The Eli Sports Network (ESN) began a new tradition 2 years ago where at the end of the year we crown the “Champion of Champions”. This is a combined boys and girls overall sports Champion or the ultimate State Champion. We also crown a boys Champion and girls overall Champion. To do this we created a scoring system that rewards consistency over a single sport Championship. It’s great to be the State Basketball Champs for both girls and boys but how did your school’s cross country team or golf team or swim team do is what we wanted to know.

This system gives equal reward for State Titles whether it’s a Football Championship with 5,000 people in attendance to Slowpitch with a few hundred to Golf where a few family members or friends come to watch. It’s not about popularity it’s about results.

Some of the classification’s have an advantage over others when it comes to comparing classifications against others for example the B’s do not have Girls Bowling or boys Swimming so they cannot earn points in those sports. This is why our first focus is the individual classification Champions for each boys and girls. So we will have a Champion for 4A boys and 4A girls all the way down to 1B.

We only rank schools in their base classification but count the points they earn in a different classification towards their total. For example, in 1B boys, Liberty Bell is a 2B school but played down a classification at 1B. They won the 1B football title so that counts toward their overall total as a 2B school. 

In the case of split schools coming together to play just a couple of sports then each get half of the points awarded. Those schools that play all their sports together and are known as a combined program get all the points and are identified as that entity. For instance, Morton-White Pass high schools have been together as a single sports program for many years now and they are credited as the combined program. Meantime, Toledo and Winlock boys soccer have played together for many years as team United but all their other sports are separate. In that case any points earned by team United would be split between Toledo and Winlock..

Finally, and this is where the larger schools do have an advantage with more sports to participate, the All Classification Combined Champion. This is how we scored each and every tournament. For tournaments that clearly had 8 places each place got the points assigned below to that placing. When there are multiple teams tied for one place such as all the quarterfinal losers in football all get 5th place which is a total of 4 teams. We add up the tied points 5th thru 8th which totals 20 points and divide them equally so each quarterfinal loser or 5th place gets 5 points.

You can watch for free our Champion of Champions reveal show on the link below. It is on the NFHS Network but is a free event so everyone can watch the show.

Link to watch the Champion of Champions Reveal Show

Point Scale

25pts for 1st place
17pts for 2nd
14pts for 3rd
12pts for 4th
8pts for 5th
6pts for 6th
4pts for 7th
2pts for 8th


2023-24 All-Classification Combined Champion of Champions

The Rapids had just 66 points after the winter season but a dominating spring propelled them to the top of the podium. Columbia River’s rise to the top started with a 4th place in Slow pitch (only 2A school to place), 4th place in Boys Cross Country, State Champion Volleyball and 3rd in Girls Soccer in the Fall season. Girls Basketball finished 7th for the only points in Winter season. The Spring rundown Co-State Champion Boys Track and Field, State Champion Girls Tennis, 2nd Boys Tennis, 5th Boys Soccer, State Champion Baseball, 7th Girls Golf and 3rd Boys Golf. The Rapids are the CHAMPION of CHAMPIONS!

Final Top 25 Standings:

1 Columbia River 2A 177 14 Okanogan 2B 94
2 Camas 4A 142.5 15 Mt Spokane 3A 93
3 Mead 3A 133 16 Royal 1A 91
4 Lynden 2A 129 16 Seattle Academy 1A 91
5 Anacortes 2A 119 18 Skyline 4A 90
6 North Kitsap 2A 117 18 Pullman 2A 90
7 Lakeside Seattle 3A 109 18 Sehome 2A 90
8 Mercer Island 3A 108 21 Sammamish 2A 88
9 Mount Si 4A 107 22 Sumner 4A 87
9 Lake Washington 3A 107 22 DeSales 1B 87
11 Issaquah 4A 104 24 Kamiakin 4A 85
12 Overlake 1A 95.5 25 Jackson 4A 84
13 Bellevue 3A 95

2023-2024 All-Classification Boys Champion of Champions

The Anacortes Seahawks Boys had the most points of any team boys or girls placing in 7 of 10 sports. It started early with 2nd in Boys Cross Country and a State Championship Football in the Fall. A 3rd place in Swimming and Diving and 7th in Basketball in the Winter. A Co-State Championship Track and Field, 4th in Baseball and a tie for 4th in Tennis round out the Spring.

1st Anacortes 102 pts 2A
2nd Columbia River 94 pts 2A
3rd North Kitsap 81 pts 2A
4th Eastside Catholic 66 pts 3A
5th Cedar Park Christian 62 pts 1A
6th Richland 59 pts 4A
7th Meridian 58 pts 1A
8th Issaquah 57 pts 4A

2023-2024 All-Classification Girls Champion of Champions

The Camas Papermakers won 3 State Titles this season on their way to being the best girls program in Washington.  Their run started with a 6th in Volleyball in the Fall season. In the Winter a State Championship in Basketball and 3rd in Gymnastics helped them stay in the hunt. An 8th place finish in Track and field along with State Champions in Tennis and State Champions in Golf sealed the deal.

