This past Friday night, one of the best rivalry games in Washington state was played in Gig Harbor. The annual Fish Bowl between the Gig Harbor Tides and the Peninsula Seahawks always draws a massive crowd and is followed by many high school sports fans from all around the state. Rivalries like this are what make high school sports so special.

This year, the conversation has quickly turned away from the game and to an event that took place during the game. On an interception by Peninsula, a Gig Harbor player was hit and injured a long ways away from the play. On ESN’s stream of the game, you can’t see any part of the hit as our camera was following the interception return. The Gig Harbor player was injured severely enough to cause about a 30 minute delay.

The News Tribune’s Jon Manley was able to put together information from many different sides in a very well written article. Click the link to check out Jon’s article about the situation including what happened and how things are playing out.


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