Chiawana slow-pitch softball leads the MCC in runs scored (15 avg) and runs against (4.2 avg), earning them #1 RPI in the state. The defending state champions look to become the first team to two-peat since the sport returned in 2019 as a sanctioned WIAA activity for the first time since the early 1990’s.

“I don’t want to put pressure on our girls, but I know we’re capable of playing at that level,” said Riverhawk Head Coach Brian Thomas.

Simplicity often leads to complication — Such is the game of slow-pitch softball. Slow-pitch softball is often thought of as a hobby. The ease of hitting the low velocity pitch does make it easier to make contact. However, the game separates those can simply make contact from the sluggers.

“Speed is just directed by hitting the ball,” explained Thomas. “Technique comes a lot more into play in slow-pitch because you’re generating all your own velocity. It’s not a fast-pitch coming in at 60 MPH and you can can stick your bat out and hit it. You have to take a hack at it.”

With more hits, defense comes more into play, but Chiawana is focusing on the former for their final preparations.

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