1st Camas 97 pts 4A
2nd Columbia River 83 pts 2A
3rd Mercer Island 81 pts3A
4th Mead 78 pts 3A
5th Lynden 77 pts 2A
6th Lake Washington 71 pts 3A
7th Emerald Ridge 61 pts 4A
8th Jackson 59 pts 4A
8th Lakeside (Seattle) 59 pts 3A

2023-2024 4A Combined Champion of Champions

1st Camas 142.5 pts
2nd Mount Si 107 pts
3rd Issaquah 104 pts
4th Skyline 90 pts
5th Sumner 87 pts
6th Kamiakin 85 pts
7th Jackson 84 pts
8th Eastlake 83 pts

2023-2024 4A Boys Champion of Champions

1st Richland 59 pts 1st Baseball, 2nd Basketball, 3rd Golf, 7th Tennis
2nd Issaquah 57 pts 1st Cross Country, 3rd Swimming and Diving, 4th Track and Field, 5th Soccer, 7th Golf
3rd Mount Si 55 pts 1st Basketball, 1st Soccer, 5th Football
4th Tahoma 54 pts 1st Wrestling, 3rd Cross Country, 4th Swimming and Diving, 7th Basketball
5th Eastlake 51 pts 1st Track and Field, 3rd Football, 5th Baseball, 6th Cross Country, 8th Swimming and Diving
6th Newport 49.5 pts 2nd Swimming and Diving, 2nd Tennis, 2nd Golf
7th Camas 45.5 pts 2nd Tennis, 2nd Soccer, 4th Track and Field, 5th Baseball, 7th Wrestling
8th Lake Stevens 45 pts 1st Football, 4th Wrestling, 5th Swimming and Diving

2023-2024 4A Girls Champion of Champions

1st Camas 97 pts 1st Basketball, 1st Tennis, 1st Golf, 3rd Gymnastics, 6th Volleyball, 8th Track and Field
2nd Emerald Ridge 61 pts 1st Track and Field, 2nd Fast pitch, 2nd Bowling, 8th Cross Country
3rd Jackson 59 pts 1st Fast pitch, 2nd Golf, 2nd Swimming and Diving
4th Woodinville 53 pts 2nd Soccer, 2nd Gymnastics, 4th Basketball, 5th Slow pitch
4th Skyline 53 pts 1st Soccer, 4th Golf, 4th Track and Field, 7th Cross Country
4th Curtis 53 pts 1st Swimming and Diving, 2nd Wrestling, 5th Soccer, 6th Golf
7th Mount Si 52 pts 1st Cross Country, 4th Gymnastics, 5th Soccer, 6th Track and Field, 7th Golf
8th Sumner 48 pts 1st Gymnastics, 5th Fast Pitch, 5th Soccer, 5th Basketball, 7th Wrestling

2023-2024 3A Combined Champion of Champions

1st Mead 133 pts
2nd Lakeside (Sea) 109 pts
3rd Mercer Island 108 pts
4th Lake Washington 107 pts
5th Bellevue 95 pts
6th Mt. Spokane 93 pts
7th Garfield 77 pts
8th Eastside Catholic 66 pts

2023-2024 3A Girls Champion of Champions

1st Mercer Island 81 pts 1st Swimming and Diving, 1st Tennis, 2nd Track and Field, 4th Golf, 7th Cross Country
2nd Mead 78 pts 1st Volleyball, 2nd Basketball, 2nd Gymnastics, 3rd Cross Country, 5th Soccer
3rd Lake Washington 71 pts 1st Gymnastics, 2nd Volleyball, 3rd Tennis, 5th Track and Field, 5th Slow Pitch
4th Lakeside (Sea) 59 pts 2nd Tennis, 3rd Swimming and Diving, 3rd Soccer, 3rd Basketball
5th Garfield 49 pts 1st Basketball, 4th Swimming and Diving, 4th Fast Pitch
6th Bellevue 47 pts 1st Golf, 2nd Swimming and Diving, 5th Soccer
7th Mt. Spokane 44 pts 1st Slow Pitch, 5th Soccer, 5th Gymnastics, 6th Volleyball
8th Walla Walla 39 pts 1st Track and Field, 3rd Slow Pitch
8thRoosevelt 39 pts 1st Soccer, 6th Golf, 7th Tennis, 7th Slow Pitch, 8th Cross Country

