will be declared the winner and receive the winner’s prize.
  2. Prizes: The winner will receive $100 cash in U-S $1 bills. Plus a prize package valued at a minimum of $50.
  3. Eli Sports Network reserves the right to award additional prizes to additional or all contestants.

Judge’s Decision Final

  1. ESN reserves the right to make final decisions not covered by the official rules and those decisions will be final. 




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