2023-2024 3A Boys Champion of Champions

1st Eastside Catholic 66 pts 1st Basketball, 3rd Football, 3rd Tennis, 4th Baseball, 8th Golf
2nd Mead 55 pts 1st Wrestling, 1st Track and Field, 6th Golf
3rd Lakeside (Sea) 50 pts 1st Swimming and Diving, 1st Tennis
4th Mt. Spokane 49 pts 2nd Cross Country, 3rd Basketball, 4th Track and Field, 6th Wrestling
5th Bellevue 48 pts 1st Football, 4th Swimming and Diving, 5th Golf, 7th Tennis
6th O’Dea 38 pts 2nd Swimming and Diving, 3rd Football, 5th Basketball
7th Lake Washington 36 pts 1st Soccer, 5th Baseball, 6th Tennis
8th Seattle Prep 34 pts 1st Cross Country, 5th Soccer, 7th Track and Field

2023-2024 2A Combined Champion of Champions

1st Columbia River 177 pts
2nd Lynden 129 pts
3rd Anacortes 119 pts
4th North Kitsap 117 pts
5th Pullman 90 pts
5th Sehome 90 pts
7th Sammamish 88 pts
8th White River 71 pts

2023-2024 2A Boys Champion of Champions

1st Anacortes 102 pts 1st Football, 1st Track and Field, 2nd Cross Country, 3rd Swimming and Diving, 4th Baseball, 4th Tennis, 7th Basketball
2nd Columbia River 94 pts 1st Baseball, 1st Track and Field, 2nd Tennis, 3rd Golf, 4th Cross Country, 5th Soccer
3rd North Kitsap 81 pts 1st Tennis, 3rd Football,3rd Basketball, 3rd Soccer, 5th Swimming and Diving, 5th Baseball, 8th Wrestling
4th Lynden 52 pts 1st Basketball, 3rd Baseball, 5th Football, 5th Golf
4th Pullman 52 pts 1st Swimming and Diving, 4th Wrestling, 4th Golf, 5th Soccer
6th Sehome 48 pts 1st Cross Country, 2nd Soccer, 6th Golf
7th Enumclaw 38 pts 2nd Baseball, 3rd Football, 7th Cross Country, 7th Golf
8th Tumwater 34 pts 2nd Football, 4th Track and Field, 5th Baseball
8th Sammamish 34 pts 2nd Swimming and Diving, 3rd Tennis, 7th Basketball

2023-2024 2A Girls Champion of Champions

1st Columbia River 83 pts 1st Volleyball, 1st Tennis, 3rd Soccer, 4th Slow Pitch, 7th Basketball, 7th Golf
2nd Lynden 77 pts 1st Basketball, 3rd Volleyball, 3rd Track and Field, 3rd Tennis, 5th Soccer, 7th Fast Pitch, 8th Golf
3rd Sammamish 54 pts 1st Swimming and Diving, 2nd Tennis, 4th Gymnastics
4th White River 53 pts 1st Golf, 4th Cross Country, 4th Basketball, 7th Wrestling
5th West Valley (Spo) 44 pts 2nd Soccer, 2nd Golf, 6th Cross Country, 7th Track and Field
5th Ridgefield 44 pts 1st Soccer, 2nd Volleyball, 8th Swimming and Diving
7th Sehome 42 pts 1st Cross Country, 4th Track and Field, 5th Swimming and Diving
8th Ellensburg 39 pts 2nd Basketball, 3rd Cross Country, 5th Volleyball

2023-2024 1A Combined Champion of Champions

1st Overlake 95.5 pts 
2nd Royal 91 pts
2nd Seattle Academy 91 pts
4th Lakeside 9 Mile Falls 77 pts
5th Cedar Park Christian 76 pts
6th Seton Catholic 72 pts
7th Meridian 70 pts
8th Lynden Christian 57 pts

2023-2024 1A Girls Champion of Champions

1st Seattle Academy 52 pts 1st Soccer, 2nd Cross Country, 5th Track and Field, 7th Basketball, 7th Fast Pitch
2nd Overlake 50 pts 1st Tennis, 1st Golf
3rd Royal 49 pts 1st Fast Pitch, 3rd Wrestling, 4th Tennis
4th King’s 46 pts 1st Track and Field, 3rd Cross Country, 7th Volleyball, 7th Basketball
5th Lakeside(9MF) 44 pts 1st Cross Country, 4th Basketball, 7th Track and Field, 7th Fast Pitch
6th Montesano 34 pts 3rd Soccer, 4th Fast Pitch, 5th Cross Country
7th Nooksack Valley 31 pts 1st Basketball, 6th Volleyball
7th Lynden Christian 31 pts 2nd Track and Field, 3rd Basketball

2023-2024 1A Boys Champion of Champions

1st Cedar Park Christian 62 pts 1st Cross Country, 1st Track and Field, 4th Baseball
2nd Meridian 58 pts 2nd Baseball, 2nd Golf, 4th Cross Country, 4th Track and Field
3rd Seton Catholic 55 pts 3rd Football, 3rd Cross Country, 4th Golf, 5th Soccer, 5th Baseball, 6th Basketball
4th Overlake 45.5 pts 1st Soccer, 1st Baseball, 5th Tennis
5th Royal 42 pts 1st Football, 2nd Soccer
6th Seattle Academy 39 pts 2nd Track and Field, 3rd Golf, 5th Basketball
7th Bush 38 pts 2nd Cross Country, 4th Track and Field, 4th Tennis, 5th Soccer
8th Zillah 35 pts 1st Basketball, 6th Wrestling, 7th Golf

2023-2024 2B Combined Champion of Champions

1st Okanogan 94 pts
2nd Adna 79 pts
3rd St. Georges 71 pts
4th Liberty Bell 66 pts
5th Napavine 55 pts
6th Manson 50.5 pts
7th Davenport 44 pts
8th Rainier 42 pts
8th Colfax 42 pts

2023-2024 2B Boys Champion of Champions

1st Liberty Bell 49 pts 1st Football(*1B), 4th Cross Country, 4th Track and Field
2nd  Okanogan 43 pts 1st Football(*2B), 4th Wrestling, 6th Cross Country
3rd St. George’s 39 pts 1st Track and Field, 3rd Tennis
3rd Tri-Cities Prep 39 pts 1st Baseball, 3rd Golf
5th Upper Columbia Academy 37 pts 1st Soccer, 4th Golf
6th Goldendale 36 pts 2nd Track and Field, 3rd Wrestling, 5th Football
7th Adna 32 pts 4th Basketball, 4th Baseball, 5th Track and Field
8th Napavine 30 pts 2nd Football, 5th Basketball, 5th Baseball

2023-2024 2B Girls Champion of Champions

1st Okanogan 51 pts 2nd Basketball, 4th Tennis, 5th Soccer, 5th Track and Field, 6th Volleyball, 7th Fast Pitch
2nd Adna 47 pts 1st Fast Pitch, 5th Volleyball, 5th Basketball, 6th Track and Field
3rd Manson 44.5 pts 1st Volleyball, 2nd Tennis, 7th Cross Country
4th Davenport 39 pts 2nd Track and Field, 3rd Soccer, 5th Cross Country
4th Warden 39 pts 2nd Fast Pitch, 3rd Basketball, 5th Wrestling
6th Rainier 36 pts 4th Cross Country, 4th Volleyball, 4th Track and Field
7th St. George’s 32 pts 1st Track, 5th Tennis
8th Brewster 26 pts 3rd Track and Field, 4th Basketball

2023-2024 1B Combined Champion of Champions

1st DeSales 87 pts 
2nd Garfield-Palouse 65 pts
3rd Neah Bay 63 pts
4th Mount Vernon Christian 58 pts
5th Pope John Paul 2 56 pts
6th Mossyrock 51 pts
7th Valley Christian 50 pts
8th Orcas Island 47 pts

2023-2024 1B Girls Champion of Champions

1st Garfield-Palouse 45 pts 1st Track and Field, 2nd Cross Country, 7th Basketball
2nd DeSales 42 pts 1st Fast Pitch, 2nd Golf
2nd Neah Bay 42 pts 1st Basketball, 2nd Volleyball
4th Pope John Paul 2 39 pts 1st Cross Country, 3rd Track and Field
5th Oakesdale 37 pts 1st Volleyball, 4th Basketball
6th Mount Vernon Christian 34 pts 2nd Basketball, 2nd Track and Field
7th Crosspoint 33 pts 1st Soccer 5th Basketball
8th Mossyrock 21 pts 3rd Volleyball, 5th Fast Pitch
8th Liberty Christian 21 pts 2nd Fast Pitch, 7th Volleyball

2023-2024 1B Boys Champion of Champions

1st Valley Christian Academy 50 pts 1st Track and Field, 1st Cross Country
2nd Orcas Island 47 pts 1st Golf, 2nd Soccer, 5th Baseball
3rd DeSales 45 pts 1st Baseball, 3rd Basketball, 6th Track and Field
4th Wellpinit 30 pts 1st Basketball, 5th Football
4th Mossyrock 30 pts 2nd Basketball, 3rd Football
6th Mount Vernon Christian 24 pts 3rd Track and Field, 5th Baseball, 5th Soccer
7th Evergreen Lutheran 22 pts 2nd Track and Field, 5th Soccer
7th A-C-H 22 pts 2nd Baseball, 5th Football


Former Champions and top 3

2021-2022 All-Classification Overall Champion Top 3:

1st Mercer Island Islanders 160 pts
2nd Curtis 153 pts
3rd Columbia River 139 pts

2022-2023 All-Classification Overall Champion Top 3:

1st Sehome Mariners 153 pts
2nd Bellevue 133 pts
2nd Mead 133 pts


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